Kalki the Avenger

“Hate is our prayer, Revenge is our promise”  – Mantra of the Werwolf.

“Tradition has not given us the date of the last return of Him Who comes back, nor has it given us means of calculating it. Tradition is neither history or astrology. Yet according to the signs I have mentioned, the last embodiment of the Forces ‘against Time’ in our Time-cycle – Kalki – must appear soon. He will come when all will seem irretrievably lost: when nothing will be left of the real Chosen Race – the natural Aryan aristocracy – but a silent, unnoticed, yet conscious, unwavering and active handful of men and women of the type I have described at the end of the last chapter of this book.. Now everything does actually seem lost without hope…And the few men who are already more than men – the toughest votaries of the perennial faith of Light and Life in its most recent form, are waiting; waiting to recognise their own beloved Leader, Adolf Hitler, in irresistible apocalyptic Warrior Who is to avenge him and his people, their comrades and their themselves. The Divine Warrior who is bound to come soon.” – Savitri Devi – The Lightning and the Sun.

According to Savitri Devi, the Divine Warrior appears at the fullness of untruth and iniquity, the Divine Warrior born of Aryan Race is infinitely more merciless and ruthless than Adolf Hitler. Kalki leads the Ultimate Battalion at the junction of Ages, Wotanic Warriors transformed by Death, Without Death, Immortals with avartaristic bodily vehicles prepared somewhere else but crystalized here in the slave prisons of the Demiurge, this Avatar body will be destroyed because it is hated, because it has infiltrated the world of the Demiurge, in order to embark on Combat against the Demiurge and Its legions of genetic biological automatons.

“Immortality is neither democratic nor collective. Only those of divine origin can reach it consciously, in aristocratic Combat, in a very hard War in which very few will prove victorious.”   – Miguel Serrano – Manu


One response to “Kalki the Avenger

  • oregoncoug

    Roman Christianity and Roman Europe served for two thousand years as the Obstacle (Katechon) against the Judaic Ziobot hordes. In the fullness of time the Ragnorok came and the inferior blood of Animal-Man was then washed away from the newborn Sons of Adolf Hitler during the Darkest Age that rapidly followed. In 1954 Our Beloved Fuhrer was seen by the Last Pope, the saintly Pius XII, ascending to the stars.

    Historic Roman Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, has become Esoteric Hitlerism. Roman Europe has become the Fourth Reich, Imperium Europa. The First Aryan Christ, the Suffering God Jesus meek and mild, has become the Avenging Judge of His Second Coming, the Fighting Aryan God cruel and proud. Roman Christianity, still tainted with the impurities of the Old Testament and race-mixed Rome, has become Aryan Kristianity in the eternal racial purity and true A-Mor of Richard Wagner and Miguel Serrano.

    Little Baby Jesus has become the Anthropos, Kalki, the Ultimate Holy Terror of nightmare.

    Heil Hitler!

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