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Wulf’s Prophecy

Wulf’s Prophecy

Here now this my prophecy,

’tis now the time for all to see:

The truth was long ago foretold,

In ancient lands by men of old.

20-12: the End of Time,

Harken to this eerie rhyme:

False prophets spreading doom and gloom

I bring new hope – Wyrd spins the loom.

One World! One Sex! One Race! – They cry!

Cease! False prophets – stem your lies!

World Peace? I mock your empty words,

This land will fall by Fire and Sword!

Listen, people of the South,

The Word comes from the horse’s mouth:

This land shall sink beneath the waves,

So seek not shelter in the caves.

When the Silent Pool will rise,

Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:

Raging seas crash through the Downs,

White Horses followed by the Hounds.

The Mighty One, nursed of the dew,

Scorned by the mass – held by the few:

A e’en Greater One shall come,

When the Wolf devours the Sun.

When all seems lost, all hope is gone,

Then shall arise The Hooded One:

When the Silent Pool shall rise,

Stars align o’er Northern Skies.

The Milky Way, our Galaxy,

Born at the Centre of the Tree,

A Man-Child – Virile Warrior,

Son of the Wolf, the Mother bore.

Son of Woden – Son of Earth,

The Womb of England shall give birth:

The Child of Light shall wield the Sword,

From out his mouth shall come the Word.

Wolf’s Jaws engulf the Hanged God,

The cycle ended by the Dog:

The Blue Star shines bright in the sky,

The Hanged God now he must die.

At the Centre of the Tree,

The Black Sun shines, tho’ few can see:

Through the Triangle shall come

Widar – The Avenging Son!

The Hallowed One, bearing The Word,

He who wields the Broken Sword:

Forged anew by Wayland wise,

Whose sparks light up the Northern Skies.

One World! World Peace! – They cry in vain,

The Lords of Law arise again:

False princes – Tremble on this Earth!

The galaxy is giving birth.

Sent by the Gods to kindle war,

Helgi wields the Flaming Sword:

The Wolfing leads a Mighty Force,

Mounted on a pure White Horse.

When helmet of the Hunter-God,

Appears once more on Downland Sod:

When spear is shaken, splintered shield

The Sword of Wrath this God will wield.

Inside the Treasure-Box is hid,

Beneath the Wooden Casket’s lid:

Dark Goddess – Ruler of our time,

The Torcs from He she seeks to hide.

But she shall hide the Rings in vain,

The Golden Torcs are found again:

The age is ended – Hail the Dawn!

The Dragon slain – The evil gone.

Awaited long, the Golden Age,

Prophesied by many a sage:

The Child of Light shall end the old,

The Rightful King – The Warrior bold!