A New Race.

The formation of a new race is inevitable, it will come but it will not be a new creation, it will come via a transformation – a renewal of mind, spirit and body. Indeed Man of himself can create no-thing, and no-thing known to Man can be created and no-thing can be destroyed ultimately, there is only transformation and Time which is infinite. Creation is an act of God, it is not an act of Man, creative power in Man comes from God! Man can only discover what God has done, because God is the Eternal Creator. The Eternal Creator has already begun his great work of a New Race, and that is what we are going to discover. His first-born of the New Race was Adolf Hitler, he was the Christ, the founding principle, the archetype, the embodiment of Aryan creative power.

“Half man of the people: half God! The very Christ: or naught but John the Baptist”  –   Joesph Goebbels

“That he is but an instrument of the divine will that shapes the course of history.”   –   Joseph Goebbels

“You take an oath to a man whom you know follows the laws of Providence, which he obeys independently of the influence of earthly powers, who leads the German people rightly and will guide Germany’s fate. Through your oath to bind yourselves to a man who – that is our faith – was sent to us by higher powers. Do not seek Adolf Hitler with your mind alone, but seek him through the strength of your hearts!   –   Rudolf Hess

The new race will be a higher form of man, this higher form of man will not have a feeling towards the old traditional family based society, his spirit naturally extends beyond such primitive forms, indeed the family unit being the lowest form of society represents a lower species of man, it is the society of the “human”, and it is this “human” society that the new race of Aryans will overcome. The Aryan will understand that his parents are merely the gateway via which he entered into this world, one could describe it as the Aryan has selected his biological parents. The mere act of sexual intercourse between male and female does not produce the individual Spirit or Soul or even Blood where the soul resides, and Race is the exterior of the Soul. No blood is transferred from a mother or father to their child, they are not blood relatives, therefore they may not be of the same Race as their child. Both birth and death are doors by which eternal spirits enter and leave this physical plane of existence. Let the Aryan  understand that he was framed by the Eternal Creator before this World, you were made from before the earth was formed and you will fulfill your destiny here. Your Family and your Race young Aryan is not what you think it is, it is not what you were led to believe by those who have set out to deceive you, your race is something very different and that is what you must discover. What I am saying is not religious speculation it is fact, a proven fact that can be attested to by the senses.

The inferior concept that you are some type of biological property that you received the day you came out of your mother’s womb is wrong and based upon the superstitions of inferior humans who cannot understand anything but what they see with their eyes, and even then they don’t understand! They see a physical born body but they do not understand the Conception, that before this conception there was pre-existence, if you did not exist before your conception, before the multiplication of your cells, before you emerged into this world via the biological gateway, if you did not already exist then you do not belong to the Eternal Creator, you are not with God! You were begotten by God our Father the creator of our race before the foundations of this world, before the universe itself. You come from somewhere else, a child of the Black Sun, of what is not seen, the invisible light, you can understand things not of this world and things unseen, the things of other dimensions which you already have journeyed through and will return to and will journey through forever. Must I point of the evidence of this for you, or do you already know this in your heart?

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them that are in this world, because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”   –   1 John 4:4

“We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth us not. hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.”   –   1 John 4:6

“We are God’s Truth!”   –   Adolf Hitler

We are the revelation of the mind of God from the beginning given His own energy-spirit as according to His divine will. The energy-spirit was manifest and the soul-consciousness bore witness to its formation, and that it understood that it would not be alone as one but we all be destined to be received not by this world but by the fellowship of God. To come as Strangers to this earth, Pilgrims in the infinite emptiness of this outer darkness, who would come here? Unless ye be sent by a higher power, or perhaps voluntarily of your own free will, to take on mortal corruptible flesh in this different dimension, to transform it by transforming yourself; a task to great for even angels. The elect sojourners in the kingdom of death and corruptibility who hold the foreknowledge of the incorruptible Divine Order, foreordained from before the foundation of this world that you be manifest for this purpose, a bringer of spirit-energy into this dying world.

Because the Aryan knows this he can willingly sacrifice his earthly life, and it is his sacrifice that marks him as an Aryan, it is not intellectual power, it’s not great strength and it’s not the ability to coerce and convert, it is willingness to sacrifice in loyalty for his race and God, for loyalty is the ‘Holy Spirit’, once the spirit extends beyond the primitive boundaries of the family there will be the conditions set for the full manifestation of new state of being, a new race, a new Reich. It is not the instinct for self-preservation that forms new racial states and it is not the family cell that forms new races, a new race begins with loyalty to an order, an order of men bound to a common goal and ideal. The Aryan will sacrifice his own personal work and ego for the common good of the whole order of his race. An order, indeed any formation of state or organization can only ever be founded by men, a league of men whom together forms the nucleus for race and civilization. Biological relations – the family, is secondary or all held to be entirely superfluous. The order seeks freedom not from something but for something! Emancipation in comparison is for women and jews, the Aryan seeks freedom in order to achieve something. And to achieve something it is understood that a struggle will take place in his environment, the Aryan refuses to be subject to environmental conditioning but overcomes it. The founding principal for any formation of race has always been an alliance between warrior-men in a hostile and alien environment, an alliance based on a common goal and orientated towards a particular purpose. The order is exclusive and stands opposed to those who are not compatible to the goal of the order. The order can only exist if unity is brought about through concentration in a particular time and place, the beginning of a Racial order can only be concentrated and centralized, anything else is a disintegrating influence. The order is intolerant to all other orders, it holds to its own existence with fanatical zeal, even if other systems or orders seem similar, a combination of systems even if they be of a relatively similar kind eventually causes weakness, the stronger order must overcome the weaker, the amalgamating of many different systems and orders merely brings further disintegration, the existence of an order can only be maintained through struggle, internal strength cannot be brought about by external compromise.

“The greatness of every powerful organization which embodies a creative idea lies in the spirit of religious devotion and intolerance with which it stands out against all others, because it has an ardent faith in its own right. If an idea is right in itself and, furnished with the fighting weapons I have mentioned, wages war on this earth, then it is invincible, and persecution will only add to its internal strength.”   –    Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

An order, if to be successful can only be born out an eternal ideal trialed and tempered by necessity, and the necessity must be identical for all members of an order, great orders do not grow great by heeding invented fables and stories, but fighting out of actual necessity in a world of practical reality! A racial order wages war on earth and in the process forms a racial type within its own territory and establishes it, the possession of territory and resources is naturally a prerequisite for the establishment of a racial type. The state, or organization, or order is the vessel that carries the race forward, it only exists for the maintenance and protection of the race. The laws of Destiny decree that territory is possessed by the strong who conquer it by force, the sword comes before the plough.

We should not seek a league of oppressed Peoples and those who cry for emancipation, that will simply add to the disaster. The New Race must be, can only be formed by a league of warrior-men loyal to their own order, one order and one order alone above all others, and this is honor, and honor is the basis for military valour. The fact that the racial order must struggle and fight against other orders is the sign that it is genuine, the sensible impressions made on the order during struggle will become the intellect of the order, for ‘Nothing is found in the intellect which was not first found in the senses .’ The Aryan has a unique sense, that of rememberance of pre-existence and divine order, the mind of this world can only understand a thing after the senses have gathered it.

Be careful not to take your guide from fables, because fables are the invention of fearful slaves that dare not express themselves honestly, they transfer feelings into fables. The Aryan must counter this with his own poetic archetype that takes on a uniform vision that can be understood by other Aryans. The poetic archetype must be gathered from real life experience through the senses and then communicated. This must be done until Aryan order and dominion can be established over a particular territory for the geo-genesis of a New Race.

For those from beyond the Bifrost, We Salute You!

Heil the New Race!

Heil the Aryan Order!


League of Warrior-Men

14 responses to “A New Race.

  • Lineman

    I’ve read through this twice in full, and a few parts, more than three. An excellent essay, although it feels worthy of a sermon. Not a sermon for the masses, but for minds already turned to the sun.


  • Temps du Loup (@tempsduloup)

    This is a truly extraordinary article — inspired. A sermon, indeed. I have built a link to it from my Twitter account (Are you on Twitter?). It should be widely read.

    -Declan Merriman

  • Falk

    “Indeed God lives in us, but he lives in an apeman-husk, he is wrapped in Sodomite linen, like a corpse in mummy bandages. He is not dead, he is only sleeping, but the day is coming, and it is not far off, when he will once more be resurrected, like Christ — and then woe to the Sodomite stones which he will break and hew for the building of his Church. God is purified race!” Lanz von Liebenfels

    Sieg Heil!

  • delendaestziobot

    But while we live, we Fight! Because the Dead live in us…But how many have fallen? Of our own kind? They are the ones that I wonder as to where have they been? Where have they been? We ask more of them than has ever been asked before, we ask for war on this Earth, no less…

  • Night

    Karl, have you thought on researching more the russian species?
    I saw criticism of Americans, British, but not of Russian, which have shown us time again their essence.

    There’s a reason Hitler use 90% of his forces to save humanity from as many russians as possible, we know what they did in Europe, and what they still do in their hellhole.

    • delendaestziobot

      In Third Reich Pilgrim I check-mate the Russians, or rather the Moscovy Company, which is the ‘Mystery and Company of Merchant Adventurers for the Discovery of Regions, Dominions, Islands and Places Unknown’. So Russia is a British Colony, and Britain is part of the Hanseatic League, Hannover, exactly…But Russia has always had the same figureheads as England, because it is an English trading route, but mangaged mainly by Prussia, hence Russia. There was no Revolution in 1917, Russia has never had a Revolution and never will, the Russian peasants who were mostly of Prussian descent, happily tore up their crops, slaughtered their animals, burnt down their farms and marched into the new cities on foot to start their new slave jobs in the new urban factories for the Moscovy Company, who they worked for, always, they then built tractors for farms they no longer had! You see, that is why Trotsky spent very little time in Russia, because there was no Revolution in Russia, there was a theatrical “Revolution” that was acted out and produced later in the 20th Century as part of the His-story.

      • Night

        Thanks, I agree, with the first and last part, I’m not sure of the crops…
        I owe you an essay on the Spanish Civil War.

  • delendaestziobot

    So, no Hitler did not save humanity from the Russians, Hitler destroyed Stalingrad and therefore destroyed the industrial machinery of the Moscovy Company which was being constructed in Stalingrad, like some great huge Mechanical Golem.

  • delendaestziobot

    The “collectivization” of agriculture in the Moscovy Company was the destruction of rural Peasantry in Russia, which like all pioneering land was populated by people mainly of Germanic descent, and in Russia, mainly Prussian descent.
    That includes Spain as well, it includes the whole world, and beyond this world we now know. And so we find in this a great Mystery in regards to Hitler destroying Stalingrad and the Crusade against Bolshevik Russia; “Every step opens a gate behind which Mysteries are hidden and only posterity will know for sure how everything came about and what happened” – Adolf Hitler explains Opperation Barbarossa 3 Oct 1941.

  • delendaestziobot

    On page 70-71 of Third Reich Pilgrim Part 1, I begin to shed light on the Mystery of Operation Barabrossa, the Great Crusade, the only Crusade ever launched, and in TRP Part 2, I will be delving even deeper into this.

    Back to the Peasantry of Russia of Prussian descent; during Collectivization they destroyed their own lands, bunt down their crops, tore up their houses, drunk on vodka most of the time, slaughtered 15,000,000 cows, 40,000,000 goats and sheep, 7,000,000 pigs and 4,000,000 horses, they turned all of Russia in to bloody shambles. And then they went off to smoke choked cities to make machines to destroy Germany with, when they in fact were themselves Germanic! Now that is Stupid, is it not?

    It was not the omnipotence of the Bolshevik State but the willingness of the Russian Peasant that made the smooth transition from rural agriculture to military industrial state.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now, the Moscovite Coat of Arms is the British St George emblem, because like I said Russia is owned by Britain, but all its culture and management was imported from Prussia, and the nobility and Peasantry was Prussian to a large extent, and that is why the Great Seal of Russia is the Black Prussian eagle, with a Western and an Eastern head, with Prussian orb and scepter of the Holy Roman Empire and the Elector of Brandenburg as well as the Austrian Empire….Because they are all controlled by the same beings that we have never seen, and who Hitler went to war with, esoterically. Hitler did not go to war against the Russian people, just as he did not go to war against the British, but he did destroy Stalingrad, and it took some time for him to destroy whatever was in Stalingrad, but once the operation was complete, he had his troops retreat out of Russia.

  • delendaestziobot

    Of course when we say “Britain” we mean Hanover, because Britian is a colony of Hanover, and the Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg was given the figurehead title to Hanover, and his name was George, this is in 1636, he is St George, Prince Elector, the Electors of Hanover become the figureheads of Great Britain, which are one and the same. Hanover is a Prussian province, so it comes under the Bishoporic of Cologne and the Elector of Brandenburg. As for the symbology of the the Knight and Dragon, that is revealed in TRP Chapter VIII. Of course Figureheads themselves have no power, are all related to the same families and are selected because they are ugly, dull, deformed, sickly creatures with bad temperaments.

  • delendaestziobot

    So Russia is actually a colony of a colony of a colony, whose so called nobility are identified with the House of the Romans (Romonovs), whose King is King of the Germans, who is King of the Romans and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the First example being Frederick I Barbarossa, hence Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa to the Germanic Diaspora of the East! And unless the Germanic Diaspora around the world awaken to what has been done for them, then there is no hope for them.

    And that is “shah mat”….

  • delendaestziobot

    Let me repeat, for this is critical: Hitler did not come to kill the Russians, he came to set the Germanic Diaspora free, from within Russia, He came to gain those that are His, from within Russia, and from within Britain, and British colonies, and from within Spain, Italy, the Balkans, the Baltic, Scandinavia, the Americas, even from within Africa, from all over the World, there is not a square inch of it that has not been pioneered by the Germans, and that Germanic element, those German racial remains is what Hitler has saved, and gains, and will gain more! For He shall gain all that are His!

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