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Why are you still in character?

Atlantis, Edda and Bible


More copies of Atlantis, Edda & Bible are now available. Four parcels of printed books went missing for a few months and then finally turned up at my door step!

The most intelligent human in the world

This is the most intelligent human in the world. Perhaps the most intelligent human who ever existed, as humans themselves proclaim. The problem is that there are two different Stephen Hawking’s, or perhaps even more and all of them are as dumb as each other. Amazingly Stephen Hawking managed to defy all human medical science and survive half a century longer than what human medical science proclaims itself for a sufferer of ALS.

Is that cool? Having two Stephen Hawking’s pretending to be one Stephen Hawking? I don’t want to get into the “philosophy” of Stephen Hawking/s, because it is a bucket of stinking prawns, I just want to point out that there are two or more different “Steven Hawking” who happen to die at different times, and yet the humans are unable to identify this? That there are two Stephen Hawking/s. And that both were as dumb as each other. But I also acknowledge that the humans proclaim “Stephen Hawking” to be their most intelligent human….And I agree with this… Steven Hawking, whichever one he is, is the most intelligent human ever to have existed, I agree with that, certainly the most highly decorated human in the theoretical sciences of the 20th and 21st centuries….It is just that there happen to be two of them or more, dumb and dumber. Now, neither of these Stephens are able to communicate in the manner that the humans would like them to communicate, so my question is, where is the third Steven Hawking? There must be three of them… Who is the Stephen Hawking that is speaking for Stephen Hawking in the robot voice, who is just as dumb as the other Stephen Hawkings? Who is the Dumberest? And which of the Stephen Hawkings was responsible for writing the international Best Seller “A Brief History of Human Stupidity’? If humans are to proclaim any intelligence at all, would they not need at least some basic skills in their own phrenology… But it is clear to me that humans do not have this skill.


Syrian Opera Troupe Fails

Confirmed: Syrian Cities demolished with machinery and explosives in a controlled demolition…. Humans admit there is no “war” in Syria.

Nobody killed or injured in the process of demolitions. The trick is that the Syrian government has already arranged the compensation for the destruction with Western Governments, and this is a process that is legitimate by “human standards” and “international law”. Alternative housing has been provided and will be provided in the future when the new neighborhoods are rebuilt.


How to film in Syria



Syrian Photo Competition Winner!

The winning shot in the Syrian Baby Carrying Competition!

Look at this brave Syrian, bare-chested “noble savage”, looking a bit awkward in front of the cameras, but we can work on that, and it almost adds to the mood and “genuine” look of the photo. The cradling of the baby is a very dramatic pose, and the terribly undernourished Syrian baby, neatly caressing its own sore paw… What a horrific injury, I mean what would you expect after surviving a bombing and being crushed by a building, look at that fresh oh-so-white clean bandage, obviously the medics worked very hard on patching up this hardy little Syrian super-baby!! Why it looks so fake it must be real!!! And that’s the whole point! I would have liked to see some white powder foundation make-up dusted on to the actors, and perhaps a dab of that costly fake blood, but I am just being a critic.

The Syrian Opera

A new style of hair-do perhaps, the petrified-hair look? With white-powder foundation make-up for that freshly just crushed by a building look?

And here she is again.


And again!