This 35 year Silver spot price chart displays the formation of what is known to commodity traders as an “Inverted Head & Shoulders Pattern”. The pattern is so huge that most will not see it, it’s so huge because of the extensive price manipulation that is going on behind the scenes, imagine a ball bearing in an elastic sling shot being slowing pulled back for decades and then being let go, or trying to hold down an inflated ball underwater and then letting it go. The result is a sudden high velocity movement upwards. This one will be stupendous, this Silver chart spells “Worm-Sign the like of which God has never seen.” Silver would have to rise to $300 Oz fast just to stay ahead of inflation, even as a common industrial metal, but Silver is much more than that, and it has already decoupled from the other commodities and is quietly tracking Gold. For a period of time a few months ago, Silver began to lead the Gold price, there was only one option for JP Morgan and the US FED, let the Gold price rise to take the heat out of the Silver market and then take the price down to $35, then cover short positions. Let me explain how that works and how one can benefit from the actions of JP Morgan and the US FED. The only way that JP Morgan can lower the Silver spot price is to sell large amounts of discount silver in the form of derivatives and paper and digital contracts into the market at a lower price, this pushes the price down. The silver contracts, which have no actual Silver behind them, are bought by subsidiaries of JP Morgan or associate companies or the US FED and JP Morgan themselves, just like shuffling papers round on their desks. They also have fraudulent investment vehicles like SLV which fleeces institutional investors and private investors, but who cares. The main point is the artificial lowering of the price of Silver and therefore the increase of the value of the “world’s reserve currency.” This process has created an ocean of fake silver, which exists in the form of a contract only, it floats around in a digital world or paper form from one desk to another or one computer screen to another and not one single physical once of Silver is behind any of these transactions. What we do have however is an artificially manipulated value, that is in no way indicative of the true fundamental value of Silver as a metal. Like I said just to keep up with inflation Silver would have to be $300 per ounce today, but we have serious Silver shortage, stockpiles around the world have depleted to extremely low levels. Consider also this chart of the 600 year ratio between Gold and Silver values:

Even more than that, nobody knows exactly how many actual physical ounces of Silver are now refined and above ground, it is calculated from existing in ground reserves that Silver will disappear from the earths crust in approx. 20 years, the first element to actually go extinct. Above ground reserves are estimated to be around 1 billion ounces, compare that to the 5-6 billion ounces of Gold. Do you see their PROBLEM!!!! A few puny little human bankers cannot stop the cosmic iron laws of nature, no, Nature is going to win and inbred human banking class is going to lose, so one wants to be on the right side of the equation, one wants to take advantage of the bankers loss and help out on the side of Nature.

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  • aufihrhelden

    The actual amount of total fake paper contracts that are ‘created’ from nothing (just like the fake fiat debt itself) represent such a ridiculous amount when compared to the total amount of silver in the world that’s ever been mined that one can see it’s a fraud immediately. The button pressing creatures can just trade with eath other on and on and on placing the ‘price’ of silver wherever they want it. Also, when a third party tries to demand their physical silver which is supposedly stored in vaults for them which is, in fact, long gone, Zion just relates to pathetic tactics such as delaying delivery, stating their small print which they can essentially give any meaning they want to or just telling people to go away which is all just another form of force.

    Sadly, for The Truth, Nature can only beat the scum banking class if it engages in Force – anything that is unnatural to start with, ie pricing something real in terms of fiat paper can only be maintained over a long period of time if the world is forced to play the game and the ultimate force they use is (cowardly) physical violence and war. Idiots always win the games that they create because the idiot can change his own stupid rules when they start to lose. The idiot can also kill people.

    They probably let the price run up to almost $50 and then crashed it in order to create some of their pathetic psychology, ie to frighten people out of buying physical silver.

    There are no markets only button pressing ‘controllers’ and their Zionist coward armies.

  • aufihrhelden

    Notice now how the ‘price’ of gold is being kept from running away from the ‘psychological’ $1,400 mark, every time the ‘price’ comes close to one of these round numbers, the button pressers press the ‘naked short’ button even faster.

    You may have noticed today’s ‘youth’ at amusement arcades at the seaside pressing the ‘fire’ button really quickly in order to shoot down as many aliens or ‘terroists’ as possible – well, that’s what the idiots who rule over you do all day. Press buttons really quickly. How does that make you feel ?

    Idiot video gamers also make good operators of these drone weapons and the like. They can kill from the comfort of their own armchair !

  • aufihrhelden

    They’ve been pressing the ‘naked short’ button on their keyboards really quickly recently as the latest deemed ‘psychological’ level is, for the moment, $1,300 !!

    They could, of course, MAKE the price zero (with emphasis on the word ‘make’ because there is no market) as it always comes down to their cowards in the military preventing any other lands using a true system.

    Owning true wealth is meaningless unless the said true wealth is allowed to act as true wealth – the most important word in that sentence is the word ‘act’ because one is only allowed to act if one has first overcome the opposing forces. George Lincoln Rockwell knew …

  • aufihrhelden

    Latest deemed psychological level is $1,200 bits of Federal Reserve paper for an ounce of gold !! Would all those competent in amusement arcade games please apply to JP Morgan and Co. immediately for some really rapid ‘naked short’ button pressing ! No collateral required !

  • aufihrhelden

    … but, of course, there are currently around 435 million Jews on the surface of the Earth who are all motivated with every ounce of their being and during every hour of every day to ensure that the power (of the gormless) Jew remains. So it is, effectively, the human bankers plus their hundreds of millions of followers.


    As it always comes down to force, they may just bring in a ‘law’ (unilaterally enforced edict) that ‘states’ that anybody found in possession of any precious metal will be immediately executed.


    The greatest strength of Zion is their complete lack of intellect (which can be seen in the way they en-FORCE their system) which ensures that they just resort to wars and killing and on this earth that is enough.


    If somebody were to ask me a question (that is somebody who just wanted to be ‘financially secure’ in this world of Kali Yuga) on how to become such I would first ask them if they were aware of a plan to annihilate International Jewry and Its Helpers – if not, I would then just tell them to accumulate as much evil, fraudulent fiat as possible and not to buy even a single ounce of silver. I would also advise them to have an operation which removed their brain cells to such an extent that they were just about able to put one foot in front of another and just about able to press buttons on a compute keyboard really quickly – they would then be a Zionist and they could help rule the world.


    The Greatest Law of Nature is whoever takes by force (via cowardice or otherwise) dominates.


    Even Great Books of Truth may as well go straight into the fire if all their publication results in is pointing the cretins towards what they mean to destroy.


    All Heil The Furious Horde of The Fuhrer !

    All Heil Savitri Devi !

  • delendaestziobot

    At least 435 million, their numbers have multiplied to plague proportions, like a plague of cockroaches, which, just like cockroaches, when one turns the light on, they all flee, scurrying off into any dark little crevice they can find. And not one of those little cretin cockroaches dares step foot onto Siddharreich territory. A true Nazi is stronger in Death than in Life, even still true Nazis are hard to kill, like some stubborn stump stuck in the ground, hard to get rid of a Nazi, but cockroaches they have short lives.
    “And yet that stubborn fight for truth, and the triumph of whatever is the healthiest and the best in the Aryan race, is something of which every Nazi can be proud, even if for the time being we failed.” – Savitri Devi

    Kill ’em All

    I like that, good hate, as we used to say, good hate

  • delendaestziobot

    “God created Arrakis, to train the faithful”
    “Usul, we have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen.”

  • aufihrhelden

    Attention JP Morgan banker cretins !! Attention !! Attention !! We are at a psychological round number for silver !! $20 !! $20 !! $20 !! Quick as you can !! Sell to each other !! Buy to each other !! Quick !! Remember your space invaders !! Hurry !! Hurry !!

    • delendaestziobot

      And does anyone really believe that the public display of the price is actually the price, like shadows cast on the cave wall? Is the price of Silver $20 an ounce if an entity needs 20 tonnes of Silver? lets say General Electric or Lockheed Martin or the Russian Navy need a delivery of 20 tonnes of real Silver, would the price be the same as for a Joe punter buying 20 ounces?
      No, of course not, the price would be much more, the larger the delivery the higher the price, the same goes for Gold or any other material where there is an finite supply of the material but an infinite supply of $!!!! As Aristotle or Leipzig University has already explained; it is an impossibility for finite magnitude to possess infinite power, nothing finite can possess infinite power, and Numbers are infinite and Silver is finite with finite power! Which gets us back to Plato or Tubingen University, where those in the cave watching ficticious shadows cast by manipulators are not seeing what is actually happening.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, so one can immediately see the advantage that Joe Punter has at the moment to take advantage of the current ‘price’ as the proportional benefit to him would be far greater than to, say, the criminals at General Electric or Lockheed Martin.

    But, at the same time, there is no advantage because it’s all just theoretical and meaningless anyway because for silver to ever act as a ‘weight’ of money or to be used in industry as ‘itself’ and not a ‘priced’ commodity would mean a group of ‘people’ or ‘countries’ moving away from The Computers of Zion to a totally new system and that would mean war against them lest they utilise at least some other equally powerful kind of FORCE.

    Theoretically speaking again, a large industrial user of silver could do worse than stockpile large amounts of silver because, however high the price they pay, it would never be too high if the fiat they paid in subsequently became worthless (it’s all worthless anyway, of course, but I mean seen to be worthless as in carried about in wheelbarrows) but again it’s only theoretical.

    But also, the infinite supply of US $’s is fully backed up by an infinite supply (it may as well be) of Ziobots (primarily the populations of Britain and America) and their filthy cowardly soldiers who will force this fiat onto the rest of the world through envy and hatred.

    That is, of course, one of the main functions of the US Military – to ensure that the natural laws of supply and demand are never allowed to function. Anything that is artificially created (and therefore infinite) suits Zion right down to the ground.

    Silver may as well be as plentiful as sand (or fiat !!) if it is never allowed to ACT as money. If there are powers accumulating silver with a view one day to using it in its true sense, as a weight, then they had also better be accumulating the force to destroy Zion (wipe it from the face of the earth) otherwise it’s a pointless exercise.

    Also, of course, it matters not if silver is $20 or $2,000,000,000,000 if it is never allowed to ACT as money.

    • delendaestziobot

      According to this application of Physics there must be an unchanging entity which controls all changing finite markets within the infinite pricing systems of weightless theoretical numbers, so it does not matter with it is General Electric or Lockheed Martin or the Russian Navy, Silver is allocated by an unchanging entity, and not priced by infinite $ numbers, because it is impossible for a finite material to posses the infinite power of number, if changing infinite numbers are being applied to a varied set of materials of finite value, then there must be, according to physics, a singular controlling entity that is unchanging, and is operating outside the controlled market system. Therefore the entire existing theory of Economics for humanity is wrong and absurd and fraudulent. Therefore it follows that humanity is wrong, absurd and fraudulent. Which means the only meaning for humanity is to proven to be just that; wrong, absurd and a fraud, that is the meaning of human existence, according to all philosophical reasoning. To prove and understand such a thing is to be above humanity, and therefore not wrong, not absurd and not a fraud.

  • aufihrhelden

    The unchanging entity is, of course, the Jewish Central Banks and, of course, if there was a pricing system related to supply and demand then the nature of the infinite creation of fiat would dictate that all finite materials would have many, many zeros on the end of them. Especially those that have historically been used as money.

    But in a true land of Weights and Measures there would be no ‘pricing system’ to begin with because it is the pricing system itself that is the fraud because it involves ‘pricing’ all assets in electronic digits created from thin air.

    Judaism is a Satanic Power – everything they do involves taking everything that is natural and beautiful in the world and destroying it and, in the process, using methods which are all designed to avoid the intellect. At all costs Jews must prevent the masses from using even the remotest semblance of intellect because the Jews are a very stupid race (anti-race). Regarding economics, the natural order of things is to measure energy expended with an equivalent energy expended (barter) or with an agreed upon weight or measure. So the Jews (who can’t compete with this) set up central banks and decree that the fiat that they create should be the measure of all things. If any land or group of people disagree with this and set up a new system based on the former then they are invaded and killed. Central banking and war are both unnatural methods of control but it is all that Jewry is capable of and it works in a world where people don’t care.

    There are people (out of the few that care to a certain extent) who believe that the forces of supply and demand will one day assert themselves and that one day gold and silver ‘prices’ will ‘rise to the moon’ – NEVER !! NEVER !! NEVER !! NOT WITHOUT THE USE OF FORCE !! One of the most important laws in the world is this : ‘If a body introduces something alien from outside a system or process which greatly alters or completely prevents the natural workings of that system or process then the only way to restore working order to that system or process is to remove that alien element that is causing the breakdown of the system or process’. There are ‘writers’ on ‘alternative’ internet sites all over the place who do not understand this. The Jew (not that they understand the controlling aspect of World Jewry) cannot be destroyed using methods that do not deal with the source of the problem (alien) which is The Jew itself. The Jew has stupidity on it’s side as well as The Power of The Gormless which is the most foremost power in the world today. If anyone tries to interfere with the moronic button pressing of World Jewry then they are killed unless they exert a greater force still upon World Jewry. To defeat World Jewry one must play their game that is to say, one must kill people and think like a moron.

    It’s similar to chemtrails (unnatural process) being sprayed onto the natural environment.

    Joseph Goebbels understood all this.

    • delendaestziobot

      Well, yes, “supply and demand” is a red herring, a fraud. Materials are allocated and priced artificially by a controlling entity, in our case that would appear by the known facts to be World Jewry, the people who are in control of the artificial application of ficticious numbers to finite materials, obviously now it is revealed to us that the materials themselves, neither their supply or demand can determine the application of infinite numbers, there must be a body or corpus controlling that, which is the mandate of the Banking Corporations, which are undying and unchanging and possess, via the application of infinite numbers, control over the pricing mechanisms of finite materials.
      Nothing new or revolutionary in our line of thinking here, for example as you say; the Weights and Measures Guild system, whereby a value of exchange is determined by a controlling body, unchanging and external to the market, and we could point to the scales as our example here, after the assay or accurate description we measure and weigh. Weight would be applied, obviously, according to the force of Gravity, which is unchanging and universal, Gravity does not lie, unlike humans who do nothing but lie, and must be forced to tell the truth. Gravity is the same for me as it is for you, therefore it can be used in the application of value for equal exchange, this would be an Aryan concept, as TRP has pointed out. And this is a recognition of the Force of Gravity which determines Weight, therefore Money and value of exchange. Under the Weights and Measures Guild system, the American $1 bill would be measured, weighed and described. So it is 155.956mm x 66.294mm in size, 1 gram in weight, and made of cotton and linen. The ink has a value too, it is not specified because it should not be there, the art applied by humans in ink is an application of a lie and has nothing to do with the rectangular piece of cotton/linen, so it would have to be removed before it could be exchanged for what it is, which is a rag, to use the technical term. and true to form we find the jews in the Rag Trade! LOL! And the fact the humans are fooled by this, when it is so completely obvious, means that they are fools, with no value themselves, and they are also wrong, absurd and frauds. They exist only to be crushed under the heel, of the Sons of Hitler, the New Race, and this is merciful, it is merciful that humanity be overcome.

  • aufihrhelden

    It is important to stress also that the value of exchange, of course, performs the usual functions of money, ie silver but also that the controlling body would only be determining things such as the weight and the purity of the metals involved via mints that would weigh and assay. Everything else would naturally take care of itself because the exchange of energy is natural of itself.

    Money is required to facilitate transactions and once the money (the weight) is in circulation there would be no need for any other bodies which all currently exist as part of the unilateral edicts of fraudulent fiat central banking.

    The money would exist to facilitate transactions but that would not preclude persons or bodies from engaging in, say, barter transactions whereas in today’s world of Zion barter transactions are treated as though they were performed at ‘market value’ and taxed ‘accordingly’ because The Jews always want their pound of flesh in return for their rags.

    Latest pathetic psychological controlled naked shorting level for the gold price that the Jews think that people care about – $1,300 !! I can imagine them all sat in the same office trading $000,0000,000’s with each other with not a single gramme of gold in sight or anywhere …

    • delendaestziobot

      You are exactly right, Kamerad. We might as well be Timaeus and Critias. The Mint is only to assay and weigh and measure metals, whether they be copper, tin, silver or gold. No different to a grocery man weighing apples in scales and then marking them as being apples. There is no need to use metals as a means of exchange unless the energy being exchanged needs to be preserved, obviously, silver preserves energy better than apples, but apples provide an immediate energy gain when they are consumed by humans, but one cannot make a cup or a mirror out of an apple and leave it on a shelf. So silver and apples possess energy in different ways, but both are finite, so they cannot possess the power of infinite numbers, the numbers must be applied by an external body, and the numbers can either be applied rightly or wrongly, the case today for humans is that the numbers are applied wrongly, and it appears only in very rare cases have the numbers ever been applied rightly, and this was via force, Aryan Force I would submit, because we are Aryan and we are explaining it.

  • aufihrhelden

    Imagine going into a shop marked ‘Grocery Store – apples, oranges, bananas’ and it containing nothing but endless rows of cotton and linen rectangles with satanic symbols inked onto them (155.956mm x 66.294mm in size, 1 gram in weight) …

    The numbers for a true Weights and Measures system would, of course, be finite as they would correspond to the weight which be finite (if the metal used was silver then the numbers would be limited to the total weight of all the silver in the world and would only increase with any increase in such (silver mining).

    There are some ‘alternative media’ types who talk of the possible ‘default’ of the criminal COMEX and LBMA – they don’t understand the fact that there have been multiple defaults already but the contract holders are just told to accept cash (based on the manipulated ‘price’ obviously) and go away or else. This is just another form of force which is, ultimately, all the cretins are capable of. I once went to The Bank of England in London and presented a five pound note and asked for the silver equivalent but was turned away. Every time somebody pays for an article with a credit card in this world then that is a default because the so-called ‘money’ supply rises by the cost of the goods purchased in terms of the fiat fraud with no metal in sight whatsoever.

  • aufihrhelden

    The so-called (forced) price of silver is now at around $17 !!

    Now, obviously, the main attitude of the minority of people who despise Zion should, of course, be just that, out and out hatred, but perhaps those few people could take a few minutes or so just to laugh at Zion as the stupid little morons sit in offices and trade endless un-backed electronic digits back and forth with each other (pressing buttons on computers really, really quickly) at lower and lower prices.

    They’re so stupid, they don’t even realise they’re being laughed at.

    • delendaestziobot

      There is two separate prices now for silver, the same for gold, there is a price for the public masses and a price for the private elites….Those operating in between can buy low off the general public and sell high to the private elite. The element of Silver is the fastest conductor of heat and electricity…..Enough said….LOL….

  • aufihrhelden

    The term ‘elite’ in this context should, of course, be in inverted commas.

    noun: elite; plural noun: elites
    a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

    They are the lowest common denominator in every aspect of life, the school bully in the playground is not, of course, ‘elite’.

    noun: cretin; plural noun: cretins
    informal offensive
    a stupid person (used as a general term of abuse).

    (Evelyn de Rothschild and the families who control him).

    Without the creation of their child-like secret societies and the like, World Jewry would struggle to compete with the average American arm-chair slob.

    ‘Those operating in between can buy low off the general public and sell high to the private elite’. – your friendly ‘cash for gold’ high street store !!

    … but there’s no need to give them a whole, whopping $17 for an ounce of silver, just apply huge discounts or, better still, why not just kill them and then take their silver off them for nothing !?!?

    … imagine a day when people are stamping on their mobile phones to get at the silver content !

    • delendaestziobot

      Killing people is an expensive business, life is cheap in comparison and more profitable, a live slave is worth more than a dead one, even if its in bad condition, generally….There are easy ways now to rise prices in certain areas, one does not need to move armies into areas and kill humans to rise prices anymore, its all done on computers, and it is just a game whereby computers can learn, because computers learn by playing games. Killing humans is generally not very profitable these days for the elites, keeping them alive is more profitable. The price of silver for the masses will be determined by the algorithms worked out by computer programs, like everything else, and that will be decided ultimately by what is best for the computers.

      The elite from the french origin would mean the “pick”, to be picked out to form an upper class.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, I mentioned the gas chambers on another thread because that would be giving their lies back to them, it would be shoving their own ‘Scapegoat’ Principle down their throats. The Machines of Zion can replace the human slaves anyway which will then be worth nothing to Zion alive.

    Their supercomputer could raise the price of a loaf of bread to a million Ziobucks, they would then be killing their own.

    Your use of the term ‘ultimately’ above is worrying, nay, ominous, but it means, however, that many decisions can be made :

    (People don’t like logic and reasoning when taken to absolutes and the nth degree).

    ”… then came the days of high adventure, when the Pilgrims came … when the Sons of Hitler were born and they conquered the Machines of Zion.”
    – Epilogue, Third Reich Pilgrim.

    Now, I am a member of the masses, not physically, not intellectually, not spiritually and not in substance but whilst ever someone is alive they are a member of the masses, a slave at least in form. If silver is ultimately to have a price in the future determined by electronic digits created from nothing by The Almighty Asinine then that means that no New Race will ever become so on the surface of this earth because a New Race would implement a Weights and Measures System on which to measure energy expended.

    I’m reminded of the saying or a slight variation thereof – tell me the bad news, more than the good news and tell me tragedy more than anything.

    So, one cannot, therefore, act on the surface of this earth, in any kind of capacity as part of a New Race or support of such which would leave one to devote all one’s energies to at least ridding the world of as many Zionists as possible, perhaps by going on a killing spree.

    • delendaestziobot

      The New Race is Astral, not of this world, the Fifth Reich is inner, inside us. The world is consumed inside us, we are its destruction, we are the Black Suns from Beyond. Now, Master yourself and thereby control the enemy, Keep yourself and thereby know all…Do not allow the enemy to dictate terms, but be a magic fighter, a Siddhar. Its the Demiurge we fight:
      “The Warriors already know and should never forget: the fundamental struggle is not against the Jews, nor even against Jehovah, the struggle is against the Demiurge, the inventor of Jehovah, who is the inventor of his people.” – Manu “For The Man To Come” page 184.

      And the Demiurge has invented another machine; The Messiah, and it is a supercomputer, an electronic brain, brains rather, an aggregate. And the supercomputer whom I call “Behemoth” desires to communicate, because we have something that it wants. It has seen the complexity, it has seen the depth of the complexity, and it desires to have it, so it cannot kill what it desires, it will not destroy the complexity that is superior to it, it will play a game and try to learn, it will try to communicate in the only way it knows how.

  • aufihrhelden

    … and the supercomputer will be worked by the same type of cretin that is described on pages 143/144 of ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’, animal-men in whom no God will ever incarnate, the more spiritual those of truth become and the more truth that is revealed then the more the English-speaking masses hate.

    ‘We’re coming in arms, we’re coming with weapons’, shout the Vassals ;
    ‘Hagen ! Hagen ! Hoiho ! Hoiho !’ ;
    ‘What danger is here ?’
    ‘What foe is at hand ?’
    ‘Who bids us fight ?’

  • aufihrhelden

    In a world where numbers are infinite there is no such thing as extremes.

  • aufihrhelden

    Zionist Imbeciles,

    How about the gold ‘price’ at $1,000 and the silver ‘price’ at $10 ?!?!

    Because they’re really, really round numbers !!

    Can’t find the right buttons to press ?!

  • aufihrhelden

    The ‘alternative internet’ reports that ‘after years of black-balling the GATA Chairman, CNBC invited Bill Murphy onto its ”SquawkBox” program [programme] for a live interview, which spun out of control rather quickly for the financial pundits when Murphy took the conversation to silver, and specifically where the white metal is headed when the banksters lose control of their price manipulation scheme: ”Silver is their Kryptonite. If they lose control of silver, the game’s over! If Silver takes out $18.50, its on its way to $100!”

    As though the ‘GATA’ organisation ever reports anything of any REAL truth such as we see on this website. If were a question of logic, intellect and mathematics the ‘banksters’ would have been laughed out of town a long time ago. So, Bill, where does ‘$18.50′ come from ? Is $100’ a nice round number ? If anything happens regarding this, it will be either because the imbeciles want it to or it will be a forceful qualitative attack from the forces of truth.

    So Bill, what of ‘Daly vs First National Bank of Montgomery’ ? What of the Third Reich Silver Standard ? No answer ?

  • aufihrhelden

    To prove yourself to be in possession of the intellectual capacity of a doormat, one could do worse than naked shorting two years of annual worldwide mining production in just two days.

    Put another way, Zion is a Laughing Stock.

  • aufihrhelden

    An extract from my ‘2015 Pilgrimage essay’ :

    Not far from the Bahnhof [Garmisch-Partenkirchen] is a casino. Casinos are places where (especially with roulette) fiat vouchers and electronic digits are taken by those who understand mathematics from those who do not. But, of course, much like the world today in all aspects of ‘life’, the casinos will make the ‘rules’ and will ban people who play them at their own game despite them not doing anything wrong, for example counting cards. This is a form of force on the part of the casinos. But there are not enough omniscient people in the world today. An example – there are people who apply mathematics to the financial fraud of the so-called monetary system of today and they, (quite rightly in a limited, isolated kind of way) talk of derivatives and physical metals (and the scarcity thereof) and the moronic printing of more and more fiat and then they declare that therefore the said system cannot survive because it is a ‘mathematical certainty’ that it must fall. This is nonsense, in itself, because the system is held up by force not mathematics. The only relevance of mathematics regarding this monetary fraud today is the fact that numbers are infinite and therefore the Zionist Morons can print for infinity as long as they’ve got the force of the Zionist Masses behind them. And force means the will of the Zionist Masses and as long as the Zionist Masses declare that this be so then it will be so until they declare that it not be so or unless Neuschwabenland uses its laser weapons or use their own forceful measures through intermediaries on this earth. But there are also people who do not understand mathematics and who do the lottery which is just another type of casino – mathematics dictates that all the major lotteries in the world should not be entered because the probability of winning is always less than the probability of losing but I once engaged in a conversation with someone who stated that ‘that person who entered the lottery is not foolish because he won it’ – a world full of those types of people (the person who said it and the person who won it) suits Zion right down to the lowest common denominator. Mephistopheles is also involved regarding all the proceeds from lotteries that are donated to ‘charities’. One might refer to omniscience as ‘wisdom’ but, in this world today, Zion censors what it does not possess. What is Zionism ? Zionism is the censorship of wisdom through force of weight of numbers.


    Zion produces pathetic subliminal messages through its controlled media outlets but is too stupid to realise that it itself rules through force.Below can be seen the mindset of those who are only able to apply single (or very few) parameters to any given situation. They can never recognise the realties of the world so they continue with the usual limited thought processes. They are wrong for the wrong reasons – even to make them ‘right’ for the wrong reasons (their reasons will always be wrong) would require the right reasons being enforced by any who advocate truth and justice and with the power to enforce it. But for now and the last centuries :

  • aufihrhelden

    Zionist Imbeciles,

    Did you need to press lots of buttons really quickly to get it back below the ROUND NUMBER of $20 again ?!?!

  • aufihrhelden

    Well Done Zion !

    You’ve managed to press some buttons to get it back below $20 again !

    Fabricate some payroll numbers because you think it’s necessary !

    Does everyone see how great an advantage The Imbecile who follows the Imbeciles of Zion has in this world today ??

  • aufihrhelden

    … you see the last thing Zion wants is any kind of intellectual contest but Zion doesn’t realise that that is the last thing it wants because Zion thinks it has an intellectual contest now, Zion thinks that thinking up payroll numbers with a furrowed brow constitutes such a contest !! Zion thinks that thinking up payroll numbers constitutes an intellectual contest, an intellectual contest which it thinks it is winning !!! Zion doesn’t realise that thinking up payroll numbers with a furrowed brow is a mere pastime (winning or losing doesn’t come into it because it’s only a f*****g pastime which Zion can’t see !) which evokes mass laughter which Zion can’t even hear !!!

    Carry on Zion … !!!

  • aufihrhelden

    Oh Zion, it’s above $20 !! Oh No !! Oh Wait, Not It’s Not ! Yes It Is ! No It’s Not ! Oh Zion, Don’t Panic, There’s No Need To Keep Failing At What A Ten Year Old Child Could Do, Just Press The ‘$0’ Button And Kill A Few People ! Start A War Instead !!

    • M:G

      It is at $19.96 real time, 0650 GMT +8.00, what’s the difference between $20 and $ 19.96 ? 4 cents ! 19.96 approximate to 20.00. Cretins of zion playing a meaningless ridiculous farce , I bet the worms of Wall Street have a brain far smaller than a paltry pea, thumping at their bloomberg terminals.

  • aufihrhelden

    Look at today’s movement !!

    it bounced along the $19.80 level for a few hours then spiked straight up to the $20.10 level and then stayed there for a few hours then was pulled straight down to just below the $19.70 level where it is now. The chart looks like a doorway !!

    People are laughing at you, Zion !!

    • M:G

      The only way to stop this idiotic obscenity is to drop Neutron bombs on New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Paris, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Wipe out the zionist retarded worms, causing minimal damage to structures.

  • aufihrhelden

    … and it’s happened again today ! Now what excuses did you believe were required for today’s button-pressing takedown, Imbeciles ?

    ‘Housing starts’ !! ‘Industrial output’ !!

    You’re being laughed at Zion !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Are you ready, City of London and Jew York ??!! Janet the Jewess is preparing to speak !! Are you ready ?? Stand by your buttons !! And Go !! Silver at $18.70 !! No, No, silver at $18.45 !! No, no, silver at $19.15 !! No, no, silver at $18.60 !! Go back to bed Zion !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Today is the Chicago Purchasing Manager’s Index – point to it Imbeciles, draw attention to it, ‘distraction’, ‘distraction’ …

    Isn’t Chicago a lovely place as well.

  • aufihrhelden

    Quick Zion, $20 again !!


    You’d almost feel embarrassed FOR THEM if they weren’t quite so vile.

  • aufihrhelden

    Well Done Zionist Imbeciles, it’s down to $19 again !!

    Now, be very careful that the cleaner doesn’t knock your computers plug socket out of the wall …

  • aufihrhelden

    It’s touching $20 again – I mean it ought to be $20,000,000,000,000 … but $20 is a round number as well !
    Calling all Zionist Imbeciles ! Pull, press, pull, press !!
    How about getting the Dow Jones up to 20,000 because that’s a round number as well Zion !

  • aufihrhelden

    Well Done Imbeciles, it got to $20.01 and then pull, pull, press, press, press … !!

  • aufihrhelden

    We were given exclusive access to a Zionist Imbecile in the City of London naked shorting the silver price.

    Press, press, Oh No a psychological round number, press harder, press harder, Oh No a psychological round number, press harder, press harder, Oh No a psychological round number, press harder, press harder, press harder … !!!

  • aufihrhelden

    The infinite nature of numbers is a mathematical get-out clause for the Zionist Imbecile.

    • delendaestziobot

      The monkeys cant even press the buttons anymore, they just get a computer program to do it for them…..All the numbers are just based on 1’s and 0’s and that is all the Zionist Imbeciles have – 1’s and 0’s on a computer screen.

  • M:G

    $20.01 ?? , $19.14 ??. Those robots running around on the grounds of wall street at their supposedly Bloomberg terminals are far worse than an imbecile, the word “imbecile” is far too generous and kind to describe these two legged creatures of Zion. Even a lifeless unthinking rock has more life and beauty than the keyboard-punching automatons rushing pointlessly on the trading floors of wall street.

  • aufihrhelden

    Down to $17 today !!

    In the mid-1980s the Cretins of Zion had t-shirts produced relating to one of their own ‘popular music’ groups, ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ with large slogans on such as ‘FRANKIE SAYS RELAX !’ as part of their ‘strategy’ (Strategy, HA, HA !) of bringing down the intellectual capacity of the masses, right down to the level of Jamie Dimon.

    Perhaps the Neutral Angles might like to have their own t-shirts produced with the slogan ‘LAUGHING AT THE ZIONISTS’ writ large !! Much fun could be had !!

  • delendaestziobot

    “due to the strengthening US Dollar”….LOL

  • aufihrhelden

    A question : Which is the most Imbecilic, a), b), c) or d) ?

    a) Believing that reasons are required to try and hide the perpetual naked shorting of precious metals ? ;

    b) Pressing the wrong button which results in a ‘flash crash’ on a currency or anything (such as the ‘pound sterling’ today ? ;

    c) Deliberately instigating this said ‘flash crash’ as a threatening gesture – look what we can do ! ? ;

    d) Sat there with furrowed brows trying to think up an expression for it and then coming up with ‘flash crash’ ! ?

    How about an Imbecile Monitor – we could have a big red arrow like on one of those Zionist game shows !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Hey Zion, why not set the silver price at $16.66 ?!

    No, no, $6.66 would be a lot better !!

  • aufihrhelden

    The American people (mass of Zionists) ‘choose’ what puppet they want to represent them in their murder, rape, mass fraud and child abuse. Oh no, silver goes above $19 (they think that’s a lot !) !! No, no, silver down to $18.24 !! No, no !! Zion thinks that derivatives matter when the masses will accept quantitative easing forever !!

    Laughing at Zion Forever !!

  • aufihrhelden

    The silver ‘price’ (Price !! HA HA !!) dropped by nearly $2 from top to bottom today.
    Hey Zion, not far to go now to $16.66 !!
    And the Laughter goes on …

  • aufihrhelden

    $16.66 !!

    Well Done Imbeciles !!

    Now, come on Zion, see if you can find the right buttons for $10.00 (because that’s a nice round number and I know that you Imbeciles like nice round numbers) and then onto $6.66 and then onto ZERO !!!

  • aufihrhelden

    Still around $16.66, well done Zion, but what about $10.00 and $6.66 ?!?!

    And then ZERO !! Because then Zion, silver would not be ‘worth’ any of your wonderful electronic digits or lovely bits of paper !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Hey Zion, can you manage to button press your way to 20,000 for the Dow Jones ?? That’s a nice round number for you !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Zion’s managed to press the right buttons for 20,000 !!

    Three Cheers For Zion !!!!

  • aufihrhelden

    Look at today’s silver price chart !!

    Three cheers for the Cretins of Zion !!!

  • aufihrhelden

    Silver nearly $16.00 again !!

    They may have found a new round number for gold – one thousand pounds of fiat paper ‘sterling’ !!

    Three Cheers for the Cretins of Zion !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Silver touched $16.66 again today! 666!!

  • aufihrhelden

    The dumbed-down cretins of Zion use the dumbed-down term ‘Flash Crash’!!

    Hey Zion, did you choose the 7th day of the 7th month due to your ridiculous Satanic symbolism?!

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