A Response from European Knights Project

Here is the chivalrous, tactful and erudite response I have received from European Knights Project, aka Giacomo Vallone:

“Twi wirds for you mate. Fuck yourself….Actually I would like to ad that youre not a nationalist, but a communist. Anyone that wants to wreck western civ has no idea what the german stood for. You my friend are a Marxist Zio swine and about as German as Ben Netanyahu.”

Ahhh so essentially British; no comprehension of the reality of the situation, I would not expect anything else from the dissimulated kleptomaniac B’nai B’rith automatons, like Giacomo Vallone, aka European Knights Project.

2 responses to “A Response from European Knights Project

  • delendaestziobot

    My response:

    “Giacomo, Can you state your nationality? it appears to be rather confusing. Are you Italian, American, British, South African? It is also bizarre you proclaiming to be a nationalist, (I am not a nationalist, as I have stated many times), you proclaiming to be a nationalist and being ambiguous with your national identity, what is your national identity?”

    I am waiting for a response from the nationally and racially ambiguous Giacomo Vallone. Perhaps I could add sexually ambiguous to that as well. I would not be suprised if this Giacomo Vallone is a New York Jew faggot boy, as there is quite a few of them hosting prominent and popular anti-semitic “White Nationalist” websites these days.

    • jalexandermaximilian

      How exactly does one “save” a rotting apple? How does one preserve a corpse already rotten? They do not. They throw the apple back to the earth from where new life may emerge. One does not embalm an already decayed corpse. It is incinerated in fire that more room may be given to the living.

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