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A New Year with a New Mission

“The combat of Heroes is not intended for the collective salvation of the Sudras, nor for the White Traitors, nor even the totality of imprisoned or sleeping Viras. Only those will be saved who fight unto Magic Death, making themselves worthy of triumph. The archetypal numbers, Orphic numbers, are already on the point of fulfillment. And the Einherier will come to rescue those few on the edge, at the limits of time, with the Wildes Heer and the Ultimate Battalion of the Wotan-Kalki. That sacred Number is enough for the transfiguration of Gerda, the redemption of Saturn-Kronos and their triumph over the strategic plans of the enemy. The Satanic Demiurge will be left with the dregs of the worlds, with a heap of machines destined for a cosmic garbage dump…… There are two shackles with which the Satanic Demiurge has bound the prisoner and from which the Vira must break free, to be free: sex, a suitable means for the reproduction of Demiurge food, and rational thought, as the illusory tool of the representations of his will to power, a mere reflection in the ‘brain’ of his Mechanical Universe, also illusory, and where men are allowed to contemplate the Satanic Demiurge, praise him and even identify himself with men who are made in his image and likeness. The agent of the first shackle are sexual organs, appearing late in the archetype form of earthly man. The second agent is the cerebral cortex, emerging with the sinking of the archaic brain, synchronistically with the disappearance of Hyperborea. Both of these shakles must be broken, overcome, reintegrated, because Love does not need sexual organs, nor do we reach the knowledge of oneself through reason, or rational thought. The Ego, as we have seen, is a result of the shock produced when the Divya mixes his blood on ‘falling in love with the daughters of men’ when the Great Aesir (the Great Ancestor) is crucified. And Individuation is the hypothetical result of his Transmutation and Resurrection.”   – MANU: For The Man To Come

Demiurgic Trap

“Christianity was merely the bait with which Judaism hunted unsuspecting Aryans, neutralizing, castrating, killing them in their essence, cutting them off forever from the true Kristic revelation of Wotan and Mithras…The apparent opposition between Christianity and Judaism was a clever Demiurgic trap, similar to what we have today with the simulated opposition between Marxism and Capitalism, only the Christian trap has been active for almost two thousand years,”  –  Resurrection of the Hero, Miguel Serrano

It is not the flesh and blood of a sacrificial victim that is atonement for sin i.e. “belief in Christ’s sacrifice”, as according to the doctrine of Christianity, which is an illusion, a transmogrification, the narratives concocted are not based on actual events, but are fabrications that are conducted in an Empire of Illusions! The aim of Esoteric Hitlerism is to break free from those illusions, at all costs, a shattering of Amor-fati, that will lead to the exit being carved out in this concentration-camp Universe, where illusion only seeks to bind us to more and more illusion. Not through substitution and then further transubstantiation does one develop the Astralkorper, but through the awakening of the Hero inside one’s own body! Only through the Hyperborean Nostalgia of the God imprisoned inside this mortal body can one be made free. And the undertaking of this Quest of the Hero is something more than even the Gods can possibly undertake, and one does not undertake this for one’s worldly ego, but for one’s Eternal Being – “It is necessary that I die, so that I can live”. There is an Individuation to this, that makes it un-Universal and hence the contrary to “He died for all mankind”.

Hamsa, I am Thou, Thou am I, The Hero is the Fuhrer, did Hitler not say: “I am you and you are me”, or also “I can do nothing without you, and you can do nothing without me”. Have you not been Individualized? Is this not what you wanted? He has crossed over an abyss on a rope he held himself. Is it not fulfilled, this Drama of the Hero, has He not showed Himself the way? He does not follow in the steps of Wotan, He is Wotan! And He recovers and awakens to discover a treasure that was stolen from Him – the Immortality of a Hyperborean God. The Hero sacrifices himself to himself, for the creation of a God, the worldly ego must burn.

“Nevertheless, in the Magic Drama of Esoteric Hitlerism there is no place for the ultimate phrase of the Jesus of the Judeo-christian religion, whilst expiring on the cross: ‘My Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit!’. Signifying, for them, the final delivery of himself to be reabsorbed by his own Monad, by Someone who awaits as if on the edge of a fountain, or rather, to be devoured by the Demiurge. The Hero of Esoteric Hitlerism, the Vira, on the Path of Wotan, has allowed himself to be possessed voluntarily by the Legend and Myth of the Archetype, as in the acceptance of Mystic Death. He has made a momentary delivery of his body and his brain, in the sacrifice of his will and his I, so that, through him, Another is realized, a Prinzcip…He is able to pass through the Archetype without his self being devoured or annihilated…..And the impersonality of the Archetype has been changed since his Myth and Legend have acquired a Face, that of Adolf Hitler, ceasing to be a collective. The Archetype has individualized, coming to belong for more than a thousand years to Hitlerism, the Passion and Drama of the Ultimate Avatar who, on passing like a thunderbolt through this world, incarnated in Adolf Hitler for so brief a time, thereby enabling the Collective Archetype to become an individual person.”  –  MANU: For The Man To Come, Miguel Serrano



“To avoid defeat and stop Destiny, the Jews plagiarized the cosmic crucifixion of the Sun God, the Black Sun and Cold Birth, with their Christianity, with the crucifixion of a Christ they call ‘Jesus’, the name given by the Gnostics to the pituitary gland in the skull within the cerebellum where there was situated the knowledge of our divine past, with the UR Rune. This material crucifixion is, in truth, the representation of satanic ritual murder in which the Jews bleed an Aryan victim on a tree or log offered to their God of vengeance, Jehovah….Wotan is crucified for Nine Nights in Mystic Death on the Iggdrasil Tree of Terror to recover the Runes. This stellar adventure, zodiacal, of Celto-German Astrology, an Archetype and Celestial Cosmic Drama that has taken form in the sensible and permeable rocks of the Externsteine where the Irminsul Tree stood that the renegade Charlemagne destroyed….In the Zodiac, Baldur, Son of Wotan, ‘identical with his father’, is crucified on the Hagal Rune which, when moving with the Mill of the Gods, Grotti, will be the Gibur Rune, that which gifts and is the Donor Oak of Dodona, Jason and the Argonauts who, in truth, sailed through the constellations, the Way of Iring, in their ship AR-go, where the Heroes will become Aryans, will be twice born.”  –  MANU: For The Man To Come

“Death and Resurrection of Baldur. Resurrection on the Zodiac, in Germanic-Nordic astrology…Its reproduction on Earth in the Externsteine is Archetypal”   –   MANU: For The Man To Come

Satanic ritual torture, within a magical square, a common “Christian” theme through artistic representation in celebration of the bleeding of an innocent victim.

Ecce Homo – “Behold the Man”. Sacrificial flesh and blood offering to Jehovah.

“Sacrifice”. During the Third Reich (statue by Arno Breker). Man with broken sword and shield fights to the end for his freedom.

‘Sebastian’ after the Third Reich (statue by Arno Breker), is once again tied to a stake, defenseless, resigned to his fate, tortured.

“I then proceeded to a white marble statue named ‘Sebastian’, whose contorted hands were bound to a tree stump, he was falling to his knees from exhaustion. I was intrigued by the lifelike features of this statue, and I, standing with Herr B, quietly contemplated it. Here is the Germanic ‘Baldur’, who is the same as the Roman Catholic ‘Saint Sebastian’, usually depicted as a young man with longish hair in a loin cloth who is tied to a stake and tortured with various pointed weapons, like arrows, spears and knives, and finally a mistletoe leaf, according to the myth one simple mistletoe leaf is the only thing that can kill him. Baldur or Sebastian, is said to be impervious to all other weapons. The mistletoe is a parasitic plant which attaches itself to a host tree, it is considered a weed that can destroy or severely decrease the yield of cultivated fruit trees. ‘Ecce Homo’ (Behold the Man), is actually just a tortured tree in a lord’s field, this was pop-culture in the late Middle-Ages, there are billions of ‘Sebastians’ tied to stakes; bound with ropes and pruned and cut and grafted, its called ‘Horticulture’ and ‘Sebastian’ is a mascot for Horticultural Guilds. The Breker ‘Sebastian’ sculpture is from 1948, it is not Third Reich sculpture, that is why the Art of Arno Breker is a significant key to understanding the meaning of Art in the Third Reich. One can see how the subject , style and portrayal changes through Breker’s artwork; comparing what his Art was during the Third Reich and then what his Art was after the Third Reich. One must compare these artworks, for example the comparison between the 1948 ‘Sebastian’ and the 1940 ‘Sacrifice’, the design of which was originally just a preliminary design for the sculptures of the ‘Great Triumphal Arch’. In the Third Reich ‘Sacrifice’ the Man is depicted weilding a broken sword and a shield, he is depicted falling to the ground in exhaustion but his broken sword is still raised over his head ready to strike his last blow with his dying breath. In 1940, in true sacrifice the Man dies fighting, but in 1948 man is once again bound to a stake and unable to fight back, he does not even struggle against against his bonds, he is resigned to his fate and unarmed, the man has once again become a trained biological creature whose profitable mercantile yield is all that is of value, he is no different to a vine-tree producing grapes or a fruit tree producing apples, he is the cultivated human, the compliant, trained, effeminate human.” –  Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

MANU: For The Man To Come

MANU: For The Man To Come is available again.

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“Everything these Golem attempt, to make the world forget Adolf Hitler and his comrade Rudolf Hess – Prisoner of the Myth, inventing their morbid fabrications and dissimulations so as to render the Myth illegitimate, will not have the desired effect, even going so far to use hypnotic influences on the masses will fail. Esoteric Hitlerism will win. His return is inevitable. It will prevail; helped by the very things the Golem do to fight against it. Jehovah and his Golem will annihilate each other within their automatized Universe, together with the society of ants they foster. That will be the end of the Kali Yuga.” – MANU: For The Man To Come, Miguel Serrano

MANU: “For The Man To Come” 2nd Edition Book Release

Hermitage Helm Corpus & The Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan are honored to announce the book of the long awaited 2nd Edition of MANU: “For The Man To Come” by Miguel Serrano, English Translation, unabridged with Notes and Commentary, Glossary and Exhaustive Index. For purchasing details please email hermitage75@yahoo.com.au

This is the most important book release in the world for 2016! Surely only to be recognized by the Elite of the lost world of Gerda. Transmitted in Great Peril from the City of Asgard, from the Caesars of the South Pole sunk beneath the flat earth, from the continent of the Spirit, from the heart of the Astral Fires that burn in the centre of the fading Black Sun, from the vortex of Ultima Thule, and delivered by those who tend the Nordic Roses of Germany in their dying hearts – those who remained for a while longer then they should have, only to rescue those that are lost – the Ehreans, the Einherier of worlds without end. In the Name of the Fuhrer, Alas, too little too late, we give you a reflection, a meteoric, volcanic thunderbolt from beyond the stars. Those who are departed salute us and give us spirit, wisdom and recognition of all that we have lost. Heil the Man-God crucified on the Cosmic Cross of distant constellations. For The Man To Come! Sieg Heil!



Response to Abby

Response to Abby:

“Please cite the (Aryan) traditions of which you speak?” – Abby

“Schopenhauer reproached Germans for the exaltation of the eternal feminine and the respect they have always given women. This is true, since the Nordic races, the Germans, who even though patriarchal, carry in the ‘blood memory’ the memory of the sacred priestesses of Hyperborea and the cult of Magic Love that through the millennia and centuries led to the secret initiations of A-Mor among the Minnesanger, the troubadours of Languedoc and the Fedele d’Amore of Northern Italy as well as some among the enlightened of Spain. In India the Hyperborean tradition included Tantric yoga, related metaphysically to the dualistic school of Samkhya philosophy. In the Occident the Golden Band of Polar tradition is clothed with the formulas of Alchemy where women also play a fundamental role as the soror misticae, or mystic sister of the alchemist. etc.”  Miguel Serrano – MANU: ‘For The Man To Come’. Chapter – ‘Love’.

The answers are already indicated as to Aryan traditions in the books published by Hermitage Helm Corpus, Siddharreich is a blog acting under Hermitage Helm Corpus. Would it be a feminine trait to not understand this? Would it be a feminine trait to assume something without knowing first all the relevant details? Does it not take the virile male discipline to wait and learn and acquire all relevant things before venturing a conclusion? We have made a most excellent note on the Chapter “Love” in the second edition of MANU, for those Ehrean warriors out there, be they male or female, I would advise you to diligently acquire of the second edition of MANU when it comes available.

“Are you speaking of an age in which our race was not on the brink of extinction?” – Abby

See MANU “For The Man To Come”. I would add that all earthly races are already extinct; the miscegenated  homologous sewer of humanity is as uniform as an algae bloom, the exception is the Jewish race which is an anti-Race. The New Man, Ehrean Man is not of this world, the transfiguration of the Aryan Man could be already prefigured in 1st Corinthians 15 – The Resurrection.

“It is important to remember the wisdom of our ancestors but we must also never forget the time we are in.” – Abby

Again, such a female trait to assume we share the same ancestors. See ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ for an understanding of the “wisdom of our ancestors”…..We were sold down the fucking river!

“Why would we be here on this material plane if there were no lessons to be learned, no purpose to our existence.” – Abby

Is that a question? I am supposed to learn a lesson out of this!

“The balance of masculine (ethereal) and feminine (material) must be honed, which takes work. Through countless generations of true Aryan culture and household traditions we are able to differentiate our innately divine genes from the sea. Pursuing only spiritual growth is lopsided in thought and in truth is spiritual de-evolution.” – Abby 

You say it is a balance, but I say it is a Division. “Thus the ‘Astral Body’ of the Stars, according to Paracelsus, has been shaped in earthly matter, become hardened. That aetheric body, made of aether, has crystalized, involuted until acquiring demiurgic organs and differentiated human senses that on the most subtle planes of shaping are assembled into a single beam of representation, but without cognitive expression, something only possible on earth through differentiation and specialization, product of incarnation. etc.” – MANU: “For The Man To Come” – (Chapter) ‘The Initiation of A-Mor’.

“And the Gods never die (because the Archetype is one and indivisible), but are reborn and reincarnated, they will return to create new religions from the depths of the Collective Unconsciousness. And nothing else has occurred with Kristianity other than this, as we have tried to explain. What is it the Gods want? They make their attempts so that man, the fallen Divya, the Vira separated from his divinity, can recover it, thus returning to the lost homeland, and they show him the way, etc, etc.” – Miguel Serrano – Son Of The Widower

The Helm: Updates

I am about to write the final notes in for the second edition of the unabridged english translation of Miguel Serrano’s

Manu: “For The Man To Come”

After reading this cryptic, augural and occult tome one truly is a New Man, a soon coming transformed being of bilocation has been born, who is both the Son and Father of Himself, and the new Holy Spirit, the Astralkorper.

The second edition of Manu has been worked on for about a year, and no word has been left unturned, time was not such a restricting factor for the second edition, not like it was in the first edition, produced at break-neck, nose-bleeding speed, racing against time and space in order to beat any foe there possibly could be; a publishing Blitzkrieg designed and executed with traditional Aryan Kabbalah and Magickal numbers, thereby fulfilling all prophecy relating to the Transition of the Ages.

The notes for Manu are complex and extensive, I am now about to start on the notes for the chapter: Mu. I Just finished the chapter: Manutara. Deep mystery, much patience and stoicism required here…I did get side-tracked for a few weeks making an attempt at deciphering the stylized Rongo Rongo tablets. Most of the Indus Valley scripts are late 2oth Century in origin, so it is easy to get confused, and not see the obvious Chilean hands in this metapolitical drama, that again is something rather peculiar to the international occult plays of the late 20th Century, with a few protagonists and many many doppelgängers and plagiarists, and redactors, with UNESCO as the biggest perpertrator of literary and artistic frauds…..UNESCO will one day have to answer for its crimes, sitting next to NASA in the witness-box! They will have to swear on the Book of The Helm!

The notes for Manu have been semantically formed by merging the private dialogues between Brother Francis and I. Same as what we did for the notes of Ultimate Avatar, (no quotation marks, no indication as to which one of us has made the note, could be either one of us.) Accept with a more occult orientation, not mythologizing any further the text, but analyzing more the aspects of the Initiation of Esoteric Hitlerism and the futuristic New Age Science of Individuation. Introducing and elaborating on the actual terminology and rituals and liturgies of our post 1945 Hitlerism, of which Don Miguel was the High Priest.

This book was originally authorized by the Führer, so our burden is heavy, a great weight, the Ring is heavy. But I am confident the notes will be a guiding light for the English-speaking Anglophone elite of the West, the Germanic Diaspora, and I am confident the notes will be right! The second edition of Manu will also have an exhaustive index by Kamerad Steve, same as what he produced for Ultimate Avatar…Without that index I would not have been able to achieve the notes as I now have for Manu, as I had to constantly cross-reference with the study, between Ultimate Avatar, NOS, and Manu, and Son of the Widower also, as well as the recent essays of Brother Francis appearing already on his blog. With this cross-reference I was constantly amazed at the accuracy of the description of the vision of this incredible Cosmogonic Weltanschaung, that was much more than breath-taking, it left me as if I could no longer even breathe the air of the world, it was like my mind had smashed through the outer shell of the universe, passing out right though its exterior into something else, like that old drawing with a man crawling out through the outer spheres of Heaven, poking his head out on the other side. That is how I feel sometimes, like the Universe is no longer big enough to contain these ideas, because they are Immortal. Such is the power of the Grail we hold and guard.

I believe that a release date for the second edition of the english translation of Manu will be set early next year.