Total Kampf

“The formation and procedure used by the military should not be divulged beforehand.”  –   Sun Tzu

In other words secrecy is important for the effective practice of military operations. It is expected that the enemy should not know what the plan is, it is understood that even military themselves carrying out the operations don’t know anymore about the plans than they need to know to fulfill their military duties.

We have no military ourselves as Aryans, at least that we know about at this present stage, and as souls we have been completely individually atomized, or so it seems, so a folk is a distant racial memory and a dream.

But those vast forces which stand against us have a massive military, the largest ever assembled, so you need to know something about the military.

“We National Socialists cannot be fooled. we are not like those timid souls who wait like the hypnotized rabbit until the serpent devours them. We prefer to recognize the danger in good time and take effective action.”   –   Joseph Goebbels 1943

“The Führer was right when he said, in his proclamation of 30 January, that in the end there will not be winners and losers, only those who survive and those who are destroyed.”  –   Joseph Goebbels 1943

Now, Adolf Hitler considered the State apparatus as disposable, it was a means and not an end, it served the people and not the other way round. Hitler’s alleged last recorded message from the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin was that he was sending to Plön “written confirmation” for the appointment of Grand Admiral Dönitz as an interim leader of the new government at Plön, this is understandable because there was no Reichs chancellery left standing in Berlin. This is at a time when the BBC and Stockholm Radio were announcing Hitler’s “suicide”, Stalin’s response to this was “Hitler’s not dead.” Keep in mind that the alleged last political Testament of Adolf Hitler is a forgery, and most importantly Hitler’s alleged suicide was first announced by the Allies, so in no way could it be taken to represent fact, and it was not British/American Allies that were in Berlin, it was the Red Army who had been given the task of taking Berlin and in particular SMERSH, the Soviet intelligence agency which had direct orders from Stalin to take Hitler alive. SMERSH were experts in double-agents, spies and intelligence operations, it was well-known that Adolf Hitler had doubles, with reports of there being well over a dozen professional trained Hitler doubles. SMERSH had a proven track record in dealing with doubles, spies, counter-intelligence, they were at that time much better than the Allies in these fields in regards to the Germans, which was why the Allies halted their advance on Berlin and allowed Stalin and the Red Army to capture the city and most importantly capture Adolf Hitler.

It is said that the British first told the Russians that Hitler had committed suicide, the same sources that had announced Himmler’s alleged “traitor” actions, which can all be proven to be false. Obviously if Hitler was dead it was only the SMERSH agents who were assigned to investigate and report directly to Stalin. Later it is reported that SMERSH agents had discovered Hitler and Eva Braun’s remains but that they disposed of them, however this is again reported by the Allies themselves through Allied media, and they had already contradicted themselves, because only authorized the soviet SMERSH agents and Stalin were assigned to capture the real Adolf Hitler, and as many of his top ranking government as possible. The SMERSH directly reported to Stalin, not the BBC or Stockholm Radio, and that is why Stalin on hearing the Allied broadcasts of Adolf Hitler’s alleged suicide; “Hitler’s not dead.” As SMERSH were his most trusted agents in the field and were the ones closest to the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, Stalin knew that the information must be false, the Brits and Yanks were on the Elbe not at the gates of the Reich’s chancellery!

What the Allies wanted to do was what they did at the Nuremberg Trials, they want to parade their defeated enemies around for all the world to see, then gloat over their victory, to let their enemy see them do this, to humiliate them, torture them, but not too much physically, psychological torture is more painful to the intelligentsia, the Allies know this, still they would have enjoyed inflicting severe physical pain of their “Nazi” captives anyway, and a slow lynching is a most undignified way to die and extremely painful. No doubt that the Allies and World Jewry were salivating at the mouth and rubbing their sweaty palms together with glee, while their goyim yelped and shrieked with joy around them, as they watched their captives dance on the end of a rope.

 And Adolf Hitler would have been a prize infinitely greater than all their other captures, he was Number One, and then there was the rest, at the top of that list would have been Heinrich Himmler and closely followed by Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann. These were the “top scalps” so to speak, so if the Allies did not get them, then without a doubt they were going to lie like Hell about them. They love show trials, they love to play with their victim before they execute them in a manner that they see most fitting, they want complete power over those they capture.

One could say that to avoid this humiliation Adolf Hitler would have committed suicide, as it could be seen as preferable. But again there is only the BBC and Radio Stockholm to confirm this assumption, as they are the original source of Hitler’s alleged suicide, which conflicts with the actual military operations taking place on the ground in Berlin, and even conflicts with other reports confirmed by the same Allied media outlets.

To sum up this post, I would say that it is important to realize that the enemy is going to attempt to deceive you by all means. The fact is that Adolf Hitler never surrendered, nor was surrender in his nature, and that the fall of the State apparatus of Germany in 1945 is separate from the Weltanschauung founded by Adolf Hitler, in fact according to his doctrine if the State is failing its people should disband it, because the State is only an expression of the people, if it no longer can serve the people than it is no longer useful and can be discarded, but the Weltanschauung inevitably continues, the Kampf does not cease with the fall of the State, it goes on until all its living manifestation is dead or destroyed. As long as the living body as a vessel can grasp and hold the Weltanschauung then Total Kampf continues.

6 responses to “Total Kampf

  • Lineman


    Odd that I should come home to read this post, for I was only moments ago discussing spurious claims of the Fuehrer death with a close friend.
    Miguel Serrano believed the tiny island of Helgoland to be the last part of Paradesha still above the surface. He wasn’t alone. The allies seemed to feel that whatever it was, they needed to bomb it incessantly. On April 18th and through the 19th 1945, over 1,000 allied bombers ended a year long bombing campaign of the island. Several days later it was announced the Fuehrer was found dead outside his bunker in Berlin.
    Exactly 2 years later, April 18, 1947, the brits detonated the largest non-nuclear device ever to be built (at that time) on the island (6,700 tons). It literally changed the shape of the little island. They were hoping for it’s complete destruction. My hunch is they believed the Fuehrer (and possibly others) to be there deep in a bunker.
    They continued to bomb the island, off and on, until 1952 just for target practice.

    Your words ring true.

  • Aryanist


    Were there property taxes in Das Reich?

    I believe this to be the most suffocating tax here the States.
    Basic survival here is negated by this tax.


  • aufihrhelden

    The Jewish website, You-tube, has put the corporate flag of France at the top of its page to honour those behind the latest false flag attack in Paris.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Jewish website, Amazon, has put the corporate flag of France at the top of its page with the word ‘Solidarite’ – the French ‘people’ don’t need to be encouraged to all mass together for Zionism, are you stupid Zion ? Oh, yes, you are …

  • delendaestziobot

    Paris attacks are just the same old false flags using human crisis actors, no different to the “French Revolution”. These are Media events, fictional narratives designed by gun and ammunition manufacturers. Nothing is true, it is all lies and deception – psychological warfare. Advertising for guns and ammunition – “increased security”. These lies are the same as the lies that were perpetrated before the beginning of WWII, although this time, we, having no physical power can do nothing in response, we cannot combat the lies because we have no worldly power to do so. With the end of the Third Reich came the end of any ability to fight lies, a mere blog post changes nothing, it only changes the ability of the blog poster inwardly, outwardly there is no change. Our “folk” is a distant racial memory. Reality is a farce, a joke, not even funny. Life seems hell bent on making itself uninteresting, life is tenacious in making the individual feel ashamed and disgusted in being alive. As Cioran would say; life gnaws at our vitals and maddens us…Imagine if Cioran was alive today, he would be even more miserable than before, he has been spared. But I know their plan, their plan is to make life so despicable that I will give up and then they can take what I have, but I don’t want to give them what I have, so I endure to spite them. Life is vexation and vanity, vengeance belongs to the individual, my vengeance is endurance. Hitler leaving this world is a message, if one could one would and he could. Cioran betrayed Hitler….I cannot betray Hitler, like Serrano could not, for what? to write aphorisms? Why betray Hitler for aphorisms, to make aphorisms and not betray Hitler is one better than Cioran. I could make aphorisms all day and night, and for what? So that some idiot pauper in fifty years time can think me a genius? And some Jew profit from my words? What’s the point of that?….Only an individual torching his enemies. Life has a flawless absurdity to it, but at least life enjoys its own absurdity, I neither enjoy life or absurdity. There are only those who survive or those who are destroyed in this life, that is pessimism, the only philosophy. I once, in this world, experienced Eternity, and it was everything that this world is not, I had an experience of Eternity but still in this life! As a experience of what I had lost. Eternity is everything that this world is not. Eternity is beautiful, this world is not.

  • hosner88

    Total Kampf Continues!
    Sieg Heil!

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