Bring in the Clowns

Clowns are paid performers and actors, they are depicted as being lower class buffoons or bumpkins, a comical idiot. Clowns are the servants of the Pantaloon, in the Pantomime.  The Clown, as opposed to the Harlequin, is the instigator of chaotic, slapstick, anarchic, fun and mayhem, a boisterous, energetic act using songs, catchy slogans and jokes.  I wont be getting into the deeper meanings behind showbiz at this time. I just want to point out that Clowns, Harlequins, Pierrots, etc are in the showbiz, and why they are employed in showbiz…They are employed in showbiz to provide a spectacle to the general public, poor people, the masses. The most common style of the Clown is called “Slapstick”, Clowns also use exaggerated movements, makeup, wigs and outlandish, ridiculous costumes. Slap stick refers to the making of loud noise by use of stage machinery and stage craft, a trick, special effects. In Rock n Roll this was achieved by amplifiers and loud speakers, and instead of the Clown striking his stick, the Clown strikes a chord on his guitar or drum set, or sings into a microphone, this is in the tradition of Slap Stick, something is struck and a very loud noise is made, and this attracts the attention of the public. Clowns are traditionally from Jewish families, generational showbiz families, their tricks are closely guarded trade secrets handed down from generation to generation. Clowns are often drug abusers and homosexuals. Music Halls, Theaters and Pantomimes are traditionally managed by Jewish homosexuals. Clowns have variations in character and costume, they wear distinctive makeup, designed to catch the eye of the viewer at a distance, typically a drunk viewer at a distance. Something that would attract the attention of a drunken passer by, that is the brief, originally…The Clown is the employ of the Pantaloon. Another character in the employ of Pantaloon is Pierrot, whom also wears white powder on the face with black shadowing – the “sad clown”, buffoonish and naive, a fool, attempting to make his way in the world but coming up short, resulting in comical and sad results, but this can be designed with a plot device to achieve a happy ending, think Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Twins”, there you have two Pierrots, both Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Clownish Pierrots of the post modern era, Will Ferrell, is another updated version of Pierrot, Johnny Depp is another, in fact there are thousands of them, all clones of Peirrot – the sad clown. David Bowie said “I am Pierrot”. The Rock n Roll star is another version of Peirrot, the Rock n Roll star is in the tradition of the Clown, the Fool, the Sad Clown of Postmodernism.

David Bowie "I am just a Clown"

David Bowie “I am just a Clown”


Mattais Waggener, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow performing as a drunken Sad Clown.

Mattais Waggener, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow performing as a drunken Sad Clown.


A cast of clowns from MAD MAX Fury Road.

A cast of clowns from MAD MAX Fury Road.


A cast of clowns from Operation Werewolf

A cast of clowns from Operation Werewolf

Alice Cooper - Sad Clown

Alice Cooper – Sad Clown


No prizes for guessing, yep, two Clowns!

No prizes for guessing, yep, two Clowns!



No prizes for guessing, yep two Clowns….



Rob Zombie is a Clown too.


Bring in the Clowns.

Bring in the Clowns.



Danzig Clowns



An Original Clown

5 responses to “Bring in the Clowns

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Thank you so much kamerad. We needed a good laugh this morning. Clowns.

  • aufihrhelden

    The real clowns, of course, wear suits and ties and work in Jew York and the City of London.

    • delendaestziobot

      Exactly, these clowns are poor clowns, Sad Clowns. The manipulators of the Clowns are called Pantaloons, an old merchant…That is the character in the play, of course, the real manipulators are the ones that own the Circus, Theater Hall, Concert Hall, Stock Exchange, Parliament, Sporting ground, etc….And they are in the Bizness of selling their products.

  • aufihrhelden

    The ‘manipulators’ (also clowns !), of course, are the biggest Laughing Stock ! Judge them by their actions ! The constant utilisation of their Zionist armies time and time again is the greatest example of the utter pointlessness of all the other things they own but they don’t realise it !

  • aufihrhelden

    Laughing at The Patriarchal Families !

    Laughing at Dumbo The Demiurge !

    They think this is necessary !!! :

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