Public Safety?

The monarchies have a maxim and it is exactly the same maxim that is upheld in democracies – ‘Public Safety comes first’. It is a supreme law of the natural foes of the Aryans. Keep in mind that in a monarchy the serfs or slaves which make up the largest proportion of the common state are strictly commanded to look after their own private interests above the common state. The promotion of this obvious contradiction helps fracture the mind of the slave into dissimulation.

 The monarchy and the democracy spring from the same basic wants; safety, a desire for comfort, affection for ones own wife and family, and the desire for preservation of the familiar. In a democracy there is a myriad of competing micro-monarchies which naturally fall under the rule of the strongest monarchy. The monarchies and democracies have always been closely related and share the same unheroic origin. The monarchy and the democracy always seek peace because with peace comes safety and comfort and the continuation of the familiar, war is considered by monarchy and democracy only as a last resort, only in emergency, if diplomacy or drugs don’t work to calm a potentially violent situation then force of arms will be applied as the last resort, because force is the last resort.

The monarchy seeks to make all subjects equal before the law, the democracy seeks to make all subjects equal before the law, this became the law of nations. From the desire and envy of the comfort and safety of higher monarchical families, nations pass into democracies and thus, by this nature as the original unit has not changed but merely been numerically increased, the totality of the All, or the democracy, must always return to the unity of One, it is a mathematical certainty. Therefore just as all monarchies must transform into democracies, democracies must transform back into monarchies, thus all of human civilization can be contained between the family monarchies and the civic monarchies, (the civic monarchy IS the democracy.)

It’s a feedback loop that has been going round and round for a very long time, it works like this; the monarchies cede power and their subjects acquire that power realizing a civic monarchy of micro families based on their former ruler’s structure, in turn these civic families cede power to a regrowth of revitalized monarchs. In fact it is historically known that a strong monarchy must be preceded by a weakened democracy. As human states both democracies and monarchies are interchangeable, in reality there is no ultimate conflict between them they are essentially compatible even symbiotic, as monarchies and democracies can and often do exist simultaneously with each other, as is the case today in most of the world.

Monarchies and democracies are reluctant to go to war with their human subjects, for they are afraid their humans will become warlike, if they become warlike they will betray the supreme law of monarchies and democracies. That is why military conflict has been reduced to games played with technological machinery where the human needs no warlike spirit, he is just required to point mechanical hardware at a target, in order to “secure peace” which is the ultimate aim of monarchies and democracies, and it is unheroic and it is non-Aryan.

There was once a distant time when the heroic warrior priests and philosophers went in search of war, they carried no weapons, and when they found war they would even take their shoes off and go into to battle half-naked, they didn’t consider the battle worthy unless they had the opportunity to kill a foe with its own weapon.

One response to “Public Safety?

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, it is all a form of dilution, if they can engage a populace in, first and foremost, looking after their own wants and needs, it dilutes any kind of firm opposition based on truth from arising. It is also yet another application of the never ending tactic of the foe which is always to concentrate on dumbing down and distracting the populace as it has no strengths of its own, only inadequacies.

    The European Union is an example of them wanting to ‘make all subjects equal’ as though a Greek or a Frenchman is equal to a German – what they really mean is the destruction of Germany through economic means (though it always boils down to force in the end).

    In monetary terms, a powerful industrial and creative LAND with a silver standard (Third Reich) represents no dilution and freedom for its people whereas the imposition of fiat fraud across the whole of Europe means the work of the people of that former land is spread (diluted) across all of the ‘Union’.

    It is easier for them to rule over a bastardised world of mongols because that is what they are themselves !

    Monarchies and ‘democracies’ are essentially Marxist and ‘peace’ is a Marxist dictatorship !

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