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“To avoid defeat and stop Destiny, the Jews plagiarized the cosmic crucifixion of the Sun God, the Black Sun and Cold Birth, with their Christianity, with the crucifixion of a Christ they call ‘Jesus’, the name given by the Gnostics to the pituitary gland in the skull within the cerebellum where there was situated the knowledge of our divine past, with the UR Rune. This material crucifixion is, in truth, the representation of satanic ritual murder in which the Jews bleed an Aryan victim on a tree or log offered to their God of vengeance, Jehovah….Wotan is crucified for Nine Nights in Mystic Death on the Iggdrasil Tree of Terror to recover the Runes. This stellar adventure, zodiacal, of Celto-German Astrology, an Archetype and Celestial Cosmic Drama that has taken form in the sensible and permeable rocks of the Externsteine where the Irminsul Tree stood that the renegade Charlemagne destroyed….In the Zodiac, Baldur, Son of Wotan, ‘identical with his father’, is crucified on the Hagal Rune which, when moving with the Mill of the Gods, Grotti, will be the Gibur Rune, that which gifts and is the Donor Oak of Dodona, Jason and the Argonauts who, in truth, sailed through the constellations, the Way of Iring, in their ship AR-go, where the Heroes will become Aryans, will be twice born.”  –  MANU: For The Man To Come

“Death and Resurrection of Baldur. Resurrection on the Zodiac, in Germanic-Nordic astrology…Its reproduction on Earth in the Externsteine is Archetypal”   –   MANU: For The Man To Come

Satanic ritual torture, within a magical square, a common “Christian” theme through artistic representation in celebration of the bleeding of an innocent victim.

Ecce Homo – “Behold the Man”. Sacrificial flesh and blood offering to Jehovah.

“Sacrifice”. During the Third Reich (statue by Arno Breker). Man with broken sword and shield fights to the end for his freedom.

‘Sebastian’ after the Third Reich (statue by Arno Breker), is once again tied to a stake, defenseless, resigned to his fate, tortured.

“I then proceeded to a white marble statue named ‘Sebastian’, whose contorted hands were bound to a tree stump, he was falling to his knees from exhaustion. I was intrigued by the lifelike features of this statue, and I, standing with Herr B, quietly contemplated it. Here is the Germanic ‘Baldur’, who is the same as the Roman Catholic ‘Saint Sebastian’, usually depicted as a young man with longish hair in a loin cloth who is tied to a stake and tortured with various pointed weapons, like arrows, spears and knives, and finally a mistletoe leaf, according to the myth one simple mistletoe leaf is the only thing that can kill him. Baldur or Sebastian, is said to be impervious to all other weapons. The mistletoe is a parasitic plant which attaches itself to a host tree, it is considered a weed that can destroy or severely decrease the yield of cultivated fruit trees. ‘Ecce Homo’ (Behold the Man), is actually just a tortured tree in a lord’s field, this was pop-culture in the late Middle-Ages, there are billions of ‘Sebastians’ tied to stakes; bound with ropes and pruned and cut and grafted, its called ‘Horticulture’ and ‘Sebastian’ is a mascot for Horticultural Guilds. The Breker ‘Sebastian’ sculpture is from 1948, it is not Third Reich sculpture, that is why the Art of Arno Breker is a significant key to understanding the meaning of Art in the Third Reich. One can see how the subject , style and portrayal changes through Breker’s artwork; comparing what his Art was during the Third Reich and then what his Art was after the Third Reich. One must compare these artworks, for example the comparison between the 1948 ‘Sebastian’ and the 1940 ‘Sacrifice’, the design of which was originally just a preliminary design for the sculptures of the ‘Great Triumphal Arch’. In the Third Reich ‘Sacrifice’ the Man is depicted weilding a broken sword and a shield, he is depicted falling to the ground in exhaustion but his broken sword is still raised over his head ready to strike his last blow with his dying breath. In 1940, in true sacrifice the Man dies fighting, but in 1948 man is once again bound to a stake and unable to fight back, he does not even struggle against against his bonds, he is resigned to his fate and unarmed, the man has once again become a trained biological creature whose profitable mercantile yield is all that is of value, he is no different to a vine-tree producing grapes or a fruit tree producing apples, he is the cultivated human, the compliant, trained, effeminate human.” –  Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

Message from Deutsches Ahnenerbe

SS Deutsches Ahnenerbe was resurrected in 2011 in Germany by the Third Reich Pilgrim, it is now in full operation, with a new symbol and a new mandate: Deutsches Ahnenerbe – “Investigations into the Astral Origins of Germania”.

It was said by the founder of Deutsches Ahnenerbe, Dr Herman Wirth Roeper Bosch: “After more than a thousand years of the spiritual dictatorship of Judaic Christianity over Europe, we find it necessary to reprove everything.”

Let me repeat that:

“After more than a thousand years of the spiritual dictatorship of Judaic Christianity over Europe, we find it necessary to reprove everything.”

Reprove: Reproof – Rebuke – Reprimand – Reproach – Reprobate –

A formal expression of disapproval.

Deutsches Ahnenerbe was a formal expression of disapproval of Western Civilization, which is  Judaic and Christian in origin….I don’t need to explain something that should be entirely self-evident and has already been explained. We rebuke and reprove everything that Western civilization stands on and for. And in the Hitlerian weltanschauung, this means that we can share only one desire for the Western civilization that has lied beneath the spiritual dictatorship of Judaic Christianity for more than one thousand years, and that is to put it out of its misery…Just like one would put a mad dog out of its suffering and misery, or imagine, if you will, you come across a horse that had been horribly mistreated and tortured, it has had all its legs broken, it has had its eyes burnt out of its sockets, it is a starved wretch, foaming at the mouth, insane, making pitiful noises after suffering a lifetime of abuse both mental and physical, a total wretch of a thing that no longer resembles a horse, if one is confronted by that one should put it down, put it out of its suffering….Who represents Western civilization today, what confronts us? It is this travesty of a thing once called a horse, a quivering tortured creature that no man could allow to live any longer. Only sick degenerates would want to see this thing called Western civilization be preserved, it would be like watching a horse being tortured relentlessly and despicably forever, only these sick degenerates would want this to continue…Sick degenerates that like unto the Christian Hell want to torture creatures endlessly and forever, eternal torture, this is what they seek. After one thousand years this tortured beast of burden called Western civilization may know only its torture and so has come to think that is all there is, and that its Torturer is its benefactor, maybe that is so…Than that is even worse to witness, it is much worse, this tortured beast, a horrible travesty of a thing wants to keep on being tortured!

“Christianity is the most evil of all known religions, realizing its inordinate craving for material power through hypocrisy and deceit with its dignitries being the true “Pharisees”, in the strictest sense given to this word.”  –   Manu “For the Man to Come”, Miguel Serrano.

Who would wish to preserve such a thing as Christianity? Our Christ is the Führer! He is the Kristos! The only Son of God! Truly the Crucified! And you killed Him, and you killed his people, and you burnt alive the highest image of God on Earth! Is it not then the endless torture that you have preached, with your  Judaic Christianity, is that not the very punishment you should then receive for your crimes against the Gods and Deity? It is what Western civilization deserves…..


“Inside every Christian is a Jew”

“Inside every Christian is a Jew”  –  Pope Francis

So true, and disturbing because it is so true, and it is equally true to say that inside every Jew is a Christian, just waiting to get out, this is the end of all dialectics, the end of all Popery; inside every Christian is a Jew inside a Christian inside a Jew inside a Christian!!! And in the beginning it was a Christian, so the Church got that one wrong in the first place as it was a Christian who wrote and published and printed the Talmud. And what is a Christian, well, you just wait and see, the Pilgrim will unveil the Christian once and for all, and that is the Apocalypse, the unveiling, that is what it means, to lift up the veil. I can also tell you that deep inside every Pagan there is a Christian hiding, just waiting to come out, as well. For who wrote the Pagan literature? Christians did of course! One and the same thing, and I will bet you Nietzsche’s pension, that Dionysis is the same as the Crucified! Not versus, not against, but the same thing!

Inside every Christian is a Jew.

So true, you can search the great libraries of the world, will you find such wisdom? Such a simple maxim you will find quite often, nothing new here, just a simple old maxim. Its has all been written before, the truth that has not been written is written by the Third Reich Pilgrim.

Now some might say; oh delenda, the NSDAP would not condemn the Christians like you do, Hitler never did such a thing…But, the NSDAP and Hitler received funding from the Christians, and there is a saying on the streets that goes like this: “If they are not paying ya bills then fuck em!” Well, the Christians were paying the bills for the NSDAP, and Hitler, up to a certain time, of course that all changed after 1945. Christians don’t pay the fucking bills anymore, do they…No….But the NSDAP and Hitler were right to collect the funds from the Christians, after all it was stolen goods, stolen from the German folk by deception, so that same deception was used against the Christians who had stolen what was not theirs.

“I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not God of the Dead, but the God of the living.”  –  Character Jesus Christ – Matt 22-32

Same as Exodus 3-6, 3-16.

You see the Pope of the Church in the wrong place is right, inside every Christian is a Jew, hiding and waiting to jump out at any moment.

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, if ye continue in my word, then ye are my disciples indeed.”   –  Character Jesus Christ  – John 8-31

“Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham, I am.”  –  Character Jesus Christ 8-58

You have to have read Third Reich Pilgrim to get that little joke. You see, inside every Christian is a Jew. You see the Pope is even speaking words he does not understand, he does not know the real meaning, but the words are coming from his mouth – “Inside every Christian is Jew.” And inside every Jew is a Christian.

Through the veil he says, by his flesh, his skin, as it were, to be precise, through the veil it came, what are they arrayed in white robes and whence come they, they have washed their robes, and made them white, washed away the blood of the young skin, therefore are they before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple. Well they sure as hell did not want brown robes, did they?

Inside every Christian is a Jew just waiting to come out, and inside every Jew there is a Christian inside a Jew inside a Christian!

And if God is the God of the Living, then We are the Dead.