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Adolf Hitler

Today in 1889, a Star descended from the Heavens and took birth in a world that had lost its way. Born was the Son of God, Adolf Hitler, who by His example once again showed us the way reminding us of our Mission. With the coming of Adolf Hitler the Heroic Spirit of Genius had a voice heard by His own. A National Socialist is not made, a National Socialist is born. The Courageous and Dutiful always serve His Spirit, for the Spirit of Adolf Hitler is the Spirit of God. God is always found fighting for the just cause, which is Holy; this is the way of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. We thank you Adolf Hitler for your great Sacrifice in order to give us Identity. An Identity we have always had but that you gave name and form in the Banner of National Socialism.  A Higher Ideal than anything in this world. An Ideal worth dying for. God of Gods, Thank you for giving us such an example as our Fuhrer. Today, we light this Flame in remembrance of our Fuhrer with the promise that we shall do all that we may do to keep it burning. (From The Great Yearning – An Armanen Ritual)

Runenlied (NEED)

A Thunderbolt Flashes in the Night of the Soul… It is the Victorious SIEG Rune which Penetrates the Ice… Brigandi’s SIEG Cross of Fire Thaws the Ice… In one unforseen Moment the Mighty Weapon of the Heavens Strikes… It happens in a Flash, yet it had ever been there waiting upon the Fullness of Time… Grind is Stubborn, but no Power can withstand the AllFather’s Fire… Overlapping ISA and making GABOR… All may seem lost, but SIEG Speaks of Salvation… Three Vexing efforts and then Vali rises in a Day, unkept, Striking down the Peace Breakers… In this Guise we can see in Vali a Rune of Victory and becoming… It is Good for us to Bring Light and Life to our own dark night with the Fire of SIEG…

Lightning of Sieg Rune: “All Solar Salvation to He who is Conscious of the Power!”

Alaf Sal Fena


‘The Great Yearning: An Armanen Ritual’ (The 55 Club)


The Rendering (NEED)

Rit from THE GREAT YEARNING by the 55 Club:

This Moon of Hornung, Valfather WOTAN has Come to rule in The Realm of Walaskialf, The Hall of The Slain, Valhalla…WOTAN now gathers to Himself the half of the slain which belongs to Him as the souls who have lost their bodies in Walhalla in order to conduct them towards rebirth, or up out of The Primordial State, into the World of Men…It is just these souls, separated from their bodies who are His Army, His Heer, which He leads victoriously against the forces of death, the Rime and Frost Giants… And by means of which He overcomes death in that He awakens the dead to new life through renewal and rebirth… This Moon, Men celebrate the festival of candlemass by Illuminating the Balsen or the exits caves with Torches in order to show the way back to the upper world, to the souls returning to Mitgart out of the Urstat… Gods and Men also celebrate Fasnacht, the fasting Night of Lent, when The Ship Nehalenia departs to spread its blessings… We too must be illuminating as well…. Showing the lost souls of Mitgart the True Path towards God’s Grace.

‘The Great Yearning’ An Armanen Ritual. Book Review.

‘The Great Yearning’ An Armanen Ritual is a new book by Torch Bearer Joe, in collaboration with Andrew Powers, Invictus Books and the 55 Club. The book is available from Amazon, I purchased my copy from Amazon, and received it just before Xmas, and I began reading it Xmas morning, the synchronicity of which did not go unnoticed. The book also has extensive quotations and readings from many sources, including; George Lincoln Rockwell, Miguel Serrano, George Gurdjieff, and many others, as well as a foreword by Richard Scutari of the Bruder Schweigen! I am pleased to be also included in the acknowledgements. The Great Yearning is the greatest book that the 55 Club have released to date, their work always seems to improve, becoming deeper and more profound each book they release, a book release from the 55 Club is now always something important and in a literary sense ground breaking and revolutionary. Torch Bearer Joe has certainly established himself with Aryan humility as the leading Rune Maestro in the world, never admitting as such, and he is thoroughly deserving of receiving the title of “Torch Bearer”, one of the few men in the world separated for such an Honor.

The Great Yearning is dedicated to Adolf Hitler and Wotan, who are one and the same. And I will quote now from the introduction:

“It is hoped that the Armanen Rites found in this work will open our minds and one may toss all the ‘new age’ Blot books in the trash where such garbage belongs. We do not apologize to the holohoax industry and we do not ‘tone it down’  whereas not to offend. We praise Adolf Hitler openly and proudly as he deserves! And we do not shy away from our words of Power, such as, Aryan, Race or Sieg Heil – for this Tradition is not open to all, on the contrary, it is closely guarded. One may ask “why publish it” – so that it may get into the hands of those it needs to. Synchronicity is very powerful and as I have stated, this work is for Him. He will make sure that it goes where it needs to be. As for the fakes and the treacherous, they will not get past the first chapters. It will be a stiff right arm and a slap to the face. But to our Comrades, we give this book to you and you know who you are. Please do keep it close to your heart and know that these Rites are being performed across Midgard by your Comrades. Keep it Aryan my brothers. Our Honor is not for sale! Be strong, be upright, be Light in the darkness…..And most of all Aushalten!”

Endure, Bear, to be a Torch Bearer is about bearing a torch of light in darkness, and one must endure to be able to do that, it is not something for “fly by night’ers”, those who spring up but perish by night fall. Alles Leben ist Kampf! I am also reminded of; “seek Adolf Hitler with your hearts, not with your minds” and so those who are weak and treacherous and fake will not endure The Great Yearning, they will find fault in their minds what they should know already in their hearts. This book is a treatise for the recovery of Aryan Magikal Rites, “Armanen Ritual”. An Evocation for the present and future, scared rites and the protecting of those sacred rites from the profane, from the kosher magicians who attempt to pervert them, and prevent us from utilizing our own ancestral wisdom revealed as an expression of Divine Power of the One. This is a book of Armanenism, Esoteric Hitlerism, Nordic Mythos, Aryan Kristianity, Hyperborean Runes and much more. Within the pages you will find lost skaldic lays long forgotten but reinvigorated for the noble soul who feels he has been searching for them all his life…Even a entire new Calender has been constructed, dedicated to the Aryan Parthenon of Heroes. In the erudite text one can find transparency, illumination of the past, and a natural reason that dissolves past false dichotomies that stifle and suffocate our development today. we must overcome those false dichotomies, and not fall back in to them once we have overcome them. Look at those weak souls who are still trapped in the false dichotomies of the past, do you want to be like them? Being stifled, impotent, unable to progress because they are tied to the false assumptions of the past, which are purely literary in their formation with an origin no better than the cynical parlour games of the Gutenberg press! We offer something different, National Socialism offered something different, if the The Great Yearning is to be described as anything in particular it would be as the spirit of National Socialism reborn, born again! A gift from Providence, Rockwell would say… A yearning for Nobility & Immortality, and you cannot have one without the other. A yearning for Hyperborean symbolism, a yearning to encompass the desires of White Aryan Man, what remains of him, the scattered remnants, so this is the wild howling of the blood which comes as frozen silence amongst the chaotic cacophony that pours out of the travesty that is the land of Amerikwa, that bizarre child of perversion suffering from Elephantiasis! What is Amerikwa if not overgrown diseased monstrosity, child like, infantile, but suffering from the terrible condition of Elephantiasis! And that is what Hitler said about Amerikwa. It is a gift from Providence that a book such as The Great Yearning can come out of Amerikwa at such a time, but in Europe they cannot even produce that, Amerikwa may be a diseased child but at least there is still a heart beat there, there is pulse, faint as it is, but still a faint little pulse can be picked up. Europe in comparison is dead as a door nail, lively as a fence post; the ashes of my dead grandmother have more life in them!

It can’t be said now we don’t have our own auspices! Never had so many navigational aids, spiritual compasses; the Aryan White Man should be active, operating with God’s might this wayward ship, bringing it home from the storm-tossed sea. The Auspicious texts are stacking up and still the Aryan White Man flounders like a drowning man under the waves, hanging on to a greased fat ankle of a drowning Jew! Complaining like he wants to blame the Jew for not being able to swim!

This book by Torch Bearer Joe is an effort to save the spirit of Religion, written for those who still have a desire for beauty in their hearts and an instinct for health, and strength in their limbs, and the will to remain on earth for the fight. For those who still can hear the ancient runic wisdom, the great yearning, lost prayers of a forgotten priesthood who desire the internal Reich, the return to Absolute I, re-birth of the Hyperborean Reich. The Volk is the Order of Wotan and the great invisible Norns weave the Astralkorpers of the Heroes as they passage through simultaneous worlds…Here ultimately the expanded Futhark of Esoteric Hitlerism is recognized as the exit given within the closed circle of life and death, through an Aryan Initiation in the magic marriage of Amor: EHE. The hero is taken to Valhalla by means of the ultimate Rune, Gibor, mutated into the leftwards swastika, that of Hitler. There his Valkyrie will resurrect him as an immortal Divya. He will be WOTAN and yet, more than WOTAN.