Aryanism Bizarre!

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What to say? It is had to imagine that anyone could be so stupid, so ignorant. At first I thought it was a joke, but now I think it is the inevitable conclusion of the Glass Bead Game, the Hu-mans and their musings on aesthetics without any foundation in truth, and therefore without beauty, because what is beautiful is also truthful, and the Aryan is the ideal, as the highest form of that noble physical proportion of the most glorious beauty…Beauty is the ultimate Truth. begins its long list on human logical fallacy on its ‘Human Beauty’ page with a quote from Alfred Rosenberg, as if the Nordic Supremacist Alfred Rosenberg would endorse Clearly this is a case of confusion via abstraction; the ultimate Nordic Supremacist endorsing a anti-Nordic Supremacist mulatto list! Bizarre! I know is appealing to those who do not have good reading comprehension of the English language, or who have very little English reading skills, but really, for to use Alfred Rosenberg to endorse their mulatto list on ‘human beauty’ is just ridiculous, they are joking right?

And then the author of this confusion via abstraction uses a quote that he falsely attributes to Miguel Serrano, in quite a sneaky and deliberate fashion, because the quote is in a book written by Serrano but the quote is attributed to an unknown source by Serrano who uses it to prove that Aryans have been falsely represented in the past as a sign of degeneration. So one can see how has lifted words from a source and then fraudulently misrepresented them, in a time-consuming and deliberate manner, so it is worse than just a bad joke.

I think in this instance perhaps Alfred Rosenberg should be heard, in his defence against this misrepresentation.

“At the subconscious level, whether in cult or in life, man obeys the commands of the blood, as if in dreams or, according to natural insight, as a happy expression describes this harmony between nature and culture. But culture, with the growth of all subconscious activity and of expanding consciousness and knowledge, becomes more and more intellectual, and ultimately engenders not creative tension but, in fact, discord. In this way, reason and understanding are divorced from race and nature and released from the bonds of the blood. The ensuing generation falls victim to the individualistic system of intellectual absolutes, and separates itself more and more from its natural environment, mixing itself with alien blood. It is through this desecration of the blood that personality, people, race and culture perish. None who have disregarded the religion of the blood have escaped this nemesis – neither the Indians nor the Persians, neither the Greeks nor the Romans. Nor will Nordic Europe escape if it does not call to a halt, turning away from bloodless absolutes and spiritually empty delusions, and begin to hearken trustingly once again to the subtle welling up of the ancient sap of life and values.”    –   Alfred Rosenberg. Chapter 1 – Race and Race Soul. The Myth Of The Twentieth Century

Basically one could say that Alfred Rosenberg wrote Myth Of The Twentieth Century as a warning against the future appearance of the type of logical fallacy and confusion via abstraction employed by the likes of

When Hitler wrote of his dislike of the French in Mein Kampf he was sending a warning for the Humanitarian French inspired

“The French people, who are becoming more and more obsessed with negroid ideas, represent a threatening menace to the existence of the white race in Europe….For the contamination caused by the influx of negroid blood on the Rhine, in the very heart of Europe, is in accord with the sadist and perverse lust for vengence on the part of the hereditary enemy of our people, just as it suits the purpose of the cold calculating Jew who would use this means of introducing a process of bastardization in the very centre of the European Continent, and by infecting the white race with the blood of inferior stock, would destroy the foundations of its independent existence.”   –  Adolf Hitler. Mein Kampf. Chapter 13.  The German Post-War Policy Of Alliance.

And no, the Nazi’s did not consider the Japanese to be Aryan, but only recognised that the Japanese had previously been subjugated and ruled by the Aryan Race a long time ago, and virtually all traces of that Aryan Race in eastern Asia have vanished. The Third Reich had a non-aggression pact with Japan, but Japan also had a non-aggression pact with the United States as well, and the United States broke that non-aggression pact with the Pearl Harbour false flag, where the U.S. scuttled some of their redundant rusting ships and blamed it on the Japs, because they wanted to go to war with the Japs, again, and they needed an excuse. The All-Lies have worked this one out; if they bomb something and blame it on someone else, their human populations are so stupid, they will believe it. It is like when a school kid throws a rock through a window and then points to somebody else, and says “He did it, he threw the rock, I saw him do it!” That is the mentality of the All-Lies, viscious, sadistic, perverted lie upon lies upon lies upon lies upon LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES OF THE ALLIES!!!!!

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  • delendaestziobot

    I was asked privately to discuss Pearl Harbour a little more. So maybe I will comment on that.
    It was logistically impossible for Japan to attack Pearl Harbour, they were simply not capable of getting there with any aircraft or ship. It was news to the Japanese that they had “attacked Pearl Harbour”, the Japanese peace envoys in Washington, at the time, were informed by Washington that they were responsible for bombing Pearl Harbour. This was indeed news to them, and they said that it was impossible, that there is no way that Japan could have or would even wanted to do this. After hearing the Japanese peace envoys protests, the U.S. military sent them packing and told them that they were now at war with the U.S. and all her Allies.

    When Tokyo Admiralty were informed that they had bombed Pearl Harbour, they were horrified, they protested that Japan did not really even have a Navy, certainly not one capable of conducting such bombing raids of U.S. military bases in the middle of the Pacific! It was absurd to make such an accusation. The Japanese Navy and Airforce existed mainly on paper, and what they did have did not even work well at defending Japan’s own coastline.

    It was joked about, with the poor old Japanese at the butt of the jokes, because they had been used so many times as whipping boys and were considered to be just barely out of the Stone Age. Japan sinking the U.S. Pacific Fleet is a joke, just like it was a joke that the Japanese sank the Czar’s fleet. The British had it down that Japan’s main defence was about 15 million sharpened bamboo sticks, 100,000 rusty swords, and a few old 19th century cannons.

    The Third Reich’s pact with Japan is a thing of rare beauty, of deep spiritual significance, on behalf of the Fuhrer and the German people who reached out to the Japanese with geniune sincere compassion and friendship and understanding. And because of that, many Japanese warriors achieved Aryandom, immortality, they were the Eastern flowers of death, Chrysanthemums of the Rising Sun, Braves of No Fate.

    Some of the great Japanese warriors, fought on alone for years after, even decades after WWII ended and Japan had surrendered, as if they could not even be killed, they were already Magik Fighters, they had become Siddhars, and if you killed them, they became stronger.

    “We shall die,
    By the side of our lord, we shall die,
    We shall not look back.”
    – Imperial Japanese Army verse.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Lusitania 1915, Bromberg 1939, The ‘Battle of Britain’, 1940, Pearl Harbour 1941, USS Liberty 1967, Oklahoma City 1995, Jew York 2001, Madrid 2004, London 2005, Mumbai 2008, Oslo 2011 and many more.

    ‘It was him, it was him over there, he threw the rock !’ (television bulletin).

    ‘It was him, yes, it was him’, all the followers repeat.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, and the kid that they point at and accuse of throwing rock, has both hands tied behind his back, or no arms at all, and yet humans are so stupid, that if they are told it’s true, they believe, no matter how impossible it is, they have not any comprehension of reality and no proof that they ever did.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘It was him, it was him over there, he threw the rock !’, said the senile, sadistic little Jew in Boston.

  • Solrac

    Thanks for commenting it.

    I’ll get back to you in a few weeks.

  • Niebo

    In ‘Myth’ Rosenberg also states that a German women who has sexual relations or even is raped by a negro or Jew will be expelled from the folk. There’s a good lesson to the arrogant Aryan women of America, full of complaints, lovers of negro culture, needing negro friends.
    I thought Rosenberg’s idea on rape was too harsh, but our women are not so stupid that they don’t know when they’re in a non-Aryan environment. It’s also time we men grab the women by the arm and pull them out of theses environments. Every woman I talk to is wanting to be a teacher, and that’s a good thing, however they’ll inevitably spend some time in a negro, mestizo school, and I don’t know if you have read the Turner Diaries, but my high school at times was quite close to Pierce’s depictions: Aryan women getting destroyed in these “American” schools.

  • delendaestziobot

    America and Britain, France, Russia, etc, these fully mongrelized conglomerates, which have found their natural level in slow decline as corporate bizarres, are already expelled from the Folk, they expelled themselves when they attacked the highest image of God, the Aryan Folk of Germany and the Son of God Adolf Hitler. What will happen to these conglomerates now is the same as what has been happening to them, further mongrelization, decline, degeneracy until extinction.
    Furthermore, if women who appear to be Aryan, are attracted to negros or brownish mulattos, or Asians, or whatever, then those women are not Aryan, but a similtude of what was Aryan, an illusion, they therefore should be left and abandoned to their own dispicable devices.

    Our greatest enemy is the Demiurge, and those of us who have read the Aryan Holy Books will understand what I mean.

  • Tony

    Comrade, is the Aryanism website down? I’ve tried visiting it this morning and it’s no longer there! My goodness, I hope it wasn’t hacked. I’ve always enjoyed the information I get from there *Sighs*. The same was with the Aryan Beobachter, I really enjoyed the articles,as I do this one,but the sites seem to come and go. I’d like to gather all this extremely valuable information and save it somewhere but I haven’t the idea of how to preserve these websites of great value.

    • delendaestziobot

      The internet and digital media is not a secure way to store information, and of course the only way to preserve knowledge is “the old fashioned way”, that is why the most important things I only put in a physical form and I place it in many places with many comrades.

  • Niebo

    Yes, I suppose just let the whores go.

  • Raul

    If we talk about Aryanism Bizzare, I think this is the most contradicted Aryanism Bizarre.

    “Crusaders for Yahweh A message of truth and hope for the Aryan People”.

    Another affiliate page

    How can people claim to be Aryan and be “Yahweh warriors”. In other words, warriors of the machine, warriors of the prototype of the Demiurge. Warriors of the Enemy of Lucifer Krist?

  • delendaestziobot

    The Demiurge is a great Copy-Artist, a Mime-Artist, an imitator, you can be sure that the thing it fears it will attempt to copy it, and it’s copy will be inferior. The human machine actually wants to be immersed in the copying process.

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