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Joris-Karl Huysmans on Women

One of the best discourses on the women I have ever read is by Joris-Karl Huysmans in the book “Against Nature”. Here is someone who understands women very well. As I recently discussed with Torch Bearer Gregory, women are mere inert, amoral, indifferent, receptacles for the male spark of the Geist, and they are entirely gender fluid and malleable (male-able). Women are sequential hermaphrodites, they contain both male and female characteristics and can become either as we are now seeing more and more. With such the “illusion” of women is fast disappearing, and we are more able to see how there is no such thing as a woman…A woman is merely a soul that has been plasmically shaped into a form (usually ugly), the woman itself has no soul. A woman is a prostitute, but the way in which the woman conducts her prostitution has changed, and she is now more deceptive then she ever was before, and is still changing, but a woman is nothing other than a prostitute for all time, and usually an ugly one at that, the Demiuge always uses beauty with an extreme economy. A woman who practices openly as a prostitute is simply more true to her nature than one who is clandestine about her prostitution, all women are by nature – prostitutes, thereby representing an economic bargain which one enters into. Any man who disagrees with this is ignorant when it comes to the female of this human species. Also of note is the relationship between women and alcohol and tobacco… There is no doubt that women are the prime advertisement of these drugs. Other than procreation of human folly and advertising, women serve no other function. Women have progressed from licenced and open prostitution to off-licence or un-licensed prostitution, but their drugs of choice in illusionary persuasion are still the same, wherever you find women practicing their arts you will find drugs too, mostly alcohol. Women have learnt how to tailor and cater their illusions progressively, but the illusions are needed to cover for an inferior product of femininity, which is nothing more than a cheap trick reminiscent of a bill-of-goods sold by the Demiurge. The pimp of these women, has progressed also, once it was more individualized, but then, from the 19th Century onwards, it became nationalized, so the State Government became the Pimp, pimping out women and extorting money out of the unwary men who unfortunately fell into their traps of children or marriage. In exchange for the Pimp role played by national Governments the Government got the lion’s share of the alcohol tab (replacing the Madame of the House). The National Government is a Madame of a Whore house!!!! What is Nationalism then? LOL….

“He remembered having glimpsed, through half-open doors and windows inadequately screened by curtains or panes of coloured glass, women who walked with dragging gait and out-thrust head, the way geese do; others who lounged around on benches, roughening their elbows on the marble table-tops as they brooded, head in hands, humming softly; yet others who were wriggling about in front of mirrors, patting with their fingertips at their hair-pieces spruced up by coiffeur; and then there were still others who were extracting, from purses with broken catches, handfuls of coins and small change which they stacked methodically into small piles. Most of these women had coarse features, husky voices, flabby jowls and painted eyes, and every one of them, like automata who were all being wound up at the same time by the same key, proffered the same invitations in the same tone of voice and, smiling in the same way, uttered the same bizarre remarks, the same outlandish reflections.

Now that he was able to conjure up, in memory, a bird’s-eye view of that mass of bars and streets, Des Esseintes found that association of ideas were forming in his mind and that he was reaching a conclusion. He understood the significance of those cafes which reflected the mood of an entire generation, and from them he deduced the synthesis of that period. And Indeed the symptoms were clear and unmistakable; the brothels were disappearing, and as soon as one of them closed, a low-class bar would open. This diminution of licenced prostitution in favour of secret love affairs was obviously a consequence of the incomprehensible illusions of men in matters relating to carnal love. Monstrous though the idea might appear, the low-class bar satisfied an ideal.Although the utilitarian tendencies passed on by heredity, and fostered by the precocious disrespect and unremitting brutalities of the schools, had made present-day youth singularly ill-mannered as well as singularly matter-of-fact and cold, they had none the less preserved, deep in their hearts, a romantic blossom from earlier times, an ancient ideal of musty, vague attachment. But nowadays, when tormented by their physical urges, the young could not bring themselves to go in, enjoy, pay, and leave; they saw this as a kind of beastiality, like the rutting of a dog who without preamble covers a bitch; besides, vanity fled those brothels unsatisfied, finding in them no semblance of resistance, nor pretense of victory, nor hoped-for preference, nor even any liberality on the part of the vendor. The wooing of a barmaid, by contrast, spared every susceptibility of love, every delicacy of sentiment. There were competitors for a barmaid’s favours, and those to whom she consented to grant assignation (in return for generous payment) sincerely imagined they had triumphed over a rival, been granted a great honour, an exceptional favour. However, these girls working in bars were as stupid, as self-seeking, as base, and as self-indulgent as the women who worked in brothels. Like the prostitutes, they drank without being thirsty, laughed without being amused, went into raptures over the caresses of a common labourer, maligned one another, and scrapped with one another without the slightest provocation; in spite of that, the youth of Paris had never yet observed that, as regards beauty of form, skill of technique, and desirable attire, barmaids were chiefly inferior to women cooped up in the luxurious salons of brothels.

‘My God’, thought Des Esseintes, ‘what fools these fellows are who hang around bars!’

Quite apart from their idiotic illusions, they even manage to forget the risks associated with damaged or dubious merchandise, to no longer take into account the money spent on a lot of drinks the landlady charges for in advance, or the time wasted in waiting for goods whose delivery is deferred so as to enhance their value, or the endless shilly-shallying used to prompt and to promote the sport of tipping!

This inane sentimentalism, combined with fierce practicality, epitomized the dominant thinking of the century; those same individuals who would have blinded their neighbour for the sake of ten sous lost all rationality, all their shrewdness when confronted by those shifty tavern girls who harassed them without mercy and extorted money from them without remission. Business enterprises laboured and families swindled one another in the name of commerce, so that their money could be filched by their sons; they in turn let themselves be cheated by these women who, in the final analysis, were robbed of everything by their fancy men. Throughout the whole of Paris, from east to west, from north to south, there existed an uninterrupted sequence of frauds, a pile-up of organized thefts each of which occasioned the next; and all this because, instead of customers being satisfied on the spot, they were persuaded to exercise their patience, they were kept waiting. Essentially, the sum total of human wisdom consisted in dragging things out, in saying ‘no’ then, eventually ‘yes’ for the most effective way of controlling the younger generation was by putting them off.

‘Ah, if only that was true of one’s stomach’, sighed Des Esseintes, racked by a cramp which brought his straying thoughts sharply back to Fontenay.”

Paracelsus In Excelsis

Paracelsus In Excelsus,

By Ezra Pound


Being no longer human, why should I

Pretend humanity or don the frail attire?

Men have I known and men, but never one

Was grown so free an essence, or become

So simply element as what I am.

The mist goes from the mirror and I see.

Behold! The world of forms is swept beneath –

Turmoil grown visible beneath our peace,

And we that are grown formless, rise above –

Fluids intangible that have been men,

We seem as statues round whose high-risen base

Some overflowing river is run mad,

In us alone the element of calm.

We Are the Dispossessed

We Are the Dispossessed, By Kamerad Kristof

We are the Dispossessed,
We are the Dispossessed –
the hated native sons cut off,
the Poltergeist SS;
We are the Dispossessed,
We are the Dispossessed –
the Loyal Sentries of the Blood,
the Faithful Fallen of the Reich,
now ghosts, Our names are spat upon,
Our legacies are mud;
We are the Dispossessed,
We are the Dispossessed –
the last remaining Torch Lights
in this sunken Age of Lead;
We have no land, We have no Folk,
We have no clan, We have no friend,
no-where on earth remains for us
to even lay Our Dead.

Man against Time

Third Reich Pilgrim Part II:

New Excerpt from upcoming Part II of Third Reich Pilgrim – Gnostalgic Ehrean.

The road winded its way up through fields of golden wheat, edged by green woods; small townships nestled in the valleys of the dark hills, the clear expanse of the sky-dome shone down on the meandering, glistening serpent-like Danube River. I followed the path of flagstone steps, under a canopy of arched sylvan boughs. A green lawn stretched out and the Architectural dignity of Walhalla revealed itself in monumental splendour. The true “Parthenon” on the Germanic “Acropolis” of Donaustauf, overlooking the Danube. The Germanishe Tektonic Walhalla is another seminal construction that preceded “Ancient Greece” (Griechenlands). It was Germany that formed the first “independent Greek State”, and Ludwig I of Bavaria, whom was the patron figurehead of Walhalla on the Danube, was the father of modern (ancient) Greece, which arises in the early 19th Century A.D.. Archaeology, as a deceitful magic trick, begins in Germany in the 1780’s. Before that time there was no such thing as Archaeology or Archaeological Artifacts, they are German inventions, cunningly devised artful deceptions, which the Germans transposed to foreign lands, denigrating their own original culture, in a form of self-immolation and self-mutilation. Their own culture they shifted to inferior lands and set up entirely fake chronologies and histories that hid the truth of their own superior and original history. So it can be clearly observed with a man’s senses that the Walhalla in Germany pre-dates the Greek Parthenon in Greece, and that the Germans are responsible for designing and constructing Greece to make it appear to be older than what it is… Ancient Greece is no older the German founded modern Greek State, of which Ludwig I (King Louis in English and French) of Bavaria, is the founding father. Ludwig I is the Crown Prince Elector of Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine, the Arch-Steward of the Reich, the Duke of Berg, King of Bavaria and chief Sponsor of Romantic Hellenism! Ludwig’s son Otto was the first King of Greece. An unknown secret of his-story, is all that “Ottoman” stories from literature and art, relate to the German “Otto’s”, and the “Ottoman Empire” is an Empire belonging to one of the many Germanic King Otto’s, the designation “Ottoman” is code for “Ottonian”, which denotes “belonging to Otto”. There is no such thing as the “Middle Eastern Ottoman Empire”, that is simply a theatrical invention, the Middle East never had an Empire, nor even a true historical history, the Middle Eastern his-story was invented in Europe and transferred to the Arabs by the Europeans. The architects in Ludwig I service, Leo von Klenze and Friedrich von Gärtner designed and built Greek “Athens”. Leo von Klenze (who studied under Freidrich Gilly in Berlin and was the court Architect of Hieronymus Napoloen, the King of Westphalia) also designed and built the Walhalla Temple, the Befreiungshalle, the Bayerische Ruhmeshalle, the Munich Glyptothek, the Propyläen Tor and the Bavarian Ministry of War. It was Leo von Klenze who was the chief designer and builder of the landscape follies atop the Acropolis in Athens. He used the off-cuts and the rejected and damaged masonry from the Walhalla Temple, the building materials that could not be used in Germany because they were damaged or unusable for the Walhalla constructions specifications were carted off to Athens to be used in the construction of “ruins” to make it appear that Athens in Greece was older than Germany! Just because something is broken, does not mean it is old… But that is part of the theatrical comedy. It was an amusement to the German powers to do such a thing, seeming they had ultimate power, why not mock that power for the sense of their own amusement? If it is all a joke, why should we all not laugh at their joke. But is it funny… Does this strange sound we make when we laugh really worth the effort of all this theatrical folly, in praise of folly…Is such constant praise amusing or just tiresome antics conceived to alleviate the crushing boredom of a privileged life.?The fact is, that the Parthenon in Athens is modeled on the Walhalla near Regensburg! The Greek language was invented in the linguistic departments of German Universities. But there is a economic reason for this fakery, for these dubious “restored” ruins that the Germans have constructed in Greece, (and Rome and around the world), there is a capitalistic motivation, and that is the profitable business of selling marble and stone that is damaged and broken and is not good enough for real architectural and engineering works, the broken and damaged stones and marbles can be used for “ruins”, and therefore they can be made profitable! Also in the sculptural arts, if a marble sculpture suddenly cracked or broke, as frequently happens when working with marble, and say, for example, a nose is broken off or an arm, or some part of the sculpture is damaged, then the sculptor could sell the damaged piece to the Architectural museums who would label it as “ancient” and place it in a museum and charge the public a fee to view it, this would end up more profitable than if the statue was made and executed perfectly…No doubt the German Jews were at the coal-face of this lucrative trade in damaged goods, turning the stones that were rejected into the chief head-stones of Archaeology! Also in stone and marble quarries there is high-grade and low-grade stones and marbles, for the low-grade marble and stone blocks that are not suitable for construction of true architecture the inferior blocks can be used for “ruins”, in fact they are perfect for ruins because they are inferior and low grade, their cracks and chips and decayed forms are ideal for the romantic state of decaying ruins. There is an enormous waste in the quarrying of marble and stones, and therefore there is, correspondingly, due to economic factors, an enormous amount of fake ruins. The simple way to hide this dubious practice, and to hide its profitability, is to call the quarry waste used for building ruins – “ancient”. They are not valueless broken bits of useless stone, they are highly prized and very valuable broken bits of useful stone, simply because they can be labelled “very old”. And expert labour costs can be thus reduced, there is no need for professional stone masons and cutters, one can just used unskilled labour and dump the broken bits of quarried stone and marble anywhere, and just say the magic word – “ancient”. This has become a very profitable business for both companies, States and individuals. And indeed, a stone or marble quarry could not be profitable without this secret trade. On the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of Walhalla, King Ludwig declared: “May Walhalla promote the strengthening and the growth of German consciousness. May all Germans, to whatever tribe they may belong, always feel that they have a common fatherland, a fatherland of which they may be proud. And may each contribute as much as he can to its glory.” (National Monuments and Nationalism in 19th Century Germany. Hans A. Pohlsander). Well, let us see the truth of how he lied, let us see what pride is here, let us be witness to the sins of the fatherland.

The Copy-Creation

“The Copy-Creation of the Demiurge Jehovah, his evolutive Universe, was incapable of creating conscious man. He got monkeys and ended up mired in the mud. All the way to hominids. It was the traitor Hyperborean Divyas who enabled Jehovah to give a modicum of soul and rational consciousness to his evolved monkey, to his slaves of Atlantis. The Demiurge and Lord of Darkness falsified an Archetypal “I” from the Hyperborean “I” who is the divine spark, putting him into human form reproduced from Manu, the Aeon.  He will soon do the same with the electronic robots. The distinct sign of the Hyperborean Aryan is the experience of “I”. To feel himself “I”….”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

And so it comes to pass that Its robots are monkeys, who cuddle together as monkeys, but the “I” sees it as it is, as a horde of monkeys, and the traitors huddle with them, as a horde, wrapped within their swaddling clothes of wraps and bands, like the wrapping of baby infants of similar cloth, so that movement is restricted and their limbs are numb, so like Madonna and child or Mary and Christ as an example of the Printing Press  – Luke 2:6-7.  No room in the pub for him. A votive offering or the deposit, the swaddling is a negative practice afflicting the development of the infant from the beginning, and so it is contained and eventually taken is its vellum from the German centres where Gutenberg and Faust first practiced their infant Incunabula Mummifying, as a sacrifice and offering to the Printing Press, but we were there before the rest, to regather the weary and recover the best.

Wagner in Venice