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A Curse For England

A Curse For England by William Blake

A curse for England

false and base

Where nothing can prosper

but disgrace

Where crushed is each

flower’s tender form

And decay and corruption

feed the worm,

The winner’s shout, the

loser’s curse

Go with Old England’s black

funeral hearse!

Britain’s Saviour



Wulf’s Prophecy

Wulf’s Prophecy

Here now this my prophecy,

’tis now the time for all to see:

The truth was long ago foretold,

In ancient lands by men of old.

20-12: the End of Time,

Harken to this eerie rhyme:

False prophets spreading doom and gloom

I bring new hope – Wyrd spins the loom.

One World! One Sex! One Race! – They cry!

Cease! False prophets – stem your lies!

World Peace? I mock your empty words,

This land will fall by Fire and Sword!

Listen, people of the South,

The Word comes from the horse’s mouth:

This land shall sink beneath the waves,

So seek not shelter in the caves.

When the Silent Pool will rise,

Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:

Raging seas crash through the Downs,

White Horses followed by the Hounds.

The Mighty One, nursed of the dew,

Scorned by the mass – held by the few:

A e’en Greater One shall come,

When the Wolf devours the Sun.

When all seems lost, all hope is gone,

Then shall arise The Hooded One:

When the Silent Pool shall rise,

Stars align o’er Northern Skies.

The Milky Way, our Galaxy,

Born at the Centre of the Tree,

A Man-Child – Virile Warrior,

Son of the Wolf, the Mother bore.

Son of Woden – Son of Earth,

The Womb of England shall give birth:

The Child of Light shall wield the Sword,

From out his mouth shall come the Word.

Wolf’s Jaws engulf the Hanged God,

The cycle ended by the Dog:

The Blue Star shines bright in the sky,

The Hanged God now he must die.

At the Centre of the Tree,

The Black Sun shines, tho’ few can see:

Through the Triangle shall come

Widar – The Avenging Son!

The Hallowed One, bearing The Word,

He who wields the Broken Sword:

Forged anew by Wayland wise,

Whose sparks light up the Northern Skies.

One World! World Peace! – They cry in vain,

The Lords of Law arise again:

False princes – Tremble on this Earth!

The galaxy is giving birth.

Sent by the Gods to kindle war,

Helgi wields the Flaming Sword:

The Wolfing leads a Mighty Force,

Mounted on a pure White Horse.

When helmet of the Hunter-God,

Appears once more on Downland Sod:

When spear is shaken, splintered shield

The Sword of Wrath this God will wield.

Inside the Treasure-Box is hid,

Beneath the Wooden Casket’s lid:

Dark Goddess – Ruler of our time,

The Torcs from He she seeks to hide.

But she shall hide the Rings in vain,

The Golden Torcs are found again:

The age is ended – Hail the Dawn!

The Dragon slain – The evil gone.

Awaited long, the Golden Age,

Prophesied by many a sage:

The Child of Light shall end the old,

The Rightful King – The Warrior bold!