Britain’s Saviour


12 responses to “Britain’s Saviour

  • delendaestziobot

    That’s an English speaking Hero right there…

  • aufihrhelden

    Another is Winifred Marjorie Williams.

  • delendaestziobot

    The way the British hierarchy got rid of Mosely was by dropping bombs on Britain and then blaming it on Germany…As I explain in my book, and also as other historians have pointed out, the “Blitz” was the British dropping bombs on their own people and blaming it on the Germans…This is easily proven because the Germans had no long range bombing capability…The first time a plane crashed at the beginning of the “Blitz”, the Home Guard picked up the pilot and found that he was British and a student from Oxford….They were amazed! This happened all the time, also during the black outs British agents were discovered lighting flares to direct the British bombers that were dropping bombs on Britain…Alot of British people knew about this, and also would notice that the engine sounds were identified as British and not German bombers, so the British started using in-situ bombs instead of dropping bombs, this became known as Operation Crossbow…There was no “V weapons”, all the documentation of V weapons comes from the British and Americans. Of course all the so-called “launching sites” of V weapons were in Allied held positions after D Day…Of course it is impossible to unravel all the lies about this, because the lies are supported by the entire world…One or two men here and there typing on a blog and writing a book cannot do anything about it….V weapons amount to little more than an absurd joke..

  • delendaestziobot

    There are some strange links between the Hellfire Club and Operation Crossbow, they often used the same premises , Medmenham Abbey for example….Operation Crossbow employed young inexperienced men and women who then performed useless jobs like looking at photos and building models, they were then taken to “after parties” where who knows what happened….Very weird…But the point is that Germany never bombed Britain, that was the British RAF that bombed Britain…

  • delendaestziobot

    If you look where the first V Weapons were used, or where the explosions were, it will lead to the Hell Fire Club, or there will be connection there…Definitely linked up…Oh yea, “Hell Fire Corner”, in Kent, there it is…

  • delendaestziobot

    Links with the Hellfire Caves and Military Tunnels…

  • aufihrhelden

    Can you imagine how the people of Britain would react to the above news ?? … Get together, blame the Germans anyway (Jewish Scapegoat ‘Principle’ as described in chapter VI of ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’) and then laugh …

    I’ve has that reaction many times.

    • delendaestziobot

      I think they will do nothing. Because it is like Plato’s Cave, if one lone person manages to work out that it is all a theatrical show of illusions the billions of others will not believe that one lone person….Neither do they want to because they themselves are part of the illusion…

  • delendaestziobot

    One lone man in Britain – Oswald Mosely attempted to prevent the destruction of Britain, because, as Hitler knew also, if Germany was destroyed the rest of White civilization would also be destroyed and the people would be enslaved, because Germany was the Fatherland and all were reliant on her… Mosely was jailed by his own people, who were traitors, and then Germany was destroyed, and so now Britain is also destroyed and her people slaves of inferior races, as is the rest of the “White World” which is no longer White….The few last remnants dissolve in a biological hellhole of filth and corruption…To look at Britain and France and the rest of Europe and America, or anywhere there is white people today is to see a people completely and utterly conquered and enslaved, and over the next few generations they will slowly be bred out of existence by the crushing weight of filth that they have brought upon themselves. A few lone individuals are powerless to act against this.

    • Rohan

      “Als it is hard for America to fight wars in the name of freedom, if those people themselves choose for nonfreedom. Can America and England save India from communism, if they vote communist themselves.” – Oswald Mosley

  • delendaestziobot

    “I tremble for Europe at the thought of what would lie in store for our old, heavily populated continent were the chaos of the Bolshevist revolution rendered successful by the infiltrating force of this destructive Asiatic concept of the world which subverts all our established ideals.” – Adolf Hitler, Reichstag 1936.

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