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Adolf Hitler Speech, 1940, Berlin Sportpalast

German folk kamerads!

Seven years are a short time, the fraction of an individual human’s lifespan – hardly a second in the life of a folk. And yet, the seven years lying behind us seem to be longer than the many decades of the past. A great historical experience is concentrated in these years; the resurrection of a nation threatened with destruction. An infinitely fertile period, which often seems impossible to fathom in a single glance for us who have experienced it, and moreover, shaped it.

Today we often speak of democratic ideals; this means, not in Germany, rather in the other world where it is spoken of. For in Germany, after all, we have become truly well acquainted with this democratic ideal; so if today, the other world, again praises this ideal, then we can only reply that the German folk has had for at least 15 years the opportunity to become acquainted with this ideal in its pure form, and we ourselves, after all, have merely inherited the legacy of this democracy.

We are now presented with fantastic war goals, especially from the English side. England, after all, is experienced in the proclamation of war goals, since it has waged most of the world wars. They are fantastic war goals, which are today proclaimed to us. A new Europe should arise. This Europe should be filled with justice, and this general justice would then make arms superfluous, there would then be disarming. Through this disarmament, economic blossoming should then begin, trade and commerce should then set in, and indeed primarily trade, much trade, free trade! And under this trade, culture should then flourish, and not only culture, rather also religion should then thrive again. In a word: Now the Golden Age should come. Unfortunately, this Golden Age has already been presented to us before, in the same fashion, not just once but many times in previous generations and by the same people who outline it again today! A rather odd, worn out record now…And one can feel sorry for the gentlemen who have not come up with anything new by which they can bait a great folk, for, after all, they had already promised the same deal back in 1918; the war goal of the English back then was also a “New Europe”, the “new justice”, and this new justice was supposed to possess all the elements for the self-determination of folk….And again the talk was for disarmament…And that a blessed and congenial God era should come.

What then actually came, we experienced. They obliterated the old states without any consultation with the folks themselves! In not a single case did they ask the nations first, whether folks would be in agreement with the measures they had planned for them. They dissolved all the old bodies and their past traditions, not only state bodies, but also economic bodies, but they could not replace them with anything better – in no case could they put in something better….So without regard for self-determination they hacked up Europe, tore up all Europe, dissolved old states, disenfranchised nations and made them defenseless and made a clear distinction between the vanquished and the victors in this world… Then they no longer spoke of disarmament, but the very opposite, they continued to arm themselves! They did not begin to peacefully resolve conflicts, no, to the contrary, they armed themselves and waged war just as they had done before. Only this time, the disarmed were no longer able to defend themselves, or resist the violent acts of the armed. Parallel to this came their economic prosperity, on the contrary. it was an insane system of reparations that led to an economic impoverishment, not only of the vanquished, but of the victors themselves. No folk felt the consequences of this economic impoverishment more than the German. The general economic disorganization among us led to an unemployment which threatened our entire folk. Culture received no support from this either, rather, quite the opposite, it disintegrated…Religion vanished; in these 15 years, no Englishman remembered religion. The gentlemen did not take a stroll with Bible in hand, rather their Bible was the Treaty of Versailles! That was 448 paragraphs – a burden, an obligation, a condemnation and an extortion against Germany! And this Versailles was guaranteed by the new League of Nations – not a league of Free Nations at all, rather a League of Nations whose sole mandate was to guarantee the vilest dictates, that were never negotiated, rather simply imposed upon us, and forced us to fulfill.

That was the time of the democratic Germany!

And now how did they mistreat that Germany!

Who can still fully recall the history of those years; the misery of the collapse of the year 1918, the tragedy of the year 1919 and then all the years of domestic economic decay, of progressing enslavement, of the impoverishment of our folk and, above all, of the complete hopelessness! Even today, it is still shocking to remember that time, when a once great Nation, not only lost confidence in itself but in earthly justice. In this whole period democratic Germany hoped in vain, it begged just as futilely and it protested just a futilely. International finance remained brutally unscrupulous and exploited our folks as much as possible, and the statesmen of the Allied nations remained hard-hearted. They said back then, ice-cold, that we were 20 million Germans too many. They remained deaf to the misery of our unemployed, they did not concern themselves with the ruination of our agriculture or our industry, nor our trade. We remember this economic stagnation, which spread throughout Germany back then.

In that time when all hoping was in vain, when all requesting remained futile and when all protesting led to nothing, there emerged the National Socialist movement, and indeed proceeding from a realisation – namely the realisation that, in this world, one may not hope and should not request and should not lower oneself to protesting, rather, in this world, one must, above all, help oneself!

The hoping was in vain. We have now replaced this hoping with another hoping, namely the hoping in the only hope that exists in this world, help through our own strength. The hoping was replaced with faith in our German folk, in the action of its eternal inner values. Back then limited means stood at our disposal. What we viewed as the cornerstones of the new Reich were, aside from our will, above all, our folk’s work strength, second our folk’s intelligence, and third, what our own land could could offer us – our own soil. So we began to work and experience this inner German rise. This inner German rise did not threaten the world at all, it was purely internal German reform work, nevertheless it immediately summoned up hatred by the others. We experienced this most tragically  when we proclaimed the Four Year Plan – an idea that should have enthused the other world: a folk wants to help itself, it does not appeal to help from others, it appeals to its own creative abilities, to its industriousness, to its energy, to its intelligence. But nonetheless the other world went into uproar, the English statesmen screamed: What are you thinking, this Four Year Plan, it does not fit in with our world economy! As if they would have allowed us to participate in this world economy at all. No, they sensed the resurrection of the German folk – and that is why, because we foresaw that and because we noticed it, we immediately undertook the mobilization of German strength parallel to this resurrection.

No, England and France, in their leading positions, were determined at the moment they saw the resurrection of the Reich to start a new war! They wanted it so!

England has for 300 years pursued the goal of preventing Europe’s economic consolidation, just as France sought for many centuries to prevent Germany’s consolidation.

If today a Mr Chamberlain appears as preacher and proclaims his pious war aims to the surrounding world, then I can only say: Your own history contradicts you, Mr Chamberlain. For 300 years, your statesmen have at the outbreak of war all talked like you. They have always only fought for God and religion. They never had a material goal. But precisely because Englishmen never fight for a material goal, the dear Lord has then so richly rewarded them materially. That England also presents only as a fighter for truth, for justice, the champion of all virtues, God has not forgotten that of the English. For that they have been richly blessed. They have in 300 years subjugated 40 million square kilometers of the earth, not out of egoism, no, not out of earthly desire for dominance, no, not out of desire for wealth, nor for pleasure, no quite the opposite, they did it all as a mission of God, for the sake of good and dear religion. Admittedly, England did not even want to be God’s sole fighter, rather it always invited others to participate in this noble conflict. It did not strive to bear the chief burden, rather, for works so pleasing to God, they always sought fellow fighters for their cause.

They do this today also. And, as I said, this has been richly rewarding for England. 40 million square kilometers, and English history is a single succession of rapes, extortion, of tyrannical mistreatment, of suppression, of looting. They waged war for everything. They waged war in order to expand their trade. They waged war in order to cause others to smoke opium. They also waged war to gain gold mines, to gain diamond mines – they always had material goals! But they naturally embellished as noble and ideal…The last war, of course, was only waged for ideal goals. But they pocketed German colonies nonetheless, God wanted it so again. They took away our fleet, they cashed in our foreign assets, these are just a few manifestations of this noble conflict for sacred religion.

If Mr Chamberlain today walks around with Bible and preaches his war aims, then this seems to me as if the devil approaches a poor soul with a prayer book. And this is not original, anymore. This is worn out, nobody believes him anymore, even he himself does not believe in himself!

There I praise Mr Churchill. He only says openly what old Mr Chamberlain thinks and hopes only in silence. He says it: Our goal is the dissolution of Germany. Our goal is Germany’s destruction. Our goal is the extermination, if possible, of the German folk. We want to crush Germany!


— This abridged transcript was translated by Hermitage Helm Corpus.

The Great War: 3.

As one can see from what I have written previously, the entire complexion and perspective when analyzing the origins of World War I, have now changed. It has been the tradition to present the powers of ‘Britain’, ‘France’, ‘Russia’, ‘Germany’, as rival powers, as if they were independent rival powers seeking mastery over new colonies and frontiers, a rival imperialism. But obviously they cannot be true rivals if their figureheads, their so called Kaisers, Kings, Queens, Tsars, are all closed related and belong to the same family! But the figureheads have no power themselves, that is why they are figureheads, because according to the maxim established over time; the real powers never reveal themselves to those they have power over. This makes everything extremely difficult for those without power, and extremely advantageous for those with power, which is why this strategy and proven maxim has been so enduring. To be able to position the same family into the various leading roles of world powers, is a demonstration of ultimate power! What talk of “alliances” can there be, when we regard the cause of the Great War? These so-called “secret alliances” as the number one cause, that is the same as the Yanks saying they decoded Japanese diplomatic communications with, and I quote; “Magic”…When it came to the disputed railway track and the freight rates, Turkey was supposedly allied to Germany but the Ottoman Bank was in French hands, and the Berlin to Baghdad railway was not built, but in dispute at that time, and then Turkey became an ally of Britain and France, and then the Berlin to Baghdad was built! As the railway was actually constructed mainly during the 1930’s and completed in 1940.

So the entire theatre of World War I was about a railway owned by secret alliances, who have never been revealed, but share the same family figureheads, that was actually constructed after the war. So France, Russia and Britain, went to war against Germany over a railway line, that ended up being built anyway, so the entire war was futile, because the Berlin to Baghdad railway was completed in 1940! And of course all during this time, from 1888, from the inception of the plan to build the Berlin to Baghdad Railway, right up until its completion in 1940, all the European “rivals” at the time were joint owners and shareholders in the railway, all along the same entities were involved, and regardless of The Great War, the railway was completed. And this new railway along with all other railways at the time contributed greatly to economic expansion, opened new commercial markets, secured sources of supply, and served to politically unify new territories and vastly simplified the logistics of all forms of transportation, especially military transportation.

“We cannot agree to a tariff increase that will be used to build a railway which will be used to discriminate against our goods. We cannot, either permit compromise with our strategic position on the Persian Gulf.”   –  1911, Sir Edward Grey (British Foreign Secretary) to the German Imperial Ambassador

Now remember that the Sir Edward Grey represents King Edward VII and the German Imperial Ambassador represents King Edward VII’s nephew Kaiser Wilhelm II. So it is like I said; a family squabble over freight rates, not even ownership of the line, because it was jointly owned, just a dispute over the tariff, which was resolved in 1940.

It is said that Germany lost World War I, but they were made to lose the war. Germany actually won the war, but that was not the planned outcome, so Germany even though they won the war, declared that they had lost it! Not only did they declare that they had lost the war that they had won, but also declared and signed that not only should they pay for all costs for the war that they had won, but that all Germans forever should pay for the war that they won, they should pay all expenses of the “rivals” they beat, not just for the past but for the future, indefinitely. Now that is pathetic, a pathetic fallacy, but such was the nature of the entire war, it was a pathetic fallacy. Unless you understand that the dispute over the Berlin to Baghdad was resolved, and built, why? Because Germany and Britain agreed to those tariffs after all, they came to an agreement on the freight rates, you see…which was the cause of “The Great War”…Not so great is it? No it was not so great, after all in exoteric terms.

“The yoke of slavery is and always will remain the most unpleasant experience than mankind can endure.” –  Adolf Hitler

Reading this series of posts I have written on the “The Great War” as with all Siddharreich posts will help Esoteric Aryans come to understand, or be better equipped to navigate the philosophical dimensions of the Third Reich Pilgrim, which one must ultimately do if one is to make the leap into the hyper-reality of the Fifth Reich. Which is the only way to enter into Immortality.

The Great War: 2.

The more human brains used to manufacture a deception the more complex the deception will be. Greatness in overcoming the complexities of mass deception is achieved by individual genius, and individual genius is always conscious of its own abundance.

Padua – Pavid – David,

Father Jahn was a Hun,

Prussia – Prusia – Persia,

Raise the withered arm to figurehead,

Padua – Pavid – David

learn this is the law of pain,

Prussia – Prusia – Persia,

learn Lenin and Stalin arrived by train.

Speaking of trains, back to WWI, The Great War; the main reason for it in exoteric terms, in material terms was trains and railway tracks. There was a negative attitude promoted in Britain against German trains, actually it was much more than just a negative attitude, it was more like a frenzied hatred for all German railway locomotives, why? Why all the hatred for German railway locomotives? I don’t know, it is irrational, totally illogical on behalf of the British, but then again the British are not known for their Logic, they are known for responding to newspaper headlines in a predictable manner. British newspapers declared that German railways were bad and British railways were good, and so that is what the British people believed. They believed that international German trade was bad and international British trade was good, they believed that democratic principles spread be international trade was bad if done by a German but good if done by an Englishman, and doubly so if it was done via rail, because rail was the latest and greatest technology of the time in which we are writing about. In the end WWI did not have any economic or democratic benefits for either Germany or Britain, but these are the reasons commonly believed to be the reasons of the war. It would not have been difficult to understand this pre-WWI, as there is not logic in destroying nations because of an argument over freight rates between nations who are interlocked by railways economically. It makes even less sense if one understand that the same corporations, syndicates and trusts which owned the railway tracks of Britain also owned the railway tracks of Germany, railways were international joint affairs, put it this way; neither Germany nor Britain could build railway tracks and railway locomotives without joint co-operation, the railways systems were interlocked from their inception, it was a joint affair, and international. Of course this also applied to all British and German trade and economics, it was interlocked by more than 50%! Which when calculated mathematically meant any economic damage to Germany had an equally damaging effect on the economy of Britain. So therefore Britain cannot claim that WWI was either started for economic or democratic principles.

Alfred Lansburgh publisher of Die Bank wrote that the result of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s tour of Palestine was the construction of the Berlin to Baghdad railway, the great fatal product of German enterprise which was more responsible for the ‘encirclement’ of Germany than all other German political blunders put together. The ‘encirclement’ was the policy of Britain’s figurehead – Edward VII, designed to isolate Germany with an anti-German alliance. So the exoteric conclusion here is that the argument of freight rates on railways was an argument between two related figureheads? As Kaiser Wilhelm II was the grandson of the Queen of the British Empire and Edward VII was the Kaiser’s uncle, so perhaps a family squabble over family possessions, and the price at which family possessions are leased to family members, that would be like me having an argument with my uncle because I wanted to use his car for a day, and we could not decide on a lease rate, and that argument leading to a war that involved the entire world, a World War! It’s hard to fathom, especially when Kaiser Wilhelm and his uncle were on such close and familiar terms that they even dressed up in each other clothes, just like Kaiser Wilhelm liked to do with his close cousin Tsar Nicholas II, that Royal travelling troupe of deformed actors loved to dress up in each other clothes, they thought it to be a most enjoyable game.

Lenin talked about how the railways between 1890 and 1913, all over the world, crisscrossing various real estate interests, were the summation of the basic Capitalist industries: Coal, Iron, Steel. Those industries born in the Ruhr, but we have the palimpsest of the Middle Ages the Coal, Iron and Steel Guilds had a visible inscription that first had to be erased in order to discover beneath it another inscription giving the real meaning of the document. Which stems from banking practices, and it was banking monopolies, syndicates, cartels and trusts that encouraged the formation of railway companies, a transport undertaking between interlocking real estate interests, the line of the railway was to run through land which was obtained by the bank so that when the line is laid down the bank sells the land to the railway company, the railway company is already owned and in debt to the bank, and is reliant on funds from the bank to buy the land and build the railway. And this is how the Berlin to Baghdad railway was built, like all other railways were built.


Today I was in the local shopping strip and I walked past a man selling ANZAC poppies for the quasi-religious Anzac day commemoration, out of all the people walking past this man happened to call out to me in particular “Sir, would you like to buy a poppy for remembrance day?”, I momentarily stopped and looked and then kept on walking, the poppy pusher then called out in a raised voice, “it’s for our freedom you know!”, I stopped again and stared at the old fool, and then kept on walking, I almost was about to give him what for, but better judgement won out.

Before Afghanistan it was Australia, Turkey and India who were the world’s largest producers of Opium, all these countries are still major poppy growers. Opium of course is the drug of forgetfulness and sleep and is a pain-killer, the Poppy has always been a symbol of these narcotic effects, in the present state of dissimulation in regards to WWI the Poppy is used to symbolize “remembrance”, the ruling elite think this is quite humorous and I suppose it is for them, I don’t find it funny at all. In the cinematic version of The Wizard of Oz Dorothy and her travelling partners find themselves crossing poppy fields and Dorothy and the Lion being flesh and blood fall asleep when they naively attempt to cross as they make their way to the Emerald City. The Emerald City symbolizes the American Federal Reserve, the creators of the “Greenback” are very closely associated with heroin production, thus the Emerald City is surrounded by cultivated poppy fields which is the magic of the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’. The Scarecrow and Tin Man although unaffected by the magic of the poppy are unable to carry Dorothy and the Lion to safety, ‘Glinda’ the ‘The Good Witch of the South’ (Glinda is the Good Witch of the North in Frank Baum’s book) uses her superior magical abilities to cause a great snowfall, in the frigid cold Dorothy and the Lion sober up and continue their journey. I remember also in the original Frank Baum book that Dorothy wears silver slippers and not ruby slippers, the book is a clever allegory of the foundation of the American Federal Reserve and the secret alchemical wars that are being waged to this very day. In the book Princess Ozma the rightful ruler of Oz is depicted also wearing the Poppy flower as a decoration, the Poppy is thus shown to be neither good nor bad, it is just the manner in which it is used, it can be beneficial or it can be detrimental.

Opium production was one of the main reasons why the British, French, Australian and New Zealand attacked Turkey in WWI, along with oil and corn resources of Turkey and the strategic Dardanelles, in fact the entire Mesopotamia War was primarily about control of these resources. The published propaganda in contrast states that the reasons for the military invasion of Turkey and greater Mesopotamia was to defeat Turkey in order to free the Arab people from the oppression of the Ottoman Turkish Government, the same old tired and dreary lie recycled ad nauseam by the Allies, an effective lie however because over a million men from Britain alone sacrificed their lives in the Empires pursuit of economic control of Opium, Oil and Corn in Mesopotamia during WWI and the years leading up to it, and all under the deceptive guise of “freeing the Arabs” from Turkish oppression and “maintaining peace” even though the British Government was killing over 200,000 Arab men women and children annually with armed British conscripts.

“We say we are in Mesopotamia to develop it for the benefit of the world. All experts say that the labour supply is the ruling factor in its development. How far will killing ten thousand villagers and townspeople this summer hinder the production of wheat, cotton and oil? How long will we permit millions of pounds, thousands of Imperial troops, and tens of thousands of Arabs to be sacrificed on behalf of colonial administration which can benefit nobody but its administrators?”    –   T.E. Lawrence

“The British administration have been hanging Arabs in Baghdad for political offences, which they call rebellion. The Arabs are not at war with us. Are these illegal executions to provoke the Arabs to reprisals on the three hundred British prisoners they hold? And, if so, is that their punishment may be more severe, or is it to persuade our other troops to fight to the last?”   –   T.E. Lawrence

T.E. Lawrence of course conveniently forgets to acknowledge the bleeding obvious role Opium played in all this while he does mention the less sensitive reasons of oil and corn and so forth, and of course he was a useful idiot of the British Imperial Troops. T.E. Lawrence should at least note that he was a hypocrite fighting in foreign countries for weekly wages against the Ottomans and Germans. But a hypocrite in practice sometimes cannot help but observe and report what is happening before his very eyes. I will answer Lawrence’s questions. The Arabs were not at war with the British Empire and neither were the Ottoman Turks, who were Arabs as well, it seems Mr Lawrence forgot that too. Mr Lawrence probably could not recall the fact that he admitted that it was not the Turkish Government that was, as he states in his own words, hanging Arabs and shooting defenceless tribes people, villagers and farmers for the “administration” of their crops and to “develop” their oil rich lands. Mr Lawrence, you yourself were in the employment of the colonial adminstration, you hypocritical useful idiot! The role of Imperial British Troops IS to be sacrificed, they are to fight to the last man and die on foreign battle fields for the economic benefit of the British “Crown”, there is no question about it; “ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die.” Imperial Troops were sacrificed all over the world to persuade other Imperial Troops to do exactly the same thing for the exact same end. If others countries do not want to partake in sacrificial executions then the British Empire sees fit that they must be persuaded to do so, the reasoning is this; The British Empire sends its troops to a foreign country to attack it and invade it and kill its inhabitants and steal whatever they have of value, naturally the sovereign people of the invaded country fight back and thus join in the sacrifice, they too start killing conscripted Imperial Troops, which is exactly what the British Empire wants them to do, just as Mr Lawrence pointed out that the British practice illegal executions of foreign people in order to provoke reprisals by foreign people, thereby achieving their initial aim of having their own troops killed by a foreign people, because they are supposed to fight until the last man dies!

It’s the same old deal with the present remembering “Anzac Day” except instead of promoting mass sacrifice and calling it “war” they want to prevent it, they don’t want to promote that method again they want to discourage it now. The problem is not breeding more humans, just as the ruling elite found out to their regret, the more humans that are killed in this sacrificial manner, the more they breed, they actually end up with more humans! That is why the Allies of World Zion are not so keen on using this method anymore, after the mass assembly line sacrifices of WWI they ended up with more humans than they did before, so they did not want this kind of “war” again, they do not want real war at all in fact, but they do want sacrifice and there is a great difference between the two.

WWI was fundamentally different to WWII, the main difference was this; in WWI it was planned by the Imperial forces of Zion that many millions of humans would be killed, they wanted to reduce their slave populations, they saw this as economically beneficial, THEY FAILED! In WWII it was hoped by the Imperial forces of Zion that just one man would be killed, and that man was Adolf Hitler. They had to kill him at all costs, THEY FAILED!