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Manu – Unam – Templi Unam


The Esoteric Hitlerist Futhork of the Kristian Aqu-Arian Age

These runes are being whispered to me as I go forward and upward in service to Unam, the Avatara, the Man to Come, so I occasionally add to them as I read the works of our Master, Miguel Serrano. The basic Armanen meaning remains, but now the Gods have revealed the expanded new Futhork, with more esoteric meaning, through Esoteric Hitlerism. Each rune is Tantric and has a mirror-image. The rune in its El/Ella effect. The completion of this Futhork will be done when Unam decides it to be.

Grand Master Alfred

Templi Unam



FA  –  AF

The Asen Gods. The rune of the Gods. Fa-Tor Wotan crucified in stone as the Asen Hyperborean God came to this earth to wage war with the Demiurge, in “plasmic emanation”, hanging on the fourth star-stone pillar of the Exter-steine.

UR  –  RU

The rune of Urigins. Ur-fatherland. Hyperborea. First Hyperborea is located under the thick dense coating of Maya, the pristine Universe of ghost particles which was plagiarized by the devil Jehovah-Yahweh.


The fire-needles that surround the “Sleeping Beauty”, the thorn that guards the Rose. The “difficult test once again”. Rune of the battle in Maya. Of wielding the sword called “Blood Memory”.

OS  –  SO

The “Word”, the Log-OS, Logos, the breath of God. The “Geist”, the spirit, wind, the Utterance and the Uriginal-Urge which the Demi-urge is always plagiarizing. A direct transmission of energy. A Thought Unthought. Telepathy for the High Initiates.


Rita, the Divine Right, that which is Right, Rita. Divine Rite, the Divine Right of Kings, Nobles, Lords. The Knightly rune. The Law. Divine Truth. Feme. Five. The Holy Vehm. The Rod, the Staff. The Rite and Ritual. Rune of Kings, of God-Kings.

KA  –  AK

Rune of Esoteric mysteries. The Path. Phonetic Orphic Ka-ba-la. Kaa-ba. Cave. Yogini. The stone which fell from heaven. The Black Stone. The Gral. Ar-Ka. The Ark. Arcadium. Arktos. Antarctica. Arm raised in salute. Sieg Heil. Nigredo.


The rune of El/Ella. MAN rune, of Him. IR rune, of Her. The androgynous. Kristos-Krishna. The Blood of Kristos. Symbol of the tormented Age of Pisces according to Esoteric Hitlerism which was stolen by the Eternal Enemy as the “Star of David”.


Rune of deep longing and nostalgia. The Ur-NEED. The weapon the Gods give to Us. The Mission of Esoteric Hitlerism. To slice open a wound-window into demiurgic space-time and create an exit, a strategic departure.

IS  –  SI

Rune of the Black Virgin, of IS-IS, Isis. She who impregnates the Hero with the Son of Man through “Cold Birth”. The cold light, frozen light of the Black Sun. The rune of the Astral Body. Rune of the Soror Mystika.

AR  –  RA

Rune of the Aryan, the Arman, the Ar. The noble spirit. Herr. The Lord. Ar-Hari. The loyalty, fidelity, highest flight and watchful eye of the Eagle. Arr. The Sun behind the sun. The Priest-Warriors (w-Ariors). Orion. The Eternal Flame of Zarathustra. Hvareno Ur Farr. Albedo.


Rune of Lightning. The Morning and Evening Star, the Double Star of Esoteric Hitlerism represented by the double Sieg runes of the SS. Victory. Solar salvation. Polar divinity. The rune of Wotan’s war, thus our war.


Tuisko, the Sky Father. Tuis, Zeus. Magical Realism. The rune which opens the exit, the strategic departure. Sacrifice. The Divine Will of the Hyperboreans who sacrificed their immortality to transfigure the enslaved earth.


Rune of esoteric warfare. Bar-Bar-Os, Barbarossa. Barbarian. To lose “here” so that one wins “there”. The sleeping King. The rune of Adolf Hitler, the twice born God (Bar-Bar), the Man to Come as revealed in Operation Bar-Bar-Os. Rune of the Losers of the Second Earth of Kali Yuga and victors on the First Earth.


Rune of High Initiation. The Way, the Truth, the Light. The rune of the Immortals. The Guides who watch and conduct us from the Green Ray. The body of Kristos. The daily bread. Life, Loaf.


The man with his arms upraised to heaven. The rune of Will. El, Him. Rune of magical re-birth. The rune which gives the Hero his means to depart this tormented earth. Life rune.

IR  –  RI

The man hurled downward and into Demiurgic space-time. Rune of the fallen Lucifer. Rune of the Hero, wielding a sword, entering into combat within enemy grounds to save Her, to transfigure Himself, Her and the enslavement of nature in solidarity and synchronicity. Rune of mystical death. Ella, Her. Death rune.


Rune of Nos, of Esoteric Hitlerism, of the Ehrean. Sacred Amor. Magical Coitus, Heiros-Gamos. The magical rune of Elella and Ellael. United and Separated, Separated in Unity.


The rune of the left-turning swastika. The re-turn to Hyperborea. Implosion. The Black Sun


Odal, the rune of Wotan, also, the Solar Fish, the great “Whale” that swallowed Jonah in the Kristian myth, perhaps the boats that carried the Priest-Kings to all the various continents after Atlantis, to resurrect the Odinic/Kristic mysteries of the Ur-Homeland. With elevated monuments, man-made mountains, man-made caves, dedicated to the Sky Gods, and also, the Goddesses of the Kaaba, the Cave, the Center. For this is also the rune of Resurrection, Rubedo. The red rune of immortal vajra, of the diamond body, hard as rubies. Ancestral Ur-Lands.


The rune of Venus-Lucifer. The absolute rune of Totality. The green rune of the Green Ray. Nothing beyond this exists. Two Hagal runes, one vertical-masculine, one horizontal-feminine, overlaid in the Heiros-Gamos, in the Magical Coitus, Lingam/Yogini, the rune of Nos, of the Morning and Evening Star, in the chord of A, which is in fact the same star. The goal of Esoteric Hitlerism is seen within this symbolism of the Morning and Evening Star.

RU  –  UR

It is Ur, the Ur-igins, but from the other-side of the mirror, coming from the fut-UR or future, it is the white horse, the Vimana, the UFO, in which the Ultimate Avatar Vishnu-Kalki will enter “here” by opening the wound-window of Venus, after galloping through the Golden Sun, a portal to our Black Sun. The Ru rune is the Wafeln, the ghost ship of the North Pole, it is the Caleuche of the South Pole. The ghost ship with all its lights ablaze, crewed by dead men, the Final Battalion, Die Herron von Schwartze Stein, DHvSS. The Lords of the Black Son, of the Kaaba. The Uriginal stone that fell to earth from heaven. A black meteorite resides there. To be fitted again on Lucifer’s crown when he returns to end the Kali Yuga as Unam. Then the Golden Age will commence.







Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, by Miguel Serrano, unabridged English translation by Franz Berg, Publisher – Hermitage Helm Corpus, available in hardcover from Hermitage Helm Corpus, Amazon, in catalogue at the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria.





Twice Born Aryan = Ehrean

“I went down to the edge of the brown still pond where the base of the stones met the water and saw an empty sarcophagus, a small coffin as if made for a girl-child was chiseled out of the solid stone boulder. It is representational of where one dissolves their personality that has been formed artificially by the system of the World that has enslaved them. It is here that Savitri Devi once slept for a night, while Don Miguel Serrano meditated on a rock pillar above like a white eagle. Here at the base of the rock-pillars of Externsteine the initiate of Esoteric Hitlerism can symbolically see the reversal of our time, beginning with death to the outer-self imprisoned in the false system of the World, it is congruent with the ‘Death’s Head’ totenkopf worn by the SS. The material body is voluntarily made a living sacrifice to the Self, and the formed personality is dissolved to allow the body to be hollowed out until it is just an empty vessel, a coffin of matter waiting to be filled by the spirits of the immortal Aryan Dead, because “only the deeds of the dead remain eternal”. The base of the individual; the true Self opens at the substratum that reconnects with the pre-existent. The previous worldly self dissolves into nothingness, leaving only a void, an empty vessel into which the astral blood of the Aryan Dead can be transmuted by the Divine Warriors, this is the way of ‘Mystical Death’ and the re-birth of the Aryan, this is the path of Esoteric Hitlerism, for death is re-birth. …The one who looks into the pool of Stygian alone, looks into the mirror-well and will waste away alone, because the Stygian pool is symbolic of the ancient water-rites of binding oaths between folk, the oath is made to someone else, it cannot be to yourself, only after re-birth can the initiate make the oath, the holy oath of Esoteric Hitlerism is Meine Ehre heisst treue; “My Loyalty is my Honor” and the oath is made to Adolf Hitler, the eternal Avatar of Lucifer and the Spirit of the Fuhrer, in His Name you shall conquer!”   –   Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins Of Power, Chapter VIII, The Externsteine in the Teutoburg Forest, by Karl Young



Maya: Reality Is An Illusion

Excerpt from ‘MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion and Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism’ – Chapter – ‘The Green Thunderbolt’:

“Nearer to the earthly world, hidden inside mountains or in the Hollow Earth we find Agarthi or Agartha. The Tantric initiation that transforms, transmutes and transfigures matter, the world, is given within them. Its inhabitants are the Siddhas, divine beings who have attained the conquest of death after passing through terrestrial incarnation. From there they project their influence to awaken and assist the heroes. Heroes are the mixed divine viras who fight to regain immortality. From inside the Hollow Earth, from Agartha, the divine ones invoke the blood memory of the descendants of the Aryans so that they awake and fight for freedom from the chains and tyranny of this world. Destiny calls to the heroes and whispers the divine language in their ears…and the hero who hears these ancient words in the secret of his heart, remembers, awakening within him the need, the great thirst of the Pilgrims of Dawn.

As we have explained, when the Golden Age was lost the rotational movement of the earth was broken, sinking Hyperborea. The Second Earth appeared and the Age of Iron and the involution of the Kali Yuga. The world de-constructs, degenerates and chaos reigns everywhere, bringing death, disease and suffering. Through the tragic events and enmeshed in the nets of Maya and her illusory world, the heroes awaken. They begin to sense that they do not belong to this fallen world of misery and death, but that instead their nature links them to another world beyond the stars. Then, having awakened from the demonic illusion of the world in which they have been trapped, guided by their own nature and by destiny, the hero realises that he has to reverse the process unleashed at the beginning of demiurgic time. This is the Leftwards Swastika which guides them on the path back to Hyperborea and to Venus, the Star of Origin of the semi-divine. The hero becomes a troubadour seeking to rediscover what was lost. The path of deification makes the pilgrimage through the outer world coincide fully with the realization within. ‘What is below is above; what is inside is outside.’ It is synchronicity in which two worlds come together to reunite.”


Sermons from Mein Kampf

“Seeing that the kind of work in which the individual is employed is to be accounted to his inborn gifts and the resultant training which he has received from the community, he will have to be judged by the way in which he performs this work entrusted to him by the community. For the work which the individual performs is not the purpose of his existence, but only the means. His real purpose in life is to better himself and raise himself to a higher level as a human being; but this he can only do in and through the community, whose cultural life he shares. And this community must always exist on the foundations on which the State is based. He ought to contribute to the conservation of those foundations. Nature determines the form of this contribution. It is the duty of the individual to return to the community, zealously and honestly, what the community has given him.”  – Mein Kampf – The State

Here is the most truthful account of a man in 1923, a man who had a community and a State and a People. Adolf Hitler is writing in no uncertain terms his self-sacrifice to his State and People and Community. How different this is to us today who have no such thing. We today have raised ourselves without a State without a People and without a Community. We exist without all these things. We cannot contribute to foundations we do not have. All the training we have received from the community has been false and malicious. And yet we remained faithful to Him who pronounced such things. Without that which He had. We have raised ourselves to a higher being without community. This is a fact. Our community has judged our works to be inadequate and anti-social and yet we remained true to a National Socialist ideal. This presents a conundrum that is more hurtful than all the conundrums that have been inflicted upon us. We are considered to be pitiful because of this. We cannot contribute to a foundation that does not exist. Our Hitlerism is existentialist. Hence ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’. The community has given to us nothing but pain and suffering therefore we can give nothing back to the community but pain and suffering. Hitler’s thoughts here in the Old Testament are true, they were true to Him as they are true for us. “cultural life” is a more sophisticated advertising campaign, a advertising campaign that we do not agree with. Hitler must have realized this by 1943 as we realize it now in 2015…..And so we come to the New Testament, and let me quote:

“While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him. Then one unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee. But he answered and said unto him that told him, who is my mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand towards his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.” Matthew 12:46-50

So there is an answer to this conundrum in the New Testament. And that is that the Community , the State and the People is not ancestral but heavenly. And Our Lord realizes this in 1943. The “community” is not terrestrial but celestial! One can only understand Mein Kampf through Esoteric Hitlerism, and this is something so complex and difficult that only a few men will understand.

“One can go to Him only in the Astalkorper” – Miguel Serrano

No man shall approach the Lord but through us, through the line that we now hold, there is no other way! Your astral voyage begins with us, by the path that we have delineated. If you stray from that path you will find yourself in a conundrum. If you underestimate our power you will find yourself in a conundrum. Power has been given by our Lord unto His Apostles, to testify, those who have witnessed the resurrection:

“And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of His Son into your hearts, heiling the Fuhrer!”

There is a difference between the Man who sacrificed Himself to His people and the Apostles who saw the risen Kristos! There is a great difference! Here was the Lord who lost His Community, who lost His State, who lost His People, whom He created! We have created no such thing…How dare we question His actions. He formed it, He created it as an ideal, and His own People betrayed Him, hung Him on a cross, crucified Him. He sacrificed Himself to His people. We are the dispersed who have no people now, we have no race, we have no state, because of the betrayal…Whomever does the will of my Fuhrer in Valhalla the same is my sister and brother and mother…It is not about the State, or the Community, or the Nation, it is about the Magic Reich!

“Parzival must abandon the Mother, to be re-born”  – Miguel Serrano

“There is no blood passed between Mother and child” – Delendaestziobot

The Reich was always Astral, always an ideal, the duty of the Ehrean is to return to the Astral State!

Heil Hitler!


Racial Sin

“Miscegenation is almost always “racial sin”. Nothing good comes of it in the long run or short term. This has been simultaneous with the involution of the Earth, with the becoming of the Darkest Age, which the Hindus called Kali-Yuga, Age, Age of the Goddess Kali, the Destroyer herself, and which the Greeks called the Age of Iron and of Dionysus (Shiva). The ancient Germans called it the Age of the Wolf, devourer of Wotan. When Hitler attempted to return the world to the Golden Age, the Satya-Yuga, or Kryta-Yuga, to the resurrection of the Gods, Wotan, Polar Hyperborea, it is right that as a parallel he attempted the regeneration of the Nordic Race as the necessary vehicle able to receive and express the resurrected God. It was an ideal that was dreamt about, because the Germanic Race was also not pure. That is why one spoke about the “Aryan Race”, ancient Sanskrit term that means “twice born” or “reborn”. Which is to say, the “initiated”, those born again after initiatic “mystic death”. This leads us to believe that Esoteric Hitlerism could think that the superior race is not absolutely physical, like the one today, since neither was that of Hyperborea.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

“Most of the world is now lost in an animality with no return. And the truth is this is no longer preoccupies the Avatar. The number of heroes that were with Him has almost been fulfilled by Destiny. They are already no longer here, they have gone away. Only the few prisoners who can still free themselves matter. And they have to overcome the cultural miscegenation, with a supreme effort aided by the greatest purity of their luminous blood and their spiritual race: That of the re-born, the twice born. Because Will depends on the spiritual race and blood, not on the biological blood and biological race. In the most critical moment of the Initiatic Drama of Return, what counts is the spirit….The non-esoteric Hitlerism and political National Socialism of the thirties, until 1945, had to encourage, as we said, the birth and physical procreation of the Aryan race, as a means of providing terrestrial bodies for this race, avoiding the possibility of a mental procreation, for which almost no-one was yet prepared. They thereby intended to combat miscegenation and the coloured peoples of the Demiurge in the extended “vital space” of the Aryan race, towards the East. Attempting, by this equivocal means, a method of shaping for the Aesir. For their entry into this land. But this changed after 1945.”  –  MANU: “For The Man To Come”

The position of Esoteric Hitlerism regards miscegenation is that it is “racial sin”, going back to the first “racial sin” when the White Hyperborean Gods mixed with the daughters of man and thus became lost due to a catastrophic error. Hitler and the Third Reich attempted to reverse this tragic involution and degeneration. They had the power to do so, and they attempted to do so. To what level they achieved their racial purification is not known. What is known is that with the terrestrial destruction of Germany and the Third Reich, humanity fell further and further into involution and degeneration through an ever increasing miscegenation and mullatoism…It is too late to reverse the involution now, too late for humanity, the individual man can however be salvaged through the Etherealization of his blood – a spiritual and inward process, reversing the flawed propagation of the sinful flesh…Man can become pregnant with his own “Son of Death”, with death Itself overcoming the gross error of life. The pure Hyperborean Race was always pure through Divinity, being above this world, the Devil drives the ferment of miscegenation and racial sin, thus opposing the work of the Divine Ones. The possibility of regaining lost divinity is worth Total Kampf against the World, the propagation of the flesh is now rendered meaningless in our Greater Quest of Transmigration of the Spirit.


Heil Hitler!


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