The Split

“The split/strife arose and procreation began by the drive to balance the disturbed tension between the polar forces, to find the balance again, because it desires to reach the state of rest; similar to electricity…when the balance between positive and negative pole is disturbed and the electric spark seeks balance. This ceaseless quest for balance and out of it resulting constant disturbance of the equilibrium is the cause of the continuous movement and vibration in all areas of natural events and thus the cause of the law of conservation of energy.” – Guido von List, The Rita of the Ario-Germanen

What we can see here is how the English language was sterilized, castrated, unengendered. What should be understood as Male and Female, El/Ella, in English became a sexless and sterile ”Positive” and “Negative”, via the French Religion de I’Humanite and Auguste Comte’s (who was an employee of the French East India Company) secular religion of Humanism, which was designed as the religion of the sexless “Working Class” first formulated by the figurehead Saint Simon (who was an employee of the French East India Company) defined the creation of an industrial class of drones, called “workers”. Comte’s English counterpart was John Stuart Mill (who was an employee of the British East India Company). John Stuart Mill was godfather to Bertrand Russell who was through the Fabian Society an employee of the British East India Company. The East India Company, in all its international corporate forms was never actually dissolved, well it was in name, but it just was renamed and restructured, the Capital was never dissolved, it was just moved…What this relates to is primarily the movement of Credit, internationally – Credit is sexless, Credit does not have a gender, when Credit is moved as per the French accounting method, from one location to another, it does so in a sexless, genderless accounting transaction, “workers”, as part of this accounting method, must therefore to be assessed as Capital, to be accounted for they must be designated as sexless. “Industrialization” was the term given to the movement of Capital from an area where Capital was over-abundant to an area where Capital was deficient, workers are involved in this movement of Capital. The only way to reverse this, for the slaves of the East India Company, which is the English-speaking world (if you speak English and are reading this then you are still a slave of the East India Company, but you are redundant slave, that means you are no longer required), is to first understand that the Split has been caused against your will, and then exploited against your will, and this process has been managed by beings who look somewhat similar to you, given that they two eyes, and two legs, and one head, etc, but they are not like you. Secondly one must understand that the English language has been sterilized and made sexless.

One response to “The Split

  • M:G

    The primary purpose of the corruption and negative transformation of language is to nullify aryan individualization, to enforce conformity, uniformity and similitude. Since language is the mode of communication and mass delusion in this demiurgic construct, the aryan is persistently bombarded by false illusionary information and concepts. This hinders the aryan’s initiation and on his/her journey to the eternal reich which is the only reality itself.

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