The real reason for the war on Islam


You do not need to be a Nikola Tesla to work it out, one can trace this back to the September 11  False Flag. The real reason for the war on Islam right up until the recent invasion of Libya, two reasons in fact; Silver & Gold. If oil is traded in anything other than US Federal Reserve Notes, the US Military would be out of business quicker than you could fry an egg.

2 responses to “The real reason for the war on Islam

  • Miecz Elizejski

    This is a great link! Many thanks for posting it.

  • aufihrhelden

    I believe it to be a vicious circle which, of course, needs to be broken. The Jews finance their Zionist armies through paying them and paying for the oil which their military consumes with paper fiat currecncy printed from thin air. In order to prevent this, a country (or even a group of countries) would turn their back/s on the US Dollar and move to a hard backed money (why have I said ‘hard backed’ as money is itself a weight and does not require ‘backing’ ?!) or a barter system. Now, BEFORE that can have any kind of material effect, the country or group of countries gets invaded and everything goes back to Square One (Jew Paper Fraud restored).

    There is a time lag between a country or group of countries moving away from the evil system and the new system lasting or otherwise – either they are able to stand their ground and perhaps more countries join them or they are invaded before their new monetary system can have any lasting effect.

    This would also apply regarding the silver situation – keep demanding more physical silver to try and destroy the naked, illegal silver short positions but Zion just keeps entering more and more naked shorts and may even try and refuse delivery, a country walks away and sets up a new Silver Standard so they get invaded. Or do they get invaded ?? Is the new group of countries moving to a Silver Standard powerful enough to withstand the initial onslaught and then wait and stand their ground until oil reaches $1,000 per barrel and the US Military, indeed, can no longer be financed ?

    In summary the Jew Zionists have THREE things they use to gain power :
    1) The printing press (both to fraudulently print initial debt out of thin air in all its forms ie mortgages, loans, sovereign debt etc, see Daly vs First National Bank of Montgomery, the most important court decision of all time which the Zionists desperately try and conceal and also to print and print and print currency out of thin air which they call ‘Quantitative Easing’ (because it sounds better than ‘printing out of thin air) ;
    2) Naked shorting techniques to surpress all REAL ASSETS in terms of the US Dollar to enable the US Dollar to command more spending power but also, more importantly, to give the impression that gold and silver are not real money ;
    3) The Military – if the above two don’t work or, more importantly, are seen for what they are by others then along comes the third tried and trusted method.

    Obviously, if number 3) above were defeated totally then numbers 1) and 2) would be deemed irrelevant (except perhaps for the people of Britain who would, no doubt, not even question why a loaf of bread is suddenly £100,000 if, indeed, they were able to purchase loafs of bread).

    If a group of countries firstly turned their backs on numbers 1) and 2) above, however, then I believe they would have to withstand a period of time involving conflict in order for number 3) to also become defeated / irrelevant.

    The Heroes of The Third Reich stood their ground for a long time ….

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