The reason why dissimulation is used as a propaganda tactic by is because behind there is a hidden agenda, a very insidious agenda, and it is a agenda which has many tentacles spreading out into many different forms. The aim of this insidious agenda is the castration of Aryan Man, and it wants to first simulate the Aryan Man before it attempts to castrate the Aryan Man, this is just a common old tactic used in war, nothing new, but, this is a very important point; it is a treacherous simulacra that is invented in order to attract, and then once attracted to hypnotize and then castrate, first by emasculation and by castrating the mind, the soul, the spirit, and then finally the body! That is its agenda, its final aim. The Aryan Man must defeat this subtle insidious agenda, if he is to continue, to higher battles.

I will not go into all the reasons why homosexuality was considered a serious crime in the Third Reich, it should be self-evident, the Third Reich considered homosexuality to be a degenerate crime of the criminally insane. I can tell you that the consequences of homosexuality in the Third Reich was imprisonment and death by firing squad. Very little rehabilitation was made available, it was understood that there is very little chance of a degenerate homosexual ever being rehabilitated. The only option, seeming they are unlikely to be rehabilitated, is that they are removed from the Folk, permanently.

I also will not go into the reasons why homosexuality is prominent in intellectual circles, but it is and it must be dealt with accordingly. A Nazi has only one policy regarding homosexuality and it is a policy of no tolerance. Homosexuality is a crime and it must be removed, permanently. came to my attention because of this degenerate criminal activity. while simulating National Socialism and liberally quoting National Socialist and Nazi sources were disguising a hidden agenda. At first I was not sure, I remember Kamerad Greg, some years ago, telling me he thought ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ was a woman pretending to be a man, I thought that might be the case, because I know of other cases where this is also occurring. But now it appears that it is worse than that, because ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ has ‘come out’, ‘loud and proud’, and he has admitted, in his peculiar way, that he is a homosexual. I say ‘in his peculiar way’, because a homosexual is a liar, always, a homosexual will always first attempt to lie, it will only cease lying when all options are exhausted, it is natural for a homosexual to lie, and a homosexual can never be trusted, by any measure. ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ is therefore a homosexual, not because he says he is, but because I say he is!

Here is evidence of the attempt to castrate Aryan Man – Gender Issues

I will quote the webpage, now, keeping in mind that these degenerate homosexuals are not only prone to deception, but they also consider themselves to be intellectually superior to heterosexual people like myself, this will not change, they will always imagine that it is the case, but my Folk will know that I am not only intellectually superior to them, but I am superior in every way to them.

“Thus the idea of economic gender convergence is specifically of Aryan origin, whereas the idea of women as economic dependents is an Ice Age atavism.” –

Firstly, this is an extremely odd thing to say, it really only makes sense when you understand the insidious agenda behind; it wants to portray a “gender convergence” as being of “Aryan origin”, and that this concept is advanced because non gender convergence is primitive and archaic; “Ice Age”. Joseph Goebbels is also used as if he would endorse such an insane concept of “gender convergence”. is via dissimulation pushing the agenda of “gender convergence”. What does “gender convergence” mean? It means; it is difficult to tell the sexes apart, it is the convergence of male and female towards a similarity of form, ultimately biologically according to In a National Socialist system this is the worst possible outcome! This is a different concept to the Valkyrie, the Valkyrie of National Socialist idealism, the empowerment and self fulfillment of women is different to “gender convergence”, but is pushing “gender convergence” and not the ideal of the Valkyrie, the ideal of the Valkyrie is National Socialist and therefore Nazi, and therefore it is inherited by us Esoteric Hitlerists via Blood Memory. Hanna Reitsch is a prime example of the Third Reich Valkyrie, and our own Savitri Devi is for us Esoteric Hitlerists a Valkyrie, an empowered woman of Destiny, a warrioress!

“This is only possible when the uplift occurs via a parameter external to masculinity and femininity. In other words, women were uplifted not by emphasizing their feminine identity, and men were uplifted not by emphasizing their male identity, but rather both genders were uplifted by appeal to an altogether higher concept.” –

Here wants to emasculate Aryan Man, and defeminize Aryan Woman! How else can this statement be understood? Again “gender convergence” is hinted as the “higher concept”. But “gender convergence” is not a higher concept, and in this world there is no higher concept than the truth of Male and Female, of Man and Woman!

I will skip the “evolutionary history” parts that also pushes in complete dissimulation to its acceptance of Christianity and Islam, as if one can accept at the same time all these concepts equally, well, you can if you are a lying homosexual, which is what they are. also wants to position itself as being anti-traditional, progressive, the new! This is always the unfortunate position of homosexuals, they are always trying to pretend to be revolutionary in their thinking and attitude, that is why true revolutionaries always have to deal accordingly with these homosexual degenerates. We see as promoting the insidious thought that being feminine or being masculine is being weak, why does consider Femininity and Masculinity to be weakness, it is because are homosexuals, that is why…

And then we see a quote by the sodomite degenerate David Myatt (If anybody knows where David Myatt is, please let me know, I would like to tell him personally what I think of him.)

“The assumed or stated sexual orientation, and perceived ethnicity and culture, of an individual are all irrelevant, in relating to, interacting with, or by judging that individual, since the only ethical criteria to judge a person is an emphatic understanding of them deriving from a personal and direct knowing in the immediacy of the moment.”  – David Myatt

Well, that is the biggest load of pinko bullshit I have ever heard! I don’t know what to say, other than that the only reason why David Myatt deserves to be bashed is because he is a lying degenerate sodomite…

“Formalization of sexual preference into the tunnel-visioned classification of “sexual orientation” is a Judaic dichotomy originating in the Tanakh, responsible for thousands of years of cruel homophobia.”  –

Lets just stop right there…What? There are only Males and Females, is there another orientation that exists? Is it “tunnel-visioned” for a Male to be attracted to a Female or a Female to be attracted to Male? According to it is! Why? Because they are homosexuals, that is why. And then to say that heterosexuality is Judaic, Jewish in origin!!! Insanity, the criminally insane wants to say that attraction between Man and Woman is Jewish??? Exclusively Jewish in origin, from the Tanakh, and heterosexuality is evil persecution of poor old homosexuals, and all this is “homophobia” as is heterosexuality is a problem that needs to be removed, rather than homosexuality! Remember there is only Male and Female…And then dares to quote Adolf Hitler, as if He believed in such criminality! As if Hitler was the arch protagonist of the homosexual agenda! This is madness, and it must be removed, permanently.

Then on this webpage we see some weird images of the gay actor “Gandalf” which seems to hint at some type of weird in-joke amongst other gays, I have no idea why one would reference it unless one was gay, which ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ is, that is why he referenced it.

“By similar reasoning, there need be no explicit sociological category referring to people who have undergone gender reassignment operations”  –   Aryan Sanctuary

Maybe old Kamerad Greg was right, this sounds like Aryan Sanctuary has undergone “gender reassignment operations” and he or she or whatever it is thinks this should be normalized…A sickening thought.

“all we demand is simple remembrance that every single one of us born into the world is a creation of sexual violence.”   –

Everyone of you sodomites maybe, but not us, we are not a “creation of sexual violence”, we are not a creation at all, remember your fake “Gnosticism”, you morons! And remember I am your intellectual superior, remember that.

Right, I have had enough of this insidious agenda, and I refuse to tolerate any homosexuals pretending to be National Socialists in order to promote their insane degenerate criminality as part of their dissimulated propaganda, which is consistent with militant homosexualism! The same goes for those militant Anachists out there as well! If anybody knows where David Myatt or ‘Aryan Sanctuary (AS)’, or ‘Mandrake’ for that matter is, please let me know. In strict contrast, If anybody wants to know where I am, my own book is available from the National Library of Australia or directly through Hermitage Helm Corpus, in that book I publically reveal myself, and it is available publically and openly for all to read.

Sal und Sig!


25 responses to “ Emasculation

  • aufihrhelden

    Hanna Reitsch had the Spirit of Brunnhilde.

  • jmackdog

    This sick homosexual disease is creeping its way to every open space available in this dead land. If AH looked at Berlin as some sick freak show, which it was, how would he respond to an entire world overrun with such filth? sickening

  • Falk

    Yes, I was wondering over whether ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ is a male or female, because somehow “it” ,which “it” shall henceforth be referred as, never struck me as either male or female, nor did I ever reflect over this untill recently. No, “it” is not a Man or Woman or even a human-being, but something different and sinister. “It” is an it, or more specifically; a monstrosity – a malformation of Nature. Thats is, a homosexual or even a “transsexual”. I definately agree with George Lincoln Rockwell in that I’d rather see queers purged from this World before anyone else, as traitors to Mankind, Nature and Life as a whole.

    Weren’t it for the comforts of present-day ‘society’, Nature would have singled these perverts out and eliminated them. Thus their very lives constitute a high treason towards Nature.

  • delendaestziobot

    It looks like what the insidious agenda is, is to flood us with degenerates pretending to be Aryans, I have seen this numerous times over the years, and it’s a common tactic, as far as I know there is only in our Siddharrreich a public defence of this insidious agenda, I know of nobody else but us, nobody else can be trusted. And yes, George Lincoln Rockwell was one of us, a chosen apostle.

  • Anthony

    If you’re intellectually superior to us, why couldn’t you come to the obvious conclusion that the page you refer to is asexual rather than homosexual in tome?

    • delendaestziobot

      “The woman has always been not only man’s sexual companion, but also his fellow worker.” – Joesph Goebbels.

      Why couldn’t you come to the obvious conclusion that all the quotes you use do not correlate with your tome?

      I will tell you why, it’s because you and the rest of are a bunch of lying deceiving homosexuals, and a homosexual is just as capable of fooling himself as he is of fooling somebody else.

      But you don’t fool me, remember that, Anthony.

  • Anthony

    It is you who is the liar. For example, we never said that heterosexuality is Jewish in origin or that heterosexuality is persecution of homosexuals. We said that persecution of homosexuals is Jewish in origin, which is true. Homosexuality was perfectly acceptable in ancient India, Greece and Rome, for example. But I forget – you don’t believe these things existed, because it is you who is the liar. I often wonder if you are a shill, because you portray the Jew as some kind of supervillain who can completely change world history and control our thoughts. But the Jew is not a supervillain, and saying he is only makes people more afraid to fight him. The Jew does not succeed because he is a genius in lying. He succeeds by relying on the stupidity of the masses. His lies are not very convincing, and they do not need to be, because people are stupid. Maybe you think the Jew is a genius in lies because you are really a democrat, and think that the masses are too intelligent to be fooled by unconvincing lies.

    • delendaestziobot

      Anthony, you have not read ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’, if you had you would have all the proof that there is no such thing as “ancient India, Greece and Rome”, they really are fantasy, just like ancient Israel is a fantasy, and if you believe in those fantasies, your entire world is a fantasy and a delusion, which means you don’t even know what you are! But I know what you are!

  • aufihrhelden


    If you would read the essays on this website then you would see that it is expressed often that World Jewry is as thick as two short planks. They are villains but that villainy is only upheld through wars and murders and the like, it has nothing to do with the Jewish intellect but the Jews are so stupid that they think it has. The Jews are so stupid that they think they are intelligent.

    The Jewish false flags have so many holes in them that a child could see through them but they get away with it because nobody cares, the masses love their slavery and they hate anyone else who wants to be free.

    See the essay, ‘The Two Greatest Geniuses Of All Time Versus The Lowest Common Denominator’ on this website.

    The Jews have falsified all of world history but only in the way a child would. People’s thoughts are controlled but they don’t mind because they suffer from the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ and most of them are just as stupid as World Jewry. All the time and resources of World Jewry are spent dumbing down the people to their level and the people love it but World Jewry doesn’t realise that the people love it, because they are stupid.

    The Jew is a coward but the people are cowards also.

    It is for the above reasons that truth will NEVER prevail unless the entire populations of Britain and America are taken from the face of the earth becasue they have made a pact with World Jewry to annihilate everybody else in the world. If a group of people will not rest, ever, until they have killed you, then you can not rest, ever, until you have killed them.

  • Anthony

    ‘If a group of people will not rest, ever, until they have killed you, then you can not rest, ever, until you have killed them.’

    You say this, and yet you are on the side of a man who demands that his allies believe in thing that, even if they are true, are obviously never going to be believed by many people and are totally unnecessary in the fight against the Jew. If he were serious about fighting the Jew, he would only be asking his followers to believe in things that are necessary, so he could recruit more people. Clearly fighting the Jew is a very low priority for him.

    And I really fail to see how they have falsified world history ‘as a child would’. Even if there holes in their story, as you claim, they would have invented entire civilizations, ideologies, collections of literature, philosophy and art. It would be much more sophisticated than the shrunken head gas chamber nonsense of the Holocaust or the Judeo-Christian nonsense they created for Europe, which I, being genuinely anti-Jewish, say is all they are capable of.

  • aufihrhelden


    Your first paragraph makes no sense whatsoever, it is grammatically lacking.

    They have falsified world history in the way that a child would because the methods that they have used are the type of methods that a child would use, for example, changing names and inverting the blame.

    The Jew doesn’t realise that the vast majority of the ‘Anglo’ world back them come what may, there are effectively around five hundred million Jews in the world. They act that way because that is their nature. The scorpion will always sting the frog.

    Jews are only capable of pressing buttons and killing people or getting others to do the killing for them.

    It’s all about power. The school playground bully is always stupid but it is he who ends up with all the dinner money. Ultimately, it’s not about gold, it’s not about silver, it’s not about laws, it’s not about ‘legality’, it’s not about government, it’s not about propaganda, it’s not about truth, it’s not about lies, it’s not about right, it’s not about wrong, it’s not about books, it’s not about nations, it’s not about countries, it’s not about debt and it’s not about sovereignty. IT’S ALL ABOUT WHO KILLS WHO AND IF THE JEW ALONGSIDE THEIR HELPERS, PRIMARILY THE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN AND AMERICA ARE LEFT ALIVE THEN THERE WILL BE NO VICTORY OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER TO SPEAK OF ANYWAY AND ALL WILL BE LOST.


  • aufihrhelden

    Read ‘Third Reich Pilgrim : The Ruins Of Power’, for the truths and lies of ancient history and the world.

  • delendaestziobot

    The lie is the currency of humanity, it is natural for humans to lie, to falsify world history is not complicated or sophisticated, it is just the natural tendency of humans using their words and images and their works to disguise reality, which is what humans do, they do not need any assistance from Jewry to do this, but Jewry certainly set the manner in which the lies are sustained.

    The Aryan is not human, he is from another planet, another star is his sun, a sun which cannot be seen from this world, a sun whose light he shares his blood with, the light of the Black Sun, he is powered by the invisible truth of its death-defying rays which circulate in his veins. Therefore the lies of the demiurgic world have no effect on him, because he sees through them with an invisible power.

    It is you who are failing anthony, you are failing in many ways

  • delendaestziobot

    One can also see in the emasculated ‘Anthony’ type, that he wishes to bring in such outdated concepts as “recruitment” and “followers”, because his degraded mind belongs to the human masses.

    But because we have our Aryan Holy Books like MANU, we know that each Aryan is an Ultimate Battalion complete in himself, he is born an Ultimate Battalion, he needs to follow no one, he is a Siddhar Warrior, a Tulku, he comes to earth this way, he does not need to recruit or have followers, one Siddhar can destroy an entire world, the more Siddhars the quicker the Destruction will be.

  • higher_plane

    your website is a joke you neurotypical. Stay deluded

    • delendaestziobot

      You’re a genderless ziobotic organism projected from the hive-mind of the Demiurge…

      • M:G

        These typical zio-automatons have a standardized and homogenized response, they always claimed to be liberals, atheist, humanist, leftist, aspergers and Judeo christians. The true Aryan is not intimidated and trampled upon by those demonic beings that are masquerading as humans. He stand far far above them, shining as bright and magnificent as the black sun.

  • delendaestziobot are totally dissimulated. They are typical zio-automatons. And it was I who stole “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” from under their noses. No doubt they are still smarting from that. How can one explain their intellectual conundrums, foppery and dissimulation – they promote National Socialism at the same time as Third World immigration???? That is dissimulation, which is the mark of the Ziobot. Like any typical Ziobot they will continue to promote more and more intellectual conundrums, inane foppery and dissimulated sophistry, endlessly, on mass, and there is little that can be done about that….When it comes to conundrums, I am Theseus with the thread.

    And, of course, they want to promote guns….Now that is “neurotypical” advertising. Such primitive ziobot behaviour – always promoting guns and ammunition…

    • M:G

      Most of is a mish mash of liberal lies, universalism, deranged hipsterism and leftist propaganda, sprinkled with a flavour of the outer garb and appearance of supposed national socialism. I long suspect that the authors of are either faggots, race traitors and subverters, the website has a erroneous and severe misunderstanding of race, it promotes racial poisoning and the overall tone of the website seems like the product of a jew infiltrator disguised as a national socialist.

  • Rohan

    And he chooses to advertise his wisdom with the title “higher plane”? …proudly spitting out some nonsensical rubbish, like he has actually just achieved something.

    • M:G

      If you can preach and impart national socialism, aryan values and hitlerism effectively to a child, that child would point out the contradiction and incoherency of in a minute.

  • hosner88

    Thank you, delendaestziobot!
    I wish to say here that I was almost fooled for a time by the ‘National Socialism’ of David Myatt, but ultimately I always sensed an impurity there, a certain stain that would prevent me from acting on their words and from seeking contact with them, even if only through performance of their rituals and further perusal of their texts.
    On one hand I’d respond to Aryan symbols, such as the German NS Flag with the unbefleckt (!) Hakenkreuz that they, i.e. David Myatt’s secret order of ONA (‘arguably’) mis-used in their satanic rituals, but on the other I just couldn’t stomach their spiel about the necessity of culling the human race.
    For years I wondered about their motives, so much fog seemed to cover the ONA and David Myatt and the infamous Anton Long.
    But I was fortunate to have come across true Aryan teachings, enshrined in the holy books written by Don Miguel Serrano: true National Socialism. And I was fortunate to meet you and some other Kameraden.
    Now the fog has lifted.
    Sieg HEIL!

  • hosner88

    I don’t necessarily regard the notion of ‘culling’ as being without merit, but I do see a difference between, for example, the laws of eugenics when enacted by an authoriatarian regime for the general benefit of the Race on one hand, and strange beheading rituals of a satanic cult on the other, even if they insist that their group observes certain ethical criteria when engaging in said decapitations. These two approaches can’t even begin to compare, I think, even if they are supposed to be -arguably- following the same line of thinking.

    • delendaestziobot

      David Myatt would fulfill many international agendas for the covert promotion and then subsequent rejection of “Extremism”, in the dissimulated Ziobot fashion. In Dissimulated behaviors, the Ziobot will hold two views that oppose each other and hold them both as being equally true, at different times and places. A Ziobot, especially a homosexual one, will adopt many personas and viewpoints. and David Myatt share this dissimulated behaviour.

  • delendaestziobot

    David Myatt was a fake prince who has been turned into his true form – that of toad…Once upon a time he pretended to be a Nazi, but was proven to be fake, so he was turned into a Muslim as punishment for his fakery, now he has been turned into something even worse – a pathetic, ziobotic, coexist, genderless emo entity….See, now that is true metamorphic Magick…Also were pretend Hitlerist Nazis, they were found to be fake, so was turned into the toad-like Leftee, pinko, genderless Refugee Advocacy group they are today…

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