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   I sought nothing waking into the morning, very early without grasping again through out the empty air, brushing invisibly once more something like before, those reddened dying leaves that segment themselves falling to the earth, emulating the original aether on dry ground. Searching nothing as they sink into the wind dispersed upon the world’s 4 corners. The immaculate angles of which the Holy contours disappear. 

   A disaster for whom, while all sleep?  Naturally seeking nothing, like a wandering mind, careless in a dead brain. I beseech the squared circle. 

   It’s the sincere and single heart watches as the tide of crumbling things moves on into oblivion. This seemly circonstance in an uncomely corridor leading to a goal between a room and a room, dark curtains likes clouds upon the abyss, unrevealing.

   But the particules go amuck. Silence dominates in the desert hills around me. Doom for the body…

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Flat Water Flat Earth



das Jüngstes Gericht

Gesang.XIX – by G.K.

With the next heartbeat now enter that world which we all once knew,

That sunken and sullen world of heroes that lies both above and below,

That velvet glade on emerald isles beneath towering cathedral pines,

Where dream-tones of solemn bells ring and voices of the dead call us with song

Together for remembrances, we march into golden pastures of eternal twilight,

Under the nocturnal moon-sun, to the hushed sounds of the noon-tide seas,

We form our ranks to the roar of bonfires, beneath the celestial swastika that turns the skies,

Heil Hitler, the greatest one, we stand and gather our hands together in prayer to thee !

Sieg Heil!

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How to eat Uranium



das Jüngstes Gericht

Gesang.XVIII – by G. K.

No more of these putrid perversions of the flesh, no more failures of mankind,

No more crimes against nature, no more braying of subhumans in the streets.

Hang sharpened silver daggers of stars above their wicked heads,

Bring down eternal darkness like a shroud,

Make their sickened cities all fall flat like dust upon the ground.

And open our ears so that we may only hear the nearly silent sound

Of angels singing their shimmering, steely songs of vengeance and of doom.

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Through these sleeping bodies

tireless souls awaken

Corporeal ideas into extended flesh

While the stammering extension

of what would be a most excellent and as it must,

abiding perfect theme

from a transcendent eternal picture in the Mind

incarnates its beauty

within a finite darkness!

   Strange, yet like a heavy sap filling the mortal nostrils with a thick and balmy smell. The Earth with all its successive sediments, cradled inside diverse & unending caverns, steeps the pretty spirit in a colorless invincible tincture.

   The Sun and the Moon in mouvement

vorticing, their perpetual motions orbiting

thence mechanically combining

Issuing from the deep drafts

that our secret cerebral marrow might engender!

   What is it of Nobility? Wandering away clothed in a fine leather sheath, far from its Homeland? 

   Like an invisible sea but seeable, frothing, conscious of its own Grand Illusion, when organic fibres retreat, bursting their…

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das Jüngstes Gericht

Gesang.X – by G.K.

My eyelids are a cocoon for the broken spirit to reside,

Keep them closed, let it hide, until the chosen day does come,

When the Geist is free to explode on its deadly winged flight.


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