Kosher Bowerbirds


Can someone call the wardrobe department, we have a problem with the Waggener boys again…



Jack “Go-Go Dancer” Donavan, employed by Gun companies as a paid actor and figurehead, will perform homosexual acts for drugs also.



Paul “The Mannequin” Waggener appearing in a cigarette and alcohol advertisement, with the new American wild, frontier, rebel, biker, trucker, roadhouse saloon, country boy, apocalypse survivor, pagan, primitive envirowarrior, DIY, Off-the-Grid, gym steroid junkie look????? Lifestyle and fashion companies will be lining up for this new look…..NOT….



A clever advertisement for Jack Daniels, one of the sponsors of the Bowerbirds of Virginia.



Paul “The Mannequin” Waggener, advertising guns, cigarettes, booze, rock n roll, and….Gynecomastia….Can someone call the makeup department please and the photographer…



Smoking and Gynecomastia? What did the marketing department have to say? They said he was cheap, there was a budget issue, you know…



What was it again? The Roadhouse trucker, biker, zombie apocalypse, survivor, pagan primitive, crossed with a…..I don’t get it….It does not matter the booze companies are paying and they want something new…



Blood, gore, and shots of American Whisky….That was brief anyway….



Achieve elite performance – drink American Whisky…..And take steroids….LOL



Let me guess….These Bowerbird extras at Camp Buggery don’t get the free whisky, cocaine and complimentary steroids…..And no I wont be going to your after-party.

7 responses to “Kosher Bowerbirds

  • oregoncoug

    It’s like Jack Kerouac & Associates all over again. The more things change, the more they often remain much the same. Beatniks from the Fifties Redivivus as trendy Hollywood Sodomites, Inc.

    But the greater the Evil the more the Good is empowered to fight against it. Hence the West Coast of American Deutschland witnesses a magickal Battle of Titans between the forces of Luciferian Light and Judaic Darkness.

    The esoteric Battle of the Century has begun — here on the West Coast. And in England, and in the Heart of Darkness in and around Jerusalem. Vast worlds of power are being created and destroyed.

    Meanwhile, the Templi Unam plays Gerda like a musical instrument. So the readership should stay tuned.

    And let the Good Times roll…

  • delendaestziobot

    Beatniks on steroids? LOL….The Bowebirds are only a few steps away from a float in the Gay Mardi Gras…William S Burroughs would endorse them. Palahnuik trying to cross dress his old Cacophany Society days with a Biker fetish, and a tobacco & alcohol advertising contract to fulfill…

  • Jason Thompkins

    Templi Unam (M.G.H.S.N.), the authentic Armanen Esoteric National Socialist, given to Us by the Divine Lineage of the O.N.T. and Master Serrano himself, have purified the Temple. Whereupon, no inferiors shall walk for very long among our company. The Black Sun of Wewelsburg belongs solely to the Esoteric SS which started with the Landig Group after the exoteric war ended. One can not swim with the rotten Piscean fish and fly with the Celestial Eagles at the same time. Judentod is what we declare. We have stated our mission loud and clear. We are the few in number, the elite. Quality. They are the spiritually circumcised masses not even knowing where they stand as the comet of Ru comes ever closer to smashing this Divinely Damned earth. The Avatara will take Us into the ‘other-side of things’ as this rotten place commits a collective suicide.

    • delendaestziobot

      Heil Templi Unam! Heil the Armanen Esoteric National Socialist! Heil The Brotherhood of the Black Sun! Heil Wewelsburg Castle! Heil The Esoteric SS! Heil The Paladin Group! Heil Skorzeny! Heil Degrelle! Heil Serrano! Heil The Circle of the Friends of Europe! Heil the true SS Werewolves who have ripped and torn apart the insides of the enemies of Europe! Heil GERMANIA! Heil the Nordic/Germanic Diaspora!

      Amerikwa and Britstain are suffering the fate they deserve and will continue to suffer in greater and greater degrees, any attempts they make to reverse this will just be a further curse on them.

      “Do you want a Total War? If necessary, do you want a war more total and more radical than anything that we can even imagine today?” – Joseph Goebbels

  • Travis

    “Drugs were always present. In fact there was never a time we did not rehearse, play, record and even fiddle around without substance….I have been using substance since my early teens. In the beginning it was a lot of LSD, mushrooms and pot. Later on came cocaine, heroin, opiates, benzodiazepines and the more deadly path of drugs…. I am still using such things to lead me to where I am seeking to go… Not one song I have ever recorded was not done under the influence of substance” – Jason ( the “authentic” against inferiors)Thompkins.

  • Travis

    Everybody wants everything cheaply, everyone wants to be cheated, so the cheaters will come. Imitators, bluffers, cheaters!

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