David Myatt on National Socialism and Hitler.

I thought I would make this post for ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ at Aryanism.net whose gay idols include David (Taoist/Islamist/anti-Nazi/Provocatuer) Myatt, and John (The Mulatto Who Would Be King) Alan Martinez II, and Helen (Ugly Lesbian Jew) Thomas, amongst others, ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ likes to pretend that he is a “National Socialist”, as a joke…I know, it’s not very funny, I don’t see what is funny about pretending to be something that you are not, but there is cabaret, acting, they just want to act at being something that they are not, or to act in order to cover something up, and then get others to act in the same way. If you are new to National Socialism and Nazism, as most people are, because there is only a very few in the world who have any knowledge on such matters, you will probably wonder, if you have any sense at all, why all the dissimulation? Why all the hypocrisy? But it is no different to any other worldly manifestation, there is an original archetype and then there are many inferior copies.

Again, what is Dissimulation? Dissimulation is an act whereby two contradictory beliefs are presented as being equally true. For example at Aryanism.net a quote of Hitler will be placed next to a quote of David Myatt, even though Hitler and David Myatt are completely opposed, they are presented as if they agree and have the same aim! That is dissimulation, and the reason why the propaganda tactic is used is because it causes an abstraction, and an abstraction means that the idea cannot lead to any practical positive result, and this leads to confusion. While nobody sees the original dissimulation the process can be continued endlessly. The Aryan by comparison will point out that David Myatt and Adolf Hitler are totally opposed, so how can they be grouped together in solidarity, how can two opposing views be presented as both being the same? For sure David Myatt knows nothing of National Socialism, Nazism or Adolf Hitler. And the ignorance of David Myatt, for whatever reason, is published for all to see, so clearly Aryanism.net only exists for purposes of Dissimulation.

Here are some quotes from David Myatt, please have barf bags ready because these quotes are rather sickening:

“As a result of experience, a pathei-mathos, I have come to reject racism, National Socialism, hatred, and all forms of extremism, having developed a personal weltanschauung, a non-religious numinous way, centred around empathy, compassion, fairness, and love.”   –   David Myatt, – Ethos of Extremism: Some Reflexions on Politics and A Fanatical Life, Part One (2012).

“National Socialism and Fascism are classic example of extremism, and of the barbarism extremism perpetuates, because they enshrine, promote, incite – and their followers do – what is harsh, dishonourable, hateful, violent, intolerant, bigoted, and thus inhuman, and they are devoid of, and actively discourage and scorn, the personal virtue of humility and thus the gentleness and the compassion and the uncertitude-of-knowing that marks those possessed of or who strive to cultivate the virtue of humility. Hence the masculous posturing of nazis, fascists, and racists; hence their militarism; hence their hubriatic belief in kampf as a basic and necessary principle of human life; and hence their barbarism.”  –  David Myatt, – Ethos of Extremism: Some Reflexions on Politics and A Fanatical Life, Part Seven (2012)

“There is, based on applying the moral criteria of the Numinous Way, an understanding of Hitler as a flawed individual who caused great suffering and whose actions and polices were dishonourable and immoral…For example, there is nothing honourable in the Nurnberger Gesetze and their consequences; in the personal suffering, the deaths, they caused, in the prejudice and the hatred they engendered and codified. Nothing good in the use of Krieg in pursuit of some supra-personal aim; in the suffering and the deaths caused. Nothing good or honourable in the demand for obedience and in the manipulation of people’s emotions by rhetoric and propaganda; nothing good or honourable in the punishment of those who were inclined, as is morally right and justified, not to surrender their individual judgement and who thus refused to be obedient in such supra-personal matters, especially in relation to certain ‘political’ abstractions, such as ‘race’, nation, and the fuhrerprinzip.”  –  David Myatt, – Hitler, National Socialism and Politics – A Personal Reappraisal  (2012)

“I regard National Socialism – of whatever variety – as an immoral set of beliefs, an example par excellence of hubris, with the Allied victory over NS Germany being a moral necessity, worthy of remembrance and celebration.”  – David Myatt, – In response to some recently asked Questions (March 2012)

“In practical terms, this means: that the concept of ‘race’ is not only irrelevant but an immoral aberration; that the alleged or the assumed ethnicity of a person is irrelevant; and that treating/mistreating people, hating people or causing suffering to people, on the basis of their alleged or assumed ‘race’ is immoral, reprehensible. For what matters is the person, the individual as an individual human being who is unique or who has the potential to be unique. What matters, what is human and moral, is a personal knowing of individuals and treating others with fairness and tolerance, on the basis of equality.”   –  David Myatt, – Empathy and the Immoral Abstraction of Race (2011)

And so on and so forth.

As we also see recently ‘Aryan Sanctuary’ (AS), continues with his Dissimulation program at Aryanism.net, with his idolizing the Jewish homosexual White House reporter Helen Thomas, who like AS is Gay, as there is a strong homosexual agenda at Aryanism.net, and this goes all the way back to the mulatto rent-boy heroin addict JAM. I don’t know if David Myatt was a homosexual, but he sure sounds like one, I would assume he is one as well, there is a whole nest of them over at Aryanism.net, and they make me feel sick, physically ill, more at the thought that those who do not know any better are being taken in by this insidious diseased agenda, that wants to own everything, even National Socialism, Nazism and Hitler, even though it knows nothing of such matters.

7 responses to “David Myatt on National Socialism and Hitler.

  • oregoncoug

    The dawnlight of an Aryan Golden Age grows denser. The wheat is separated from the chaff. The Judaized sodomites creep away into their shadows and the Aryan warriors step forth into the light of day.

    A key point agreed upon by every NS leader of the Third and Fourth Reichs was the requirement to honour and respect the Ten Sayings of the Aryan New Testament, also known as the Ten Commandments of the historic Christian Churches. We may or may not fully achieve the moral code of our Folk this side of the grave, but we are expected and required to do everything in our power to obey the Ten Sayings of the Aryan Christ.

    Unto the death!

    The sodomites may want to bring us down to their own vile level, but for that evil purpose they shall have to want forever. They must go their way and we must go ours. Aryans enjoy the personal liberty to fight for their Eternal Perfection, whereas the sodomites are mere dilettantes who shall never for long endure the pure rays of the Black Sun.

    They play at war. Only we, the Sons of Adolf Hitler, shall storm the Gates of Valhall and seize the Victory!

  • UKiller



    German Traitor? NOT:


    Angela Merkel is a jewish whore from changed name . His true and filth name is Rebbekah Kasner Jentsch!

    QUOTE: “The return of the head of the Snake to Zion can only be accomplished after the power of all the Sovereign of Europe has been laid low, that is to say, when by means of economic crises and wholesale destruction effected everywhere, there shall have been brought about a spiritual demoralization and a moral corruption, chiefly with the assistance of Jewish women masquerading as French, Italians, etc.. These are the
    surest spreaders of licentiousness into the lives of the leading men at the heads of nations.” – Protocols of the Fool Pigs of Zion

  • mandrakethemagi

    Oh this is a joke right? David Myatt has done more for National Socialism that you buffoons have done in your entire lives! I’d also love to see you say such things to Mr. Myatt’s face instead of hiding behind a computer screen spouting such nonsense. I doubt that for all your posturing you’d dare to do so.

    So talk all you want of heroes and Valhalla, you lack the guts to get there.

  • oregoncoug

    The whereabouts of Myatt are difficult to trace, but since be renounced Wahhabi Islam in 2010 he seems to have drifted back from Medina to England. He richly deserves to be bashed for many things, not least his many years of service to the Muslim Brotherhood (no friends of ours!) and earlier his agent provocateur activities that did much to disrupt the constructive work of Colin Jordan in Britain. Mandrake is being naive when he thinks we wouldn’t condemn Myatt to his face. We would.

    Myatt was never a genuine NS in any event. Back in the day he was only a so-called Neo-Spenglerian. Which means a National Bolshevik. In reality the likes of Angela Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron, Bush, Cheney and Netanyahu are also National Bolsheviks, aka Neo-Liberals, aka Neo-Conservatives, aka Neo-Spenglerians. Same difference and not exactly our kind of people! Basically in the 1980s and 1990s Myatt was acting as an agent provocateur for the Mont Pelerin Society then triumphantly led by His Imperial Highness the late unlamented crypto-Jew Otto von Habsburg. A nest of vipers all.

    The National Bolsheviks mimic NS by using national and national religious symbols and pieties to further their Judaic Communist goals. They are nothing more than the “pious” wing of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. They are no friends of the White Race or historic Christianity. In fact, as the blowback from the wars in the Middle East escalates, there is no reason to doubt that bullets will fly between us and their Muslim Brotherhood/Judeo-Christian Neo-Liberal Bolshevik terrorism.

    Mandrake is badly mistaken when he imagines we and the White Race aren’t going to fight against degenerate Judeo-Christian Marxist terrorist scum like Myatt. In the coming years fire is going to be fought with fire. And our fire is going to be greatly more terrible than their fire…

    Mandrake ought to consider that.

  • delendaestziobot

    Myatt is being paid by New York Jews, so I would think he is in New York. He works as a patsy. Which means in order to secure funding certain organizations employ a patsy. For example a counter-terrorism organization needs to have its controlled terrorist, or a organization which is set up to counter anti-Semitism needs to have a anti-Semite on its books, and according to all manuals in this regard, a controlled opposition is always the best form of opposition. Actually it just goes on the books as an asset of the organization, it’s the patsy, red herring.

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