A fork in the road

The Sacrificium Intellectus or: The Conscious Sacrifice of Insight.

If  people basically want to achieve a similar goal, but have differing concepts on how to achieve that goal, then it is mostly because they are only partially aware of the whole truth, and truth in complicated situations can only be discovered bit by bit, so it is that what one advocates is not absolutely representative of the whole or the final end goal. Therefore we join a group or party whose doctrine and concepts most closely resemble our own. However one must always be aware of altruism, because altruism is the negative result of too much Sacrificium Intellectus. There is a balance.

I was asked to join ARYANISM.net, and I did, as a partner blog, now the decision was made that SIDDHARREICH would no longer be a partner of ARYANISM.net, and I accept this decision, because it will allow SIDDHARREICH to take a different path, a path that I feel more genuinely disposed to. All  past written content on my blog will remain as it is, and I stand by what I have said 100%, the only parts that must now be deleted are those elements that are strictly ARYANISM.net in origin, and so therefore for copyright reasons, and out of respect, they will be deleted. SIDDHARREICH will now begin a process of re-construction and transformation over the next few weeks. My ultimate goals and ideology remain unchanged, and I will be looking to make more connections with those whom are of my folk for the future development of the Siddhar Aryans and their Geo-Genesis.

 Heil Hitler!


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