Delenda contra Nietzsche Part V

I knew when I decided to duel with Nietzsche that I was entering into a profound spiritual battle, a Titanic warfare that would span the plane of this flat earth….Nietzsche’s supporters are legion, he is the most popular philosopher in the Western World, so my move to attack Nietzsche was going to be difficult and unpopular. I avoided the confrontation for some time, even in my book I try to avoid this confrontation, this duel, but a time comes when a man cannot stand by and remain silent and keep the peace, thus I have launched my attack on Nietzsche.

“Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism…To us Jews it is obvious to see how destructive these ideologies have been upon the minds of the Goyim”   The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

What one must understand about Nietzsche is that he is not the writer of most of the books that bear his name, this is common in the publishing industry, it is kept secret to a certain degree, but it is commonly known as “ghost writing”. I will give you an example from the present: The writer of the Harry Potter literary franchise is not J.K. Rowling, there is a team of writers who write the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling is, what is called, a “figurehead”. Nietzsche is the same, a figurehead, he never wrote anything after his split with Wagner, and even then, it was his sister Elizabeth who had the connections to the Wagner family. At the time, Nietzsche, was considered a degenerate half Jew and a petty con man. It was impossible for the stateless Nietzsche to obtain the position of Professor of classical philology at the University of Basel. To be made stateless by Prussia and to lose his citizenship would have been an utter disgrace, it was impossible for a stateless i.e. criminal to be made a Professor at Basel University, Nietzsche would have had to have been at least a Swiss citizen, but Nietzsche was not a Swiss citizen and therefore was not eligible for the teaching position. This fact has been covered up by the huge and powerful publishing Corporations that support Nietzsche-ism. But it is a fact nonetheless, and it is unavoidable,  the fact is that Nietzsche never held the position of Professor of Basel University. It is even acknowledged that Nietzsche had no qualifications for the position, which he did not, but the important fact that Nietzsche had to be first a Swiss citizen to even qualify at all for the position is  ignored. Also, Nietzsche, at the time, would have had to have been a practicing Christian to obtain the position, and Nietzsche obviously was not a practicing Christian. Nietzsche used this lie to cover up the reason why he had lost his Prussian citizenship. Nietzsche lied about being in the Franco-Prussian war, that would be impossible because Nietzsche had already lost his Prussian citizenship….It was not possible for a criminal who had lost his Prussian citizenship (for unknown reasons, but probably homosexuality) to serve as a medical orderly in the Prussian army…At that time Nietzsche was also suffering from the sexually transmitted disease of Syphilis. Which is more evidence that Nietzsche was a homosexual. But overall the most important fact here is that it was not possible for Nietzsche to have obtained a teaching position at the prestigious Basel University, nor was it possible for him to have been a medical orderly in the Prussian army after he had lost his Prussian citizenship! Nietzsche lied and wrote in his letters that he had renounced his Prussian citizenship in order to take up the teaching position in Switzerland, but there is no need for Nietzsche to voluntarily renounce his Prussian citizenship for the position, what Nietzsche needed was Swiss citizenship, which he did not have, therefore he could not have obtained the position in Switzerland.

Now, I can assure you, that when I found all this out, a year and a half ago, I was just as angry and frustrated as what you might be now reading this. I had been reading Nietzsche from when I was 15, like Serrano, but I had always felt intuitively that there was something wrong with the writings of Nietzsche, or Nietzsche Inc, something just did not seem right, the constant contradictions, the subtle praise of Judaism, the virulent hatred towards Christianity, which sounded like it had been written by a Rabbi; the anti-Germanism, the anti-Spiritualism, etc. Nietzsche confounded me and I did not know why, at times I would read things in Nietzsche that I agreed with, but now I have learned that these baits and hooks were merely copied from other sources, that in the textual mish-mash, in the process of copying and pasting from all manner of sources and then heaping it all together by a team of writers, some things were contained in the text that I agreed with, there were Aryan elements in the text, but these elements, pure in form had been mixed together with all manner of literary rubbish, and Jewish cynicism…Nietzsche was after all, a commercial publishing venture, and it has worked on that level very well…


8 responses to “Delenda contra Nietzsche Part V

  • Oiyehue-Yepun

    Nietzsche has been sold to revolted young as a remedy. “Take it, read it and stop being against everything in the world” they say. In other words: When young guys start thinking (if one can call that thinking), just sell them some contradictory words written by an insane man, who hates Beauty, but who writes some baits. And I fell in this trap, many did.

    A glance at Beyond Good and Evil: “Still today France is the refuge of the most intelectual and most refined culture in Europe and remains the great school of good taste, but one must know how to discover it, this good taste France”. Nietzsche.
    In the same book: “this historical sense, which we Europeans reclaim as our specialty, came to us due to the fascinating and crazy Semi-Barbarism, in which Europe was delivered by the democratic mixing of class and race – the nineteenth century is the first one, which knows this sense that became its sixth sense” Nietzsche, the “figurehead”.

    So, France is the refuge of the most refined culture at the same time (nineteenth century) it advocates to mixing and barbarism? Contradictory words…Market strategy maybe, sell to frenchmen, sell to frenchmen enemies.

    • delendaestziobot

      Exactly, it is a marketing strategy, a little bit of everything for everyone will appeal to the mass market. This is quite simply a marketing strategy – how to sell more books with the brand name of “Philosophy”….It is not even Philosophy, it’s tabloidism of the 19th Century….Much of Nietzsche would have just been cobbled together from essays for journals and newspapers that had been dumped in the waste paper basket of publishing houses….Now, the idea was to sell literary garbage to the mass market and call it “Philosophy”, and that would be the in-joke, the laugh that the Jewish publishers would have on the Goyim….And it has worked.

      I just researched Hermann Brockhaus, who was the son of the Liepzig publisher Brockhaus, and brother-in-law of Richard Wagner. He was what were called “German Orientalists” who were employed to write history and languages for the Eastern peoples. Now he published in 1850 a book on Zoroastrianism and a teacher and prophet called Zarathustra, he also wrote tales and songs and hymns in Sanskrit for Indian publishers. Now, how is it that someone who has closes ties to the Wagner family and Liepzig also like Nietzsche and is a University professor writes a book on Zarathustra, 35 years before Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra!

  • delendaestziobot

    Nietzsche Inc. has collected unpublished notes and rejected essays and fragments from Journals and Magazines such as those published by the German Oriental Society and then used these fragments to put together a book, like a mosaic, which is in fact the publishing method for Newspapers and Magazines. So Nietzsche Inc. were Newspaper and Magazine publishers who tried their hand at book publishing, the result was called “Nietzschean Philosophy”, because it amounted to literary garbage, it was heavily promoted and financed as part of the “destructive education” campaign of the Learned Elders Of Zion, who control not only all publishing houses but the entire world.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now Nietzsche Inc. was invented to counter the influence of Richard Wagner, and so one must ask the question what is in the God-Man Richard Wagner’s work that the Learned Elders feared? And, well, it is the case that Richard Wagner is the prophet of the God-Man Adolf Hitler!

  • aufihrhelden

    Die Walküre :

    Brünnhilde to Sieglinde :

    Then hurry away
    towards the East.
    Be brave and defiant,
    endure every burden,
    hunger and thirst,
    thorns and stones.
    Laugh, whatever distress
    or suffering may plague you.
    This one thing you should know
    and always remember :
    the world’s noblest hero,
    Oh woman, you harbour
    in the shelter of your womb.

  • delendaestziobot


    “O heavenly rulers!
    Holy Immortals!
    Turn your eyes
    on this true, loving pair!
    Apart, who can divide us?
    Divided, still we are one!


    Heil, O Brunnhilde,
    glorious star!
    Heil, love in its radiance!


    Heil, O Siegfried,
    Conquering light!
    Heil, life in its radiance!

    Heil, Heil, Heil, Heil!

  • Jason Thompkins

    I applaud what you have undertaken, Torch Bearer! It will be US who create an authentic history based on the Divine Truth and nothing less. Man must defeat ALL of his Gods. ALL OF THEM! Only a Torch Bearer could have the sheer defiance to do what you are doing. As it would go, I, myself, am not a proponent of “The Will to Power, Inc.” either. As an artist, born on the same day as Wagner, I can a sure you that Our Father was influenced by the TRUE ART of Wagner. Without any doubt whatsoever.

    We have made ourselves clear. There is nothing confusing or complicated about our worldview. The Diamond is Polished. It is Simple and Poetic. The Magus wields His Uni-verse in a Chorus of Eternal Twilight. Heil to you!

    Heil Unam!

    • delendaestziobot

      Thankyou for your support Magi LAF, much appreciated. It is no coincidence that you were born on the same day as the God-Man Richard Wagner. I will write also that last night after Mysterium XX, I walked outside late at night, and again I saw a star move, this was the “Star of Wagner” I had envisioned in the Astral ritual. This is the second time I have witnessed the stars themselves move in the night sky as celestial signs. I saw a star cross the heavens, from West to East, ascending out of the atmosphere at great speed….It was a star, moving!

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