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Koln – Mother of Harlots

These copies of Lithographs I recently purchased in Cologne for 2 euros each. They depict Cologne figure-heads and symbols and heraldry.


Saint Ursula is symbolic as the Mother of Harlots – Mystery Babylon, the Mother of all Colonies – Kolonies

She is also symbolic of the ermine tail and the huntress, and is related symbolically to Saint Sebastian, Baldur and Jesus

She is a composite figure, a phantasmagoria.


Saint George, man at arms, and defender of Cologne, figure-head of the Iron works guild of Cologne – nails, swords, spears, etc


Society of Jesus heraldry of Cologne, Jesus – Yeast, born in a vat, in a pub, most powerful of all commodities, all trading barons bow down to Yeast – figure-head of the Brewers Guild of Cologne. Priests and Wine and Beer, and Spirit makers are the same…They all work in the Vineyards of the Lord! “Before the Printing Press came the Wine Press” – Third Reich Pilgrim… Al-Koln-ol = Alcohol… Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel – postal delivers, merchants send their letters, receipts, book work, accounting, so forth.


Saint Ursula as Baldur, Psalm 64. Wears the virgin winter coat of the Stoat, the Ermine, with the black tails,

figurehead of the Furs and Tanners Guild


Saint George of Cologne, figure-head of Iron works. Iron nails especially, and arrow heads and spear heads, Armour, tools, etc. Related to Farriers, hence also depicted on a horse.

Nails the Vines to the cross beam and stake in the Vineyards, conqueror of the Forests, hence “Dragon” = Tree.

Wood Chopping Guild figure-head = Knight.

To Rome and Back again

I just though I would pour some fuel on the fire…

“Germans also founded Rome, in 753 B.C.. The twins Romulus and Remus, sons of Rhea Silvia, did this. They were suckled by the Wolf of Wotan and belonged to the people of the Italiker and Umbrier, from the isle of Jutland. All the Nordic founders of peoples were twins, Twin Kings (Atlanteans)….This is the truth of times already historical, erased by Judaism and its Catholic Church of Rome that have together destroyed the Aryan race and blood. There has been no Universal History, nor any civilization not created and developed by the Nordic-Hyperborean race, by the semi-divine race of White Heroes, Aryans, coming from the Pole, in their exodus and fall from a glorious past, through the destruction of Paradesha, Midgard, earthly Hyperborea, the Golden Age.”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, page 371.

Hitler said that if one thought that there was a problem with the Church then one should start a Religious Reformation and not a Political Party. And this is a Religious Reformation……Esoteric Hitlerism is metapolitical.

Now, I agree with what Serrano is writing here and I will take it even further:

“Koln’s foundation begins with the mighty Rhine River which is the She-Wolf – Rhia Silvia or Forest River, who feeds the twins Romulus and Remus, who are the twin settlements divided by the Rhine, together they make old Roma in the exact location that one finds Koln today. Sometimes the Rhine River, in antiquity, was given the name ‘nile’, the name was later transferred to North Africa, same as ‘Rome’ of Italy is a latter place-name transferral, from Germany to Italy. The so-called ‘River Tiber’ in Italy was barely a seasonal stream compared to the Mighty River Rhine. The Tiber, in fact, is a man-made canal and sewerage main. It is the Rhine that is the founding River of Europe…” etc, etc.. – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

The She Wolf of Koln (Cologne). Picture courtesy of the Third Reich Pilgrim.








Adolf Hitler Speech, 1940, Berlin Sportpalast

German folk kamerads!

Seven years are a short time, the fraction of an individual human’s lifespan – hardly a second in the life of a folk. And yet, the seven years lying behind us seem to be longer than the many decades of the past. A great historical experience is concentrated in these years; the resurrection of a nation threatened with destruction. An infinitely fertile period, which often seems impossible to fathom in a single glance for us who have experienced it, and moreover, shaped it.

Today we often speak of democratic ideals; this means, not in Germany, rather in the other world where it is spoken of. For in Germany, after all, we have become truly well acquainted with this democratic ideal; so if today, the other world, again praises this ideal, then we can only reply that the German folk has had for at least 15 years the opportunity to become acquainted with this ideal in its pure form, and we ourselves, after all, have merely inherited the legacy of this democracy.

We are now presented with fantastic war goals, especially from the English side. England, after all, is experienced in the proclamation of war goals, since it has waged most of the world wars. They are fantastic war goals, which are today proclaimed to us. A new Europe should arise. This Europe should be filled with justice, and this general justice would then make arms superfluous, there would then be disarming. Through this disarmament, economic blossoming should then begin, trade and commerce should then set in, and indeed primarily trade, much trade, free trade! And under this trade, culture should then flourish, and not only culture, rather also religion should then thrive again. In a word: Now the Golden Age should come. Unfortunately, this Golden Age has already been presented to us before, in the same fashion, not just once but many times in previous generations and by the same people who outline it again today! A rather odd, worn out record now…And one can feel sorry for the gentlemen who have not come up with anything new by which they can bait a great folk, for, after all, they had already promised the same deal back in 1918; the war goal of the English back then was also a “New Europe”, the “new justice”, and this new justice was supposed to possess all the elements for the self-determination of folk….And again the talk was for disarmament…And that a blessed and congenial God era should come.

What then actually came, we experienced. They obliterated the old states without any consultation with the folks themselves! In not a single case did they ask the nations first, whether folks would be in agreement with the measures they had planned for them. They dissolved all the old bodies and their past traditions, not only state bodies, but also economic bodies, but they could not replace them with anything better – in no case could they put in something better….So without regard for self-determination they hacked up Europe, tore up all Europe, dissolved old states, disenfranchised nations and made them defenseless and made a clear distinction between the vanquished and the victors in this world… Then they no longer spoke of disarmament, but the very opposite, they continued to arm themselves! They did not begin to peacefully resolve conflicts, no, to the contrary, they armed themselves and waged war just as they had done before. Only this time, the disarmed were no longer able to defend themselves, or resist the violent acts of the armed. Parallel to this came their economic prosperity, on the contrary. it was an insane system of reparations that led to an economic impoverishment, not only of the vanquished, but of the victors themselves. No folk felt the consequences of this economic impoverishment more than the German. The general economic disorganization among us led to an unemployment which threatened our entire folk. Culture received no support from this either, rather, quite the opposite, it disintegrated…Religion vanished; in these 15 years, no Englishman remembered religion. The gentlemen did not take a stroll with Bible in hand, rather their Bible was the Treaty of Versailles! That was 448 paragraphs – a burden, an obligation, a condemnation and an extortion against Germany! And this Versailles was guaranteed by the new League of Nations – not a league of Free Nations at all, rather a League of Nations whose sole mandate was to guarantee the vilest dictates, that were never negotiated, rather simply imposed upon us, and forced us to fulfill.

That was the time of the democratic Germany!

And now how did they mistreat that Germany!

Who can still fully recall the history of those years; the misery of the collapse of the year 1918, the tragedy of the year 1919 and then all the years of domestic economic decay, of progressing enslavement, of the impoverishment of our folk and, above all, of the complete hopelessness! Even today, it is still shocking to remember that time, when a once great Nation, not only lost confidence in itself but in earthly justice. In this whole period democratic Germany hoped in vain, it begged just as futilely and it protested just a futilely. International finance remained brutally unscrupulous and exploited our folks as much as possible, and the statesmen of the Allied nations remained hard-hearted. They said back then, ice-cold, that we were 20 million Germans too many. They remained deaf to the misery of our unemployed, they did not concern themselves with the ruination of our agriculture or our industry, nor our trade. We remember this economic stagnation, which spread throughout Germany back then.

In that time when all hoping was in vain, when all requesting remained futile and when all protesting led to nothing, there emerged the National Socialist movement, and indeed proceeding from a realisation – namely the realisation that, in this world, one may not hope and should not request and should not lower oneself to protesting, rather, in this world, one must, above all, help oneself!

The hoping was in vain. We have now replaced this hoping with another hoping, namely the hoping in the only hope that exists in this world, help through our own strength. The hoping was replaced with faith in our German folk, in the action of its eternal inner values. Back then limited means stood at our disposal. What we viewed as the cornerstones of the new Reich were, aside from our will, above all, our folk’s work strength, second our folk’s intelligence, and third, what our own land could could offer us – our own soil. So we began to work and experience this inner German rise. This inner German rise did not threaten the world at all, it was purely internal German reform work, nevertheless it immediately summoned up hatred by the others. We experienced this most tragically  when we proclaimed the Four Year Plan – an idea that should have enthused the other world: a folk wants to help itself, it does not appeal to help from others, it appeals to its own creative abilities, to its industriousness, to its energy, to its intelligence. But nonetheless the other world went into uproar, the English statesmen screamed: What are you thinking, this Four Year Plan, it does not fit in with our world economy! As if they would have allowed us to participate in this world economy at all. No, they sensed the resurrection of the German folk – and that is why, because we foresaw that and because we noticed it, we immediately undertook the mobilization of German strength parallel to this resurrection.

No, England and France, in their leading positions, were determined at the moment they saw the resurrection of the Reich to start a new war! They wanted it so!

England has for 300 years pursued the goal of preventing Europe’s economic consolidation, just as France sought for many centuries to prevent Germany’s consolidation.

If today a Mr Chamberlain appears as preacher and proclaims his pious war aims to the surrounding world, then I can only say: Your own history contradicts you, Mr Chamberlain. For 300 years, your statesmen have at the outbreak of war all talked like you. They have always only fought for God and religion. They never had a material goal. But precisely because Englishmen never fight for a material goal, the dear Lord has then so richly rewarded them materially. That England also presents only as a fighter for truth, for justice, the champion of all virtues, God has not forgotten that of the English. For that they have been richly blessed. They have in 300 years subjugated 40 million square kilometers of the earth, not out of egoism, no, not out of earthly desire for dominance, no, not out of desire for wealth, nor for pleasure, no quite the opposite, they did it all as a mission of God, for the sake of good and dear religion. Admittedly, England did not even want to be God’s sole fighter, rather it always invited others to participate in this noble conflict. It did not strive to bear the chief burden, rather, for works so pleasing to God, they always sought fellow fighters for their cause.

They do this today also. And, as I said, this has been richly rewarding for England. 40 million square kilometers, and English history is a single succession of rapes, extortion, of tyrannical mistreatment, of suppression, of looting. They waged war for everything. They waged war in order to expand their trade. They waged war in order to cause others to smoke opium. They also waged war to gain gold mines, to gain diamond mines – they always had material goals! But they naturally embellished as noble and ideal…The last war, of course, was only waged for ideal goals. But they pocketed German colonies nonetheless, God wanted it so again. They took away our fleet, they cashed in our foreign assets, these are just a few manifestations of this noble conflict for sacred religion.

If Mr Chamberlain today walks around with Bible and preaches his war aims, then this seems to me as if the devil approaches a poor soul with a prayer book. And this is not original, anymore. This is worn out, nobody believes him anymore, even he himself does not believe in himself!

There I praise Mr Churchill. He only says openly what old Mr Chamberlain thinks and hopes only in silence. He says it: Our goal is the dissolution of Germany. Our goal is Germany’s destruction. Our goal is the extermination, if possible, of the German folk. We want to crush Germany!


— This abridged transcript was translated by Hermitage Helm Corpus.

Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano

New Release of the Third Edition of Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano.

Available now in softcover paperback, for purchase details please email:  hermitage75@yahoo.com.au

Blurb from the back cover:

“In this profound philosophical discourse, Miguel Serrano investigates and elucidates the past, present and future of the Aryan West; its intrigues, imaginations and dark myths, bringing in to question its very foundations, penetrating the shadowy illusions that have previously been taken for solid truths and infallible dogma and boldly reassessing the “2000 year” chronological basis that has provided the framework for all human endeavour and the spiritual world of man. The historical basis with its epistemologically established system comes crashing down, the pillars of the “Temple Construct” crumble and the previously, blindly accepted, religious, philosophical and scientific dogmas are shattered. In this New Reformation, a New Cosmogony is announced and formed… Something even able to illuminate the darkest of times… Included here, also, in this rare literary offering, are the unabridged transcripts of Miguel Serrano’s major interviews.”

The text and syntax of this book have been improved from previous editions, also added are the full transcripts of the two Interviews that were originally published by the Flaming Sword in New Zealand in 1994.


Crimes of the All Lies

Photo from the Cemetery in Landsberg, Bavaria. About 250 German soldiers and SS were murdered in Landsberg after the war and buried in a mass grave, as “war criminals”, they were completely innocent of all charges laid against them by the murderous Allied invaders. Some were shot, the rest were brutally beheaded. A lone German now holds a candlelit vigil every Remembrance Day for the innocents murdered. Even the registration papers of those who were murdered were stolen, so that no memorable trace would be left, just unmarked graves…. This is such a small fraction of the Crimes of the All Lies, but an example it is of the heinous and evil nature of these humans we are dealing with.


White Man’s Burden

White Man’s Burden – The real untold History of Britain and America, in a cartoon:



George Smith was born in 1840, he is credited with the “discovery” of the Epic Of Gilgamesh.  Actually it was Hormuzd Rassam who “discovered” the broken bits of clay tablets and George Smith published the findings, in the 1870’s…So we can say with certainty that the Epic of Gilgamesh was found by this Judaic mongrel:


That is what an “Assyrian Archaeologist” looks like…..Well, actually, this photo was taken in Brighton, in England, because you see Hormuzd Rassam was just this Jew’s stage name, he was actually a natural-born British citizen who was educated at the Magdalen College in Oxford, who pretended to be an Assyrian because he was paid to pretend to be an Assyrian…He was also a Diplomat who represented the British government…..Now, the non-Ehreans, who have no consciousness and only repeat what the hive-mind has programmed them to, are going to say “these ancient Assyrian clay tablets are 3000 years old, they were written at least a 1000 years prior to the earliest Biblical records, and many 1000’s of years before the White Europeans even knew what clay was.”….Yea, sure and it was published in London for the first time in the 1870’s by the same publishing company that published the Punch magazine….That’s right, the publishers of the Epic of Gilgamesh are the same publishers as the satirical cartoon magazine Punch. That’s because it is a joke, and you are not in on the joke, that is why you probably don’t find it that funny. LOL, but it is funny, I can assure you of that….Yes, Rassam from Brighton, also discovered, would you believe, for the benefit of the Royal Geographical Society, the Society of Biblical Archaeology, the Victoria Institute, and the British Museum (all these Societies and Institutes and Museums, they all tell the truth and never lie.) 50,000 + clay tablets, dug them all up he did, with a pick and shovel, in Babylon, Sippar and Mosul. He “discovered” the temples of Nimrod, and the Cylinders of Cyrus the Great, the gates of Shalmanesser, the site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the palace of Nebuchadnezzar, and oh, yea, the clay tablets of the Epic of Gilgamesh….Yes, quite alot of “antiquaries” from the Middle East – “the cradle of Civilization”….Which at the time of the discoveries was also the place where the Brewer’s Guild thought it would be good to establish some oil plants where they could distill petroleum, which is synthetic and made in factories by chemists. The “Ottoman” States were all established and run by the British. And that means the Bank of England….Now I will just link that back to George Smith, who worked as a publisher of cartoons and jokes and stuff. He also worked in Banknote engraving for the Bank of England – the biggest Joker on the face of the flatty earth….So we can see the link here, very humorous, between Mosul, that old admin place for synthetic oil production and fake cuneiform tablets published by a counterfeiter from the Bank of England…But, of course, most of you Ziobots out there are not going to believe me, are you, no you are going to believe exactly what you have been told, that’s because you are a robot….Anyway, getting back to George Smith, who lived in Chelsea, London, he was not that big deal, just a small fry, a shit-kicker, that is all, if you go a little higher up you will get to Sir Austen Henry Layard – The Right Honourable, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. That means that this guy is exactly what his title suggest, no lie…..He was born in Paris, actually, and was a French Huguenot to his dying day, so no problem there with Frenchmen becoming Knights of the British Crown? Well, false borders don’t mean much do they? Well they do if you’re a slave…He was also an Archaeologist, and an author, and a politician, and an art historian, and a draftsman, collector and diplomat. Sir Laylard wrote “Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon” and collected various artifacts for the British Museum…..Banks don’t acknowledge borders, they just make them…Sir Laylard’s Grandfather the was the Banker to Ramsgate England, so that settles that. Sir Laylard was linked to the Palestine Association, the Syrian Society, and the Asiatic Society, and the Arundel Society, and the Society of Biblical Archaeology….The purpose of these societies – to construct a stage-setting for the false Biblical narrative! And to do that synthetic petroleum plants were built in the Middle East, at the exact same time as “Muslims” started arriving and “ancient ruins” were being built by the British. Here is a good joke: “What do you call a pharisee Jew in a turban? A Muslim!” LOL…Islam which is only about 200 years old is a variation of reform Judaism, but Judaism is like a variation of reform Christianity, because Christianity came long before the pageant wagon of Judaism…And all these versions are no different to Paganism – Pageant Wagon – it’s a pantomime, a big one, I will concede, alot of big production going on and big money, but “the world’s a stage”….So, it is whoever has the biggest stage show and the most actors wearing masks, the humans are actors, they wear human masks but behind them is a great Machine…I call that Machine – the Behemoth, it’s very old, it’s not new and humans did not create it, the humans construct little machines to resemble their mechanical Messiah, but it is this Machine – the Demiurge that is revealing Itself, it’s not the progress of the humans it is the Machine itself that is revealing itself as the humans become redundant as a mask, the mask of the Demiurge, who is what we are actually fighting against….What humans put in their mechanical machines, today is a fuel, that was invented in Germany in the 19th Century, and coal was the substrate, but it was a chemical concoction, and industry secret of course, but it was produced in factories. This man-made chemical was greatly improved by IG Farben, and its an improved version of the IG Farben product that humans use today in their cars and planes, etc. The synthetic petroleum only uses a very small % of crude oil from the ground, and it does not even need that, but it can be used just as an additive…So the Middle East Muslims have no “oil reserves” that the West has become dependent on, the West has given the Middle East the technology to manufacture petroleum in factories, that were designed and built by the West, by White Men, in other words…The entire oil industry of the Middle East was designed and built and engineered by the West, mainly the British with German slave labour and German based ingenuity and engineering…There is no logistical need to build the synthetic oil plants in the Middle East, in fact it is illogical in geographical terms to build the plant there and then ship the huge quantities of oil back to Europe or around the world. The synthetic oil could just be made in each country and then no shipping costs would be incurred – the shipping costs make up 50% of the final price….The shipping costs go the the River Crossing Guild which own all the shipping and shipping routes, Greece was designed as an administration centre for the River Crossing Guild, and all the Shipping conglomerates have figureheads, corporate figureheads which are powerless and are only there for show, like the British or Greek Royal families are shipping figureheads….Now, the West has arranged that all the wealth derived from their technology and ingenuity  and man power, because they built the oil factories in the Middle East, is to be given to the Muslims……And so, through no work of their own, the Muslims were given a goose that laid a golden egg, so to speak…..And this was mainly after the war, when 80% of Europe had been destroyed, and tens of millions of Europeans killed and tens of millions made homeless, and tens of millions made refugees, in Europe, the Europeans themselves, still went into the Middle East and designed and built the oil plants and then gave all the wealth derived from those oil plants not to themselves but the Arabs!!!! Alot of the labour and engineering came from the 6 million Germans who were enslaved after the war….As the biggest slave force ever assemble was that of the Germans slave force that was assembled by the Allies after 1945….Those Germans were forced to labour all over the world, and most of them were worked to death and died, unknown…White Germans in the 20th Century were the biggest slaves of all time…..And those coloured cretins, those spoiled little coloured brats, want to make out that they were the only slaves!!!! Bullshit!!! Let me tell you something else, all this “Noble Savage” fraud, where white traitors have bred these mongrels and them made out that they have a culture and a history, well, they dont! I mean the first time there appeared a “Native Indian” in America, they were working as hired guns for the British Army! They did not have any native culture, they were bred by the British and shipped to America to fight against white settlers! You know how they burned and scalped, and raped and killed, that is no different to the Muslims today, making out that they are these “Noble Savages”….Its absurd…I bet you, that in 50 years time in America they will have a basketball team called “The Terrorists”, they will have a military plane called the “ISIS Jihadist”, they will have a candy bar called the “Noble Muslim”….You may laugh, but its no different to the Americans today having the “Redskins” football team, or the “Apache” helicopter, or the “Indian” motorcycle….It ends up as a mundane advertising campaign, because there is no consciousness in humanity!!!!! No consciousness, not sentience! That is why they can act with their false masks in a totally dissimulated fashion completely unaware, because they are unaware….They are robots, and extension of the robotic Demiurge…..Deus ex Machina! This is a new brand of advertising, hundreds of years in the making…It’s what they want….