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Lovely Hatred


runres a - copie 2

Finally it was hate filled up my unfortunate heart. The terrible sadness took such possession of me, that my great love for god and the godly became a haven which only an intentional good for one’s own kind consoled!

How many times did I retaliate? Ô how often did I refuse to listen to the god in me saying :

despise the lower ones

my child

my lost boy in an evil mirth

mocking light

& Love.

But my christian conceit was such that I did abide, like an asshole in pig’s mud. Letting them rape and slay what I loved with all my tempestuous bosom. Filled with wrath and hate; but in the end sinking in a quagmire where pity is lost on those who cheat and corrupt what’s left of heaven on earth! I did concede, defeated.

God said, lift up thyself 

my son, my pretty child,


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What disappears Here



What disappears here. Disappears into the unwanted, while the diamond fellow conquers still! No longer waisting the energy of the eyes that the brave once fell for when blinded by their own beauty, and now are glorified by and through a meaningful death. 

Soon the eagle will no longer even be a memory, here. Neither the stones I tread on, while I walk alone, a single road. As a pilgrim in Chaos, in a diseased country between Germany and Spain!

The stars watch for my coming. The Swan setting in the north west, at fall. 

The secret sulfur underneath inside me like a cauldron full of puss, rupturing the earthen floor. Dog grass cleaving to all the abandoned decomposing bodies, one lived in left behind. 

** * ** **

Who would be silly enough to hold back the skies and their departing? The sun and the moon and their…

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A Distress Call

Dream Walking

Fiery Sword Golden Crown

Awake! I wander throughout this world of twilight. Dreams.

Somnambulant. The majority of men wander through the world unaware of the Power they might behold in their own hearts! In their own being. Blind!

That Power has been redirected by the Qlipphotic elementals of Judahs curses! Demonic!

Summon they do the ruination of all life, its diversity and its Liberty. Bound!

As the menorahs shadow is cast across the occident and all the world, the wicked claw of satan closes.

The ever changing plastic landscape of the material victors, no stability in anti-progress. Unstable!

The world catches fire, a great burning ensues all is enveloped in its heat! Ignorance!

Ignorance and Death!

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In the Coffer



In the coffer. With my beloved who isn’t there!
And just can’t be. Not even dead, just a cerebral maelstrom taunting the soul.

Out yonder far out into the sea where there is nothing, but the endless tumultuous waves hurrying in the mind, silently! On a wasted isle near, to no watch tower, there. Drunk on the afterthoughts that fill my desperation with happy regret!

Later than yesterday, only indifference waits at the doorway.

Where was she, but in my very spirit, attending in cloister, inside the bowels of my own Hell! Damp with her own sweat from teasing me. Moistened by stone tears without remorse, forgiven with God’s forgiveness.

And now a church goer!


A witch but only mine, invented within my haunted entrails. Stars that sent into my brain sulfur and burning brimstone, that sort of soot that can veil wearied eyes that dreamt aloud. Preventing clairvoyance!


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Video Break

Goebbels Last Speech