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Questions about Geography and Cosmology

Some questions here from a reader that I will attempt to answer.

How is possible for the Earth to be flat, and, as stated in the ‘MAYA:Reality Is An Illusion’, hollow?

Miguel Serrano’s concept of the shape of the Earth was that of a spherical Earth, that was hollow on the inside. In none of his books or interviews, does he refer to a flat Earth, or even consider the Earth to be flat. Serrano outlines his concepts regards the geography of the Earth and Cosmology in Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, and to a lessor extent MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion. In MAYA Serrano refers to a personal letter and a set of printed documents (that are available to view online). It is debatable whether the set of printed documents, that were said to be of Third Reich origin (but not proved to be so) and a personal hand written letter, is evidence of a hollow Earth?….Personally I don’t consider it to be evidence of a hollow Earth…Personally, my view, as it appears to me, empirically and with my senses and logic, is that the Earth is flat. The plane that the known world is on – is flat, but what is beyond the known geography is unknown, so I don’t know what lies beyond the boundaries that humanity appears to habitat, but the plane which humanity does habitat – continents, seas and oceans, etc, is on a flat plane… I don’t know what is below that plane either or above it…… It is a general law that the public must be lied to by the elite. So that is why there is a concerted effort to lie to the general public…The law is that the masses, in general, are considered slaves, and therefore must be lied to, it is against the law of the elites themselves to tell the truth to their slaves. This law has been in placed for many centuries. It also must be considered that I don’t believe Serrano to be lying, but that he was deceived on this matter and innocently published what he thought was the truth. Serrano was not part of the “elite” I am referring to, I also call them the “Patriarchs”…Their identity is unknown…It is against their law to reveal themselves to their slaves….Most so called “scientists” are complete frauds, their whole life is fraud and they desperately cling to that fraud until their dying breaths, there are however, scientists and engineers who will testify that the earth is flat and there has been such over the centuries, although their work and words would not be widely promoted of course…Serrano would point out, and I would agree, that in general, the vast population of humanity is incapable of describing the truth – the truth is simply not in them and they are only capable of lies, like a robotic projection from the supernatural Demiurge they lie without any consciousness.

The Cloistered Ones


We greet you from deep silence,

Which is like a pond full of water lilies,

Hushed is the nightingale and the frog and the cricket,

Where all move as Spirits, weightless.

And there is a gliding of white lights,

When we fly through the fog in the nights.

We see you with vitreous faces

lying like the dead in your beds.

We greet you. In forgotten life

Where day calls you back, again like new.

without memory, without remorse.

Eberhard Wolfgang Moller, translated into English by Hermitage Helm and published in Songs Of The Reich.

Siegfried’s Death by Kurt Eggers

Siegfrieds Death

by Kurt Eggers

Horned man,

Who once defeated the Dragon,

Whose helm

Of Victory wore light frost:

Horned man,

Your armour

Had a breach

Into which the enemy’s

Throwing Spear penetrated.

Horned man:

Your fate is command:

Folk become whole!

Folk become German!

Then the enemies’

Murder plan fails!



Vogelsang Order Castle, 2011








Himmler’s Ring

himmler rings

Just following on from a blog post from Volkisch Runes Blog, where it is acknowledged that most of Third Reich Jewellery appears to be made from Silver. There is a very good reason for this and it is not that Gold is inherently evil, it is that Germany was made to pay billions in Gold, that is in weights of Gold, intrinsic value measured by weight! Same as Russia, same as Spain, in fact it is the same for all previous States, the same as it is today. All are made to pay the Jewish International Corporations in Gold, so therefore the Third Reich had no Gold left. I made a few early posts on Silver and the relationship between Gold and Silver but that was a long time ago and nothing has changed, it’s still the same old deal, there is nothing new under the sun although this blog could be considered to be relatively unusual . During the Third Reich economic statistics were often reported but never the alchemy behind the economic statistics and for good reason, because the masses simply cannot understand any meaning or truth, they only understand statistics, quantitative numbers is all they have been taught so that is all they understand. We don’t have any quantitative numbers to report, we don’t have any State to report on, so we can allude to alchemy in a philosophical sense, understanding that it will be esoterically understood be a mere few. The SS produced craft in Silver and also porcelain and other natural materials, materials that were originally produced in Germany, later this was transliterated to India and China, the East, anachronistically, in other words the production originally begun in Germany was later literally transcribed to other States making them appear to be crafting material before Germany. This is easily done by publishing Corporations by backdating, a common practice in publishing. Backdating is done by publishing an earlier date. All publishers do this in one way or another. Anachronism is a subject I delve into in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim: Part I’. Yes, it is true that Silver was the precious material of the Third Reich and the SS. Alberich, the Nibelung dwarf, steals the Rhine Gold, steals the Gold of Germany from the Rhine maidens, then Wotan awakes. It is very important to remember that Alberich must renounce love to steal the Gold, in order to make the powerful Ring of Gold love must be renounced and so it has been. If we arrive at the ‘Golden Apples’ that is another story. Alberich enslaves the rest of the dwarfs through the power gained from the Golden Ring. In an Anglo Saxon sense this same story is reproduced in ‘Lord Of The Rings’, fortunately not anachronistically but fictionally, there was an element of honesty in this on the part of Tolkien. When Alberich transforms himself into a toad this is another very important event. But where does the Silver come into this, well it comes afterwards and it comes esoterically, but that is the matter that we are revealing, simply because we have the ability to do so. In Wagner one can see all the auspices of the Third Reich and that is what we Esoteric Hitlerists are elucidating. Himmler, as a student of His-story, would have understood this very well, he could only confirm it with is his actions, he was forced to understand it and deal with it as an economic natural fact, as we are forced to deal with it.



Mimicry, by Joseph Goebbels,

The Jews are masters at fitting in to their surroundings, without in any way changing their nature, They are mimics. They have a natural instinct that senses danger, and their drive for self-preservation usually gives them the proper ways and means to escape danger at no risk to their lives or any need for courage. It is difficult to detect their sly and slippery ways. One has to be an experienced student of the Jews to recognize what is happening. Their response when they have been uncovered is simple and primitive. It displays a perfidious shamelessness that is successful because one usually does not think it possible to be so shameless. Schopenhauer once said that the Jew is the master of the lie. He is such an expert on twisting the truth that he can tell his innocent opponent the exact opposite of the truth even on the clearest matter in the world. He does this with such astonishing impudence that the listener becomes uncertain, at which point the Jew has usually won.

The Jews call this chutzpah. Chutzpah is a typically Jewish expression that really cannot be translated into any other language, since chutzpah is an expression of a concept found only among the Jews. Other languages have not needed to invent such a word, since they do not know such a phenomenon. Basically it means unlimited, impertinent, and unbelievable impudence and shamelessness.

As long as we had the doubtful pleasure of having to put up with Jews, we had more than enough examples of the typical Jewish characteristics they call chutzpah. Cowards become heroes and decent, industrious and brave men become contemptible idiots or fools. Fat and sweaty stockbrokers presented themselves as communists saving the world, and decent soldiers were characterized as beasts. Normal families were mocked as breeding pens, while group marriages were praised as the highest form of human development. The most disgusting junk the human mind could create was presented as great art while real art was ridiculed as rubbish. The murderer was said to be not guilty, and the victim became the guilty one!

It was a system of public deception that, when applied long enough, lames a people both culturally and spiritually and over time strangles any kind of defence. Before National Socialism, Germany was in the midst of such deadly danger. Had our people not come to its senses at the last possible moment, our country would have been ripe for Bolshevism, the most devilish infection the Jews can bring upon a people.

Bolshevism, too, is an expression of Jewish chutzpah. Turbulent Jewish party leaders and clever Jewish capitalists manged the most shameless coup one can imagine. They mobilized the so-called proletariat to class struggle by ruthlessly exploiting real or imaginary problems. Their goal was total Jewish domination. The crassest plutocracy used socialism to establish the crassest financial dictatorship. A world revolution was to expand this experiment from the Soviet Union to the rest of the world. The result would have been Jewish world domination. The National Socialist revolution was a deathblow to this attempt. Once international Jewry realized that agitation was no longer sufficient to take over European nations, they decided to wait for a war. They wanted it to last as long as possible, so that at its end they could institute Bolshevist terror and force on a weakened, drained, and impotent Europe. This had been the goal of Moscow’s Bolshevists from the beginning of the war. They wanted to join in only when easy and safe victory was assured, meanwhile holding down sufficient German forces top keep Germany from a decisive victory in the West. One can imagine the howls of rage in the Kremlin as they realized one Sunday morning that the Führer’s sword had cut through their web of lies and intrigues.

Until then, the Jewish Bolshevist leaders had cleverly kept in the background, probably in the mistaken belief they could fool us. Litvinov and Kaganovich were hardly seen in public. Behind the scenes, however, they were about their dastardly work. They tried to persuade us that the Jewish Bolshevists in Moscow and the Jewish plutocrats in London and Washington were enemies. Secretly, however, they were planning to strangle us. That is proven by the fact that they made up with each other the moment their devilish game was revealed. The ignorant peoples on both sides who surely were astonished at such a sight were calmed down by tactful measures.

In Moscow, for example, the Jews abolished the Atheist Federation, even though it had been a matter of honor only a few days earlier for leading Soviet bigwigs to belong to. Religious freedom was now guaranteed in the entire Soviet Union. Lying news items were spread in the world press announcing that praying was once more allowed in the churches, among other swindles. The English could not quite bring themselves to play the Internationale on the radio every night, since in Mr. Eden’s interesting distinction the Bolshevists were not allies, only fellow combatants. The Internationale would have been a bit too strong for the British people at the moment, but they are hard at work presenting Stalin as a great statesman and wonderful social reformer who can only be compared to Churchill. They are doing their best to find other similarities as well between the glorious democracies in Moscow and London.

Remarkably, they are not all that far from the truth in this regard. They look different only to those who do not know much. To experts, they are alike as two peas in a pos. The same Jews are at work, whether on stage or behind the scenes. When they pray in Moscow and sing the Internationale in Moscow, they are doing what the Jews have always done. They are practicing mimicry. They adjust to the conditions around them, slowly, gradually, so as not to unsettle or awaken others.

They are angry at us for uncovering them. They know we recognize them for what they are. The Jew is secure only when he can remain hidden. He loses his balance when he senses that someone sees through him. The experienced Jewish expert immediately sees in the insults and complaints the familiar Old Testament outbursts of hate. They have come our way so often that they have lost every element of originality. They are only of psychological interest to us. We wait calmly until the Jewish rage has reached its epitome. Then they start falling apart. They spout nonsense, and suddenly betray themselves.

The material on Radio Moscow or Radio London and the articles that appear in the Bolshevist and plutocratic organs are simply indescribable. London always gives priority to Moscow, which allows it to preserve good manners and blend into the landscape. Moscow’s Jews invent lies and atrocities; the London Jews cite them and blend them into stories suitable for the innocent bourgeois. They do it only from professional obligation, naturally. The dreadful crimes in Lembert that horrified the entire world were, of course, not committed by the Bolsheviks, but rather were an invention of the Propaganda Ministry.

It is quite irrelevant that German newsreels made the proof available to the entire world. Obviously, we oppress the arts and sciences, whereas Bolshevism is a true center of culture, civilization and humanity. We personally were pleased at a recent statement by Radio Moscow. It was so absurd and despicable that it was almost flattering. We assume the Jewish speaker recalls the good old days in Berlin. Unless they have a very short memory, they must recall that all their insults will only lead to a thrashing at the end. Every evening they announce that they want to punch us in the nose, us and all the other Nazi pigs. Sure, you want to, but doing it is something rather different, gentlemen! The whole affair has a certain tragicomic tone. The Jews talk as if they were really strong, but soon they have to move their tents and run like rabbits from the approaching German soldiers. Qui mange du juif, en meurt!

One could almost say that anyone with the Jews on his side has already lost. They are the best pillar of the coming defeat. They carry the seed of destruction. They hoped this war would bring the last desperate blow against National Socialist Germany and an awakening Europe. They will collapse. Already today, we begin to hear the cries of desperate and seduced peoples throughout the world: “The Jews are guilty! The Jews are guilty!” The court will pronounce judgment on them  will be fearful. We do not need to do anything ourselves. It will come because it must come. Just as the fist of an awakened Germany has struck this racial filth, the fist of an awakened Europe will surely follow. Mimicry will not help the Jews then. They will have to face their accusers. The court of the nations will judge their oppressor. Without pity or forgiveness, the blow will strike. The world enemy will fall, and Europe will have peace.

Racial Myths of the 21st Century

The major reason why Esoteric Hitlerists will not tolerate White Nationalists is straight forward; the White Nationalists have based their ideology on a logical fallacy, and their ideology differs from our own because of this. The Kosmic Weltanschauung of the Esoteric Hitlerists is true whereas the ideology of the White Nationalists is false.

To begin with there are not any Nations left in the world, only Corporations which are not based on Race, but on material and immaterial profit, and Corporations operate without regard for geographical borders. Corporations do not recognize Race or Nation, they recognize credit and debits of other corporate entities. We live in a Raceless world dominated by Raceless Corporations. So the White Nationalists have no Nation State to begin with, so they are a logical fallacy, they say they want to “preserve” and “protect”, but they cannot preserve and protect something that does not exist. The White Nationalists believe in a delusion, a phantasm of Racial Myth, namely that they actually have a Racial Nation State, when in reality no such thing exists.

The National Socialists in Germany under Adolf Hitler did not begin from a position of protecting and preserving national identity, they started from a position which is outlined in Mein Kampf, that the German People’s State had to be created out of the racial chaos that existed in Germany and in the rest of the world. So it is also false for White Nationalists to point to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists in connection with their own ideology, because they have nothing in common; “National Socialism is not for export” as Hitler said, it is something purely German in orientation, and it is exclusive. Because the only way to prevent further racial chaos and racial degeneration would have been to allow the German National Socialists and the Third Reich to live in Peace. There was no other way. But as it happened the rest of the world could not allow the superior German Nation to live in Peace, they had to destroy it, and the rest of the world made its intentions clear, it sought the destruction of Germany because Germany was capable of forming a Racial State, a People’s State under Adolf Hitler that would have seen an improvement in the condition of the German Man.

“When men have lost their natural instincts and ignore the obligations imposed on them by nature, then there is no hope that nature will correct the loss that has been caused, until the recognition of the lost instincts has been restored. Then the task will have to be accomplished. But there is a serious danger that those who have once become blind in this respect will continue more and more to break down racial barriers and finally lose the last remnants of what is best in them. What remains is nothing but a uniform mish-mash, which seems to be the dream of our fine Utopians. But that mish-mash would soon banish all ideals from the world. Certainly a great herd can be formed. One can breed a herd of animals; but from a mixture of this kind men such as have created and founded civilizations would not be produced. THE MISSION OF HUMANITY MIGHT THEN BE CONSIDERED AT AN END. Those who do not wish that the earth should fall into such a condition must realize that it IS THE TASK OF THE GERMAN STATE IN PARTICULAR to see to it that the process of bastardization is brought to a stop.”  –   Mein Kampf  ‘The State’

Here Adolf Hitler is writing in the 1920’s to His German Volk, he is stating that Humanity, blind as it is, will come to an end unless the German Volk form a Racial State to counter the degenerate slide into racial oblivion that was the natural future path for Humanity. He states that there will be nothing left but a uniform mish-mash, a herdlike mass of degenerates who could have no hope of helping themselves, but the German people could save themselves from this great herd of bastardized degenerates! What happened was, and this is what the White Nationalists don’t understand, is that instead of other Peoples on earth allowing the German People to save themselves, they all got together and bombed the German People and Reich, they bombed it into oblivion! And therefore ended the only chance they had, because they could not save themselves, and the German People were the only People capable of saving anything for Humanity, and with Adolf Hitler as their leader they could achieve Salvation of Humanity and elevate Man to a higher position. So the blind degenerate masses, instead of appreciating this upward transformation of Man, they set out to destroy it, because they wanted everything to be like them, a uniform mish-mash lost in a downward slide into racial bastardization and chaotic entropy. They wanted to drag everything and everyone down to their own inferior level, because that is the nature of the human being, as it has been proven. The White Nationalists today are traditionally the enemy of the German People, those White Nationalists from the Corporations of Britain and America and Australia and Russia, and wherever else, their Corporations that they seek to preserve are in fact the Corporations that obliterated the German Reich in 2 World Wars, and yet those same hypocritical vile cowards want to at the same time claim an affinity to the German Reich and National Socialism and Adolf Hitler! It is the depths of dissimulation and hypocrisy. They also want to claim “no more brothers wars”, well its too fucking late for that now!!! There will be justice, there will be revenge and there will be punishment for the crimes committed against the German People and their lands, don’t try to worm your way out it by appealing to some judeo/christian notion of universal brotherhood, this type of “all white men are equal” liberalized bullshit! That will not work with us. The White Traitors will be punished, and Justice will be had. And that Justice is against all the Corporations who took part in the destruction of Germany.  

Which brings us to another logical fallacy, the notion that all White Men are equal, no they are not, in Esoteric Hitlerism we see no equality among people with lighter skin pigmentation, we see that humans are disposed to degenerate behaviour no matter what their skin colour is. Also that biological blood has become so polluted, that the only Race is the race of Humanity to the bottom of the biological Sewer! We fully hold to the old ideal that the Germanic/Nordic Race is the superior Race, but that even that Race is terribly degenerated and consists mainly of traitors and cowards, that cannot be considered to be any better or worse than those of any other Race, even if you could determine the existence of one Race in this uniform mish-mash that makes up Humanity today? Which one cannot because Humanity is a Raceless herd ruled by Corporations that do not recognize any races. Except the Jewish Race, which brings us to another logical fallacy of the White Nationalists; Jews are White! Jews have, especially the elite Jews, White skin with European ancestry, so therefore the White Nationalists cannot claim to be anti-Jewish, how can they be anti-Jewish when the Jews are White skinned and themselves rabid Nationalists? This is why the Esoteric Hitlerists, who are anti-Jewish, state that the Esoteric Hitlerist is “Aryan”, because the Aryan by its definition and nature is opposed to the Semitic Jew, or the City Jew of the Ghetto, the Noble Aryan of the Land is opposed to the Ghetto Jew of the City. And we fully endorse the fact that the Aryan is a Northern European in origin, and has White skin, but that Aryan Racial features and characteristics can still exist in people of colour where the Aryan Race in the past has intermingled with them. So the Aryan today is not solely determined on the colour of skin but on a combination of many different racial characteristics and features that exist as vestiges of a long-lost Aryan Race, these vestiges are most clearly identified in the Germanic/Nordic man, but may be present in other men who are not Germanic or Nordic. So again, the Racial concepts of the Esoteric Hitlerists and the White Nationalists are completely at odds, and we see no middle ground on this matter.

What I have stated here is enough to identify the logical fallacies that delude the White Nationalists, and the reasons why there are stark contrasts in our separate positions, and for these reasons we seek no alliance with White Nationalists and we do not support their ideology. As a last point may I also state that the White Nationalists are political in their beliefs and ideology whereas the Esoteric Hitlerists are non-political in our beliefs. Esoteric Hitlerism is non-political and it seeks no political affiliation, especially no political affiliation with White Nationalists.