Rhetoric for Propagandists

Propagandists should first consider the environment in which they operate, some propaganda methods become outdated and stale or are particular to certain times and environments, other methods are classic and are always applicable to all situations. We must do all we can to understand and use appropriately all propaganda methods available in their optimal time and place.

I will discuss some classic rhetoric methods and propaganda techniques that the Foe employs in propaganda war either knowingly or not, and that Aryanists should be aware of lest he/she falls into the same trap. The amount of fallacious arguments a Foe can conceive is endless, so I cannot list them all, but I can outline some of the ones that are most relevant today. I use the term “Foe” generally as it could apply to any Gentile or Jew or their Goyim.

Subject Switching:

This is the favourite technique of the modern Zionist media to maintain control in debate or interview –  change the subject  i.e. talk about something else. This technique will be applied bt a Foe when information or debate is not flowing in the direction that the Foe would like. Remember as soon as you give up the right to ask questions you give someone else the right to ask them, you put yourself in the weakest position, you submit. An interviewer can control the direction of information if they have the sole right to ask the questions, the modern Media instantly assume this right and then assume the position of power.

Subject Switching can be used to disrupt the flow of information or constructive dialogue between Aryans in an uninvited manner. Where there is unity, and planning, and progressive discussion and collaboration, the Foe will attempt to disrupt the pattern, disrupt the flow, simply by changing the subject matter. An artful propagandist Foe will use a ‘contiguous comment’ first so as not to appear crude, a contiguous comment is offered to shift focus in a different direction by asking a seemingly innocent question, that will invite a response that will change the subject. By answering you are seen to be the one who is introducing the new subject matter. The matter may be related to Aryanism for example, and may be of importance, but the aim of the Foe was simply to disrupt the original flow of dialogue. Once subject matter has been changed successfully by the Foe, then this is a Hijack.


A Hijacker may prevent final agreement or resolution on a subject, after successfully changing or switching the subject matter he/she will defend the motive for changing the subject with platitudes; “moving on”, “we have already discussed this”, blocking attempts to return to the original subject matter, humour may be used or inflammatory remarks, the aim of the Hijacker is always to prevent final agreement and/or resolution between Aryans.


Babel is the confusion of terminology and language, once Aryans have agreed upon certain terms and definitions of langauge the Foe will try to confuse them or render them redundant, by not applying them. Whether the statement is accidental due to ignorance or designed as purposeful propaganda Babel by a Foe, is not as relevant as the need to prevent it from damaging or confusing any terms, definitions, glossary, langauge already agreed to, this must not be changed or confused by anyone!

Dead Weight:

The Foe will display interest in Aryanism, even seem willing tp participate and be active, however the aim of the Dead Weight is simply to be just that – a dead weight! contiguous comments may first be employed or seemingly innocent questions, however the Foe is only concerned with wasting time, taking everything and returning nothing, this type of Foe is the hardest to identify of all propaganda artists, they may offer artful praise and seem knowledgeable on the subjects relating to Aryanism but their contribution is always circular, never progressive or constructive. The Aryan should watch for this type of behaviour, the Dead Weight may want to add foreign material to Aryanism as further baggage and weight, again the aim will always be to keep the direction circular and slow.


This will be the most common methods of propaganda used against Aryanism, the Strawman is a fallacy based upon misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. A Strawman is designed as a deliberate distortion of an opponents views.

Again, the Aryan should not commit to the fallacy, to the illusion of the Strawman whether it is intentional or due to misunderstanding. The Strawman misrepresents the statement of the Aryan. Another example of this method would be when Alfred Rosenberg referred to Russian Communists as “Untermensch” – “under-man”, quoting Lothrop Stoddard; “The Under-Man – the man who measures under the standards of capacity and adaptability imposed by the social order in which he lives.”  The propaganda Foe misrepresents this as “The Nazi’s sought to eliminate sub-humans!”  This is a Strawman, it’s simply not true at all, “Untermensch” is not defined in racial terms but in social order, neither is it defined as being less than human or not human as ‘sub-human’ implies.

The Strawman is the invention of a fiction that is then applied to a person or persons as if it was their own creation. This can be in the form of words or actions that are falsely attributed to the Aryan. This is the most effective of propaganda methods in employment by the enemy presently! Aryans therefore must be aware of this method and how to counter it. The counter is related to all other pervious methods I have mentioned i.e. strict adherence to correct terminology, good grasp of Aryan philosophy and the language of Aryanism used within our movement. The Propagandist, indeed any Aryan must be able to define his/her position, aim, philosophy and stick to it, and not be swayed by illusion and fallacy.

Non-sequitor argumentum:

Non-sequitor is Latin for it does not follow, the conclusion does not follow the premise in Non-sequitor argument, it is a logical fallacy or a jump in logic. The world is awash with this type of illogical thinking, but the defence of Israel’s Navy military attack on the civilian Freedom Flotilla give an excellent example;

A. Statement.  –   “It’s not acceptable for Israeli armed commandos to commit murder of unarmed civilian aid workers and peace activists in international waters.”  –  Aryan

B. Reply. –   “The Israeli’s had paint-ball guns and only a side-arm for their own protection, they were soldiers protecting their country, getting beat to death with pipes and boards, and thrown overboard by a bunch of so-called “peace-niks.” The “peace-niks” were obviously attacking and the Israelis defended themselves! Anyway the ships were carrying missiles to Gaza for Hamas to use.”  –  Foe.

So this is a reply argument that does not follow in logic to the premise of the first statement, the reply is a total non-sequitor from start to finish, you cannot respond to this argument because it is completely illogical. There is no point in addressing all the fallacies, once the Foe has displayed this kind of contempt for the first statement and not followed the reason and logic but answered with a barrage of illogical babel, it’s pointless to respond any further, the Foe is already in error, there is nothing further to do, the Foe loses any right to further debate based upon his/her use of Non-sequitor argumentum.

By understanding and following these rhetorical arguments the Aryan Propagandist will clearly be more successful in the future not only against enemy propaganda but also and ‘friendly fire’ so to speak, or not make the same mistake accidentally themselves, Aryans themselves should not use these methods against anyone on purpose, they are the Foe’s methods and should be refuted, one can only refute the methods employed by the Foe if they understand those methods correctly.

Appeal to Authority:

An appeal to authority is a logical fallacy. It is a recommendation taken at face value merely because the source is a recognized authority, it may be reasonable to evaluate the trust-worthiness of the recommendation’s source, but citing the mere authority of the source is not sufficient, it is no substitute for your own and your peers critical investigation.

The entire Legal system of the world today is based upon a fallacy, it is NOT a process of Law, the real Law of the Land states what is logically reasonable – that you can only be judged by your peers, you cannot be judged in any matter by an authority, no professional Judge or Lawyer or Teacher or Priest, or Monarch, or Scholar or Scribe has the right to judge you, they would be appealing to the authority of their position, that is a logical fallacy. You can extrapolate that as you see fit, but as you can see it has enormous ramifications. Just as you cannot appeal to authority of a person, you cannot appeal to the authority of a book, a research paper, a government report, a legal document, a badge, a title, a name, seat, statement, institution, anything, anything at all that claims to have authority as its source cannot be appealed to over your own critical evaluation and investigation and that of your peers. The Law is that nobody can make an appeal to authority, it’s a fallacy, one can only be tried and judged by his/her peers.


Dissimulation is an act whereby two contradictory beliefs are presented as being equally true, this can be purposeful propaganda, or the act of a paranoid mind, the feature of the paranoid mind is fears of persecution, which is so prominent in Jewry throughout history, it’s a delusion, a state of delusion that presents itself as being normal. Dissimulation can also be described as deliberate feigning or hypocracy, attributing false labelling to a subject so that the label or description of the subject is dissimilar to what it really is, the representation of the subject or thing is false or the opposite of what the subject or thing really is.

For an example see here.

Controlled Opposition:

“The best way to control an opposition is to lead it”   –   Vladimir Lenin.  Setting up and controlling a false opposition is an old Communist propaganda favorite, and they have used it to great effect, it is still in wide use presently, existing in its most prominent form as “Al Qaeda”. This propaganda method is based on the Hegelian dialectic; Thesis + anti-Thesis = Synthesis. A fictitious opposition is invented to provide the catalyst for the introduction of a new program, for current real life example; Zion Masters would like to conduct full body searches of boarding passengers at airports on a permanent basis, that will be the desired Synthesis – the new program to be enacted, the ‘Underwear Bomber’ is invented by the Zion Masters as a fictitious Bogeyman who is said to pose as an airliner passenger and carry explosive devices in his underwear onto commercial airliners, with the intention of blowing them up!  He is the ‘controlled opposition’, the anti-Thesis. The Thesis is the enforcement & security agencies, airline companies and government departments, that will fooled into thinking that the controlled opposition is actually a real-life threat, they will oppose the contrived threat and conduct the body searches so as to been seen as doing something about the threat, they will, after the Bogeyman has been conveniently caught, agree to the Zionist’s Synthesis of ongoing full body searches to prevent such a Bogeyman attempting such a terrorist act again, the Synthesis is achieved, the desired aim of the Zionists  has been implemented by a false controlled opposition.

A controlled opposition is also in accordance with the program outlined in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, there are literally thousands of these groups worldwide in various guises, the most numerous in the United States, many in this category profess to be dedicated patriots, Christian and anti-communist. At the same time they are also strongly pro-Zionist whether openly or clandestine. They tend to acknowledge and denounce the symptoms of the disease, protest against them in the name of individual rights and freedoms, but again such a protest is Jewish in origin, as they were the first to cry amongst the masses such sentiments. Rather than fighting the cause of the disease, these numerous groups simply provide a false and weak opposition that serves to nullify any real constructive anti-Zionist movement. A prime example of this is The John Birch Society and more recently Forums like ‘Stormfront’ on the internet serve a similar function – a collecting ground for any potential anti-Zionist that arises. In the cordoned off, managed paradigm, time and energy is wasted on pointless debate, useless projects, journalistic reporting of current events in a protest tone, polluting members minds with a barrage often hysterical outbursts, overt emotionalism, destructive thought patterns, dividing issues, meaningless Babel, conjecture and opinion, all resulting in negative, debilitating, discouraging, demoralizing and ultimately neutralizing conditions. Basically best described as a sham or a farce, with no solid leadership, no spiritual cohesiveness, no substance, no strength, a waste of time formulating no structure, no order, no direction, no union, no pragmatic or realistically applicable solution and no positive constructive outcomes. Zionists organize and fund these phony ‘resistance’ fronts so that they can be rigged into a controlled opposition, a defined cordoned off area where false and impotent memes and ideas can be  disseminated thereby insuring their defeat and neutralizing any other potential opposition in the process.

“When sheer force is used to combat the spread of a doctrine, then that force must be employed systematically and persistently. This means that the chances of success in the suppression of a doctrine lie only in the persistent and uniform application of the methods chosen. The moment hesitation is shown, and periods of tolerance alternate with the application of force, the doctrine against which these measures are directed will not only recover strength but every successive persecution will bring to its support new adherents who have been shocked by the oppressive methods employed. The old adherents will become more embittered and their allegiance will thereby strengthen. Therefore when force is employed success is dependent on the consistent manner in which it is used. The persistence, however, is nothing less than the product of definite spiritual convictions. Every form of force that is not supported by spiritual backing will always be indecisive and uncertain.”   –   Adolf Hitler

By promoting a controlled opposition, Zionists can increase the immune system of their own doctrines and members, they can bolster and strengthen their own ranks and add the same time render the enemy impotent…

For further different examples of Controlled Opposition see; here, here, here and here

Appeal to Meliorism:

Meliorism is the doctrine that the world tends to become better, or may be made better by human effort over time, especially in a socialized rather than biological sense. Epitomized best today in Social Network sites like ‘Facebook’ and ‘Myspace’ and internet Forums. Bolsheviks and Marxists and Democratic Bureaucrats are famous for their appeals to Meliorism. The most open-minded and dedicated of them will repeat endlessly something along the lines of:

 “That is only a temporary situation which will undoubtably improve when civil servants are better trained, when the equipment has improved, when the economic growth returns to norm, when the fiscal stimulus kicks in, when debts are paid off, when the opposition is elected, when taxes are cut, when education standards are higher, when jobs increase, etc, etc, etc.” –   Foe

These are the people who falsely believe that all conditions, all states of being, all races, all nations, all humanity improves over time, that the world and especially the socialized world of humans and all that relates to it will generally become better over time, and that it is a natural progression of advancement that is established over time. Therefore ‘Time’ itself becomes the authority, the famous mantra of the Evolutionists is “over time,” they invent giant time spans and attribute all life to the progress of time, as if time itself is an impersonal creator god.

The priests of the various human religions also appeal to time and hold to the doctrine that the human condition will improve over time, except instead of an impersonal god they have a personal god, who will improve a human when he dies, or when the personal god returns to the world of the humans sometime, it is still meliorism. And they all appeal to time in the sense that they all believe that the longer an idea or a being has been around the better it must be, because it has lasted the longest span of time. In Natural Selection “time” itself selects and time is the ultimate director for the all of the universe, for the Meliorist – time is indeed god.

That is why the Aryans say “Man Against Time”, we do not appeal to time as an authority, “over time” is not a satisfactory explanation for us, it is a merely a mantra of faith for the Evolutionist to be repeated endlessly, as if they are praying to their invisible god – Time, but Time is merely the crux of the democratic politician, he appeals to it on bended knee, like the priests who wait to die to improve, the hope of empty men, the hope of Meliorism.

For further examples of Meliorism see: here

Confusion via Abstraction

Abstraction means a generalized idea or set of ideas of an abstract nature that cannot lead to any practical result. Clear view of reality is obscured, removed or withdrawn. It is not ‘esoteric’ in meaning because esoteric means –  understood by or meant for a select few, profound, private, secret, confidential. Abstraction from the Latin abstractus means ‘withdrawn’ to ‘separate and draw away’ from clear reality.

Because Aryans have an ability and a will to discern reality, as it is without abstraction, and to share the experience and express that reality. Non-Aryans seek to obscure that reality or present a false reality as a substitute – an illusion. Non-Aryans experience no discomfort from being separated from reality and often seek such a state, Jews in particular have a permanent distorted view of reality and aid them in this desire. Aryans can be deceived into the same false reality by illusion – a false representation of reality. It is natural for the Aryan to sense the separation from reality caused by illusion, the Aryan will seek to then remove the abstract illusion in order to gain the true view of reality again. During this process confusion reigns, confusion is disorder, confound – to mingle so that the elements cannot be distinguished clearly.

“One day a Jew discovered that if one presented an abstruse idea to non-Jews, the more abstruse these idea were, the more non-Jews would rack their brains to try to understand them. That fact of having their attention fixed on what does not exist must make them blind to what does exist. An excellent calculation on the Jew’s part. He bears in mind that if his victims suddenly become aware of these things, all Jews would be removed.”  –   Adolf Hitler

Joseph Goebbels extended on this understanding by explaining that while people are focused on countering lies and abstractions, trying to decode them and attempting to present truth in an environment of illusion and lies, they simply waste time, while they are wasting time the Jew can simply invent more false illusion and lies, and this is all natural and comfortable for the Jew, it does not feel the same sense of confusion caused by the separation from reality as the Aryan does.

Red Herring

A Red Herring is a diversionary tactic that is ultimately irrelevant, it develops through both human design and human error and leads via fashioned clues to a false end or conclusion. A Red Herring can be used to mask or camouflage a trail or path, or provide a distracting diversion.

5 responses to “Rhetoric for Propagandists

  • Cedric

    This is off topic from this page but I have a question

    After percieving this symbol of a pyramid, typically accompanied by a left eye below it’s apex, I have begun to wonder what it’s significance is to us. It seems like a symbol of the Judaic Freemasons, but I am not certain because it seems in ubiquitous. In fact, the symbol can be found on near all modern day media, usually only picked up as a subliminal message subconsciously, but also often left right in the open. It seems like a strange symbol to choose considering the original pyramids were an Aryan invention (perhaps signs of Atlantis?), so for a rival group to use it seems odd. Surely it is symbolic of some supposed shift in the ages, as I am feeling the pressure building up towards some apocalypse. As if they are preparing for some hand-over of power by indoctrination of their future symbols. It is surely not a holy symbol. What is with it?

    • delendaestziobot


      I know where you are on the path. I have answered this same question of yours, on p. 103 of Third Reich Pilgrim: ‘The Ruins Of Power’. Along with many other things I have explained that I cannot explain on an internet blog post.

  • aufihrhelden

    Those who understand do not have an ‘education’.

  • David

    Thank you for this wonderful text.

  • R S Bagala & Columbus Falco 1488

    Very great work -telling truth these days is rare

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