Bowerbirds of Virginia

The Bowerbirds of Virginia (AKA Wolves of Vinland, AKA Operation Werewolf):

Ritual slaughter of animals.

Ritual slaughter of animals.

Ritual Slaughter of animals.

Ritual Slaughter of animals.



Desecration and ritual Crowley style black magic against our sacred Esoteric Hitlerist symbols



Paul Waggener standing in front of a Freemason’s grave, showing his true owners to be Freemasons i.e. alcohol, tobacco, steroids and other drug dealing families – fraternal corporations.


Sodomites Chuck Palahniuk and Jack Donovan - owned by drug companies, involved in advertising campaigns for alcohol and tobacco and guns

Sodomites Chuck Palahniuk and Jack Donovan – owned by drug companies, involved in advertising campaigns for alcohol and tobacco and guns

It appears that the drug companies are adopting our symbols, imagery and words, and then using them against us, both as a form of black magic and way to sell and distribute more drugs and guns, and of course the Semitic practice of ritual slaughter. The old tobacco distribution hub of Lynchburg Virginia appears to be where alot of these shenanigans are taking place. The main players and actors are members of Freemason families involved in the drug trade, mainly alcohol and tobacco.  The marketing departments are following on from their “Fight Club” advertising campaign, an expensive Hollywood advertising campaign for tobacco and alcohol, the marketing manager of that was the sodomite Chuck Palahniuk, who oversaw originally a homosexual orientated literary campaign that got promoted to movie status, or a long film advertisement. These owned toy-boys also practice Aleister Crowley black magic, Paul Waggener wrote a PDF, which he sells online, amongst other paraphernalia, in which he praises Crowley and recommends the reading of his degenerate sodomite literature.  Crowley was a member of the same Freemason fraternal families that these toy-boys belong to, Crowley was sponsored for his entire life by the He-Brews, the Brewers Guild, and one can only assume that the Bowerbirds of Virginia are also sponsored, certainly all their imagery points to this, they are in the business of promoting and marketing alcohol, tobacco, steroids, guns and ammunition and now ritual slaughter. The type of marketing meme that this fall under is called “Rebel Appeal”….I could post hundreds of images to prove this, most of the images are professionally done, expensively produced and also well marketed, you can easily find them online, so I do not need to post them all here. There is obviously substantial amounts being funneled into these groups which are nothing more than small advertising campaigns, they are of course pretending to be self-funded, or surviving on “donations”, lol, that is just a joke, I am sure they have a good old laugh as they swig free whisky at their degenerate campsite….What concerns me most is their abuse of our symbol – The Black Sun, but this is happening alot, it is not just the Bowerbirds of Virginia, at the end of the day they have a short lifespan, as all “Rebel Appeal” adverts have a rather short life-span, and relatively small funding also, but it concerns me just how many false groups are adopting the Black Sun of Esoteric Hitlerism, that is of concern to me, personally. As these groups become increasingly mainstream, they will certainly drag our sacred symbol down to their degenerate level, the Black Sun will become associated with Crowley black magic, with Satanism, with Ritual Slaughter of innocent defenseless animals, with booze, rock n roll, cigarettes and buggery…For that is the level of the masses, that is the level the masses understand.


It is a shame, but the true Black Sun is at Wewelsburg, Germany, sacred holy Deutschland! And only the Fatherland can redeem us, only Germany, Germania of the Dead shall come Alive!

Heil Germania, Heil Deutschland, SIG HEIL!

34 responses to “Bowerbirds of Virginia

  • M:G

    LOL, what a pathetic collection of clowns, it is more like a bunch of cast members for a mediocre F grade jew hollywood Adam Sandlers flick. But on the day of reckoning, it is them who will pay the hefty price for defiling and desecrating divine symbols of the aryan man.

    • delendaestziobot

      It is pathetic. But the marketing departments and Hollywood have been slowly moving into these kind of campaigns: “Reality Advertising”. The Kosher slaughter of an innocent animal is no act though. Obviously the ritual Kosher slaughter is conducted in honor of Levite Masters.

    • delendaestziobot

      Heil Kamerad,
      Our books now serve as Initiation into the Magikal Fifth Reich, into Esoteric Hitlerism, into the Way of The Ehrean! Our books we have designed to be used as building blocks in this spiritual warfare, this occult war:

      “I sought divinity and I am at the Gates of Hell. Falling…I can still keep falling…Even through the flames, I must have a goal: There is a path to Heaven!” – MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism

  • Jason Thompkins

    This is disgusting. That is utterly Jewish. How could an Aryan slaughter an animal in Kosher style?

    • delendaestziobot

      These rent boys are slaughtering animals because they have been directed to, just like everything they do, it is all staged and paid for, filmed and photographed for advertising purposes…..There is the desire to drag our holy symbols down into their disgusting filth and thereby form an association in the minds of the masses, that is apart from the obvious alcohol and tobacco, and other drug advertising. I mean god knows what these degenerates are doing behind the scenes, but I can assure you it would be much worse…

  • Jason Thompkins

    Too much Burzum and steroids. This isn’t even worth my time. Heil Torch Bearer!

  • Robert Campbell

    I am disappointed to see content of this nature appear on this blog, which aims to bring a higher understanding of Esoteric National Socialism to the folk. How does this article serve the motto of the SS, which serve as the watchwords of this blog? Are those images with the puerile captioning stolen from an antifa hit piece on these guys, as it appears? Seriously? Do you not see the problem with that?

    I am not a member of the Wolves of Vinland, and I have never met Paul Waggener, so my (hopefully constructive, definitely well-intentioned) criticism here is based purely on what I expect from this blog given its purported mission and chosen subject matter. I don’t come to this blog to get petty gossip along with my Serrano translations.

    Paul Waggener and other members of WoV have publicly defended the practice of sacrificing animals in a host of interviews and public statements. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with this practice, it is disingenuous to liken it to extremely painful and needlessly barbarous kosher slaughter. person i know to re-consider the amount of meat they eat/buy…

    That sounds nothing like kosher slaughter to me.

    I hope you will publish my respectful but dissenting commentary in this topic. Please focus your energy more wisely.

    • delendaestziobot

      Comments of Paul Waggener will be deleted on this blog.. You, Robert, have had time to make your choice, as to what you think is right and wrong, and you have chosen the Bowerbirds of Virginia over Esoteric Hitlerism, that is your choice, and now you must stand by it…Do you seriously think that you tell me what is National Socialist? Do you seriously think that you tell me what it means to be an Esoteric Hitlerist?

      You, Robert, have chosen the side of the degenerate, Kosher, Freemasonic rent-boys!

  • delendaestziobot

    Oh and Robert, the SS did not tolerate homosexuality.

  • delendaestziobot

    Actually, I am just going to assume that anyone who defends or associates with the Bowerbirds and Jack Donavan, and the rest of the Sodomites is also a Sodomite. Robert, are you a homosexual like the rest of the Bowerbirds?

    • delendaestziobot

      That’s a rhetorical question Robert, you don’t have to answer, it’s better that you don’t anyway, because I wont believe anything a homosexual has to say; homosexuals are liars, they always lie and cover up, that is why they make such good actors.

  • delendaestziobot

    And also I am not above stealing, or doing “hit pieces”, I am a real SS Werewolf. And I am not a American Fascist, and I don’t support American White Nationalism. To me America is a corporation that dropped bombs on Germany and the rest of the world so that the Kosher masters could profit. I make my views known in my published book “Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power”, which is available through Hermitage Helm Corpus, Amazon, or if you are too poor to afford a copy, then copies are available from the National Library of Australia, and the State Library of Victoria, but one needs to be a member of the Corporation of Australia to borrow.

  • anon

    However you are correct. Donovan is an ordained priest of the ‘church of satan’. In case you are fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the american “new right’s” continuous culture of failure, he rose to prominence while being heavily promoted by the homosexual Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents Publishing (I noticed he even ‘liked’ Waggener’s facebook post about this on facebook via one of his sockpuppet accounts). CC ironically sprang from The Savitri Devi Archive project but now promotes a cadre of homosexual authors that even includes a “nationalist” brony (the name for a male fan of girl’s cartoon show about ponies, if you can believe such things exist). Waggener is a self-admitted junkie who has survived at least one near-fatal drug overdose in the last few years (prescription painkillers are abused by about over 1/3 of the people in the WoV’s part of the united states). They’ve gone well beyond the misuse of the Schwarze Sonne, like similar degenerate gangs they are making extensive use of all manner of Germanic symbolism, particularly from the Third Reich.

    Its a classic example of pseudo-initiatic neo-spiritualism. The groups in north america are an endless stream of race traitors, spiritual jews.

    • delendaestziobot

      Anon, I appreciate your insights into the activities of these degenerate faggots….I will assume, as I said before that anybody promoting them, defending their activities or in anyway supporting their activities is also a degenerate punk faggot…Some out of ignorance, and (it is news to me also) might have been caught out, being unaware, but now is the time to draw a line in the sand, now that you know what is going on, if you did not already know, now one has to make a decision. This is nothing new, Sid Vicious was a junkie punk faggot who wore a swastika T-Shirt, nothing new here with these faggots. But what this is a classic example of is corporate sponsorship of degenerate homosexual rent-boys….And they are being sponsored by Alcohol, Tobacco and Guns and munition companies via American marketing agents, this is planned as a campaign, and the Bowerbirds of Virginia are just a small part of this advertising campaign, like I said, the marketing agents are the same ones who produced the expensive hollywood film “Fight Club”, which was a long advert for Tobacco and Alcohol….What I am saying is this goes much, much deeper then Counter Currents Publishing….Its not Greg Johnson footing the bill for this crew of expensive toy-boys, its something much bigger, namely: The Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs and pharmaceutical Corporations, plus the Guns and Munition Corporations of America….It is an American Establishment Culture that is footing the bills, for the “endless stream of race traitors and spiritual jews”…

  • delendaestziobot

    The marketing agents have a name for this genre we are discussing here, it’s called “Nazisploitation”, a sub-genre of Exploitation Films and Advertising….The undercurrent theme is perverse S & M sexuality. These films and propaganda begin after WWII, and they are funded by major Corporations and Government agencies and the Military and directed against the Third Reich as part of the “Psychological Warfare”. The Nazis are to be shown as vicious animalistic brutes conducting sexual orgies, pedophilia, incest, homosexuality and all types of degeneracy……Actually, now I think it perhaps Rob Zombie is an adviser to the Bowerbirds of Virginia….It would not surprise me in the slightest.

  • HHHH

    Heil Torch Bearer Karl!
    It is noble work shining your light on these bowerbirds of shit, thus drawing a line, let them nest in their degeneracy. Birds of a feather will flock together. Sieg Geist!

  • Dan Mitchell


    I have briefly touched upon similar issues in my own writing. Faggotry is one of the greatest possible offenses both spiritually and physically a man can commit. Even being agreeable to the practice is problematic. In my 20 years of trafficking with these fools, I have learned that those attempting to be “manly” are the ones that understand nothing about what it actually means to be a man. Bravado, Meth, and Monster energy drinks are hardly the measure of a man.

    Guido von List was correct when he wrote that the more outward a man is, the more he has sacrificed his inwardness. Ones power truly resides in the personality, inwardly. This is not to say that being outwardly strong isn’t important.

    Animal sacrifice, which these men joyfully partake in, is a disgusting act which is never “humane” and is part and parcel of the demiurgic machine and its operating system. There is a video on youtube of one of these men karate chopping a rabbit an breaking its neck. Before the death blow, one can see that the rabbit is terrified. Its body becomes rigid and its ears are pulled back. The rabbit is clearly aware it is about to be ended.

    That Jack Donovan is the measure of their manhood is quite telling of the dismal level they are operating on. You simply cannot make this stuff up.


    Dan Mitchell

    • delendaestziobot

      Kamerad Dan, as always I appreciate your insights, and support.


    • Kamerad

      A real man knows he carries the she within. So then, in every thing he does, she is there. In every choice he makes, she makes it with him. So then, what happens when he lacks self control? Then she becomes a whore. And when she becomes a loose whore, he becomes a homosexual. And what happens when he tries to prove how “manly” he is? How “tough” he is? Then he poisons her with drugs and alcohol and she dies. Then what do we have? a senile and decrepit faggot with no soul. They can surround themselves with all the “badass” symbols they want and pump themselves with steroids, but in the end its all nothing. Just a machine set on self-destruct… And really in the end that’s for the better.

  • Wolf of the Sun

    Homosexuals are unable to engage in the only biological avenue of resistance to the programme of genocide being waged against the Aryan race, which is genetic insurgency, i.e. breeding more and better Aryans. They are an irrelevance and, as such, should be ignored, despite their typically homosexual showmanship and urge to be ‘noticed’.

  • Europa

    What a bunch of retards for slaughtering that sheep. Dumb american faggots.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    I KNEW IT WAS SATANISM! It seems to be a Laveyian/ Crowleyian fusing which is attempting to appear as tribal rebel revel bullshit. I had read somewhere before an in posted that jack was Church of Satan which as we know was headed by LaLevantine the jew.

    • delendaestziobot

      Jack Donovan is part of the Oregon Homosexual scene, as is Chuck Palahnuik, another Jewish faggot, with links to big American financiers, literary agents, movie producers, marketing agents, from 2Oth Century Fox to Rolling Stone, all run by the huge Jewish homosexual scene, which controls Amerikwa….So this goes way past the Church of Satan. Amerikwa is the land of Sodomites since its establishment by Freemason Sodomites, and the inbred fraternal families who control all the drugs, the most profitable drugs being Tobacco and Alcohol. The movie ‘Fight Club’ is an example of how this all goes together, the homosexual themes, the alcohol, tobacco, guns, explosions, all paid advertisements….And homosexuals are facetious, they are by nature – facetious…..If we follow this line, disgusting as it is, we will eventually come to the very heart of what Amerikwa is: a degenerate racial melting pot of perverse ziobotic creatures; sexually deviant, drug addicted, sodomite golems…..

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, it is staged ritual magic, and very much Satanic in practice and theory, they are incorporating many different elements…..Satan, as it is stated, keeps the Christian Church in business.

  • aufihrhelden

    Of course, if they were to do to each other whatever they wanted to do to each other and left it at that you could leave them to it. But their nature is fundamentally one of hatred so they have to impose such onto defenceless little animals and onto the whole world. That is why the corporations of Britain and America have to be annihilated.

    • delendaestziobot

      Well, yes, Amerikwa and Britstain are corporations, controlled by the same people….its like this interesting relationship one can see with corporations which would control say both the Church of Satan and the Christian mega-Church businesses, the Church of Satan is there to boost the profits of the mega -Churches, as the Church of Satan openly declares – they are in the business of helping improve the profits of the Christian Church.

      Ok, let me explain it another way: Olin Industries producers the paper which makes both cigarettes and bibles, among other things…..So one needs to design an advertising campaign that can sell both items simultaneously, and the budget given may be small, so one has to kill two birds with one stone, to use the old proverb. And then one needs to pay tribute and honor to the gods, also…Satanism sells Christian Bibles, Neo-Barbarism, is a new advertising campaign to sell whisky and tobacco, ammunition, and of course the metals, and other things, and also the Pink $ has to be considered as that is a market share that has been declining in recent years – can we get fags to buy more cigarettes, whisky and guns?….Yes, we can….The advertising gets more complex also with the mergers, like Dow taking over Olin, and then this has to be given a literary and visual mystery play form to perform to the masses at various levels…As is the Tradition….

      So as you can see this goes much deeper and higher than the kosher slaughter of a defenseless little animal.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, but, of course, the main reason for all of it is anti-German, anti-Hitler propaganda – all films, all ‘documentaries’, all game shows, all of everything carries this message. The fiat currency that the advertising attracts increases the velocity by which the fraudulent created-from-nothing electronic digits get back to those who created them. Ideally, for anybody who is in the game of operating such, there should be a balance between the amount created in order to utilise the theft of assets but always ensuring that you are not having to create too much which could bring the downfall of the system itself in which case you have to keep using force (wars etc) time and time again. If you are stupid, which Zion is, by definition and by all their actions hence proved then it is the latter time and time again. Quantitative easing, war, bailouts, war, naked shorting, war, war, war …

    They don’t actually need an advertising industry but they don’t realise it because they are and they utilise the lowest common denominator.

    • delendaestziobot

      Well, it is simulated war. The Machines constitute something entirely different now. Even the Human Patriarchs are now redundant, they don’t want war anyway because they are now unable to wage war effectively, they are too racially polluted. The Machines acting under the Laws of Conservation must have the digits return to their source, that is the correct accounting method in place…..The racial pollution the ALL-LIES have suffered is due to the real tactics of the true Werewolves….Amerikwans now have a big fat black arse being shaken right in front of their faces! LOL….They have a black homosexual president. LOL….The Amerikwans are so in debt to the Chinese, and who is more cruel than the Chinese? LOL….I cannot think of having anybody better to torture the Amerikwans for the next few centuries then the Chinese…The White Traitors are going to pay, their children are going to pay and so on…Their pathetic attempts to hide behind our symbols are pathetic….

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