NASA begins to shut up shop.

Time for the American space junk to come down to earth, both biological and non-biological junk.

The propaganda extravaganza that was NASA, the USA’s number 2. comic opera – the Space Industry, is turning off the lights and dismantling the stage sets, the public left long ago, the only people remaining are those waiting round for their last voucher packet of FED monopoly money. NASA was built on American lies and the ingenuity of  WWII war-booty; Third Reich rocket engineers like Wernher von Braun who provided the whizz-bang fireworks. Americans did not even come up with the film studio propaganda concepts behind NASA – ‘Man on the Moon’ was originally ‘Woman on the Moon,’ Frau im Mond; a silent science fiction film from 1929, directed by Fritz Lang and written first as a novel by his wife Thea von Harbou. A fictional story and screenplay that the US government would later use for propaganda purposes. The movie Frau im Mond even includes the first; “countdown to zero” before a fire is lit under the an oversized aluminium can filled up with liquid-fuels and the human crew are blasted off into space. The film’s script describes how American businessmen kidnap German rocket professors, steal their research and blackmail them; either the German rocket professors agree to include them in the journey to the moon or they will sabotage their plans and destroy their rocket! This is in 1929 mind you. It would be excellent if Miecz could do a film review of ‘Woman on the Moon’ and investigate further the plot.

The point is that the Americans did not even come up with the plot and screenplay for their 1969 version of ‘Woman on the Moon,’ let alone the technological requirements, what they consequently attempted was to disguise the obvious fiction as truth in order to fool and deceive their more ignorant populace. NASA has been nothing more than a lie factory since its inception! The only way in which NASA differed from Hollywood, is that the extravagant spectacles were sold to the viewing public as being an honest and accurate portrayal of real events, when in fact it was just a carefully choreographed stage show, that will be ultimately remembered as “COMIC OPERA!”

Lights, Camera, Blast OFF!

7 responses to “NASA begins to shut up shop.

  • Lineman

    Mr. Delendae,

    Excellent topic right on que.
    All aspiring Aryanists (and Esoteric Hilterists for that matter) need to understand the full extent of the historical and real-time event manipulations and lies layered upon us. Exposing the apollo program for what it was (theater), is a great intro topic for those just beginning to digest their little red pill (pejorative intended). From there, the lies crumble one by one until each is left with one clear simple truth “National Socialism”.


  • Miecz Elizejski

    “Woman on the Moon”… I have not heard of that film. The only film of Lang’s that I have seen is “M.” I’ll look into your suggestion, Kamerad Delendaestziobot.

    NASA was a great idea, space research and all, but as with most things handled by judeo-capitalists… it went the the only way it could have realistically, down the drain. The Soviet space program was even worse… lol.

  • delendaestziobot

    I feel a sense of a small victory with the fall of NASA, it was one of the main propaganda pillars of Zion, it had become synonymous with Astronomy, Cosomology and Science and in fact Religion as well, because the “Origins Program” was a Kabbahlistic Judaic crusade to nowhere, Evolutionary Big Bangism, Einstein dribble, Sagan hogwash, it was all vain musings, or “news” called “Space Science.” The only space science at NASA was space between the ears of Jews and their Gentile calculator puppets! Aryanists must know, or begin to understand that the the Universe is a very, very different place to anything that NASA has ever said…

  • Sciencestudent


    I´d like to make you some questions. Thank you for your help. Excuse me for my bad English. Look: most NS webs think that actual white people (Stephen Hawking, etc.) are reliable, but I DON´T. And you seem to be the only one to see it. My question is this:

    If we can´t rely on our own brothers, who will rely on? I mean: if I want to be a scientist, what should I do? The last experiments the NS did happened in 1945, I can´t live in the past and don´t take into account Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins discoveries. YES, as you, I´ve seen that a lot of their discoveries are atheist propaganda and multiculti mumble-jumble, but… as a scientist, what can I do?. Shout at college that Horbiger was right? If the NASA is a hoax, thing on wich I trust you, how can we study physics?. Let´s face it: the NS will never come back, but until “something” happens, I´d really like to study sciences and become a scientist. But everybody works for “them”. Everybody!.

    The book, novel and literary world (the humanistic world) is ABSOLUTELY invaded by “them”, so yes, I have not bought their horrible books on psychology, sociology and all that. But science is different. Science must “go on”, with NS or without it, I say even more: if we don´t go on, and other societies go on (thanks to our advancements!!!), we will be in a really bad situation. I want to be a NS scientist, but the NS doesn´t exist anymore. I maintin myself loyal to the old texts on humanism, but in the field of the science, what must I do?. Study the science promoted by Zionists? Not study anything? It´s absolutely frustrating!. I´ve read the article about Stephen Hawking, now the NASA stuff… what can I do?.

    Second problem: most discoveries, today, are being achieved by non-whites. What should we do about that?.

    As a science student, what should I do?. Thanks for your help.

  • Sciencestudent


    Sorry, I forgot: what do you think about the following “aryans”?

    – Michael Crichton (writer).
    – Heinrrich Harrer.

    And all those who, after the war, said that the NS were pure evil. Tolkien also was against anti-NS, BUT his epic tales are absolutely pro-aryan. Should we treat them as we treat Tolkien, I mean, well?. Thanks.

  • Sciencestudent

    I mean: they are all ARYANS (for example, Crichton is a really, really tall blonde blue eyed guy), and scientists. But their messages are confusing. For example, Crichton was anti-globalization, anti global warming-hoax, but 11S believer, Holocaust defender, and he mentioned without any moral judgment topics like child molesters, slutty teens, and all that. Is their art “aryan”? I don´t think so, but It seems to me that their message is important, isn´t it? If we ban them, or “destroy” them in the future, we would destroy a piece of (degenerate) aryan history, don´t you think? But I don´t see the Hitlerjugend kids reading this kind of horrible books. So, what then?.

    Thank you for your patience, I´m sure you´ll understand my questions, because you seem intelligent. Great blog!!!.

  • delendaestziobot


    Your first statement was right, being white skinned, or blue eyed, or blonde haired, cannot be seen as a indication of Aryan genetics, not today it is not! The Aryan is very rare, and only developing again at this stage, we are most likely to find ourselves alone and isolated. Before you consider your science consider that. If Aryan DNA becomes active, it could be activated within any racial type, or it may not. Pigmentation of the skin is no indication today of whether an individual may have Aryan DNA.

    Aryanism is opposed to humanism, so get that right in your head.

    As for science, well there is a few subjects I have to cover in the coming weeks, and I will be including some science, for now though you must maintain your healthy skepticism, the more lies you tear away, the less that will remain, and that is good, because when there is nothing left the answers will come, just be patient.

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