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Things just go from bad to worse at, but for us at Siddharreich that presents an opportunity to highlight a few of humanity’s errors, of which there are many.

I refer to this recent post: Dugin and Eurasianism

Now, I am going to dissect Anthony’s 4 arguments (in blue) and destroy them (my corrections and comments in grey):

(i) Mesopotamianism: In contrast to surrounding Arab states, Iraq has a separate identity and culture because its roots are in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, such as Sumer and Babylon, rather than in Islam. All the civilizations of the Old World have their origin in these early civilizations, and it is these civilizations that introduced writing, technology and higher culture to humanity.

Mesopotamia, Sumer and Babylon are historical fictions invented in Paris and Amsterdam in the 16th Century, primarily by the students of Jean Daurat of the College de Coqueret. Mesopotamia, Sumer and Babylon never existed and are literary inventions.

…The Phoenicians, who were the greatest traders of the ancient Mediterranean, had considerable Mesopotamian descent.

The “Phoenicians” is a misinterpreted word and a chronological error, it should read “Venetians” from the 14th-18th Century AD – I.e The Republic of Venice – Verona, Padua, etc. Origin of Venice is the Western European Holy Roman Empire.

Only Iraq can bring order to a world in crisis. It is consistent with cyclic interpretation of history that exists in so many ancient mythologies.

Logical fallacy.

(ii) Sinism: Throughout history, China has consistently had the strongest economy, been the most technologically advanced and had the greatest social harmony.

China has an extremely short history, beginning with the Jesuit missionaries. “Ancient” Chinese history and technology is a Jesuit invention, and has no basis in reality.

…China’s empire was never based on subjugation. Once it had enough power to be secure, it isolated itself, building the famous Great Wall and pursuing a policy of isolation in relation to western powers. It was the only power not to be conquered by European countries and is the natural leader of the world against the West.

China was established as a colony of Europe, and it is now a colony of the United States of America, China has never been an Empire and never will be, China begun construction of the Great Wall after it adopted Marxism. Most of the Great wall of China has been built-in the last 25 years, with foreign aid. All China’s technology has been introduced from the “West,” without exception.

(iii) Incanism: –

See Spanish colonialism.

(iv)  Australism: – Only the indigenous Peoples of Australia have consistently lived in harmony with nature and each other.

Australian indigenous Peoples were brought to Australia by the Dutch slave trading ships in the 18th century AD.

The rest of the article is barely worth commenting on other than it is rather conservative and traditional, and furthermore it is insulting to us true Nazi’s. For to believe it holds the same Weltanschauung as Adolf Hitler is delusional and the result of confused and polluted mind. has nothing in common with Adolf Hitler, or Nazism, or National Socialism, nothing at all.

When the Aryan confronts truth, when he/she grasps truth, he/she can master reality, and in that confrontation; he/she overcomes reality and rises above entropy, thus proving immortality of Self. Humanity is failing to grasp Truth and therefore will not master reality, only the Aryan will be able to do this, and you must prove that you are able to do this if you are to become Aryan.

Initiates of SIEG!


Masters of Reality

Pilgrims of Despair…

8 responses to “Rebuttal of

  • Theseo

    !Finally someone else with the will to fight biblical chronology!

  • Anthony

    This is a total misrepresentation of what I said. I never claimed that these points were accurate. In fact, they were explicitly stated to be a parody of the style of argument other people (i.e. Dugin) use. This just goes to show that you did not read the full article, even though you claim ‘the rest of the article is barely worth commenting on’.

    Also, you said you’d destroy my argument, but instead your ‘corrections’ were only theories that you supplied no evidence for. I’m not saying that these theories are definitely false, but without evidence I don’t see why I should be convinced one way or the other, and in fact I think it is un-Aryan to demand that people believe in something without supplying an argument, which is a point you would have seen I made in that article if you’d bothered to read it!

  • delendaestziobot

    “To prove this, I will create arguments that Iraq, China, the Inca Empire and Australian Aborigines are the natural leaders of the progress of mankind, and will call these idealogues Mesopotamianism, Sinism, Incanism and Australism.” – Anthony

    Anthony, you see I am quoting you word for word, therefore it is impossible for me to be accused of “misrepresentation.” You could say that I have taken your words out of context. but as you say, they were a “parody” – a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of writing. In which case I have taken your words and put them in their proper context, as arguments to be ridiculed and destroyed, which is what I have done, so you should thank me for giving these words their proper context.

    As for “evidence”, the less evidence I have to give the better. Especially in this case where there are mountains of false evidence, the right way is to destroy it all with as little as possible. Do you understand what I am saying, or do you need further explaination?

  • Anthony

    This was not your intention. It is very clear that you thought that these were my arguments, rather than a parody of another’s. Otherwise, it would not follow that by arguing against these arguments, you would be discrediting me. This is obvious.

    • delendaestziobot

      But they were your arguments:

      “To prove this I will create arguments that Iraq, China, etc, etc.” – Anthony

      I quoted you, don’t you know what you wrote?

      You created arguments, as a parody, now you say, well I destroyed those arguments with the Aryan Light of TRUTH, but you seem to be having a problem with that. What I am revealing here is some of the most important revelations of our times, and you think it is only hard for you to come to terms with this?

      Don’t you see that I am writing what you should have wrote! Dugin had 1 absurd argument, and then you made 4 more.

      Now things are really, really, going from bad to worse at

      In this one post half of history just got wiped out and all you do is think of the damage to your ego. What, do you think I am going to now nurse your ego for you?

      Be a Man, confront the TRUTH!

  • aufihrhelden

    delendaestziobot quote from comment number five : ‘As for “evidence”, the less evidence I have to give the better. Especially in this case where there are mountains of false evidence, the right way is to destroy it all with as little as possible. Do you understand what I am saying, or do you need further explaination?’

    Indeed, two obvious examples where just a small amount of evidence can prove mountains of false ‘evidence’ to be nothing but a pack of lies are the so-called ‘terrorist attacks’ in America in 2001 and the Holocaust Lies. Certain facts pertaining to physics, chemistry, logistics and mathematics can render all ‘official versions’ and all ‘eyewitness accounts’ meaningless and without merit.

    Look at the size of a torpedo compared to the size of a ship … but there needs to be people listening … and when they’ve listened they need to act.

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