Message to European Knights Project

European Knights Project

European Knights Project is an example of dissimulated ziobotic behaviour. We see this often when various entities copy our symbols and misrepresent them. It is like if Siddharreich adopted the hammer and sickle as its logo or the British flag, which is the East India Company flag to be exact. If we as Neo-Nazis adopted those symbols it would seem absurd, and yet often we see our enemy adopting our symbols and pretending that those symbols are their own, while condemning us. It is absurd. For EKP describe themselves as “having absolutely nothing in common with Neo-Nazi, skin heads, the KKK, Aryan Nation, American far Right (Both Fascism & National Socialism are centrist ideologies) or any other pseudo-patriotic organisation calling for a worldwide alliance along racial lines.”

The manager of EKP also describes himself as a “National Socialist”??? As if he is saying a Neo-Nazi is not a real National Socialist and the manager of the EKP is a real National Socialist.

Well, I am a Neo-Nazi Skin-head, and my doctrine is universalist and racialist and has a National Socialist basis, in the sense that National Socialism was the political aspect of Hitlerism.

European Knights Project has been described as: “…the Daily Mail on Steroids” and as being concerned with the “conservation of western civilization”….That is conservation of what western civilization is, what it currently is, and everything that it was – the conservation of. It is Conservative. To “Conserve”, means to “keep from decay or change or destruction.” Conservative means to be opposed to change, conservative parties in politics mean that they are opposed to change, they want to preserve the current state of affairs.

So, how is it that a conservative internet news service described as being the Daily Mail on steroids comes to adopt the sword symbol of SS Deutsche Ahnenerbe? I don’t have an easy answer for that, so I have sent a message to EKP in an attempt to get one:


I see you have digitally copied and pasted the Deutsche Ahnenerbe sword logo and incorporated it into your own logo.  This is something bizarre as you and your internet news page have nothing to do with German Ancestral History. Deutsche Ahnenerbe is the “Specialized SS unit for investigations into GERMAN Ancestral History” or Heritage. Obviously this does not correspond with the mission or narrative of your work or that of the European Knights Project. Therefore it makes no sense to take the Deutsche Ahnenerbe symbol and use it as your own, I can only assume if you have any sense that you did this out of ignorance and knew not what the symbol was when you copied it, you did not realize that you had no relationship to the symbol, but now after reading this message  you will know what the meaning is and therefore should remove the sword symbol from your EKP logo. The SS Deutsche Ahnenerbe is in operation, and I as a Neo-Nazi Esoteric Hitlerist am the leader of the resurrected SS Deutsche Ahnenerbe, which now has a different secret symbol which cannot be copied but which is still similar to the old symbol. Part of our mission is the utter destruction of western civilization, your false civilization that you wish to preserve, is what we wish to destroy, and yet you out of ignorance or foolishness have copied our symbol. Please remove the Deutsche Ahnenerbe sword symbol from your logo.

As you can see, I have attempted to explain the absurd situation that European Knights Project is in, and have asked that they remove what clearly does not belong to them. I am being diplomatic when I say it is ignorance or foolishness, because it is really much worse than that, if it was ignorance or foolishness there are plenty of other symbols and logos to choose from, why use or choose SS Deutsche Ahnenerbe? What does Deutsche Ahnenerbe have to do with the British Daily Mail? Well, it is Ziobot Dissimulation, it is always closer than what you first think, it is always there copying, falsifying, making little strawmen, plagiarizing. It is always there niggling away at you, really close. The other reason is that copying and pasting our symbols is easy, because there is no one trying to prevent it from happening, we have such an enormous wealth of symbology and yet we have only a few men in the world to try to protect that symbology, the same goes for our ideology. You don’t see anyone copying Corporate logos and using them as their own, if they did they would be stopped immediately by law-suits, and force if necessary. It is easy to take our symbols, and it is cheap as well, so that is why ziobots do it, because it is cheap and easy, and there is no fear of consequences, because we have no power,  a ziobot can just copy a ready-made symbol digitally and pretend that it is their own, and they don’t have to worry about consequences, and this goes for all of German history, it is just copied and nobody is there to stop it happening, there is no consequences, nobody is there to prevent it or execute justice for the theft, and absolutely nobody would expect that if you copy Deutsche Ahnenerbe that there would be an outrage…But in this case there is an outrage, because I represent Deutsche Ahnenerbe, because I have resurrected Deutsche Ahnenerbe, and I am living, I am the living Deutsche Ahnenerbe, one might say, and I do not authorize the European Knights Project to use my symbol. It is as simple as that, and that is what I want to make clear, lest there be some dispute later.


12 responses to “Message to European Knights Project

  • leuchovius2014

    Hail, Kamerad !
    This is outright theft. As with most people, organizations and events in these dark days, I cannot fathom if they do this out of ignorance and stupidity or out of an evil intent. Either way they are the diseased face of modernity.

  • delendaestziobot

    European Knights Project: “Conservative News for Conservative Men and Woman of all Ethnicities and Backgrounds.”

    That is the mission statement of EKP, and yet they use the Deutsche Ahnenerbe symbol, with British, American, Canadian, South African, Australia corporate flags, all the corporations that destroyed Deutschland, they use all those flags with the SS symbol for German history and ancestry? And nobody minds or says anything, nobody thinks that is bizarre?

  • oregoncoug

    The great flaw of EKP is that they do what they do badly. They lack skill. Specifically they present a false and intellectually lazy version of our White European heritage that is merely provincial, sectarian and redneck. Therefore they can only play the Judaic White Nationalist game of divide and exterminate the goyim.

    They do what cowards and fools always do: Combine truth and lies to advance their own careers, or what they stupidly imagine will be careers. They divide the heritage of their white English-speaking audience against itself (Anglo-Saxon against Norman) the better to serve their cruel masters.

    Their incompetent lies are not constructive for Anglo-Americans, Englishmen or any white Anglophone readers. In this apocalyptic century of the destruction and creation of worlds successful knighthood requires genuine Esoteric Hitlerism. Those would-be warriors who think they can serve the rising Nationalist leadership with easy conservative plagiaries will only end up rejected by both sides, as carrion for the thankless vultures of Zion.

    The Ukrainian Civil War shows us the clear choice we must make.

    Mark my words.

  • Ella

    I still see the symbol on their site. They have not removed it.

  • delendaestziobot

    Also look here:
    Renegade Tribune after rejecting Esoteric Hitlerism and stating that I should be ignored because I am lunatic or words to those effect, and banning me from commenting or communicating with Renegade Tribune, and also after maintaining an official position of silence on my book: Third Reich Pilgrim, have now without my authorization used and copied my photograph, which I personally took in Germany at the holy site of Vogelsang Castle, and the photograph that makes the cover of my book, they have used that photograph with the black sun of Esoteric Hitlerism. I actually designed the image and used it on Siddharreich, and Renegade Broadcasting have just copied it and used it for themselves…After rejecting me and Esoteric Hitlerism. They have also recently used one of our videos on their blog, again without authorization, without acknowledging the creator, and most importantly not acknowledging the philosophy behind it. In fact I am now listening to the renegade program which my photograph is being used for, and the host is talking about Creativity, which is the The Creativity Movement, which used to be the Church of the Creator, a doctrine established by Ben Klassen. So what Renegade Broadcasting does not understand, not being associated with Creativity, they are promoting The Creativity Movement, but using my images, from my books, with the symbols of the Black Sun, and this amounts to dissimulated ziobotic behaviour, and it is the behaviour that we reject and wish to destroy….So I was right in the first place to reject Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting.

  • delendaestziobot

    Recently I had to write to the Daily Stormer as well, because they had used my images, my own personal photographs and falsely labeled them and used them as if they were those of the Daily Stormer. In that case they removed the copied images, but the point remains that this disingenuous behaviour is increasing. And this is what I have predicted already that the disingenuous dissimulation tactic is the only tactic that the foe will be able to employ effectively in the future, because that is the primary tactic of the Demiurge – to copy and falsify. Dissimulation is an act whereby two contradictory beliefs are presented as being equally true. Dissimulation can also be described as the deliberate act of hypocracy, or where a subject or thing is represented or labelled as being the opposite or different that what it really is.
    This is different to camouflaging or spying or infiltrating enemy ranks, Dissimulation is different, because the foe takes your appearance and presents it as being entirely different to what it is, or contradictory. For example the foe can take your appearance and present itself as being you to its own followers, whereas the Ehrean will never do this. So for example I do not take the foe’s symbols and use them as my own when presenting to my own, but the foe will do this, because it has no identity itself, it can only copy. Another example is presenting two unequal or different subjects as being one and the same, where their exists a meaningful difference the foe pretends there is not a meaningful difference, the classic historical Christian tactic is just this; All men are equal befor God, all me are equal before the law. That is Dissimulation, what is unequal being presented as equal.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    The astounding laziness and lack of creativity in these people. They seek to conserve western i.e. Anglo/ Jewish culture. It’s absurd.

  • delendaestziobot

    “It was believed and still is believed that Britain is a bastion of the White Race, when in fact she is the center of the great conspiracy against the Aryans. we see them again today trying to instigate the secret war against any resurgence (hypothetical) of Germany and Europe. Since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, Great Britain is also criminally anti-Spanish.” – page 182, MANU – “For the Man to Come”, Miguel Serrano

    • oregoncoug

      Alas, the truth about Britain. In his historical plays Shakespeare has said as much. England is incomparable. In truth she is where the Ultimate Victory over Judaic Darkness must be won. St. George has not finished yet with slaying dragons, but to do so he must go to where the deadliest dragons are, so the greatest battle this century is going to be on English soil.

  • M:G

    These modern day British are nothing but self destructive automatons controlled by the dark forces of zion. Political Correctness and neo-marxism (plus many jew spawned ideologies) corrupt the holy soils of germanic saxons. Only if we can restore the ehrean order and hyperborea on this sacred land, then it would create real aryan knights, ubermensch in every Nietzschean sense of the word. But in order to achieve this, this land needs a real brutal cleansing.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    I appreciate this is a couple of years old now. However, re: European Knights… European Knights founder and director is Giacomo Vallone. He lived in America for most of his life until he turned up in the UK two years ago, in the name of Jack Sen. He has been exposed as attempting to destroy white British nationalism. He is most known for stealing the intellectual property of others.

    He’s a liar, fraud, con man, has multiple fake e mail address’s and accoun ts. He has no talent whatsoever and everything he does, he has taken from others work.

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