Some thoughts on Sport

Kamerad Steve,

“Drugs in sport: taken by all, essentially, all those at the ‘top’ of their sport and probably most of the others, the Olympic Games is a competition amongst pharmaceutical companies! See how those who finish second or further down never sue those who have been ‘caught’ taking drugs, they would be entitled to sue for lost prize money and, sponsorship, endorsements, etc, especially in today’s litigious society, one should be seeing the ‘drug cheats’ being sued like there is no tomorrow, but it does not happen, because they are all on drugs and it is just that some are being singled out for reasons yet unknown, but it is not for drug use. Why are the drugs allowed by the world ‘authorities’? To encourage the general world to take them and become unnatural and dependent? To encourage them to support plastic robotized people? To propel the inferior races? Is the gradual effeminization of sport to effeminze the general population? How much of sport is rigged from start to finish? Why? To make one ‘nation’ feel good about themselves? Betting scams? The suicides by sporting figures – are they really suicides or are they murdered to cover up what some might find out? Are any of them Golem? Are any of them doubles?”

Kamerad Karl,

“I think it is a pharmaceutical Games and the black Games, more and more black athletes enhanced by white man drugs, essentially the white man attempting to artificially boost the black man above himself, so that the black man will be superior, this appears to be the ultimate aim of the white man – he has been programmed over the centuries towards this self-sacrifice. This is indicative of the state of the world. For example Sally Pearson of Australia was denied access to the drugs she was on and then she succumb to injury and then the 100 meters hurdles at the Rio Olympics was won by black runners who were also on drugs. But Sally Pearson had run faster than the blacks who won the medals at the Games, the blacks won because the drugs were taken off Sally Pearson and given to the blacks. It’s quite a simple equation. It is definitely to propel inferior races to victory, but also a case of which pharmaceutical company is designated to win at which time. There would be different reasons why one athlete would be selected over another to be given the better drugs. The trend has been towards Black and Asian athletes receiving the more advanced drugs and more often to propel them to victory over the Whites, this trend is organized by the Whites who produce the drugs, the Whites want only to collectively immolate themselves before the coloured races, this seems to be their only concern. It is like in Brussels which is the de facto capital of the European Union, Brussels is 80% Black and Brown, the Whites are a minority, but the Whites have worked very hard to make this a reality, they wish only to propel the inferior races above themselves, once the Whites have achieved this then there will be no need for them – the Whites look forward to that time when they will be made utterly redundant, they are already the abused slaves of the coloured races, but they wish to be even less than that.”

Kamerad Joe,

“Popular sports have always been fixed. These manipulations taking place have always taken place and are the exact same tactics that have been successful in the States. Many decades ago they began changing all the rules in Pro baseball, football, basketball, so that it was geared towards niggers. For instance, niggers cannot dribble, they struggle to run and bounce the ball at the same time, so now they can basically run with the ball. The shit with Maria is the same shit they pulled on Mark Mcquire when he hit the most home runs, all the while the monkey sammy sosa was given a pass. I knew guys that were assigned to Sonny Liston to make sure he took the fall to Clay, that pussy nigger who became known as Mohamed Ali, and the obvious promotion of Islam, he could not fight his way out of a paper bag, and yet all the Ziobots say his the greatest! I could go on and on about others, but the point is that sports have always been fixed as sure as the Patriots won the Superbowl after 911.”

Kamerad Steve

“Yes, many succumb to injuries at the vital moments… The two most obvious drug takers at this Olympic Games used to try and enhance the black race are Mo Farah and Usain Bolt. It’s also political (setting two sides against each other), i.e. the recent anti-Russian propaganda with the Russian athletes and also at the same time with the Tennis player, Maria Sharapova, it is all co-ordinated. The so-called drug-testing authorities know that everybody is on it but will be told who to expose and who not to according to the scripted agenda, the athletes themselves all know, but they are mere robots, so they just do whatever they are told.”

Kamerad Karl,

“Interesting about Ali and his theatrical boxing style, it’s all theater at the end of the day, even war is theater, it’s not real, it’s all fixed.”

Kamerad Gregory,

Yes, speaking of Muhammed Ali, his scripted act was all just derived from Jewish vaudeville. Whoever wrote his televised act with his handler, the Jew Howard Cosell, was just making a lazy extension of the same old Abbot & Costello vaudeville bullshit – a straight guy setting up the jokes for a funny guy. Except that the entire purpose for Ali’s act, and indeed his entire career, was not boxing at all, but to introduce loudmouthed chimpout antics on the part of black athletes into what was then predominately mannered white sports, and to make obnoxious subhuman behaviors normalized. Since Jews have zero physical athletic ability, they had to rely on cheaply bought rent- boys like Ali to do it for them, to introduce shit-talking and temper tantrums to the white masses. He was the prototype for OJ Simpson and millions of others, to make black homicidal chimpout behavior seem normalized for the gullible white masses.”

Kamerad Karl

“The blacks and browns and yellows would be cheaper to buy, maybe that is why the Jews promote them. It could just come down to that for the Jews, a mathematical equation. If white rent-boys were cheaper the Jew would buy a white one instead of black one, also, there are more homosexual blacks, Ali was definitely putting on a homosexual flirtatious act for the Jews to lap up….most of these black athletes are just prostitutes….and black prostitutes are traditionally cheaper then whites, hence Jews would be more attracted to the black pro sports stars…The whites are generally Jewish in racial makeup these days so so hence the desire of the white in general to promote blacks and yellows and browns above themselves, in a form of self-loathing, masochistic desire, which is a characteristic of the Jew. ”





48 responses to “Some thoughts on Sport

  • aufihrhelden

    Will the world ever know who is the fastest, strongest, fittest and the best ??

    Cricket :

    * I would say that the West Indies bowlers of the 1970’s and 1980’s were given drugs for the promotion of the black race, as in athletics ;

    * also, the Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne – the media are always talking of his ‘scriptwriter’ as though they are making a child’s joke of the fact that his career or large parts of it are fixed from start to finish ;

    * perhaps some try to expose it – from the Jewish ‘Wikipedia’ on the ex-Yorkshire cricketer David Bairstow : ‘After retirement from playing in 1990, Bairstow became a popular radio commentator. However, he engaged in arguments with the Yorkshire management, and also suffered from depression. In late 1997, Bairstow took an overdose of tablets, and although he survived, a few weeks later he hanged himself at his home in Marton-cum-Grafton, Yorkshire. The coroner in the case recorded an open verdict, saying that he was not convinced Bairstow had meant to kill himself, and that his actions may instead have been a “cry for help”. His wife, Janet, and children, Andy, Jonathan and Becky, soon left Marton-Cum-Grafton and moved to Dunnington where they still live.’ That doesn’t sound suspicious … they have been others.

    Football :

    * there’s definitely been a huge amount of effeminization in football in the last thirty years or so. I believe it is for the same reason that the clothing store ‘Zara’ are now selling clothes that are for neither sex in particular – the ‘Great Blending’ into a sea of sexless nothingness. Women’s football !

    * do some not go along with it and so there are repeated attempts to destroy them with propaganda and negative portrayals and attempts to subvert ? The English football manager Brian Clough ?

  • Michael A. Luna

    Among “my” generation, the internet sports have become increasingly popular, and the story is the same. Only instead of pharmaceutical companies we have coders spinning together 1s and 0s for assistance. Of course, the organizers are complicit and could not have the world knowing they merely provide a stage for whomever can cheat the most and hide it the best. So many virtual “goodies” it helps them sell…I suppose such things are no more fake than a baseball cap, lol!

    And they have precautions against cheating, which do little and are advertised widely ( much like supposed drug tests ).

    “Look at us! How firmly we are taking a stance!”

    small playlist in case anyone wants to look, you may want to mute the volume for some of these.

  • delendaestziobot

    The more things change the more the stay the same, the world and nature favours lying and cheating and deception and fraud, because nature and the world herself is a fraud, a lie…..No doubt internet sports will become increasingly popular as the Ziomass become fully immersed in cyberspace.

  • aufihrhelden

    And what happens to those who may try to reveal things or who might be seen as loose cannons ?

    Four examples in cricket :

    Hansie Cronje : died in a ‘plane crash’ after being involved in a betting scandal. Of course, if all sport is rigged then profiting from that via betting would be a nice little extra bonus.

    Bob Woolmer : strangled in hotel room ?

    Peter Roebuck : died after ‘jumping’ from a hotel balcony.

    David Bairstow : ‘committed suicide’ by hanging himself.

    All of the above, I believe, are popular methods used by Zion when they want to get rid of somebody.

    Also, regarding cricket : the introduction of what is known as ‘Twenty/20’ ‘cricket’ (combined with the on-going deliberate destruction of, say, the English County Championship or Australian state cricket) is an attempt to dumb down sport and, again, pander to the lowest common denominator. I sense they are using this to one day try and combine cricket with American baseball because baseball is more in line with the intellectual capacity of a Zionist. Kerry Packer would have been involved in this in the 1970s.

    The above would be part and parcel of the overall fixing of the game …

  • aufihrhelden

    One wonders what the agenda of Imbecilic Zion is in letting out some sexual abuse stories in its media linked to football ?

  • aufihrhelden

    A recent stunt event for a ‘two hour marathon attempt’. Promotion of the inferior races drugged up on God knows what and, it states, “… 63 years to the day since Britain’s Roger Bannister ran the first ever sub four-minute mile …” – transpose 63 and you have 36 (3 6’s !! 666 !!). Probably Bannister was on drugs as well …

    Here is the link from the Zionist BBC :

  • delendaestziobot

    BTW, durianrider’s vids are some of the most humorous vids I have seen….”I am only doing youtube because I really care about people”….LOL,LOL….The world is a joke….LOL…

  • aufihrhelden

    Regarding ‘durianrider’, his stuff on the all-encompassing drug use in sport and his general health/fitness/food intake stuff appears to be sound but I have seen one or two suspect hand signals …

    • delendaestziobot

      Probably he is just a ziobot exposing ziobots, which is funny…The entire Vegan-Paleo dichotomy would be false…I used to think that eating vegetarian could make a difference, and then I realized that it made no difference and durianrider actually points that out also. It takes just as many dead animals to produce fruit and veges as it does to produce meat – fertilizer is just dead animals! Fruit and Veges are so frankensteined with every type of synthetic growth that they are probably now more unnatural than meat! It’s absurd! One thing though about going Vegan though, because it is mostly a female thing, there are more chances of getting laid being a Vegan because if you are a guy there are 10 times more females that are Vegan, so that is great odds for your typical ziobot….LOL…I mean, seriously, does riding round on a bike in lycra eating bananas grown in dead animal fertilizer and doing you tube vids sound like fun?

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, of course, eating vegetarian or vegan makes no difference for the reasons you say but, of course, NOTHING makes any difference because the Masses rule by force (the worst thing an Ehrean can do is to help expose truths because truths can only be destroyed by the Zionist Moron (for example, the Third Reich Ruins).

    Things such as cycling and running (not the drug taking cheats and puppets and Ziobots at the ‘top’) are good for the soul and encourage discipline and physical and mental toughness. Also, by being physically active and possessing physical prowess, a man is sticking two fingers up to the mentally retarded and physically inadequate Masses of Zion. Mark my words, one day the Zionist Masses will BAN all forms of physical activity because it makes them feel inadequate (only drug-fuelled Ziobots made of plastic will be allowed to ‘compete’ in plastic stadiums watched by plastic people). One thing that Zion may be doing now is deliberately trying to knock people off their bikes and kill them to try and discourage physical fitness.

    I believe that Torch Bearer Marko is a vegetarian (or a vegan) and by doing so (he will know, as you do that practically it makes no difference) he is also sticking two fingers up at Zion and empowering his own SPIRIT. We also, of course, know who else was …

    • delendaestziobot

      I think being a Vegetarian would come from an idealistic and moralist point of view, which is good, like Our Father. But considering what fruit and vegetables are these days, how they are grown and how they have been engineered over centuries, all the dead animals and trees that have gone into their production…Is there any real difference other than a transcendent moral principal? No, not really…Food – the first chains of enslavement in this world…

      No other way for the Sports Industry to go, but with more and more synthetic drugs, used surreptitiously, of course. Certain sports people may be “exposed” at certain times to keep others in-line and to punish those who do not comply with other requirements behind closed doors…

      But it is a dying industry, humans cannot compete with robotics….In terms of physical performance, so the outcome is already decided…Human sports performance is now only related to how robots learn to do sports performance.

      • Michael A. Luna

        Yes “natural” fruits are vegetables are quite a joke. Fruits make you a fruit…lol

        fib-ER is not even good for you… ( fib being a small lie )

        Artificial sugars are A(r)mor ( when used appropriately, “These things take time” ).

        Aspir from Aspirate
        To tame breathing out. Like holding your breath…


        Coming from “Sorb-us” related to the Rowan tree.

        Those among Us will know that the appearance and etymology of this “mineral” are nothing to scoff at.

        Sugar alcohols do not feed pathogens… White-coat-black-magic is not necessary to prove this.

        “Kaffe” means Chaff

        Mitochondria are a deception
        I had correspondence with a certain gentlemen and he suggested that mitochondria might just be bacteria. The theory for the origin of mitochondria is that they used to be bacteria…
        Atoms and DNA are hoaxes as you know Karl.

        Bacteria/Fungi love water especially if it is stagnant. Wring yourself into the Light…


        To-go-on ( and on and on … )

        Aluminum A-lumen-um
        and also
        Alu-minium ( ALU ULA )


        See also my comment on this fine blog entry:

  • aufihrhelden

    ” … and to punish those who do not comply with other requirements behind closed doors…”

    Torch Bearer Karl,

    Would that be such requirements as sexual abuse, ‘suicide-ing’ people and the rigging of, more or less, all sports ?

  • delendaestziobot

    Very interesting Kamerad Michael. I think we need you to formulate your thoughts into a book on these matters.

    • Michael A. Luna

      Ch-ease is made by straining The Way…

      Caffeine would be Chaff-Ihnen ( it is pronounced almost exactly the same )

      Nicotine is Nicot-ihnen etc.
      I’m not quite sure what the meaning of “Co” might be, but there are some clues with which the reader can come to their own conclusion ( for now ).

      Cin(Sin )-Co and Ni-Co would be the same thing in Spanish. 5 the Hyperborean number…
      And there is the popular beverage, “Co-Ka Co-La”

      • Michael A. Luna

        Co-Ka Co-La
        Kal-a being Time as described here:

        Without Kal, The Kal of the Hyperborean Germans as described by Master Serrano in The Ultimate Avatar. Related to the Judaized plagiarism of the Aryan Kaballah, of course.

        Saturated fat is Saturn-ated,
        Un-Saturn-Ated fats are easily corruptible and oxidized…

        Bar-Rot ( Brot ) is unique from other grains/starches in that it can be separated from it’s Ir-On content. Washing the golden wheat a second time produces Seitan… Satan-Saturn, the Prince of Hell, Lucifer. Again Miguel Serrano explains all of this in The Ultimate Avatar.

        Practical advice should be gleaned very carefully until there is absolute coherence… probably something each must learn on their own. A hideous plagiarism is not easily undone.

  • delendaestziobot

    So Demons looking to preserve themselves through Time in the bodies of Men?

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    The clowns in the circus aren’t worth watching — they aren’t worth the time of any noble soul, least of all the Ehrean’s. One should train one’s body for spiritual glory, not competition with niggers, who will always win on this base level of material degeneracy. Their bones are thicker and muscles more pronounced for a reason. There has never been a good nigger swimmer for this very reason. They sink. But what of the spirit? How many “white athletes” are even greater degenerates than their black counterparts? Too many to count.

    Why I am a vegetarian: It isn’t to get laid. Not even to emulate the ways of the Fuhrer. But because I find eating other sentient beings repulsive. Granted, I didn’t always think this way — far from it. I myself was raised in a den of carnivores, by good folks whose stomachs represented a veritable graveyard of animals. So I am not putting flesh-eaters down. Those who are hungry enough to slaughter their own game have my approval — but not the gluttons who parade the supermarkets stuffing their carts with the blood of kosher/gentile blood-sacrifice victims. In the same way, small farmers and private growers of produce command my utmost respect.

  • aufihrhelden

    K. von Kanwetzburg,

    Zion has taken ‘sport’ through a process of feminisation down the years.

    The inferior races are given the best drugs by the Zionist pharmaceutical companies (the best examples are athletics whether it be 100m or a marathon) and sport is arranged so that their drugs can perform.

    All walks of life are aimed at diluting Ehrean Supremacy.

    Swimmers are packed with drugs as much as any sport and are packed with ‘drug muscle’.

    Indeed, people love gluttony but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the meat on sale today came from the bodies of dead ‘Goy Humans’!

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      There is no ‘sport,’ only games. The Third Reich was the exception: the Reich had true athletic competition and thus true athletes as well. Everything else, since time immemorial in the so-called “West” is Jew fiction. Remember Jack Johnson (1908-1915) the first black heavyweight boxing champion — yes the Jews and their Bots controlled the games from as far back as then as well, and long before!

      • aufihrhelden

        The Third Reich: ‘live and let live and let the best man win’.

        Zionist Dictatorship: ‘the dilution of Ehrean Supremacy and the promotion of inferior inadequacy’.

  • delendaestziobot

    Reminds me of “Soylent Green”,,,,,,”Soylent Green is People”….What a ghastly world this is…

  • delendaestziobot

    From a purely health perspective the benefits of a meat based diet are much superior to a plant based diet….After several attempts at going Vegetarian, I only saw a decline in health, and had to switch back to a meat based diet….From a moral perspective this is troublesome, I dont like the fact that one must eat animals for better health, nor do I like that fact that there is no escaping this…Without animal based fertilizers there would be no nutritious plant food, so again, one faces dead animals whether one likes it or not…If it was a purely ‘wild’ environment, then a man would starve and die, quite quickly, it is only fertilized crops that sustain a man for a period of time, but he will not develop particularly well or reach full health without meat….Just no way out of this philosophical dilemma…There is something wrong with the consumption of food to begin with, any food, but when one realizes that one must consume animals to reach a good level of health over a sustained time frame then this is shocking…

  • Hosner

    Exactly! There is something – everything – wrong with consumption of food to begin with.
    Any extreme environment where man preys on man, as opposed to the era/idea of chivalry (was there truly such an “era”? in duelling, perhaps) soon teaches one that pain is a particular form of currency. Thus horror, terror of suffering, of torture, of sadism, of Lautremont takes-pen-in-hand. What wouldn’t one do in order to die instantly, the luxury of being shot in the head? Is not our culture, in a certain sense, founded and kept in motion with the help of this very fear? Hollywood knows how to keep it in front of our eyes all the time. And they enjoy it, they like to have us permanently apprehensive.
    Any farmer/person with a grain of common sense knows the quality of meat is in direct relation with the manner of taking that animal’s life. Mammals know. They feel. They may not all be equaly noble in our eyes, but they all feel, (at the very least) they feel and know things that are going on in their immediate surroundings. Which is why they “appreciate” a quick and “painless” death. This fact can be “inferred” from amounts of raw “meon” (no-thing-ness) that are released into our souls if the opposite takes place, i.e. if the animal is subject to (prolonged) torture.
    I think the moral problem of (not) eating meat can not be adequately resolved on this level. How we treat the “meat” that we are subsequently to ingest and eat is also out of our control, unless we are able to farm the animals, but even then we are limited with many regulations that are in place, types of food available and other restrictions. The servants of Demiurge know very well that a quick death isn’t good for their business. Centuries of Jews hunting for our blood made us realize the importance our agony plays in their economy. Their victim’s korper must be saturated with glandural excretions such as adrenalin, just as we, the people, must be soaked in nonsense that is daily telecast into the rings of time by our owners. Their attitude makes no provision for the differences (with)in logos, i.e. they torture and kill both animals and human beings, although it is easy to imagine they prefer the latter; the animals and their pain, it seems, are mostly a lubricant, as it were, in the matrix: they make sure the amounts of Karma are accrued constantly, just like the US public debt that’s been climbing from 1913 on.
    I too tried to live as a full vegetarian, but I didn’t succeed; not that I consume a lot of meat, but I do so on a regular basis; I’ve noticed that otherwise my nerves begin to feel over-exposed, for want of a better word, to all manner of irritation, a problem as it is.
    I abhor the idea of harming animals in order to keep myself fit and fed, animals have character and grace, and their ability of re-turning emotions is on a par with that of the average human. I wouldn’t mind ending up as food for my loved ones, as long as they paid respect to my bones (which doesen’t necessarily mean their complete internment).
    However, I find the idea of eating their limbs or organs for my own sustenance repulsive in the extreme.
    Terror, horror, abhorrence, repulsion, pain, Adam the worm from Tel-Aviv. Some of us were reduced to cannibalism at Stalingrad, that is true, but most of soldiers that acted thus were (made) mentally inferior due to extreme fatigue and the prevailing conditions, conditions that may have a come back when Babylon falls on our heads and we find ourselves confronted with the zombies of Zion in an even more intimate way.

    Eva from Neuschwabenland…

    I refuse to believe or accept the fact that a human being that longed for a Higher love, that had his breath enter and leave his lungs to the rhythm of mystery that is existence, I refuse to accept the idea that he can be irrevocably conquered, crushed and killed for ever. Not only will he experience resurrection – but triumph. And triumph is all. And any type of triumph is all triumph organically, otherwise we would find it impossible to even conceive of unity. Triumph is allways political because (one and the same) love, that is sponsor of his resurrection, finds herself performing the same work = binding into unity elements of polis, which is to say of: Das Reich! Only citizens that are free males possess the right to vote, but with us voting means the capacity to lead and be led. Thus the conquered, the chrushed, the killed ONE rises as leader, as Fuhrer, and feeds his young with blood of his chest, pelikan-like.
    Christian Orthodox mystics that made it their job to travel the roads of horror and terror, who have journeyed through all hells, kept fit and strong by love of their Christ, explain with joy to all pet owners that may inquire of them that: their dead animals will assuredly meet them in heaven, their-once-upon-a-time-shared-love being the very “ticket” that will have brought them there. Thus we see that animals possess not only character but that that character grows with the virtue of love shared with them. The fact that X-tianity is a fake Jewish religion doesen’t change this in the least; the Archetype(s) conform to the Character(s).
    Except that Her name is not Eva but Gerda. It doesen’t matter how much animal meat we eat, what matters is: who we eat it with. The good animals will love us back a thousand times more – if we but find a way to secure their way into the Eternal Reich as well. How we do that?
    Don Miguel Serrano laid down the way in sufficient detail for us.
    Alles regelbare regeln! To rule all that are rulable! This is a type of cybernetics = ship stirring. Because only the good one, the resurrected one, will find it in his heart to want to rule. Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer.
    Heil Hitler for ever!

    H E I L H I T L E R !

  • Rohan

    I too was vegetarian for 15 years, until I realized that I had become nothing more than a fanatic of the kitchen religion. One does not become greater by not eating meat…have you ever seen an initiated vegetarian cow? It is of greater importance to recognize and eliminate the animal like aggregates and beastly monsters within, than to worry endlessly about removing the small amount of meat I consume per week, from my plate.

  • delendaestziobot

    Hitler was a vegetarian, but he was not dogmatic about it…One cannot be dogmatic about it because it is such a conundrum, like everything in this world….When I was young, and still to this day I cannot understand how consuming anything is good, but that is the nature of this world I find myself in, like Frankenstein detested the world he found himself in, I hate it for being so… Why does all sustenance derive from living organisms and creatures? I do not know, but I know I don’t like it…

  • delendaestziobot

    I think we are returning to a most fundamentalist Germanic Kristianity….The true Kristian Ascetics…But this time armed with an even stronger spiritual doctrine.

  • aufihrhelden

    In the World’s Strongest Man contest of 2017, competitors were throwing what were said to be heavy gold ingots over a raised bar – the cretins of Zion like to give their subliminal messages, not realising that they’re being laughed at day and night. Torch Bearer Karl once stated, “the Jews are trying to find a way of utilising their stolen golden hoard.”, or words to that effect. Perhaps this type of behaviour is linked to that, it would fit with the rest of their dim-witted activity. There’s a perfume as well!:

    Also, the World’s Strongest Man tournament, despite the obvious steroid use, is not given much media attention compared to other sports – perhaps it’s because (unlike the examples given above of boxing, athletics and basketball) it’s much more difficult to fix it all so the inferior races are able to compete.

    Throwing gold ingots is on this video at the 30:14 mark – also, I don’t believe the presenter’s real name (seen at the start) is real – I believe that the presenter is Jewish. There’s even an ‘Evolution’ lie at the start of this!:

  • aufihrhelden

    Is it me or do the two Ashes cricket captains Steve Smith and Joe Root both look and act like women??

  • aufihrhelden

    I’ve noticed ‘figures in cricket’ such as Shane Warne and Michael Vaughan give the pathetic Satanic hand signals.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Yes, it is pathetic — pathetic that they believe these nigger-hand-gestures have any meaning whatsoever (other than to distinguish one “brotha” from “anotha”).

  • aufihrhelden

    Zionist Imbecile Alert!!

    Bitter apricot kernels are very good for combating cancer but Zion doesn’t like this because Zion wants people to die and, as an added bonus, it makes lots and lots of fiat fraud from ‘treating’ people with cancer – but apricot kernels are sold on the internet so what does Imbecilic Zion do?? Zion makes up a ‘law’ stating that apricot kernels should not be eaten but used as a f*****g body scrub instead!!!!!

    This is written on an apricot kernel retail website:


    Tomorrow, I’m going to wash with apricot kernels and eat soap!!!!!!!

    Laughing at the Zionists!

  • aufihrhelden

    Nobody wants to really kill because nobody wants a paradise because when people realise what needs to be done (the killing of the Zionist Masses) they shy away from it.

    Laughter makes no difference of course but one can still laugh at the Zionist Imbeciles.

  • Hosner


    One could hear the expectant laughter of the children as they were being ushered in. Most of them were white, but not all. Most of them were blond, but not all. Some were ginger-haired, some were raven-haired, some had hair the colour of chestnuts.
    Their teacher, lady Silvia Ursula, the violin virtuoso, next spoke. “And now for the treat I promised you, liebe Kinder.”
    Silence fell on the auditorium, the stage was lit.
    A voice said: “It is time we saw the play called ‘Imagine The World Without Monotheism!’
    Next thing that happened was funny.
    An old, evil lady was brought in. The voice said aloud: “This is the Spectre called B.”
    The old lady was naked and evil.
    Her two sagging breasts were hanging like two purses, full of jewish gold, stolen gold.
    She looked rather crazy.
    Next came a band of mischievous little angels.
    They had with them a big jar, full of some delightfully smelling substance. Madame Silvia Ursula approached with a long eagle feather and dipped it into the liquid substance.
    As the little angels saw to it that the ugly Spectre B. was affixed to an office table, with their quick and clean-cut gestures, and also properly immobilized, lady Silvia Ursula begun piously applying the substance to the Spectre’s neck.
    From somewhere, gentle music was being heard, even that immortal Opera of the immortal Master, Rienzi.
    Suddenly, two big rats, Mono and Stereo, were allowed on stage.
    They were meant to keep company to the Spectre for she looked mighty lonely. And somewhat confused too.
    The rats smelled the substance on her neck and sunk their long teeth into it The Spectre gave a hysterical scream.
    The music was turned off.
    Everybody preferred to hear the evil woman scream.
    At first she kept screaming, unimpressive little screams of evil, but suddenly her spectral voice was no more.
    There was no trace of her neck either. Just the remnants of her once evil head was lying there, protruding from a pool of yellowish ichor, finally spent.
    And as she was screaming, the good little angels were heartily laughing, combining in their wisdom the twin virtue of extermination and laughter.
    The latter, laughter, is a honorary citizen in a world without Monotheism.
    Can we imagine such a world, beloved, on this wonderful wonderful cold and frigid night? If only it were colder, if only it were more Frigid.

    Disclaimer: The above is an exercise in lautremontish satire, not a spectral prophecy.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Truth about Football and Sports:

  • delendaestziobot

    Links between alcohol and football? Too many to mention…. The truth of football is not football it is alcohol. ALKOHOL or “Water from Koln”…. The first time I was introduced to the “drinking culture” was by joining a football club when I was a teenager, it was there that I began my apprenticeship in drinking. Football and Sports as fan based cultures began as Corporate advertising campaigns for cigarettes and alcohol. These days Insurance and international Finance Corporations have taken over as the main sponsors, but the old advertising campaigns are still there but in a different format….Gambling obviously, that’s the other reason – gambling.

  • Michael A. Luna

    Mattresses are torture devices.
    Mater-esses promote a carnal, mater-ialistic sort of love
    ( hence “mat-ing” ) due to the way this “comfort” compresses the spine and kidneys. And it is something we become dependent on…not easily remedied…but nonetheless

    So we can see where “Sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite” comes from and the bedbugs are internal, feasting while you “sleep loose.”

    But you Ken ch-oose a different path!

    • delendaestziobot

      The spine is a torture device…. The idea that we have to spend any time at all lying on a mattress, just lying there, asleep…What a stupid idea – lying in bed.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Was not the spine the very thing that Wotan climbed down from in rebellion? Is not the base of the spine the very catalyst from which all of our material displeasures proceed?

  • delendaestziobot

    That would be the crux of the matter…. Pleasure does not exist in this world, only pain, because the spinal cord is plugged into the brain which registers the pain…There is pain relief, but not pleasure, when one feels what is called “pleasure” it is just pain relief… So yea we are crucified on the spine…

  • delendaestziobot

    So hunger is a pain, and when we eat there is pain relief…Until we are hungry again and the pain returns….But the world of nature is not providing any food, food is artificial, animals are artificial also – animals have been introduced artificially into nature.

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