‘Damn this foul peace’

You know what the greatest enemy is at the moment? Its pacifism! Decades have past, and the masses, urbanized and silicon savvy have the World Jewish Banking system slowly strangling them to death, and all one can hear is the same old tired voices calling for “peace.” They preach their message now as always, of peaceful, non-violent, anti-war resolutions. Through Pacifist’s rose-coloured glasses even National Socialism seems pink and peaceful.

Sure, we have no real practical presence or ability for practical application of our ideals, but be damned to hell if they think they can steal the very soul of National Socialism and twist it into their foul peace, into their stinking wretched pacifism. What obscures people’s vision in identifying this stagnant peace? This paralysing poison? Because you see a made for T.V. war on your screens? You think that is war? You think this world is at war? This world is gripped by the most foul peace imaginable…And in amongst the somnolent delusions of the calm surrender and resignation only a few awakened Aryans dream of WAR!

So, the first Enemy to overcome is Pacifism. i.e. 1. opposition to war or violence. 2. the principal or policy of establishing and maintaining universal peace or such relations among all nations that all differences may be adjusted without recourse to war.

A Pacifist is one who opposes war and violence as a solution. National Socialism like Aryanism is intolerant and fanatical, it struggles to find ways of abolishing its opposition, its philosophy is founded with the spirit of intolerance, this is called Weltanschauung! A true Weltanschauung can never compromise, it can negotiate, but it can never compromise. In searching for mutual collaboration they give up fighting for the ideology that the Weltanschauung demands.

“It (Weltanschauung) feels obliged to employ every means in fighting the old order and the whole world of ideas belonging to that order and prepare a way for its destruction.”  –  Mein Kampf

“The programme of a Weltanschauung  represents a declaration of war against an existing order of things, against present conditions, in short against the established Weltanschauung.”  –  Mein Kampf

National Socialism is a declaration of war against the Establishment. If Aryans want a Folk, and a land they are going to have to fight the established order of this world. We Aryans today have inherited the spirit of National Socialism, that is our inheritance, we did not receive a material inheritance like so many of these gentiles and jews, we received a spiritual inheritance. We are the Sons of Hitler!

In World Kampf

World Without End

No Fate!

12 responses to “‘Damn this foul peace’

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delenda,

    Your words remind me of a talk I heard one evening given by my Tibetan teacher Chagdud Tulku. He said everyone was going on and on about how terrible a nuclear war would be, but that to be insulted and oppressed by an Enemy is infinitely worse than ANY war could ever be. He said peace is a very fine thing, but it shows an incredible lack of appreciation for justice to think that somehow peace can have greater value than justice. His words were that only the awakened ever achieve peace, that only the most brave are awake and that for a man it is infinitely worse to suffer an injustice willingly than to go through any war, whether nuclear or not. He said compared with the evil of injustice the degree of violence in war scarcely mattered at all, so all the constant fear of war showed an ignorant belittling of justice and honour.

    Now everyone wants protests and elections so we can avoid pain, when the only thing that can bring us peace and prosperity is the freedom of an Aryan warrior elite.

    Heil Hitler!

    Heil the Sons of Hitler!

  • SZ-C88

    We shouldn’t forget, as many self-appointed aryanists seems to do, that the generation who built the Third Reich had fought bravely in the First World War. National Socialism must be rooted in war and forged through the flames of a deadly struggle.

    So what I came to undestand about our present time is that we must prepare ourselves for an ordeal. The Age of Lead -the destructive Dance of Shiva- is everything but democratic. We can die fighting with honour or survive and celebrate our Victory.! Sieg Heil!

  • Aryanist

    Greetings Kameraden,

    “A true Weltanschauung can never compromise, it can negotiate, but it can never compromise. In searching for mutual collaboration they give up fighting for the ideology that the Weltanschauung demands.”

    Delenda ,I understand what you mean by this. An enemy is one who puts forth an action or idea which cannot be compromised.

    I would simply like to add that
    peoples of the SAME Weltanschauung MUST put aside personal feelings and compromise.

    We have all seen people let personal feelings get in the way of reaching a goal they both desire, the goal itself becoming secondary to their ego clash. Our greatest struggle continues because of a lack of compromise.

    ” An uncompromising man is easy to admire; he has courage, but so does a dog. Thus it is exactly the ability to compromise that makes a man noble”- The Bruce ( Braveheart)


  • delendaestziobot

    I would actually go much further than that Aryanist. In order for a Weltanschauung to be successful, much more than personal compromise is required, it is personal sacrifice that is required. The Jesuits worked out long ago that Sacrificium Intellectus is required for the vast majority of upholders of a Weltanschauung. That is where the majority of believers are willing to give up their own reason and intellect, which includes their own basic will to survive as a sacrifice for the Weltanschauung.

    Hitler said the same thing, once the Weltanschauung has been formed and manifest what is required mostly is that people follow, and sacrifice themselves for it. We are nowhere near that stage as yet, and as kamerad correntte ponited out we have great ordeals to go through before we get to that stage.

  • Aryanist

    Yes comrade, perhaps the greatest compromises
    (compromising one’s life) are more aptly represented by the word sacrifice.
    Sacrifice goes the furthest, leaving no fog of ambiguity.

    We may rightfully say,

    “It is exactly the ability to sacrifice that makes a man noble.”

    Special Thanks to Comrade Coug for reminding us that,
    “Racial purity is foremost a purity of language.”

  • Miecz Elizejski

    “Man has become great through perpetual struggle. In perpetual peace his greatness must decline.” -Adolf Hitler

    Perpetual peace brings about an overflow of hedonism and the world is currently wallowing in just that.

  • Aryanist

    We should be clear that war is just one aspect of struggle, and that the opposite of peace, that is, modern man’s idea of peace (which is convoluted in pacifism and hedonism) is not war, but struggle, striving, living, being who we are.

    The only peace we know of is the fearlessness in living.

    “Be not afraid.” Christ speaks of peace.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Under conditions of peace the warlike man attacks himself.”


  • aufihrhelden

    Regarding the article :

    The vast majority of the so-called ‘developed’ world, primarily what is known as ‘The Commonwealth’ (wealth which is ‘commonly’ stolen by The Jews) will never adopt ‘an attitude of struggle’ as they benefit more than anybody else (apart from The Jews, of course) by the way the world banking systems are currently structured ; they are being fleeced, of course, but they still benefit regarding the rape of the world’s resources. They are the urbanized and silicon savvy masses indeed ; they all know when their favourite television programme starts and they can all work their latest mobile telephone but they are absolutely incapable of understanding any kind of simple logic or reasoning.

    Comment from the article :
    ‘National Socialism like Aryanism is intolerant and fanatical, it struggles to find ways of abolishing its opposition, its philosophy is founded with the spirit of intolerance, this is called Weltanschauung! A true Weltanschauung can never compromise, it can negotiate, but it can never compromise. In searching for mutual collaboration they give up fighting for the ideology that the Weltanschauung demands.’

    Of course, intolerance and fanaticism (note how these two words have been given a ‘bad name’ by Jewish Brainwashing) are required whereas compromise means your original ideals will eventually become diluted, but when do ‘negotiation’ and ‘tactics’, instead of serving the former, start to serve the latter ? Merely being alive, in a world like this, is a form of compromise, being part of this open air prison is compromise, to a large extent. I may even go as far to say that much of the writings of Sun Tsu are deemed irrelevant in a world such as this where there can only ever be one total victor with the other side destroyed completely. When the other side is out and out ‘evil’ then (as we are out and out Truth and Justice) the only tactics that can be successfully deployed are the ones that result directly in the physical removal of the other side.

    The only ‘tactic’ that wins in a world such as this :
    (With one blow, he strikes the Wanderer’s spear in two ; the fragments of the spear fall at the Wanderer’s feet. He calmly gathers them up).
    Wanderer (to Siegfried) : Go on your way ! I cannot stop you !

    The best chess player will only win a game of chess if the game is played within the rules of chess.

    The comment by oregoncoug, above, is one of the finest comments I have seen and would be worthy of Mein Kampf. But, of course, today’s masses don’t mind being insulted and don’t mind being opressed (Stockholm Syndrome) and, worse, they RESENT all those who fight against it ; they resent the Spirit of The Weltanschauung. They have chosen their side.

    Chagdud Tulku was speaking of honourable people such as himself, not today’s masses.

    ” An uncompromising man is easy to admire; he has courage, but so does a dog. Thus it is exactly the ability to compromise that makes a man noble”- The Bruce ( Braveheart)

    Actually, uncompromising men are usually highly intelligent men also as they see all the reasons which necessitate their uncompromising stance, they can see the state of the world as it is which, by definition, requires and results in an uncompromising stance, which others cannot see, hence they are resented. It would be absolutely simple to defeat the Jews today in an intellectual sense, especially via the use of ‘tactics’ regarding the monetary war, but that is not the playing filed on which this ‘game’ is being played out. I may even go as far to say that, in today’s world as it is, any kind of ‘compromise’ is not possible as anything other than total subjugation to the Jews will eventually result in your death ; they’ll kill you whilst you are trying to compromise, they’ll stab you in the back. Also, it’s not a case of either a man being uncompromising and courageous OR a ‘thinking man’ ; a thinking man of today would immediately recognise the need to ‘Join the Stormtrooper Divisions !’

    ‘Man has become great through perpetual struggle. In perpetual peace his greatness must decline.’ – Adolf Hitler
    Perpetual struggle indeed or struggle until a point is reached where the ‘peace’ that is reached is peace of the real type, the peace that we saw in The Third Reich but this time for a thousand years ; and for that to be reached requires intolerance in a fight to the death.

    All Heil the Glorious Heroes of Barbarossa !
    All Heil the Glorious Heroes of El Alamein !

    Heil Hitler ! Heil Siegfried !

  • aufihrhelden

    … so let’s get to the bottom line, let’s get to the lowest common denominator and to do so it is wise to read the following comment from George Lincoln Rockwell :

    ‘It is FORCE, POWER, STRENGTH which rules the world, Only a negligible fringe of oddball humans change their mind as a result of being convinced by a superior argument.’

    With the world as it stands, writing and books (and especially truth) is of no use, in fact, the greater the book the more it harms the cause of truth (as it just directs the cretins of the enemy in the direction of what to destroy).

    So, with the knowledge that words and the printing of truths would only change the minds of a negligible fringe of oddballs (because the vast majority of people in this world are either ‘of the truth’ or are congenitally evil), one must ask the question, ‘Who are the congenitally evil people in the world that need to be physically destroyed ?’ – if the world woke one morning and discovered that the people of the corporations of Britain* and America had been totally annihilated then it would not be long after (the destruction of the Helpers of International Jewry) that a World Paradise would ensue.

    So, to continue from the essay and to lead on to the next question, ‘What measures of violence are being taken to ensure that the above becomes reality ?

    * see the essay entitled ‘Best of The British’ on this website – you will see that the British (or English, or whatever you want to call them) people are evil through and through.

    If I walked through an English city centre with a shotgun and wreaked as much havoc as possible it would serve a much higher purpose than writing a thousand books – only negligible oddballs would disagree with that statement.

    So, where’s the VIOLENCE ?

  • oregoncoug

    “So, where’s the VIOLENCE ?”

    On our far eastern horizons, Kamerad. The Light comes from the East. Syria is under National Socialist military dominion and the bloodbath there is not negligible. Our Syrian Kameraden are the prime source of that great violence now unfolding. Then there is the blood on the streets of Ukraine. We are the cutting edge in that geopolitical Great Game for the conquest of Europe so, as we say, “bring it on.” Europe is ripping apart and have no fear: The blood has begun to flow. Oceans of blood and gore are sure to follow. Patience for yet a little while, Kamerad, and you will have your violence.

    And be a little careful what you wish for: Our Lord Wotan is the most generous God! When He answers our prayers the results will drown even England beneath His terrible generosity. Always has. Always will. We are those predestined to Holy War.

    Field Marshall al-Sisi is greater than Mussolini. His strategy to defeat the Jewish State is meticulous but mercilessly inexorable. Rest assured, Kamerad, where there is so much fascist smoke there is also much NS fire. The Unveiling of the Sons of Adolf Hitler is already on the march. Sharpen your eagle eyes and search along the Far Horizons of sunrise. For the Wildes Heer cometh, and they are armed to the teeth with Eastern Slav nukes.

    The Cleansing of the Shire will arrive as surely as the English Dawn. We are ice cold rounded suns; we shall burn whom we shall choose to burn.

  • aufihrhelden

    May The Legend of This Man One Day Be Known To All :

    Europe needs to be ripped from the clutches of the Jewish Marxist European Union so it may one day join together in The Spirit of The Holy Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

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