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The Copy-Creation

“The Copy-Creation of the Demiurge Jehovah, his evolutive Universe, was incapable of creating conscious man. He got monkeys and ended up mired in the mud. All the way to hominids. It was the traitor Hyperborean Divyas who enabled Jehovah to give a modicum of soul and rational consciousness to his evolved monkey, to his slaves of Atlantis. The Demiurge and Lord of Darkness falsified an Archetypal “I” from the Hyperborean “I” who is the divine spark, putting him into human form reproduced from Manu, the Aeon.  He will soon do the same with the electronic robots. The distinct sign of the Hyperborean Aryan is the experience of “I”. To feel himself “I”….”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

And so it comes to pass that Its robots are monkeys, who cuddle together as monkeys, but the “I” sees it as it is, as a horde of monkeys, and the traitors huddle with them, as a horde, wrapped within their swaddling clothes of wraps and bands, like the wrapping of baby infants of similar cloth, so that movement is restricted and their limbs are numb, so like Madonna and child or Mary and Christ as an example of the Printing Press  – Luke 2:6-7.  No room in the pub for him. A votive offering or the deposit, the swaddling is a negative practice afflicting the development of the infant from the beginning, and so it is contained and eventually taken is its vellum from the German centres where Gutenberg and Faust first practiced their infant Incunabula Mummifying, as a sacrifice and offering to the Printing Press, but we were there before the rest, to regather the weary and recover the best.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. limited edition

New release of the deluxe limited edition of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano (English Translation). Limited to 25 copies. Green Linen cover with quarter bound black leather with gold intaglio titles. The printed pages are of the finest black ink printing. Archival quality books. Please email:   hermitage75@yahoo.com.au  for purchase inquires. Please no Germanophobes, Third Reich haters, anti-Hyperboreans or anti-Aryans, only genuine individualized Hyperborean Fallen Angels…

To Rome and Back again

I just though I would pour some fuel on the fire…

“Germans also founded Rome, in 753 B.C.. The twins Romulus and Remus, sons of Rhea Silvia, did this. They were suckled by the Wolf of Wotan and belonged to the people of the Italiker and Umbrier, from the isle of Jutland. All the Nordic founders of peoples were twins, Twin Kings (Atlanteans)….This is the truth of times already historical, erased by Judaism and its Catholic Church of Rome that have together destroyed the Aryan race and blood. There has been no Universal History, nor any civilization not created and developed by the Nordic-Hyperborean race, by the semi-divine race of White Heroes, Aryans, coming from the Pole, in their exodus and fall from a glorious past, through the destruction of Paradesha, Midgard, earthly Hyperborea, the Golden Age.”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, page 371.

Hitler said that if one thought that there was a problem with the Church then one should start a Religious Reformation and not a Political Party. And this is a Religious Reformation……Esoteric Hitlerism is metapolitical.

Now, I agree with what Serrano is writing here and I will take it even further:

“Koln’s foundation begins with the mighty Rhine River which is the She-Wolf – Rhia Silvia or Forest River, who feeds the twins Romulus and Remus, who are the twin settlements divided by the Rhine, together they make old Roma in the exact location that one finds Koln today. Sometimes the Rhine River, in antiquity, was given the name ‘nile’, the name was later transferred to North Africa, same as ‘Rome’ of Italy is a latter place-name transferral, from Germany to Italy. The so-called ‘River Tiber’ in Italy was barely a seasonal stream compared to the Mighty River Rhine. The Tiber, in fact, is a man-made canal and sewerage main. It is the Rhine that is the founding River of Europe…” etc, etc.. – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

The She Wolf of Koln (Cologne). Picture courtesy of the Third Reich Pilgrim.








Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, by Miguel Serrano, unabridged English translation by Franz Berg, Publisher – Hermitage Helm Corpus, available in hardcover from Hermitage Helm Corpus, Amazon, in catalogue at the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria.





Esoteric Zeitgeist

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Ultimate Avatar video

Here is a new video by Kamerad Marko and Sonnen Sektion:


“For eternal things originate in darkness and silence – and they will endure.”


Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. English Translation updates.

As you may be aware Miguel Serrano’s Magnum opus Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar  has been fully translated into English by Brother Francis, Franciscan Solitary in the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan, and this complete unabridged version will be published and printed by Hermitage Helm Corpus. A release date has not been set as yet, but the book is at an advanced stage, and being worked on by several Aryans, in a collaboration that spans the globe; this production, this great work cannot be stopped from reaching its final revelation to the world, it would be like King Canute attempting to stop the rising ocean, it is impossible, there could be a delay, but the final exhibition is as certain as the tides. The Ultimate Avatar will be published and printed in a physical hardcover deluxe edition, unabridged, with special notes, index, introduction and commentary. You can be certain of that…

Here we come to the edge of Primordial Wisdom, from here Kalki will come, with Him come the Sons of Hitler, the Furious Horde, Wildes Heer, resurrected ones, Siddhar Warriors from Valhalla at the end of the Darkest Age, appearing pale, deathly white within the great vortex of final catastrophe, and bringing sagacious Judgement with them. To us He returns, He who always returns…But first the way is prepared, this path will be laid for Him who is to come, the embodiment of the Black Sun and Green Thunderbolt, the most terrible Destroyer of all Yugas! The Founder of the Fifth Reich, the Magik Reich above time, beyond the Halls of the Gods, Ruler of Worlds of Divine Glory!

We lay our work, our blood, our beaten bodies and broken minds before the hooves of His white horse, from this world to His we build this bridge over Mystic Death!