Best of the British

The name ‘Britain’ derives from the hebrew word for ‘covenant’ – byrith. Britain was established as a penal colony and a land of slaves bonded to the Lord God of Israel. The Lord God of Israel requires sacifices, lots of them, to “cut a covenant” is to literally make a bloody sacrifice (Gen. 15;18, etc) as part of ritual worship. Today being British is a job, and a job is defined as ‘public work for private gain’, the ‘person’ that does the job performs public work and receives in return a debt note from the British Crown which is a Private Bank. The subjects of the Crown perform public jobs and the Crown gains for its private interests, by ‘private’ they mean ‘secret’ because the owners of the private Bank have never revealed their identity to the persons that work jobs for them. The secret Crown or Bank has since 1694 attempted to create a monopoly on the transferral of energy. All Work is uniform motion overcoming an opposing force, to do this work takes Energy and its the transfer of this Energy that the Bank seeks to control. The subjects that contribute their Energy to this Bank and its owners who they don’t know, are called ‘human resources’ which is ‘livestock’ a British person (includes the United States because the US is just a corporation registered at the Bank of England, the US is an asset of the Bank of England.) is biological property of the Crown. A ‘Human’ is not a ‘Man’ according to the Bank it is a non-man with no rights to property which includes the human person itself. A Birth Certificate is the registration of ‘biological property’, they are very clear about this, it is not a secret, the ‘chattels’ or biological property is then used as collateral by the corporate state i.e. public government for debt notes from the private Bank of England. The debt notes are fictions, that are created at the Bank, thus the more persons work or give their biological Energy to the Bank the more debt they receive. The debt notes increase the more the human resources work for them, the debt notes are also the property of the Bank and must be returned to the Bank, it is the role of the government to distribute the debt notes to the human resources and then collect them and return to the Bank, this is the primary role of government, the ‘left’ side of government primarily is responsible for the velocity at which the debt notes are distributed among the human resources, and the ‘right’ side is responsible for the velocity at which the debt notes are returned to the Bank. With digital debt this process becomes even easier and it saves on paper and ink which are the only costs for the Bank that issues debt notes. It is impossible for all the debt notes loaned into existence to be returned to the Bank, the mechanism that controls this is called ‘interest’, and it works like this; The government, is given by the Bank, for example 1 million debt notes for distribution and then collection, however the bank simply orders that the government return the 1 million debt notes plus another 100,000 debt notes, seeming that only the bank creates the debt notes it is impossible for the government to return all the debt notes, because the extra 100,000 debt notes were never given to them in the first place, the government can only apply to the bank for more debt notes, therefore it is certain that the government will never have enough debt notes to give back to the bank.

Britain essentially is a Bank and the system I have very briefly described is the system that Britain operates, the British subjects are ignorant and pitiful slaves of this system. Adolf Hitler desiring to express the Mercy of God has spared these pitiful creatures, and in the hope that one day these slaves rise up and be Men and destroy their masters themselves.

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  • aufihrhelden

    I can never see the pitiful creatures of Britain (slaves) rising up and destroying their masters themselves as they’ve come to love their slavery so much – they suffer (although they don’t see it as such) from the Stockholm Syndrome. As they reside in the ‘country’ that The Jews primarily use for their paper (electronic fraud) fiat currency creation, it is they who benefit more than most other people of the world in using this fiat fraud for purchasing all kinds of useless gadgets and other such objects in order to maintain their false materialistic existence. The British don’t think in terms of morals, they think in terms of ‘wants’ – the entitlement society, me, me ,me. Responses I receive when trying to explain certain things to them : ‘Why are you talking like this ?’, ‘I’m not interested.’, ‘Please change the subject.’.

    ‘… and you know that I’ve always defended the view that there are no stupider people than The Jews neither is there a more unprincipled or unscrupulous.’
    -Adolf Hitler.
    Stupid they are, so stupid, in fact, that they feel the need to have to lie to the British (and Amercan) people – they don’t even realise that the vast majority of such (not all but the vast majority) would rather become sick little followers of The Evil Satanic Talmud than give up their soft, meaningless, materialistic existence and so it would not even bother them even if The Jews decided to tell ‘The Whole and Nothing But The Truth Of the Last Few Hundred Years’ through every single news media outlet they own.

    Could it be said that The Truth doesn’t matter in britain any more because they’ve come to love the lies so much ?

    They don’t care, they’ve been given Bread and Circuses.

  • aufihrhelden

    … the above behaviour is bad enough but the worse thing is that they want everybody else to be like them and they absolutely hate it when a country or group of countries want to Live by Truth and Justice and Natural Laws. It’s this inherent nastiness that requires, nay demands, that other parts of the world (such as Central and Northern Europe) all fall imto line, dumb down and be part of the World of Zion.

  • aufihrhelden

    I came across this perceptive comment on you-tube :

    ‘Firstly lets talk about tea time. Tea time! What a pile of pious CRAP. You English have convinced yourselves that your nation is the greatest nation on earth. That it is the most dignified, civilised nation on earth. Well let me tell you that the rest of the world does not agree with that. As a matter of fact history will prove that the British are the most barbaric, vile, swarming, sloths to ever walk the face of the earth.’

  • Niebo

    The word job, what a joke. The word apparently comes from the Old French word “gob”,peasant speech for a lump of something in a cartload(hay,soil,etc), a crumb or mouthful of something or other.

    As if the present usage of the word “job” couldn’t be anymore ridiculous it also relates to the Hebrew “Job”, meaning either “the persecuted one” or “the penitent one”.

    We do work, not jobs.

    • delendaestziobot

      Kamerad, your etymology is correct, very accurate.
      Imagine seagulls picking over bread crumbs, that is where the word “job” comes from, in real peasant terms it is close to “I’ll job you one!” which would mean a poke in the eye or a punch in the mouth when scrapping over food stuffs, just the petty fighting that goes on when human masses squabble and scrap over the crumbs that are thrown to them. Although seagulls are more noble in their disputes than humans.
      And the legal definition for “Job” is public work for private gain or private consumption, a politician is a perfect example of someone who performs work in public but for private gain only, which is a oxymoron of course. People go into to public politics because the pay is relatively high, and for no other reason than that they perform their job. Politicians are always “For Jobs”, but the Third Reich Pilgrim advises that the politicians should instead shut their gobs, permanently, and that would come under their own law of “reducing carbon emmissions”. LOL

  • Niebo

    Haha, that’s just how the politicians see us, as crumblings.
    They sit at their mighty feasts after retiring from their
    political theatre stages and if they feel like it, brush the crumbs(jobs) onto to the floor and expect us to gobble them up in thanks. HA!
    We refuse to eat them and so they are bewildered or enraged, thinking us an aberration to be ignored or crushed.

    Oregoncoug speaks of “Holy Arrogance”.

    We should be Titans, aim for great height and strenght, we’ll pick them up and lob them out on the grass!

  • aufihrhelden

    The scum ‘presenter’ Jeremy Clarkson made the following comment on the series, ‘Jeremy Clarkson : Meets The Neighbours’ originally aired in 2002 : ‘Germany has only existed as a country for just over a hundred years but in that time the people here have stood on the brink of starvation, they’ve been bankrupt, they’ve had two military coups, they’ve killed six million Jews, they’ve started two World Wars, they’ve been occupied by four foreign powers and they’ve invaded nearly all of their neighbours. Small wonder then that The Germans have had very little time to learn how to play musical instruments.’

    It’s really not worth rebutting the above because The British would support the comment anyway because they are Born Of Hatred.

    Is Clarkson a Jew ? It makes no difference because there are essentially around sixty-five million Jews in Britain already.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘Hence it cannot move us in the least when today an unctuous British minister proclaims England has an eye only to idealism and not to any selfish goals, never in their history. Of course – I have mentioned this before – the British have never yet fought for selfish goals but as recompense for this selfless struggle, the Dear Lord presented them with so many lands and so many peoples.’ [Laughter from the crowd].

    ‘In other words, there must be an end to this situation where one people takes it upon itself to play the world’s policeman and interfere in everybody else’s affairs.’

    ‘The British government will come to realise that, at least as far as Germany is concerned, the attempt to erect a police dictatorship over us will fail and must fail’

    ‘And now, if an Englishman comes and says, ”We fight for the freedom of the world, we fight for democracy, we fight for culture, we fight for civilisation, we fight for justice” [and so on], then this will be met with resounding laughter in Germany

    – Adolf Hitler, November 1939

  • aufihrhelden

    Today’s ‘Mail on Sunday’ reports on its front page all about items from the Holocaust being auctioned off and about how sick it all is. As all true and decent people know it is the Jewish Media and the people of Britain who are sick in promoting the lies of the Holocaust to begin with. What the inbred British media doesn’t realise is that if they put the headline, ‘Holocaust Invented In Order to Aid The Perpetual Fight Against German Truth’, then the British people would love them all the more.

    Heil Hitler !

  • delendaestziobot

    Then that would be the truth, and the truth is not in them, therefore they cannot speak the truth, therefore all their words are lies. Their words are only used for lies, words are only used to disguise their thoughts and actions. But in their minds, their words create their reality, in their imaginations it is real, and their imaginations are formed by words.

  • ironage

    To live in Britain today, is to exist in the midst of the most rotten of all the EUSSR gulags. Run by jews, for jews and populated by kosherized, filthy rag worshipping ziobot androids who are no better than jews themselves. They have absolutely no comprehension of the sacred Germanic nature of Albion, that they desecrate with their presence; Like rats swarming into a once grand Aryan palace. May a storm torrent of holy bombs clear this fallen land of it’s jewish debris, in honour of our most holy and merciful Fuhrer, and in preparation for he who is to come from beyond; from another light, pale green and pure. It sickens me to witness the ongoing jewish rape of Albion, with the full collusion and assistance of it’s robotic judaized, unthinking, unfeeling, UNLIVING populace. And to think that our maestro Don Serrano spoke so highly of the sacred roots of this northern white isle. I wait patiently for the day when he who will return will wipe this land clean of it’s filth and degeneracy. No mercy; no fate! Heil!

  • aufihrhelden

    The comment above is most worthy.

    The British are now complaining about what they describe as ‘storms’, ie some rain and wind. Imagine if they were confronted with what they really deserve …

    Stalingrad and Dresden …

  • aufihrhelden

    The sleazy Zionist David Cameron cancels a trip to The Middle East (no doubt the object of this cancelled trip was to continue threatening any nations there who may be considering moving away from the fiat paper system) and dons wellington boots in a public relations exercise to try and placate the people (but he doesn’t realise that the people don’t need placating because they all hate Adolf Hitler as well !) due to his ‘handling’ of the floods ‘crisis’.

    CRISIS ?? But I see no fire falling from the sky, nor do I feel temperatures of forty below.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Elders of Zion are senile and backward in many, many ways so they have developed a warped sense of humour which, in their eyes, compensates for such.

  • aufihrhelden

    Jeremy Clarkson again : he makes (is told to make) a ‘racist’ comment then there are howls of protest (as planned) and then Clarkson says he is sorry (as planned again) and shouldn’t really have made the remark and that racism is bad and so on …

    Thus it is publicly stressed once again that ‘racism’ is bad and the real motive of the genocide of the white race is, of course, hidden.

    These pathetic tactics (which are most popular in the areas of sport and entertainment) are typical of the only tactics that the stupid Jew is capable of but they work because the English speakers of the world prefer evil as their favourite leisure time pursuit. In fact, the tactics needn’t work, they need not even be utilised but the Jews don’t even realise this !

  • aufihrhelden

    The murderers, rapists, war mongers, child abusers, fraudsters and all manner of criminals got together today in France to pay homage to the Satan that is International Jewry. Even the puppets Putin and Umbongo got in on the act with the Jewish media there in attendance to give it the best possible propaganda, despite the fact that no propaganda is required because the vast, vast majority of the English speaking of the world are all, essentially, Jewish anyway.

    ‘Let’s show lot’s of evil old men on crutches looking very sad.’

    What’s the difference between a synagogue and a church ? NONE.

    Anybody who believes that any kind of Aryan world can be achieved without the complete annihilation or total isolation of 99.99% of the English speaking people of the world is either stupid or evil or both.

    Nietzsche’s Superman makes them feel inferior and inadequate so they despise him. All Heil the Glorious Warriors of the Waffen SS !

  • aufihrhelden

    It is in the nature of evil people to believe whatever their evil nature compels them to believe.

  • aufihrhelden

    Zion attaches itself to a host that best mirrors its agenda.

    The Bank of England was set up in 1694.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Judges of Zion despise being challenged or being put in an awkward position because it makes them feel inadequate.

    Bradford (1985) :

    It’s not so much the evidence as such or even the facts as such or even knowledge of Zion’s ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’ methods, in this case the ‘modernisation’ and ‘effeminisation’ and the ‘corporate-isation’ of the sport of football.

    The KNOWING comes from the reasoning that death is the oven that cooks the food of the Demiurge, the thick vapours strengthen him and that his greatest joy is extracted from suffering.

    And the KNOWING comes from the reasoning obtained from the output of Zion’s entertainment industry. This from ‘The Prodigy’ called ‘Firestarter’:

    I’m the trouble starter, punking instigator.
    I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrated.
    I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter,
    you’re the firestarter, twisted firestarter.
    I’m the bitch you hated, filth infatuated.
    Yeah, I’m the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated
    I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter,
    you’re the firestarter, twisted firestarter.
    I’m the self-inflicted, punk detonator.
    Yeah, I’m the one invented, twisted animator.
    I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter,
    you’re the firestarter, twisted firestarter.
    starter… starter… starter…

    Also, Birmingham (1985), Brussels (1985) and Sheffield (1989) ….

  • MDL

    Not all ‘British’ or English are quite as you describe sir, some have their eyes and hearts open to the truth.

    • delendaestziobot

      If they had their eyes and hearts open to the truth then they would not be ‘British’. They would call themselves something else. Britain is just a corporation so it can only recognise other corporations, legal fictions, so can a legal fictitious corporation have a heart and a set of eyes? No…Now an English Man would recognise his Germanic roots, and so thereby denounce the corporation of Britain, he certainly would not assume that the corporation of Britain was the same thing as he…

      • MDL

        I couldn’t agree more, the idea of being ‘British’ is a corporate relic of Empire which now is used to sell London trinkets to tourists. A man of these isles can be Scots, Welsh, Irish or English (and in that indeed Cornish, of Wessex, a Yorkshireman etc). The Anglisc or English people have vast quantities of connections with the Germanic folk, however much the ‘leaders’ do now wish us to remember this.

  • delendaestziobot

    Little white sister from across the sea, from the white isle of the dead, you were no Isolde to me. What say you men, angelic descendants from shores desolate, what say you, disloyal as you have been, what say you from across the sea?

    • martindavidlocker

      We say now is the time for suprahuman unity, let us put our shameful prior conduct behind us and go forward together.

      • delendaestziobot

        Ehrean Man is the unity of the New Race. There will only be a few, you Kamerad have no share in the shameful conduct of Britain. It is Individual now, the Science of Individuation.

  • aufihrhelden

    The aim of the Zionists is to create a world in which they can compete therefore the apparatus of Zionism is used to create a world which is physically inadequate and mentally retarded.

  • aufihrhelden

    I can imagine the Zionists all getting together when arranging these tournaments and thinking ‘how can we fix the draws/fix the venues/fix the animosity/fix the matches so as to create the greatest ‘trouble’ so we can put it out all over the world on the media that we own ?’

    But there’s no need for it Zion, don’t tax your little brain cells !

    Hey Zion, how many MI6 operatives did you send to this ?!

    See the ‘people’ on this video ? They are the Zionist Masses … They control the banking system, they control the media, they control the world ‘governments’ ? Do you understand what I’m saying ? Zionism – this video shows the only thought processes that it’s capable of. Do you see them throwing chairs ? Those who are throwing chairs are international bankers. It’s easy for them to switch between one and the other because they both require the same mental aptitude. Cretins. Do you understand what I’m saying ? Or was it all filmed in a studio ? Either way, it makes no difference to this post. The creature lying on the floor at the 2:36 mark may have to take a few days off from naked shorting precious metals prices.

    Anti Russian propaganda for the West.
    Anti Western propaganda for the East.

    But Zion, we’re all laughing at you !!

    Zionism cannot even get by in this world without the permission of those in this video !! The Zionist Masses …

  • aufihrhelden

    Filthy vermin, in the form of a murdering, child molesting, war mongering, fraudulent Member of Parliament is killed on a street of B’nai B’rith by, no doubt, MI6 or whoever, or it doesn’t f*****g matter. Today’s Jewish ‘Sun’ ‘newspaper’ (which almost matches the intellectual capacity of a Zionist) : the front page headline screams out ‘NAZI MANIA OF JO ‘KILLER”. Nest to it reads ‘The man who allegedly killed MP Jo Cox had hidden a secret Nazi obsession for at least 17 years. Police who raided Thomas Mair’s house found a hoard of Nazi memorabilia and books. The Sun can also reveal that hours before the killing, loner Mair, 52, left, pleaded for help for depression ……

    Everybody note the pathetic ‘tactics’ (pastimes) of the imbecile ! If you are not Talmudic then you must be manic ! Nazis are obsessed with the truth ! Books ! Books of truth ?! Somebody who can read is too clever for Zion … 99.999999% of the population of Britain support murder, rape, mass fraud and the starting of wars so anybody who does not is a loner ! Freud the Jew says that they must be ‘depressed’ !

    May the ‘murdered’ (or whatever) Jo Cox rot in the belly of the Demiurge.

    The Zionist media also plays the sympathy card, as though everyone should garner such for her offspring of Satan.

    Remembering Dresden.

  • aufihrhelden

    Off go all the little Zionists to cast their ‘votes’ for Zion.

    No doubt the cretins of Zion will rig the ‘vote’ as to their ‘favour’ yet it doesn’t matter anyway but they don’t realise it.

    How about a vote on this : ‘Is the European Union a Jewish organisation whose aim is to destroy Germania ?’ YES or NO.

  • delendaestziobot

    The EU is a Jewish organization to destroy Germania! Germania is the Holy Land! It always was.

  • aufihrhelden

    The front headline on today’s Jewish ‘Sun’ ‘newspaper’ : BREXIT FIX FACTOR – Pencil conspiracy as result is neck & neck. It states, ‘Brexit backers told supporters to take a pen to mark their voting cards yesterday – amid fears the pencils on offer allowed votes to be tampered with. They voiced concerns that MI5 planned to rub out and alter pencil crosses to gain a crucial advantage in the neck-and-neck vote.’


    What’s probably happened here is the usual thing that always happens – Zion will have made a mess of its subterfuge, as always, then just decided to let it go public anyway but in a way that makes a ‘mockery’ of it. Conspiracy ! Conspiracy ! I can actually imagine MI5 agents sat there with furrowed brows rubbing out pencil votes and putting their own crosses in !!

    On the actual result (perhaps Zion made a mess of something else as well because, for choice, they’d probably prefer ‘In’ than ‘Out’ but they just do what they want anyway) the ‘alternative media’ on the internet screamed ‘Gold soars’ and the like. Soars ?? What, 5 % or so ?? The price is exactly where it was around five years ago. Cretins. They don’t understand the way of the world. Understanding mathematics is of no use whatsoever if you don’t understand the Nature of the Masses. The only mathematical fact that keeps the Imbeciles of Zion afloat is the fact that numbers are infinite therefore their creation of electronic digits AND their ‘naked shorting’ of precious metals prices can go on forever IF THE MASSES WITH THE POWER CARRY ON ACCEPTING IT. If all the mathematical variations/formulas were encircled and isolated which meant it came down to an intellectual battle then Zion wouldn’t last five minutes and the financial system would be destroyed in no time. I could personally bring down the entire financial system, using two different methods, I have tried both (I knew the outcome each time, of course, it was merely cosmetic) but each time, force was used against me.

    None of it matters – the ‘Victors’ were saying that they are now going to ‘take their country back’ ! Really ? So, no more creation of electronic digits from thin air in the United Kingdom, no more high street banks, no more central banks ….. ?!?!?!?!

  • delendaestziobot

    The essence of the problem is the Judaic industry of counterfeiting…If there is no Weights and Measures System, then it’s a counterfeiting operation….Zion is one big counterfeiting Operation….

  • aufihrhelden

    … but, of course, it is the Nature of the Zionist Masses which ensures that the counterfeiting remains.

    The front headline on today’s Jewish ‘Daily Star’ ‘newspaper’ : NOW LET’S MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN.

    What’s being said here is that in recent years the British people have not had enough wars, not had quite enough fraud, they have not murdered enough people and not raped enough women and children. The code for the headline is ‘Let’s Start World War Three’.

    It now appears as though the Imbeciles at MI5 did indeed make a mess of the subterfuge (not that such is necessary anyway) because there are now ‘calls’ for !!! ANOTHER VOTE !!! (1.5 million signatures have suddenly appeared from nowhere demanding such) !!

    The Neutral Angles must be having a grand old time laughing at MI5 !

    What I find most disloyal and dishonourable is that even those who might be said to be ‘on the side of truth’ will never talk about the real truths of the world today and what needs to be done in the world today to ensure the absolute destruction of all evil.

    • delendaestziobot

      Britstain is a Corporation, whether it belongs to the EU Corporate Enterprise or not make no difference. The Currency Algorithms are so far removed from Reality that whatever is “reported” now as a consequence of the Currency Algorithms makes absolutely no difference. The systematic Liquefaction of all real assets and real energy by the ECB will continue…Just as the Computers can invent the scenario of Britstain joining the EU,, they can just as easily invent the scenario of Britstain leaving the EU, and then again re-joining the EU….But the point is at the value exchange of the counterfeit “Pound Sterling”….Because it is not based on the weight of a Pound of Sterling Silver it can be endlessly changed and exchanged by Currency Algorithms in-between Corporate Computer entities….Humans are not required for this electronic transfer…Humans can assist in the learning of Computers by the playing of games…Yes, the aim of the “Vote” is another “vote” and then another, between two options, its programmed into the Computers, that is how they learn….

  • delendaestziobot

    Computers don’t choose between “good” and “evil” or “true” or “false” they choose between “0” and “1”….

  • aufihrhelden

    Of course, the computers themselves are not aware of what is being entered into them, it is those that actually make the entries themselves – but, of course, the first principle is that, in the school playground, there is absolutely no need for a ‘supercomputer’ because everything is held up by FORCE NOT MATHEMATICS ! The Greatest Book of the Twenty-First Century gets off to a flying start when, on pages 1, 2 and 3 it mocks the ‘Mystery Banking Gods’ and, as is mentioned in that book, they were also mocked by the German People when they referred to ‘Jewish Confetti’ ! It is the lowest common denominator, it is the Way of The Imbecile, it is the Mind of The Moron. Ask for delivery of physical silver to crush the system ? The Zionist Goons will use Force against you. Go to ‘court’ on the basis of all fiat ‘currency’ (debt) being fraudulent ? The Zionist Goons will use Force against you. Invasion of the Third Reich !Every single entry that goes into the ‘Supercomputer’ is not necessary because those behind it are not capable of making it so, it only APPEARS that they are capable because nothing ESSENTIALLY changes in the world because the world of Zion (the school playground) is upheld by Force. If it was merely the computer algorithms and the lies generated by such which were upholding the world of Zion, but the people within it all had the mental capabilities and the world outlook of, say, Sylvia Stolz then Zion and its computer would be laughed at and we’d all have a Paradise before breakfast. See the ‘man’ lying on the floor in the video on one of my posts above ? That’s the ‘Supercomputer’ !!

    As I say, ‘If all the mathematical variations/formulas were encircled and isolated which meant it came down to an intellectual battle then Zion wouldn’t last five minutes and the financial system would be destroyed in no time. I could personally bring down the entire financial system, using two different methods, I have tried both (I knew the outcome each time, of course, it was merely cosmetic) but each time, force was used against me.’

    … and from Torch Bearer Karl : ‘Because it is not based on the weight of a Pound of Sterling Silver it can be endlessly changed and exchanged by Currency Algorithms in-between Corporate Computer entities ….’

    … but what holds up the ‘endlessly’ ?? It is held up by the masses of the English speaking world. The man on a bar stool in a public house, the girl in a supermarket and all the rest of the Masses. So this is why the Imbeciles of Zion carry on working their computer – firstly because it is held up through weight of numbers and secondly because Zion doesn’t realise it, Zion thinks that its ‘Supercomputer’ is actually something more than an absolute Laughing Stock ! So what does Zion carry on doing ? It carries on working its computer !!

    It’s like a game of chess where Player A is making a mockery of Player B, Player A is 9-0 up in a best of 19 match but then Player B pulls out a gun and shoots Player A and then declares himself the best chess player in the world ! But is Player B really the best chess player in the world or just a Zionist Goon ?!

    So, to sum up, Zion is not capable of anything, it only appears that way because it is all held up by their own masses without Zion actually realising it.

    The Zionist ‘Supercomputer’ will never learn what I have just written.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Third Reich Pilgrim – making a Mockery of the Zionist ‘Supercomputer’ !

    All Heil The Third Reich Pilgrim !!

  • delendaestziobot

    “Their common earthly human DNA is without intelligence. The human DNA without angelic intelligence is like a circuitry board of a computer, it can be programmed with words and frequencies just like a computer hard-drive is programmed with computer software…Human beings like the Jews and Gentiles with their various sub-sets of racial characteristics have no Angelic intelligence, they are just biological machinery waiting to be programmed with words and frequencies. Chromosomes function like holographic computers and absorb linguistic patterns and convert it to DNA frequency and thus genetic information. There is no need to decode DNA when DNA can be gradually changed and transformed.” – Third Reich Pilgrim page 143-144.

    The Supercomputer is an extension of Humanity, like all Media is an extension of Humanity.

  • aufihrhelden

    Indeed, everything in this dumbed-down world of Zion is an extension of Humanity yet the ‘Mystery Banking Gods’ think they are exclusive !!

    Compare and contrast the intellectual and physical prowess of the Men of the SS with the ‘Mystery Banking Gods’ !!

    The Freemasons meeting at their lodges think they are exclusive !!

    What buttons will be pressed on the ‘Supercomputer’ next ? Better ask the man sat in the pub or the girl on the supermarket check-out for they are Humanity and the Zionist Masses rule the world !

    As one of the ‘Ruling Goddesses of Zion’, Lady Gaga proclaims, they are ‘Born This Way’ !! The ‘Supercomputer’ is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is the ‘Supercomputer’. Laughing at the ‘Supercomputer’ ! Laughing at Zion !

    It is a common trait of stupid people to not recognise their own stupidity so Zion carries on pressing the buttons WHICH HUMANITY DICTATES TO IT !!

  • aufihrhelden

    In a world ‘run’ by the Imbeciles of Zion, it can only, by definition, be the English and French Speaking Masses that run it so there needs to be a plan to cull five hundred million Things. So where is it ?

    Anybody disagreeing with the above is stupid and should just fuck off and concentrate on building Zion for the Cretins.

    • M:G

      The zionist slave-masters and the ziobotic masses have an unconscious and lingering death wish. Their suicidal self destructiveness and merciless self flagellation are breathtaking in its most obscene glory. There are only three outcomes: 1) They will push the button on themselves and end their dishonourable existence in hellish radioactive fire. 2) They will debase themselves gradually and sink to a level far below slim, mud and swill, (through a degrading process of subtle bastardization) 3) Battalions of brave ehrean warriors and SS men waiting in the wings.

      • M:G

        Zion can be summed up in one word ” absurdity”, the “activities” of zion is self contradictory and absurd. Zion is like a mindless inefficient apparatus gobbling energy and resources in a wasteful and extravagant way. It is so atrociously engineered from an engineering point of view, it is like a self-digesting tumour that recklessly eats and carelessly feeds upon itself. As already stated, self destruction is the only path of zion.

      • M:G

        Also to note that any badly engineered machine is highly prone to failure and will fail in the most spectacular way. The supercomputers of zion have an reliability far worse than an ancient clunky, rusted and badly maintained engine lying in the garage.

      • M:G

        A excellent supercomputer requires 1) fast interconnects and parallelism, 2) Robust processor architectures, 3) Power efficency, 4) Superb software architecture, support and programming 4) High memory bandwidth, 5) Excellent efficient cooling, 6) High reliability features, 7) Excellent practical real world applications and performance. 8) Excellent adaptability and versatility. 9) High performance data storage ,archiving and management.

        I guest the average ziobot are like stone age ignorants and buffoons who do not understand what a processor and basic programming is. They are like idiotic kids cluelessly overclocking the zion supercomputer processors, disabling the cooling system, overheating them, causing system instability and crashing the zion supercomputer down.

  • VP35

    The appalling masses of Zion are inherently self destructive and intrinsically suicidal (as if they have a unconscious and lingering death wish.) It is like a a foolish depressed drug addict pressing the barrel of his pistol hard on the temple of his head. The ziobotic masses will eventually inflict the great culling on themselves and sink to a level far below the apes. This is a drag out, nauseating, degrading and dishonorable form of death, but there is a much quicker way to ease their pain : Merciless battalions of Ehrean warriors and SS men prepared for battle, and ready to lay down their lives.

  • aufihrhelden


    Yes, but the absurdity and the stupidity of Zion is its greatest advantage ! It essentially doesn’t matter if the moronic supercomputers of Zion break down so to speak because the essence of Zion has nothing to do with ‘systems’ as such, it has nothing to do with money, finance, social structures or whatever, it has nothing to do with truth and it has nothing to do with lies.

    Zion is a moronic concept where the English and French speaking MASSES rule the world. So their ‘systems’ can come and go but that doesn’t matter because all they need is weight of numbers – the so-called ‘leaders’ of Zion don’t realise this because they are stupid.

    Did you know that the vast majority of people in Britain and America devote their lives in maintaining the wars, murder, rape and child abuse of Zion ?

    The only way that Zion can ‘self-destruct’ is if that said self-destruction involves the complete and utter annihilation of what is known as ‘The White Race’ in Britain, America and France.

    It is not systems or processes or truth or lies which dictate world history, it is the Nature of living things (and that would mean the vile and hideous Nature of the above).

    If something self-destructs which never carried any weight to begin with then that self-destruction is meaningless because it’s the lowest common denominator which ensures they remain every time :

    • M:G

      Yes 100% agree, but where are the battalions of honourable and fearless aryan warriors of the blacksun ? Is there any signs that they will appear. When will the final battalion arrive to put an permanent end to this zionist filth and perfidy .

  • aufihrhelden


    You ask the only question that matters from the point of view of reality.

    • M:G

      Agree, but to be immersed and to live in zion while remaining to be an aryan is sure to provoke a violent reaction and rejection from zion. I tried unsuccessfully to convince a person that the holocaust is a hoax and we fought on the wrong side, the person seems like a unmovable block, set in stone, unable to change their minds. They seems to be regurgitating the same narratives that zion has implanted into their thick skulls. The holocaust hoax is ubiquitous and has exerted a demonic spell on people minds. I am aware that the banknotes I pulled out daily from my wallet in order to purchase things is fiat and worthless, the zio media seems omnipotent, it is virtually impossible to escape the diabolic snares of jews. To live in zion is like being forced to watch this mindless charade 24/7 right in front of our eyes, think of a lunatic asylum. Think of a weight machine, there are two weight pans, the actions of zion are pulling the weight machine down, causing an severe inbalance. The only thing to balance the scales, is the great violence. Terror can only be broken by terror as stated in mein kampf. As for the “comment” by vp35, i apologized that this is a prank played by my girl. She copy my orginal post and modified it and has done many times on me, lol. We sometimes use the same device together.

      • M:G

        It is virtually impossible to escape the clutches of zion especially when living in a big city like New York or Singapore. Everyday, i can see zion in every pixels of the large plasma screens and stock ticker display installed in the cbd area. When you shop for goods, zion is in the credit card that you use and the card reader machine. Zion is present in evey book or magazine placed on the bookshelves of all bookstores and libraries. It is present when you are receiving your monthly salary and withdrawing your money from atm machines. Zion is also present in the very food, drink and medication that you take. Even if you have thrown out your tv, you can still see plasma screens installed at shopping malls, bus stops, shops, subway stations, and sidewalks, blasting zionist propaganda non-stop. The reason for my post is righteous anger and fury, is not that i am cut off from reality. It is like dunking your face in the rotten mud for so long that you can’t tolerate anymore.

      • M:G

        The final battalion comment is not to be take literally but symbolically. I do sincerely wish that the remaining aryans left in the world will take a much more active role in transmuting and transforming this world. In order to do that, zion must first be crushed into the dust forever. This is true resistance and rebellion.

      • M:G

        The weight of a average fiat currency banknote ranges from 0.764 grams to 1.006 grams. Since most banknotes printed are made out of plastic polymer, it will be more sensible to dump all the polymer banknotes in the world and convert them into synthetic fuel, the technology, equipment and methods are readily available on the market ( National Socialist Germany are the leading pioneers of synthetic fuel production). Polymer trash fiat banknotes => Synthetic fuel => energy => work done. The synthetic fuel from the fiat notes could be used to heat up homes, produce electricity and run a vehicle. Our money could use a dual system, 1) work standard ( The cumulative weight of our hardwork, ideas and effort). 2) A tangible weight such as silver and other precious metals.

        Anyway, the mystery banking gods and corporations of bristain are not interested in hearing this.

  • aufihrhelden


    Yes, of course, a violent reaction is the only thing Zion is capable of, that’s the whole point of everything. They have force through weight of numbers but don’t realise it so they own media companies but the lies don’t matter so there’s no need to own such companies but they don’t realise that either.

    The person who you talked to regarding the Holocaust is a war monger or a rapist or a murderer or a fraudster or a child abuser, it makes no difference, they are just the different actions of those with the same Nature. I see this reaction all the time, they can sense that these lies, whilst being lies, support their evil agenda (or they think they do because they don’t realise that they are all ‘Of One Another’) so they don’t want to know about them.

    The media is not omnipotent, on the contrary the media has no power whatsoever, it is the NATURE of the masses that gives them their power, for a world run by Imbeciles there can be no other way. There are no snares, they are not capable of such, they are a Laughing Stock, what gives them their power is the Permission of The Masses.

    Everywhere Zion is, Zion gets laughed at !!!

    Intellect is of no use whatsoever when dealing with Zion because Zion rules via weight of numbers, the intellect is only of any use when applied to force and violence such as in war tactics. To permanently remove Zion from the face of the earth would require, essentially, the death of every single person in Britain, America and France.

    See the ‘Silver’ section of this website for all things monetary.

    • M:G

      The ziobots force their way through the quantitative mass of words. The usual words they have against me are : racist, anti-semite, genocidal hating nazi, hater, extremist and terrorist. They will try to take down your videos broadcasted on youtube. You can be fired from your job and livelihood destroyed. Most of the time, i pretend to blend into the mass of ziobots by speaking their language and pretend to agree everything they say, it is duplicitous existence. The more I speak their language, I realize it is unimaginative, vacuous and repetitious. This can be shown in today’s popular culture, all the pop songs sounded the same, too many film reboots. The “art” of zion is trashy, vulgar and highy offensive. To live among 530 million spiritual jews is terrible and dangerous thing. Being accused as a anti semite by the hordes of zionist will render you
      persona non grata.

      1 Aryan 530 million ziobots

      • M:G

        The pop songs that these ziobots are filled with words like ” do u really love me”, ” i wanna hug you and kiss you”,”bitches and hoes”, ” i love u forever”, ” shake you ass”, “i dream of you”. Compared to the genius of the operas of wagner, it is like comparing apes to gods. The ziobots lack self awareness, in the subway, you can see them in suits pushing buttons on their laptop keyboard, performing transactions of fraudulent fiat and checking shares prices on the stock market which is again a fraud, listening to zionist shit on their smartphone. The ziobots whine everyday about lack of ” human rights”, “equality” and “dignity”. Human rights and equality are doctrines of the masses against the superior, divine and noble, it is quantitative, not qualitative The moronic ziobots are envious about divine angelic nature (they are dreadfully lacking) that is very part and parcel of aryan blood.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, Media, MEDEA, is an extention of the masses. One Ehrean amongst the billions of Ziobots can do little to change anything, other than himself. The masses love the Media because it is them, the lies it contains is their lies and so they love it, like Narcissus looking at his own reflection in the pool + these days the Ziobots just stare at their own reflections on their smartphones and before too long they will be fully immersed in cyberspace, which is their great Desire and what they have been working towards over the centuries. The Ziobots have always been able to indentfy the last remaining Ehreans of this World, they instinctively sense us, and they hate us…..It is their World, not ours….In truth the only place that I can Express myself is on this neo confessional box, called the internet, which itself is becoming archaic, with the implosion of the last remaining Ehreans, we will be rid of this shitty flat earth forever. Actually that should be the title for Third Reich Pilgrim Part II , Ehrean Implosion! Every day the the Universe itself seems more and more like a great yawning Gulf that exists between us and the rest of humanity.

    I wish humanity all the worst, and have no intention of convincing them of anything, and I really dont care what I say to them, makes no difference anyway. I just intend to make a record of my thoughts as permanent as possible for me to do so, so that any Ehrean who happens to get lost down here may find it helpful as a means of escape. In the meanwhile, to live amongst this dissimultated horde of biological Ziomass is depressing….

  • aufihrhelden

    If the British people realised they were all one of another, there would be a movement afoot to celebrate every birthday, from the third to the eighth, of every child born there :

    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years ‘and a day’ old).

    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    ALL children, when reaching these ages, would be raped live on stage by their parents in front of a cheering and baying populace and any parents who objected (essentially there wouldn’t be any) would have their children taken off them and the parents would be taken off to work camps.

  • martindavidlocker

    Oh I say, my dear Torchbearer I applaud your experience and wisdom, but for the sake of the few Brits who may read this surely we can say that not ALL are like this and sucked into the machine – for those few surely we can say welcome and let us transcend this status quo?

  • aufihrhelden

    The beauty of being one of the few who just happened to be born there who do not worship the evil of Zion is that they would not mind being destroyed if all of the evil was also to be destroyed … that’s ‘for the sake of the few of you’ …

    I also despise that term ‘Brits’, it is a term which is used to try and convey a jolly and plucky and steadfast outlook to all that is vile and insidious.

  • martindavidlocker

    I agree entirely: if self destruction could indeed rectify the situation then it would be worthwhile, sadly I fear it would do nothing of the sort and so such a sentiment is hollow, instead one must keep on. I used the term Brits in only the most perfunctory way, I do hope you do not misconstrue my meaning – although surely one must remain steadfast against all that is vile?

  • aufihrhelden

    Ah yes but truth is meaningless so steadfast in what regard ? Because it is a zero-sum game – they mean to kill you.

  • martindavidlocker

    This is indeed the million silver-standard question – and you are most correct, our death is their dearest wish!

  • aufihrhelden

    There may be some who do not think that, essentially, the English speaking people of the world are the root of all evil. They should read this :


    Two World Wars and … both started and then lost by Germany. And as if that wasn’t enough, Germany was also at the very pivotal hub of the Cold War, i.e. it could have been the main “battlefield” for a potential Third World War too.

    Add to that the crimes of the Nazis (esp. the Holocaust – the biggest crime against humanity ever perpetrated), and later those of the communist regime in East Germany (GDR) since the end of WWII until 1989, including the deadliest stretch of the “Iron Curtain” (esp. the Berlin Wall). And wow, what a pack of dark history there has been in just this one country. No wonder, then, that Germany offers by far the widest range of dark tourism sites anywhere in the world.

    All in all, Germany covers nearly all of the various categories of dark tourism, and many better than anywhere else. First place has to go to Berlin, the country’s capital, and in terms of dark tourism surely the capital of the planet, such is the vast number and broad range of individual sites in this generally fascinating city. In many ways almost the whole country is indeed represented here.

    But there’s so much more elsewhere too. So here we go – below is a list of all the dark sites covered on this website. The list looks overwhelmingly long – so instead of an alphabetical list, the following places are ordered roughly by location, from North to South, first in the West then in the East. (It’s also recommended to check the general listings by category – many related sites of the same type but scattered all over Germany will be grouped together there). All sites along the former GDR-FRG border are listed here under East (even if they are strictly speaking located on western soil):


    Heligoland (Helgoland)


    [BallinStadt; Bismarck monument; Bullenhuser Damm memorial;

    Bunkermuseum Hamm air-raid shelter museum; Fuhlsbüttel prison and satellite camp memorial & museum; Hamburg ‘underworld’ bunkers; Neuengamme concentration camp; Nikolaikirche memorial; Ohlsdorf cemetery & museum; U-434 Russian submarine]

    Bremerhaven German Emigration Center
    Sandbostel (former POW camp)
    Bunker Valentin, Bremen
    Sepulchral museum, Kassel

    Haus der Geschichte (modern history museum) in Bonn
    Marienthal government bunker
    Hadamar euthanasia centre


    [Nazi rallying grounds documentation centre at the Congress Hall; Zeppelinfeld former Nazi party rallying grounds, Memorium Nuremberg Trials]

    Grafeneck euthanasia centre
    Munich [incl. White Rose memorial museum]
    “Eagle’s Nest”, Obersalzberg


    Stresow/Schnackenburg border museum/memorial
    Swinmark border museum Göhr
    Harnekop nuclear bunker


    [Allied Museum; Anhalter train station ruins & bunker; Anne Frank Centre; Anti-War Museum; Bebelplatz book-burning site and monument; “Berlin Story” exhibition and shop; Berlin ‘underworld’ bunker tours; Berlin Wall (various sites); Friedrichstraße station & ‘Palace of Tears’; GDR-Museum; German Resistance Memorial Centre; German-Russian Museum at former Soviet Headquarters; Glienicke Bridge & museum; Hohenschönhausen Stasi prison; Holocaust Memorial; House of the Wannsee Conference; Invalidenfriedhof; Jewish Museum; Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church ruins & memorial hall; Life in the GDR Museum; Marienfelde refugee centre memorial; Marx & Engels; Museum Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind; Nordbahnhof; Olympic Stadium; Platform 17 monument Grunewald Station; Plötzensee memorial; Reichstag; Sachsenhausen; Schöneweide Nazi forced labour camp memorial site; ‘Silent Heroes’ memorial centre; Soviet war memorials; Stasi exhibition; Stasi Museum Normannenstraße; ‘Story of Berlin’; T4 memorial; Tempelhof airport; Teufelsberg; ‘Topography of Terror’]

    Potsdam [Cecilienhof, former KGB prison, former Stasi prison Lindenstraße]
    Brandenburg euthanasia centre
    Marienborn (+ Helmstedt) former GDR-FRG border crossing memorial
    Hötensleben border memorial
    Bernburg euthanasia centre
    Sorge border museum
    Bad Sachsa border museum
    Eichsfeld border land museum
    Schifflersgrund border museum
    Point Alpha border memorial/museums
    Lausitz lignite strip-mining areas (and elsewhere)

    Dresden [Military History Museum, Bautzner Straße Stasi prison,

    Stadtmuseum, Münchner Platz Memorial]

    Pirna-Sonnenstein euthanasia centre
    Behrungen border memorial sites
    Mödlareuth border museum

    (The list could been even longer – and it surely will get longer. There are several places already on my, as it were, “waiting list”, sites that I first have to do more research on. But many of these, and more I don’t yet even know about, are bound to get featured here in the future as well.)

    Despite all its dark history, modern Germany has come out rather well – and has things to show for it: not least the “peaceful revolution” in the East which brought down the GDR, which was a decisive component in the fall of the entire Eastern Bloc and led to the end of the Cold War. Before that, West Germany (with a little help from the USA, of course) performed a miraculous economic recovery since 1945 – but also in sociological, political and cultural terms the country has come a very long way indeed since its darkest days.

    It wasn’t always a smooth development, and especially coming to terms with the dark past has naturally laid on Germany’s shoulders heavier than on most other countries’. In fact, the German language has a word for this (other languages lack this, as a single concept): it’s “Vergangenheitsbewältigung” – usually, clumsily, translated as ‘dealing with’ or ‘coming to terms with the past’ (those expressions don’t capture the whole concept though).

    West Germany’s “Vergangenheitsbewältigung” had a slow start, since in the first decades after WWII the Nazi past wasn’t as properly dealt with as should have been the case and much was swept under the rug (that too with a little help from the USA, despite the initial attempts at denazification, but once the Cold War was fully on, that took a back seat). However, over the past few decades Germany admirably caught up in its efforts of “Vergangenheistbewältigung”. As regards the GDR past, much work still needs to be done, but here too, a lot has already been achieved.

    The last 15-20 years or so have seen a particular rush in such efforts – and today Germany boasts more modern, state-of-the-art memorial museums related to dark history than any other country … and yet more are in the making.

    This development has especially affected sites of former Nazi concentration camps extremely well. Many of these sites had hitherto been rather neglected (esp. in the East) and/or the commemoration was rather slanted and inadequate. That has changed. Today many of Germany’s memorial museums are world-class in quality too.

    Not all dark sites in Germany are memorial museums or historical relics pertaining to past dark days. There are also dark places, of very different kinds, in Germany of a contemporary nature – to name just one (unusual) example: nowhere else are there more and larger lignite strip mining pits than in Germany. And these create (at least temporarily) almost apocalyptic moonscapes/deserts where they’ve eaten away the land. These huge and bizarrely grim places also have a great allure for those interested in the environmentally darker sides of today’s Germany.

    Even if the long list of dark tourism sites above may suggest it, Germany is not all doom and gloom. Far from it. Despite all the dark history that my home country (see about) has gone through (and subjected the world to), Germany today is a smashing country, really – and that includes travel-wise.

    It’s fun and friendly too. And not just since the 2006 football world cup, by the way (another hint for the Brits, here!). Today, Germany is a modern, open society, less industrious than the cliché has it, perhaps, but still fairly efficient, though not necessarily in that stern, disciplined and humourless way that yet another cliché makes it out to be. The old belief that Germans have no sense of humour has never been further from the truth than these days. Comedy is omnipresent and big business – on all levels of quality, from cringingly poor to absolutely brilliant … but you’d need to know German to get it, of course.

    As for travel: getting into and around in Germany is usually fairly easy. All means of transport are highly developed. Frankfurt has one of the world’s busiest airports, and it is only one of several international airports, supplemented by many regional smaller ones, some used especially by budget airlines.

    The rail system in Germany may not be flawless, and has certainly suffered from line closures and generally from the negative side-effects of privatization, but it’s still pretty good. Especially for travelling between larger cities it’s the perfect way of getting around in the country.

    The road system in Germany is as famous as it is infamous. Major roads are very good almost everywhere, and navigating is generally quite easy.

    But when it comes to driving on Germany’s “Autobahn”, i.e. ‘motorways’, things can get a bit scary for foreigners not used to them: this is primarily so because some stretches of German motorways there are no speed limits whatsoever! Racing fans may find this a cool opportunity, but for most sensible drivers it can be positively scary to experience those flashy sports cars and big sedans either swooshing past you in a flash or worse still: suddenly appearing behind you as if out of nowhere when you’re in the fast lane. Then these drivers also have the annoying habit of keeping a mere two yards or so distance (even at 100 miles an hour or more) while flashing their headlights angrily at you. If this happens to you (and it will), try not to be intimidated. Keep your cool and clear the way for the racing bullies in a controlled manner without risking any hectic manoeuvres. After all it’s them who are bullying you and it’s them who are out to do the risky driving. But to avoid such situations, you should adjust your rear-mirror observation. Look further behind you than you would at home. Don’t assume that if you have a couple of hundred yards clear space behind you in the fast lane that’s enough for you to overtake safely. A car doing 160 mph closes such a gap in no time and will then have to break sharply if you block its way by doing maybe only 80 mph (and this will further infuriate the typically reckless speedster). If you see one closing in at what seems like Mach 2 speed (those flashing headlights are often a warning from afar), try to stay clear out of the way until they’ve darted past you. It’s not just for your safety. As another travel writer once put it in a similar context: you also shouldn’t get in the way of Darwinian natural selection … Off the motorway, esp. in cities, driving habits in Germany are nowhere near as bad.

    As for potential language problems. Don’t worry. Communication in English is normally not a problem in Germany, as most people have at least a halfway decent grasp of the language (through schooling with its early emphasis on foreign languages in ways that Britain or the US couldn’t begin to dream of). In the East, and esp. amongst the not so young that may still be a little different (for historical reasons, of course: in the GDR, it was rather Russian that was the first foreign language taught), but it’s changing.

    In fact, too much so for some. You’ll see so much English in advertising and services that you may almost forget you’re still in Germany. Purists in Germany complain about an alleged cultural loss due to this trend – but for the foreign traveller it has undoubtedly positive effects. On trains, and even on inner city public transport, it is now quite common to hear announcements made in English too. And tourist sites have adapted to that kind of internationalism too, usually providing English translations alongside the original German. It has to be said, though, that this does not yet include many of the smaller, more obscure dark sites listed here, but even some of these at least make an effort such as providing short leaflets in English.

    In culinary terms, Germany doesn’t have the best reputation (at last, a cliché we have in common with Britain – albeit an unjustifiably bad one). German cuisine is primarily known for huge portions of meat, esp. pork. And that cliché is pretty close to the truth in many parts of Germany. So semi-vegetarians such as myself (see food & drink) do encounter restrictions. That said, though, some of the regional specialities, beyond the ubiquitous sausages or hunks of dead pig, can be surprisingly interesting in some parts of the country. Naturally, I personally favour the fishier northern varieties of German cuisine, but I’ve also made cool and unusual discoveries in the south and east. I won’t give away what my very favourite German speciality is, though … as I’d rather like it to remain a secret undiscovered by mass marketing, and rather enjoy it as a super-special treat whenever I am in the right corner of Germany to get it … Otherwise, at least the big cities also offer a wide array of ethnic cuisines – which also goes to show how international Germany has become …

    Germany 1 – Hanseatisch nordisch
    Germany 1 – Hanseatisch nordisch

    Germany 2 – Bayrisch südlich
    Germany 2 – Bayrisch südlich

    Germany 3 – der Berg ruft
    Germany 3 – der Berg ruft

    Germany 4 – Bauwerk
    Germany 4 – Bauwerk

  • aufihrhelden

    To understand evil one has to be surrounded by it whilst adopting the mind set of The Devil’s Advocate.

  • aufihrhelden

    Theresa May – agent of Judaism just like Margaret Thatcher and the rest of the British people.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Jews have a lot to thank the British people for, especially during the last hundred years …

    The British people have a lot to thank the Jews for, especially during the last hundred years …

    There is no difference between the two …

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, they are in a symbiotic relationship, the British are, and have always been Zionists and have always loved and worked exclusively for their Jewish Masters whom they love and serve until death.

      Also I must reveal that when it is written in His-Story of the Ziomass that the Jews were “kicked out”, that means that the host country, paid for their safe passage to anywhere in the world they wanted to go, essentially carrying their bags for them and helping them to move freely around the world, paving the way for them. Now because this must be dissimulated it is turned into the opposite before it is written down as His-Story, which is a pack of lies and bunkum…The Jews have never been ejected or kicked out of any country, not even Germany during the Third Reich, in that case, the Jews left of their own accord, and certainly the Third Reich was only too willing to assist them also in that.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the Jewish Reuters :

    ‘Police and intelligence services have disrupted 12 plots to attack Britain since June 2013, Andrew Parker, director general of the MI5 domestic intelligence agency, said on Monday.’


    The Imbeciles like the numbers 6,7 and 13. The sixth month of 2013 ! 13 less 6 equals 7 ! Perhaps the 13th will be the big one ! Blame it on the apparent enemy of Russia or China !

    Andrew Parker – paedophile, murderer, rapist. He wants to try and get some f*****g weight off as well, the gormless Zionist cretin. I wonder how he’d react if he found out that the masses are all on his side and that he’s just merely one of them ?!?!?!

  • aufihrhelden

    This is posted here because there is no difference between the ‘Best of The British’ and the ‘Best of The Americans’.

    We know that the new ‘President’ Donald Trump is murdering, war mongering, fraudulent, cheating, child abusing, evil scum and we know that no kind of Ehrean Paradise will ever be until the English speaking White Traitos have been wiped from the face of the earth but the main point here is that the man in the video shouting would, hopefully, not mind having to die also, as long as it meant ‘The White Traitors’ (English speaking) being subjected to genocide. Never forget that what is known as the ‘White Race’ in Britain and America is unspeakably evil :

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, that’s it Donald (and the American ‘People’), sit down, relax and abuse another child.

  • delendaestziobot

    Donald Trump could not even manage a hot-dog stand…He is a puppet, usually they put these failed elite business types into politics because they dont know what else to do with them…Reminds me of George Bush’s father who did not allow his mature age son to have a pen in his business office, he would say “dont give that moron a pen, he will sign anything you put in from of him and bankrupt us within week”…thus little Georgee junior did not have a business pen licence, but in politics, no problem, sign away, that’s why little Georgee the moron was put into the politricks puppetry game, like Trump, a moron, a semi-retarded elite without a business pen licence, after a moron like Trump had lost billions and billions in business, what do you do with him? Well, you put him into politics…LOL

  • delendaestziobot

    Politricks – the original Reality TV show.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Jew and the Demiurge are the puppets of the English and French speaking masses.

  • Rohan

    Whilst Trump is creating chaos and hysteria in the masses, Zion is busy calculating further economic carnage that is to have the fingerprints of an ”entrepreneur” all over it!

  • aufihrhelden

    Imbecilic Zion feels the need to report that the ‘accused killer’ of the vile Zionist MP Jo Cox had a Third Reich Eagle in his home.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘Nazi-obsessed loner gets life for murder of MP Joe Cox.’, state the British people.

    Because 99.99999% of the British people are involved in murder, rape, mass fraud, war and child abuse then anybody who isn’t must be a ‘loner’. See how they use the term ‘Nazi’ (because Nazis are evil !) and the term ‘obsessed’ (because anybody who doesn’t rape children must be ‘obsessed’).

    May the remains of the vile evil ‘Joe Cox’ rot forever.

    Or perhaps it’s all made up … which would be an even more intellectually backward example of Zionism.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the following link :

    When the Europeans, specifically those of mainland Europa, start to realize that it is not about the survival of ‘the White Man’. But it is about understanding that the British people, by blood wherever they may be, are the enemies detriment to destroy us.

    Even extending beyond European (blood) borders, the British are the cancer of the world and all of humanity, how worthless they (the rest of humanity) may be to our standards; they (London) poison us with each other, against each other.

    The Jews are of course mentioned in my regards, but without the British, you won’t have much Jewish Institutionalized hegemony.

    To finally get rid of all Modern sickness, it is the duty of any sane man, to undermine London.

    To recognize them. That’s all it takes.

    It is not about the abstract and fake ”White Man”, it is about excluding the British as a part of ‘our survival’, as different (European) ethnicities.

    ENDS HERE (the rest is in the link).

    Indeed, it’s not, essentially, about nations, corporations or anything, that’s what they hide behind. It’s about the Nature of all things just as it has always been. It could even be said that anybody who uses the term ‘White Race’ does not understand this world …

    They are the cancer of the world.

    • delendaestziobot

      Britain, London, is in a progressive deterioration in every sense. The rejection of its Savior and the fall of the German Reich spelled the end for Britain also, as Hitler said it would…Britain is a crippled, degenerate corporation, utterly racially polluted and diseased in mind and body.

  • M:G

    Yes agreed, as already said, Britain is like a rotten decaying, fungus ridden branch of a tree. In order for the tree to be healthy again, that bad branch must be cut down and burnt, least it contaminate the healthy branches, stout trunk, vibrant leaves and unshakable roots. Let the British wallow in their filth, the British people would not exist for a few hundred years, all that is left is a bastardized, diminished and mongrelized population. When the British people are gone forever, we can always repopulate the British isle with the Aryan racial stock from the reborn Ehrean Reich in Germany. Savitri Devi saw it coming in her letter to Miguel Serrano.



    • M:G

      I would not be suprise if Britain become a facsimile of Haiti in the coming decades.

      • M:G

        Soon, there will be unsanitary ramshackle slums and dilapidated squatter settlements lining along the depressing streets of London, teeming with the dregs and waste products of nature, appalling genetic biotrash.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, I can honestly say that Britain is getting what she deserves…And it will get worse, much, much worse.

    • M:G

      If Jewish corruption is like a tumor, then the British are the central necrotic core of this aggressively growing tumor. Medical science shows that the tumor microenvironment and scaffolding is important for tumour growth, The British are like the tumor promoting macrophages and fibroblasts, promoting inflammation, an oxidative environment and enhancing the division of tumor cells.

  • aufihrhelden

    There are very few people in the history of the world who understood the truths of the world but who also understood what needed to be done for those truths to be extant (permanently unobstructed) and for all evil to end than Savitri Devi.

    Heil Savitri Devi !

    • M:G

      The British and Americans are the microcosm of the fraudulent nature of the concept of the human race. Humanity as what I have been informed and learned, is an artificial construct created by ALL-LIES at Nürnberg trials in 1946, the British and English speaking vermin are the most complicit in this. What arrogant audacity they have to judge the Nürnberg maytrs according to Talmudic methods and Jewish judeo-christian morality. They repeat the shameless and shameful acts to Oswald Mosley, William Joyce and John Amery. They invented the crime against humanity concept and judaic Judeo Christian morality, human equality. Universal Judeo Christian morality is fundamentally pathological in nature, it is a reflection of the diseased and twisted souls of the english and American people. I instantly boil with anger whenever I heard about the thousands of Germans executed by ALL-LIES at show trials.

      • delendaestziobot

        The British are now utterly emasculated and the admixture of their former colonies now rots them from the inside out, it is the worst fate possible for the Brits: a long, slow disintegration in racial pollution….I mean, what are the Brits going to do now? Send Prince William in his little toy helicopter to get us? Or Princess Kate, maybe, LOL….Princess Kate…What are the Brits going to do, bore us to death with another tennis match or football game, or perhaps they think they can make us laugh ourselves to death with Britain’s Got Talent? Or are they going to send Stephen Fry to sit on us? Or wheel out the The Rolling Stones?…The Best of The British? LOL…What a joke…The best the British could do now is throw kebabs at us…

  • aufihrhelden

    Savitri Devi knew and understood the Nature of Everything.

    • M:G

      After some thought and deliberation, I finally come to agree with your viewpoints. The British are incorrigible and incurable, no amount of herculean effort can redeem the British people, a person have a better chance of pushing water up the hill than trying to preach and waste their pointless time on the Brits. Complete removal of Britain and its judaic cuture is doing a great service to the Ehrean Folk and the entire world.

  • aufihrhelden

    Another disagreeable and dictatorial trait of the British is that they expect and demand that European people speak English all the time even when one of these British slugs is in their country (Zionist corporation) which they believe, of course, that they own.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Imbeciles at the Jewish Reuters write :

    ‘U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, who share an unusual bond as the products of anti-establishment uprisings … !!!’

    Thought process of an Imbecilic Zionist :

    “Errr, ‘establishment’, that’s quite a long word, yes, the really ‘right-on’ types are against that so let’s pretend that they’ve got their way because they’ve elected two of their own !”


    The Satanic Gormless Theresa May looks like the Satanic Gormless Jacob de Rothschild !! Look at their Satanic Gormless faces !! Can you imagine if they had children together !?!? All the blood they’d have to drink !!!

    “Death to the Demiurge”, you say to me ?? “Death to the Jews”, I hear you say ?? But there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of the Demiurge and hundreds and hundreds of millions of Jews, making up the so-called ‘White’ English speaking world so I advocate the massacre (not murder because that word would indicate a crime) of such but then you, faceless world, go all coy and reticent on me … that’s a disease on your part … Faceless world, don’t go all ‘revelatory’ and ‘true’ with me and then shy away from facing evil when I give you that evil in actuality …

  • aufihrhelden

    Who is the Demiurge ? The Demiurge is a factory worker in England …

    Who is the Demiurge ? The Demiurge is an office worker in England …

    Who is The Grail ? …

  • aufihrhelden

    “The organization of life in our present-day Germany reflects internal national and political determination and externally also shows definite lines of conduct. The ideas and the driving force of National Socialism are directed exclusively towards peace, as long as the indispensable bases of existence and security are guaranteed to our nation of 85 millions living within the heart of Europe. National Socialist Germany has been forced to fight, because the principles of imperialism and world domination of the Anglo-Saxons negate the simplest preliminary conditions for the development of our peace-loving nation. It was for this reason that they declared war on us. Britain is conducting a war of destructive force against constructive organization in the life of nations. The fact that National Socialist Germany has proved itself to be stronger than its aggressor in a war which has been forced upon it, is no proof of the violence of its principles, but only of the strength inherent in its ideal of order.

    They say: “We are fighting for the democratic way of life. We are fighting for the liberty of living our lives as we wish.” But National Socialism has no intention of preventing them from doing so. It holds the opinion that every nation should live its own internal life in accordance with its own desires. The crimes they attribute to us are in reality committed by themselves. In no single country in the world does there exist such a great and disgusting intolerance of the mode of living of others as in the Anglo-Saxon countries. This intolerance is carried on hypocritically in the name of liberty, a liberty the real character of which I have already described.”

    – Reich Press Chief Dr. Otto Dietrich.

  • CRM

    I can’t single out a paragraph for introduction… perfect read for “Best of the British”

  • aufihrhelden

    The vile creatures (population) of B’nai B’rith commit/invent another false flag attack, this time in Manchester – they think they need to ‘convince’ (HA ! HA !) others that a real reason is required … to continue with their worldwide reign through force of weight of numbers of murder, mass fraud, wars, control and child abuse.

    One of their spokescreatures (the ‘Prime Minister’) called the ‘attack’ particularly sickening because ‘it was aimed at young people’ – no need to worry British people, your young people will turn into the same kind of creatures as yourselves, it’s being happening for centuries …

    On a flag of ‘B’nai ‘B’rith was written ‘Manchester – We Stand Together’ … indeed, they stand together alright …

  • aufihrhelden

    Notice also how precious metal ‘prices’ went down on the day. Thought process of a Zionist City Trader : “Er, er ,er, we’ve got to make sure that, er, er, precious metals go DOWN after our actors and actresses have done their acting and actressing because it’s very important that people do not fink dat they should be buying gold un silver because we’ve not managed to steal it all yet so we need to press the buttons on our computers really, really fast … are we ready ? READY ?? GO !! PRESS !! PRESS !! PRESS !! PRESS !!”

  • aufihrhelden

    The Morons are at it again ! This time on the 3rd June (the 3rd day of the 6th month, 3 6’s, 666 !!). It is reported that 7 (Satanic Seven !!) are killed.

    What are you doing Zion, working through every bridge in London ?!

  • aufihrhelden

    Zion is just a moronic mass that rules through force through weight of numbers –

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘…All of this is sadly the result of our having forgotten the ancient teachings of our leader Esus, who had once taught us that we must exterminate these Children of Darkness once and for all…’ – Hermann Wieland, Atlantis Edda and Bible.

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