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As Guardians We Are Created

As Guardians We Are Created

By Hans Baumann

(From “Songs Of The Reich”)


As Guardians we are created

In the centre of the old earth’s heart;

A young Volk, for whom freedom Wills,

As Guardians we are created.

With us stands the bright day.

He is created as our shield,

We draw it before all weapons,

Your bounds became a gate!

And we bear your past faithfully,

Forward into the Dawn.

Germany, we guard your Heritage,

So here your Word will not fade.

Brothers, the Reich is greater

Than all bounds!



You Stand Defiant

“You stand on the shore, 

A scandal to your kin.

A shade, and you no longer love them”

– Friedrich Holderlin



Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue by Kamerad Brian

I am blue, perfect transparent blue. I lie on a mortuary slab awaiting my escape to the only home I’ve ever known – Asgard. There is a young girl, maybe fifteen or sixteen, who lies on the metallic slab next to me. Her colour is perfect Venusian green. She is one of us, but not quite ready to move on. I vigorously try to shake her awake several times, but she’s sleeping the sleep. Several times her ocean blue eyes open, and shine like sunlight on pure water. She tells me there is something she must do before she can leave for Valhalla. Unlike the bloated black and blue creature that lies lifeless and soulless on the third slab, slowly awaiting his time to return to the demiurgic hamster wheel that the “Normal” folk call “Life”. I feel a gentle hand grip me, and I look to the side to see the green girl now glows blue like me. “I’m ready” she whispers in a voice so cold it could freeze icicles. We stand, or rather float and disappear through Zion’s hospital wall, leaving behind only our demiurgic shells for the “Family” to burn, or bury, putting there own rat minds at rest. On the journey onwards and upwards, I gently ask her what task she had to complete before departure. She whispered to me that there are more of us waiting to be awakened for final conflict and that she was tasked with imparting a little Aryanism to the potential Ehreans. Now I understand that my mission has been simple in comparison to this Ehrean princess. I thought I was the only one, but knowing that this young girl activated the Ehrean soul in so many filled me with pride and honour, which is also called Loyalty. This filled me with hope for an eternal Ehrean future, where our people grow, not hide, expand, not shrink. Onwards blessed maiden, onwards to Hyperborea!


Vienna Essay

Extract from “Vienna Essay” by Kamerad Steve

I walk south-west, down to the south of the Hotel Imperial to another beautiful building designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, another building that was completed by his son. It is the beautiful Karlskirche and, again, the key to understanding the beauty of churches is to differentiate them from what the church represents. It is true that a look back at old paintings can show a marked contrast of the effect of Jewish confetti on this world and a good example of this is a Canaletto painting, Wein, vom Belvedere aus gesehen, from the middle of the 18th Century, showing the view from Schloss Belvedere across to Karlskirche and the Stephensdom – meadows can be seen leading up to the old city walls but there are none now. Judeo-Christianity decrees that the entire surface of the Earth must be given over to increasing the velocity at which their fraudulent paper and electronic digits arrive back in their hands. One can light a candle in the Karlskirche but not for free. European Man must show humbleness and humility towards his Judeo-Christian inferiors and to this end a statue here in the Karlskirche beckons the congressional box where they will, no doubt, be instructed on how not to be healthy, on how not to be strong, to have no character or personality, no spirit and to turn their backs on all things that do not concern them. Does the current Jewish Pope belong to the confessional box for charges of child abuse and child sacrifice? He could take the Talmud in there with him. The congregation are helped with this humbleness however as cushions are provided to kneel on at the pews. I hire an audio guide. In this age of “equality” (‘tactic’ of the Protocols) audio guides often have to have a mixture of male and female voices (speaking the moronic Queen’s English, of course). The guide states that “Roughly 10,000 people died in 1713 when the plague visited Vienna…” and that “The Emperor Charles VI constructed the church in honour of the Patron Saint of the Plague, Charles Borromeo.” The Plague! The Plague! Might the latter day Patron Saint of the Plague and its modern day interpretation recommend “blood letting” as a suitable method of warding off such diseases? The guide recognizes the beauty of the building but equates such beauty to their lies of “Ancient History” – “Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach achieved a brilliant symbiosis of Roman, Greek, and Oriental Classical architecture and ideas from the Baroque.” The guide also mentions Saint Luke as being the “Patron Saint of the Painter’s Guilds” – one then, of course, questions again what kind of freedoms the painters of these guilds would have had in their work, the control of this Painter’s Guild and the influence of the church upon such. Also mentioned by the audio guide is Saint Judas (or Jude) Thaddeus the Apostle “whose help is, even today, invoked by people in difficult and hopeless situations.” Hey church, would any of these ‘difficult and hopeless situations’ be brought about by the implementation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? There’s no need to answer that, church, because you know that they are because you are involved in such. Problem, Reaction, Solution, the pathetic ‘tactics’ of the dung beetle. They like to cause all the problems and then pretend to help. Saint Jude the Saviour! Hey Jude, don’t make it bad; take a sad song and make it better. The church has a lift and a inside that have been there a while to aid restoration and are still there and visitors can use them to get a close up view of the cupola and the frescoes which were originally painted by Michael Rottmayr. I ascended to the cupola, admiring the finery, and then there was a further flight of stairs from the main platform up to the lantern which provided somewhat restricted views through the narrow windows and the meshing. One can unfortunately, I believe, see the ‘United Nations City by the Danube’  and the ‘Danube Tower’ from here. On the underside of the first main platform is written the word ‘PALIMPSEST’ ...so that the existence of the entire mechanical Universe, visible matter, would be a poor copy made over the top of a fine canvas original, by a Satanic plagiarist, a palimpsest. – Miguel Serrano, MANU: For The Man To Come. The Church reveals itself…Imagine a city where all the major buildings were designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Albert Speer.

Racial Sin

“Miscegenation is almost always “racial sin”. Nothing good comes of it in the long run or short term. This has been simultaneous with the involution of the Earth, with the becoming of the Darkest Age, which the Hindus called Kali-Yuga, Age, Age of the Goddess Kali, the Destroyer herself, and which the Greeks called the Age of Iron and of Dionysus (Shiva). The ancient Germans called it the Age of the Wolf, devourer of Wotan. When Hitler attempted to return the world to the Golden Age, the Satya-Yuga, or Kryta-Yuga, to the resurrection of the Gods, Wotan, Polar Hyperborea, it is right that as a parallel he attempted the regeneration of the Nordic Race as the necessary vehicle able to receive and express the resurrected God. It was an ideal that was dreamt about, because the Germanic Race was also not pure. That is why one spoke about the “Aryan Race”, ancient Sanskrit term that means “twice born” or “reborn”. Which is to say, the “initiated”, those born again after initiatic “mystic death”. This leads us to believe that Esoteric Hitlerism could think that the superior race is not absolutely physical, like the one today, since neither was that of Hyperborea.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

“Most of the world is now lost in an animality with no return. And the truth is this is no longer preoccupies the Avatar. The number of heroes that were with Him has almost been fulfilled by Destiny. They are already no longer here, they have gone away. Only the few prisoners who can still free themselves matter. And they have to overcome the cultural miscegenation, with a supreme effort aided by the greatest purity of their luminous blood and their spiritual race: That of the re-born, the twice born. Because Will depends on the spiritual race and blood, not on the biological blood and biological race. In the most critical moment of the Initiatic Drama of Return, what counts is the spirit….The non-esoteric Hitlerism and political National Socialism of the thirties, until 1945, had to encourage, as we said, the birth and physical procreation of the Aryan race, as a means of providing terrestrial bodies for this race, avoiding the possibility of a mental procreation, for which almost no-one was yet prepared. They thereby intended to combat miscegenation and the coloured peoples of the Demiurge in the extended “vital space” of the Aryan race, towards the East. Attempting, by this equivocal means, a method of shaping for the Aesir. For their entry into this land. But this changed after 1945.”  –  MANU: “For The Man To Come”

The position of Esoteric Hitlerism regards miscegenation is that it is “racial sin”, going back to the first “racial sin” when the White Hyperborean Gods mixed with the daughters of man and thus became lost due to a catastrophic error. Hitler and the Third Reich attempted to reverse this tragic involution and degeneration. They had the power to do so, and they attempted to do so. To what level they achieved their racial purification is not known. What is known is that with the terrestrial destruction of Germany and the Third Reich, humanity fell further and further into involution and degeneration through an ever increasing miscegenation and mullatoism…It is too late to reverse the involution now, too late for humanity, the individual man can however be salvaged through the Etherealization of his blood – a spiritual and inward process, reversing the flawed propagation of the sinful flesh…Man can become pregnant with his own “Son of Death”, with death Itself overcoming the gross error of life. The pure Hyperborean Race was always pure through Divinity, being above this world, the Devil drives the ferment of miscegenation and racial sin, thus opposing the work of the Divine Ones. The possibility of regaining lost divinity is worth Total Kampf against the World, the propagation of the flesh is now rendered meaningless in our Greater Quest of Transmigration of the Spirit.


Heil Hitler!

Delenda contra Nietzsche. Part III

Nietzsche’s doctrine of Eternal Recurrence is not Nietzsche’s idea, he has borrowed it from where he found it, a much discussed and written about philosophical matter contemporary to him. Nietzsche heard these discussions and read books which put forward the idea and then he put his own spin on it. Nietzsche said that traces of his idea could be found in the work of the “ancient Greeks”, which is an academic code word for the Germanic Enlightenment, but that’s another story. The idea of Eternal Recurrence was fully formed by German “orientalist” scholars, university scholars hired by corporations to form certain ideas, but that is another story. I want to discuss Eternal Recurrence just on its own, as a theory and how it relates to Nietzsche, and my polemic against Nietzsche.

Nietzsche was a plagiarist and he has adopted this academic theory of Eternal Recurrence, in total contradiction to his other famous doctrine, that of “Will to Power”. Nietzsche also plagiarized Will to Power, another academic theory first articulated by Spinoza, perhaps defined best by him – Conatus. Adam Smith and Karl Marx would begin from the same philosophical basis, and a very pragmatic analysis in human terms. Nietzsche would have come across this theory often, most notably Schopenhauer’s version in “The World as Will and Representation”. With Schopenhauer, there is a blind force, that is a metaphysical will, and it is that will that dominates in phenomenal nature. Nietzsche’s theory can be seen reducing Schopenhauer’s version of Conatus to a more catchy tabloid standard, making it more understandable to the masses. In total contradiction, of course, Nietzsche is thoroughly opposed to the masses, but he only writes for them! There is nothing wrong with using and adopting and re-working, or building on, the ideas of another, there is nothing wrong with that, we all do the same thing in that sense, but Nietzsche is always claiming that his ideas are the only ideas that are revolutionary and thoroughly original, to the absurd point that he claims that Schopenhauer (a generation before Nietzsche) is merely a doppelgänger of Nietzsche: “It is not Schopenhauer as Educator but Nietzsche as Educator”, Thus says Nietzsche. The thought of the day being “Schopenhauer as Educator”, Nietzsche borrows from Schopenhauer’s philosophy and then declares, in negation, No, I am Schopenhauer! He does the same to Wagner, and Plato!

So, “Will to Power” and “Eternal Recurrence” are opposed to each other. But Nietzsche, presents in his journalistic fashion, both theories at the same time as if both were equally co-existent and not mere theories developed by many previous human thinkers. This constant contradictory representation in all Nietzsche’s writing is the best example of his plagiarism, he copies and pastes and cares not that the result is a disorderly mess! It’s tabloidism, newspaper standard, and who cares anyway, only the masses will be reading it, and they don’t care. “Only where life is, there is also will: not will to life, but – so I teach you – will to power.” – Nietzsche negating and mutilating Schopenhauer. Problem is though, more importantly, is that one cannot have both theories of Will to Power and Eternal Recurrence at the same time! Eternal Recurrence is the theory that everything returns to the same as it was, that means there is no “self overcoming” and no “will to power” because individual Will is denied in Eternal Recurrence! To deconstruct it, we can say that, will to power assumes that the individual has an individual will and that that individual will is opposed by phenomenal nature, and that the individual will seeks to overcome this, the will seeking more power as opposed to other individual wills and nature Itself which seeks to lessen the individual’s power. Nietzsche’s version of Eternal Recurrence is that he wants nothing other than what has happened to happen again, over and over, denying his own will to power! For will to power to have a basis, pragmatic or philosophical, either way one must assume linear time, cyclical time rules out individual will to power, or overcoming anything. But then again Eternal Recurrence of the same denies any change at all in anything at all, even of Time. The premise that Time is infinite is the premise of the doctrine of Eternal Recurrence, and that if Time is infinite, then this life must return eventually to its same form an infinite number of times and that would be Eternal….But that is not what Eternity is….Why? Because this world and life is NOT Eternal! The attempt to make this life seem eternal with nothing more than human semantics and rhetorical postulations ends ultimately with the failure of human reasoning. Nietzsche desires Eternal Return because he wants to live this life over and over and over again, forever…So does every Ghetto Jew, nothing new in that, problem is that their Nature is not Eternal and this World is not Eternal. For Nietzsche, pressing the replay button on his life is a philosophical way out of the fundamental dilemma posed by “The Heat Death of the Universe”…A Theory that predates Nietzsche (best articulated by Lord Kelvin)…A Theory much closer to the ultimate Truth, and a theory that Nietzsche would have been very familiar with. The ultimate fate of the Universe is not endless hitting of the replay button by Super-Unknown Entity! The Universe tends always toward entropy….I can feel the Nietzscheans already starting to lose their minds…Yes, that is the Truth of the matter, that is the way of the world. If I design to build a brick house, to give you a pragmatic empirical example: If I order the bricks for the brick house and have the bricks delivered to a plot of land, if I don’t construct those bricks into a brick house the bricks surely will not construct themselves, no matter how much Time is given to the bricks…What will happen to the bricks if I just leave them there on the plot of land and do nothing? The bricks, “over time”, will not form themselves into a brick house, if they just lie there (assuming humans don’t come by and steal them) they will eventually become a pile of rubble, and then a pile of dust, and then dust scattered by the four winds – that is called entropy! Everything tending in nature towards a diminished state. This of course destroys the fantasies of Darwinists, as well as Nietzscheans, who are usually on the same page. When the Universe can no longer convert energy it can no longer support life, or rather there is an end to the exploitation of the energy which supports life in this Universe – there is just no way out of the heat loss, no way out of the Heat Death! Such a beautiful Aryan Truth, and it sends Jews mad! Energy dissipates, that is it…Eventually all motion ceases, eventually this Universe will stop. The Demonic Machine of the Demiurge has an End! And this is the thought that sends Nietzsche insane, realizing that his “will to power” and “eternal recurrence” offer no challenge to the Aryan fundamental Truth of Entropy and the Heat Death of this Universe.

Delenda contra Nietzsche. Part I

“My formula for greatness in man is amor fati: the fact that a man wishes nothing to be different, either in front of him or behind him, for all eternity. Not only must the necessary be borne, and on no account concealed, – all idealism is falsehood in the face of necessity, – but it must also be loved.” – Nietzsche, Ecce Homo.

This is of course mere copying of the Latin phrase amor fati – “love of fate”. There is nothing original in Nietzsche’s writing, like Houstan Stewart Chamberlain pointed out, Nietzsche never had one original idea of his own, he borrowed and stole everything, which is why his god is Dionysus.

What does the Wagnerian, Adolf Hitler, write about idealism: “Were it not for idealism, all faculties of the intellect, even the most brilliant, would be nothing but intellect itself, a mere external phenomenon without inner value, and never a creative force….Without being conscious of it, the purest idealism is always associated with the most profound knowledge.”  –  Mein Kampf. In every instant Hitler can be contrasted with Nietzsche, one is Aryan and one is Jewish. The Aryan is discerned by his idealism, but the Jew is discerned by his distinct lack of idealism. Serrano would say that the Jew has a purely rational intellect, and that the Jew is simply devoid of all self-sacrificing sentiments. And Hitler would say that it is only with Aryan self-sacrifice that the world receives a creative force. Again Nietzsche has no creative force, he borrows from what he finds, like Dionysus was originally a thief, and Dionysus, the bibulous cynic, is Nietzsche’s god. This constant adoration of the mythological deity of Dionysus is a total dissimulation because Nietzsche is an atheist, how typically Jewish.

Hitler describes the Jew as having a “tenacious will-to-survive”. I would say the same, the Jew has a remarkable will to self-preservation, to the conservation of its self. Nietzsche would call this “will to power”, not his own idea, it is just the natural Jewish instinct, one can see it everywhere in action.

“I cannot remember ever having exerted myself, I can point to no trace of struggle (kampf) in my life; I am the reverse of a heroic nature.”  –  Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Sometimes the Jew with his rational intellect can be very accurate in self analysis, like Nietzsche is here, very frank, blunt. I would contrast this, Nietzsche’s disclosure in Ecce Homo, with all of Hitler’s Mein Kampf! And what more can I add? Hitler and Nietzsche, even when Nietzsche is being candid, are opposed on everything!

Nietzsche has no concept of the “after-life”, no concept of the “Beyond”, no concept of the “soul”, no concept of “truth”, no concept of “eternal life”. He scoffs at the like, referring to such values as nonsense, Nietzsche condemns such values. “All those things which mankind has valued with such earnestness heretofore are not even real; they are mere creations of fancy, or, more strictly speaking, lies born of evil instincts of diseased and, in the deepest sense noxious natures – all concepts, “God, “soul”, “virtue”, “sin”, “Beyond”, “truth, “eternal life”…But the greatness of human nature, its “divinity”, was sought for in them.”  –   Nietzsche, Ecce Homo.

I am quoting Ecce Homo (Behold the Man), because Nietzsche is revealing himself in autobiographical form. Ecce Homo, the title, is of course borrowed from the Latin Bible! Ecce Homo is the Christ, Sacrificed! Nietzsche does not believe in the self sacrifice of divinity, but he has no qualms about using the terms ascribed to it for his own contradictory cause, which is the very definition of dissimulation, which is the very nature of the Jew. But Hitler wrote that self sacrifice, and belief in divinity, belief in an afterlife, belief in the immortality of the Aryan soul, are fundamental beliefs of the Aryan. In contrast to the Jew who believes all such things to be nonsense. The Jew does not believe in a Judgement either, and therefore believes that morals are nonsense. Nietzsche writes: “I obey my Dionysian nature, which knows not how to separate the negative deed from the saying of yea. I am the first immoralist, and in this sense I am essentially the annihilator.” –  Ecce Homo. He is not the first immoralist though, that’s just boasting, chutzpah, Nietzsche, thoroughly immoral, is not the first immoralist. For Nietzsche the spirit of Negation and annihilation are inseparable from “yea-saying life”, which is of course a contradiction. But Nietzsche is always consistently contradictory, which makes challenging him very difficult, and its the reason why he has got away with what he has for so long….This is why Nietzsche can say “we Argonauts of the ideal”, or “we free spirits” without any consciousness that this is in total contradiction to his entire so called “philosophy”.

“The Germans have not the faintest idea of how vulgar they are – but this in itself is the acme of vulgarity, they are not even ashamed of being merely Germans. They will have their say in everything, they regard themselves as fit to decide all questions; I fear that they have decided about me. My whole life is essentially a proof of this remark. In vain have I sought among them for a sign of tact and delicacy towards myself. Among the Jews I did indeed find it, but not among the Germans.” –  Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Nietzsche seeks company amongst Jews, rightly so, they are of his same nature, and he states it in no uncertain terms.

And with that I will end Part I of my polemic against Nietzsche.