I would like to introduce a term; “MELIORISM.”

meliorism, n. the doctrine that the world tends to become better, or be made better by human effort.  L melior better.

Meliorism is the doctrine that is closely related to Humanism, Liberalism, Social Darwinism and Evolutionary thought, and Americanism, the doctrine that the world, especially the socialized world, rather than biological, of humanity will improve naturally over time, that things are becoming better and always will become better, and that this “progress” is natural, good, and is aided by human effort and ingenuity especially science and technology, which also is natural, good and becoming better all the time. Meliorism is the sense that the civilization of the human being will always improve over time, therefore there is no ultimate goal needed, there is no need to know where you are and where you are headed, because humanity will always undoubtably improve. Post-modern internet Social Network sites and Forums are a perfect example of this; as if the ability to liberally express yourself in many diversified and multiple fashions will always lead to a more cohesive social unity without any absolute common aim or goal and no shared experience.

 The Secular Evolutionist suffers from this fallacy as much as the Judaic Creationist, they maintain the same position, for example one will believe that humanity will improve because their “god” is going perform some miracle soon, and the other believes that humanity will improve because “time” is able to perform miracles. The evolutionists have a “god” as well you know, it is called “time.” The difference between the two gods is that one is personal and one is impersonal.

Meliorists perceive that there is something wrong with themselves and something wrong with the world they inhabit because they are force-fed schizoid traditions. They see themselves as representing humanity as a whole and therefore able remedy humanity as a whole. So they have propagated the lie that “all humans are created equal” and therefore inequality to them is unnatural, and this formed the ideology behind their egalitarian God and later their post-Enlightenment egalitarian State. Both sharing the same root cause and culminating finally in the foundation of the United States of America, a schizoid combination of both God and State, maintained on the optimistic belief that indefinite progress and social improvement is inevitable and only a matter of time, this has formed the persuasive American world view, the psychological backlash of this was existentialism.

What Aryanists must do is not act as the Secular Evolutionists and Judaic Creationists have in the past, we must not act out of Meliorism. We are not here to remedy their ills but to war against them, to be utterly opposed to them, not to just sit on fence and just point out this or that neat fact in the vain belief that a more moderate meliorism will solve conflicts, or mitigate in priestly style, for the sake of human equality, and human progress, and more human peace and happiness. Their “Humanity” is a product and consequence of their illness; their Gentile and Jew schizoid lock of dissimulation.

They project their illness because of their own loss of sentience and loss of consciousness, this they draw up with their facts and figures into a normalized set of paranoid laws, and that becomes their tradition. We must be radical to that tradition….They are left with only time itself and so they think that “time will heal all wounds”, they believe that if their god from Mt Vesuvius does not improve them then Time will!

The true Aryan will not seek to improve this “humanism”, but the Bolshevik will, the Marxist will, the Aryan is not part of their humanity, the Aryan is the conqueror of their traditions, the Bolshevik and the Marxist are interpreters of their human traditions, they are a part of them, they see it in themselves, self-referential, for example; Karl Marx the epitome of the mercantile decadent bourgeois was fully qualified to identify with the ills of the mercantile decadent bourgeois, and so he applies a remedy, and that remedy includes his goyim, the slaves of his class, it’s like the story of Pharoah taking his slaves with him into the next life. Can a Jew like Karl Marx be honest about such matters? Of course not, he is a degenerate liar, the lies are a projection of the illness, the illness of generations of inner-city, mercantile, decadent bourgeois breeding. The so-called Aristocratic Gentiles, they had no clue as to what their ancestry was, but they thought it imperative to write one down, as if the facts and figures legitimized their position as lazy exploiters, in that respect they were no different to the Jews, their symbiotic twin, one forever holding on to the heel of the other and then vice-versa.

The Aryan ideal is radically different to the traditions of the Jews and Gentiles, it is a NEW RACE, a new destiny, it will not manifest by itself over Time and it will not be bestowed upon us by some Abrahamic God out of “divine right,” no, THE ARYAN DESTINY BEGINS WITH THE ARYANS!




6 responses to “Meliorism

  • Lineman

    Mr. Delendae,

    Firstly, may I apologize if this comment runs on a bit, I’m fighting a lethal does of poison oak which is proving to be uncomfortable, writing seems to be a nice distraction. As I’m reading this post, I recognize your subtle references to the true chronology. Thank you for that.
    In addition, the post is an accurate shot at our current culture. To bad only a few enlightened will here the hiss. So much of what you pen requires prerequisite study, I sense you may already know that.
    I felt l needed a break half way through Fomenko’s V2 so I read the completed part of OC’s translation of Serrano’s, “Adolf Hilter – el Ultimo Avatara”. Very moving, normally I don’t embrace metaphysical philoblabla, however, after 750 pages of Fomenko I welcomed it. I’m noticing that now, with both a week or so behind me, I contemplate Serrano more than Fomenko, different parts of the brain I suppose.
    I’m now reading Viktor Rydberg’s, “Teutonic Mythology V1”. Guess what I find? The same, now familiar, f’n chronology over and over. As it goes, Odin is Moses or Moses is Odin, fall of Troy, two Rome’s, etc.
    Fomenko didn’t prepare me for that.

  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad Lineman

    You can comment as much as you like, I am pleased to hear that you are embracing the metaphysical, much of the war we fight is metaphysical, hence the importance of Master Serrano, now more so than ever. I just ordered Fomenko’s V3 and V4, I think I am ready for it.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    This is very interesting concept that you bring to light.

    “Meliorism is the sense that the civilization of the human being will always improve over time, therefore there is no ultimate goal needed, there is no need to know where you are and where you are headed, because humanity will always undoubtably improve.”

    That is the Jews’ inception of a dangerously naive optimism! It’s perfect for controlling cattle! Ingeniously insidious, in fact!

    I see this meliorism as an “anti-Kampf” since it goes against united and noble struggle that drives an Aryan society or civilization. Also, meliorism is seems to be related, in a general thematic way, to Ayn Rand’s Judaic philosophy of Objectivism since that too is very much anti-unity.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ja, correct Miecz, it is insidious, Meliorism is the glue that holds so many modern/post-modern doctrines together, take that glue away and they crumble into dust. It is anti-Folk, anti-Kampf, anti-Nobility, anti-Aryan and we must fight against it!

    By understanding Meliorism we can identify one of the Foes main support
    pillars, it is at the base of all their Jew & Gentile politics, science, philosophy, religion, etc.

    I have added it to Rhetoric for Propagandists page, as; ‘appeal to Meliorism’

    I will include it now on my essay on Rand, thankyou for pointing that out. We can now say;

    Objectivism is the promotion of Meliorism as the end objective in itself.

  • aufihrhelden

    … and, of course, from a more ‘mundane’, ‘day-to-day’ perspective, especially since the Second World War, the Jews are able to point to the so-called ‘improvements in the standard of living’ in what has become known as the developed world. Look at your nice, snug warm houses, look at all your new clothes which you can just replace if they suddenly become ‘unfashionable’, look at all your new gadgets, your parents or grandparents never had any of this. But, of course, it is the printing press which facilitates this, which, in forcing other countries to accept primarily the US Dollar, enables such decadence. It is not real in the sense of being of a genuine lasting benefit or real in the sense of a basic moral foundation. The masses in the ‘developed world’ ironically support this ponzi system as it places them (for now) slightly higher up the pyramid than those from the ‘Third World’.

    One might describe the printing press as the tool which churns out the paper vouchers used to buy meliorism.

  • aufihrhelden

    Adolf Hitler – The Man Against Time.

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