Process of Weeding Out Bolsheviks!

I refer to this article by SSigrune –

And including comments in particular by ‘Konrad’. In regards to the source material for the article; ‘Hitler’s Economy’, it is not the first time that SSigrune have used Jewish Bolsheviks as their primary source of information. And they have now stated that they believe as do the Jewish Bolsheviks that the Third Reich was “Debt Financed”, this is in opposition to the Aryan and true National Socialist position regarding currency, and that is that currency is a tool to measure weight. Fiat debt or the theft of material assets by the illusion of abstract numerical signs that masquerade as a measurement when in fact they are a false weight, is a purely Jewish and Bolshevik concept, and its their greatest secret. Let us remember how many pretend National Socialists we have seen in the past, it is nothing for Jews and Communists to be anti-Zionists, many Jews are feigning anti-Zionism, they also feign National Socialism, they put on swastika, hang pictures of Adolf from the wall, shout “Heil Hitler”, in fact most so-called “Nazi’s” are not Nazi’s. Looks can be very deceptive, it is easy to be deceived by a likeness, a simulacrum!

Within the Aryanist Movement, we aim to weed out any Bolsheviks, or anybody that has any Jewish tendency – practically or ideologically, they must be weeded out, otherwise they will pollute the pure cultivated seedlings of ARYANISM! And also to clearly define boundaries, so there is no confusion, no muddying the waters so to speak when it comes to practical application, ideology, political orientation and aims, etc. And we are not conducting the propaganda war as entertainment, I am not here to entertain or to impress with the latest intellectual pursuits and pseudo political fads, neither do I enjoy wasting my time with foppish pretenders! This is not a pass-time! See for a correct view of future trends – Beyond Propaganda.

Now lets look at some Bolshevik propaganda and weed it out!

SSigrune (Der Generalissimo) –   “Hitler and Co. printed paper and expanded credit in a responsible manner specifically to create jobs and support workers. The Jews recklessly expand credit, induce hyperinflation and conjure up taxpayer (worker) financed “bail outs” for Wall Street and bankers”

delendaestziobot:   This is illogical thought process and Marxist in origin, the abstract concept that Central Bank artificially manufactured numerical digits (Credit) printed on bits of paper is what “creates jobs and supports workers.” And it is false to accuse Adolf Hitler of using the same artificial method in the Third Reich as is used today in the world over by Jewish Central Banks. What SSigrune is stating is that the method of Adolf Hitler is the same as Ben Bernanke, the only difference is the word “responsible” as opposed to “reckless” therefore according to SSigrune, Jewish Central Banking principles of endless numerical digit expansion is the measure of  human Work and labour and it should be handled in a “responsible” rather than “reckless” manner less it lead to hyperinflation. Essentially SSigrune is falsely stating the economic principles of Adolf Hitler and promoting a Marxist Central Banking fiat credit printing operation i.e. counterfeiting. The fact that SSigrune then contradicts themselves by both condemning and then promoting the same principle is in keeping with their confused dissimulated mindset.

Right, as I have clearly stated to SSigrune (Konrad), and my Aryan readers are well aware of this; the Third Reich used a Silver Standard as a tool by which to measure weight, “money” is a weight, and I have proven that in several essays, I have proven beyond any doubt that the Reichsmark (RM) of the Third Reich was a Silver weight of 0.0803 of a .999 fine Troy Ounce, so lets look at SSigrune’s (Konrad) reply:

SSigrune (Konrad) –   “ALL currency is fiat currency, including gold and silver. Gold, silver, platinum, sea shells, wooden tally sticks, Indian beads, beaver pelts, gemstones – it does not matter.”

lol, but it does not follow! Bolsheviks use whats known as non sequitur – example:

Aryan –   “The Third Reich used a Silver Standard – a Reichsmark is 0.0803 pure Silver”

Bolshevik –   “Gold and silver and platinum, indian beads, beaver pelts, sticks and sea shells, it is all the same, they are all fiat currency, it does not matter what you use.”

See how it does not follow my statement. That means the debate is over, I cannot debate with what is illogical. “fiat” is a ‘authoritive decree, sanction, an order’ and our paper currencies today are fiat, they are verbally decreed orders printed on paper or digitally presented numerical signs i.e. the U.S. Dollar presents digits and states as decree “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” – that is an order, it is not a tally stick and it is not a sea shell or a beaver pelt or a bar of metal or anything material at all, it is just a decree an order printed on a paper note. A Bolshevik Jew has one trick, and that is to convince you that his/her verbal decree is in fact the same value as everything material in the known universe, and therefore you should accept this order as being equal in value to all things in the universe. No, a fiat paper note passed as currency is not equal to a beaver pelt, a sea shell, a banana, a bar of precious metal, a tally stick, it is not equal to anything at all, it is merely a Jewish order printed on a piece of paper that has no value other than what a Jew can convince you of, in reality is worth the paper it’s printed on and no more and that paper is measured by its purity and weight, no less.

I am not going to correct all SSigrune’s (Konrad) non sequitur, but they are a relevant example of Jewish Bolshevik illogical thought process that I feel it is imperative that I look at a couple more.

SSigrune (Konrad)  –   “It does not matter what kind of currency we use. Ultimately it does not even matter if banking is publically or privately controlled”

At the moment Banking masquerades as a public institution but it is in fact privately owned, this does not matter you say? Well that is exactly what a Bolshevik Jew would say! If it does not matter what currency we use than fiat paper notes produced in the Federal reserve factory are as much currency as gold, silver, copper, sea shells and beaver pelts, it’s all the same to a Bolshevik, that is what he will tell you, but you know as well as I do that it is not all the same, if I were to present konrad with a bar of gold and a beaver pelt, there is not a doubt that he would try to take the Gold and the beaver pelt and leave me with a worthless bit of paper with his false name on it! LOL!

SSigrune (Konrad)  –  “Even if we got rid of the Fed today, we would remain impoverished unless we put the people to work, made them productive, and encouraged them to starting trading with each other again”

How typically Marxist! Sounds like the Bolshevik Jews are starting to feel the noose tightening round their necks, their response is of course to claim they are impoverished and that other people should work harder in order to support them, “they” should be “productive”, if only they would start trading with the Jew again! Oh no, you have it wrong, you are going to learn, the Bolshevik Jew is going to learn what digging is all about, and when the Jew works, not “others”, when the Jew learns how to dig, he will come to inevitable conclusion that all work is a uniform motion overcoming an opposing force, it will feel like a weight, and that is what it is – a weight, one day soon even the Jew will realize that everything is measured by weight, it is the decree of the Universe!

Bolsheviks appeal to the masses when they sense revolution is in the air, they are not revolutionaries, just pretenders, it is obvious, the Jew should know, the tide is turning, the rot has set in and the end is near, Bolsheviks appear when the end is coming, desperately hoping to turn the masses towards a new direction, false opposition is a jewish speciality, and often difficult to spot.  They only speak of transplanting one jewish class for another, the Zionist system stays always for them, they do not seek to change it or challenge it, only to strengthen it, and this is often done by criticism of the Zionist system itself but as you will find out Bolsheviks intend to merely switch the leading faces around, to replace them with fresh ones, and it does not matter to them how many lies they tell to do this.

SSigrune’s reasoning is faulty, they are seemingly suffering from some type of autism. When I purposely engaged SSigrune in debate, just like I had done previously with VSS, I led them into a position where they could present their illness, and indeed they presented as being AUTISTIC, many Bolsheviks and Jews are autistic, they are so lost in fantasy that they do not even know what they are! That is why we have to use a process of weeding out Bolsheviks, so the Aryan cubs of the wolf pack will not be led astray. Not long ago I had a dream; I was standing at the gates of Wewelsburg Castle, and the gates opened, and out stepped Heinrich Himmler, I stood to attention and shouted “Heil Hitler”, Himmler looked at me and spoke, for 1 hour he spoke to me, and when I awoke I could not remember what he said, but then as the days past, there were certain thoughts that would come into my mind, they were not my own, it was Himmler speaking to me, as I speak to you now, so listen. We are not secular, we are esoterics! Secularism is for humanitarian liberal democrats and Marxists!

Be as wolves coming out of the valley fog in the cold night, hungry, lean, searching, seeking, mark your territory, as merke in the fielde, draw your lines in the sand and let none cross.

The secular Marxists who like to play dress up, and masquerade as National Socialists are nothing new, SSigrune seems to be VSS with a new lease on life, all pink and gaudy, they can mimic and highlight the countless crimes of Zion to the cows come home, it does not change anything, that is just mere 21st Century cyberspace journalism, it is not Aryanism.

Let me give you one more example of non sequitur argumentum the underlying cause of which may be just autism:

delendaestziobot  –   “The Third Reich 5 Reichsmark is .900 fine Silver.”

SSigrune               –    “You cannot eat gold or wear it as clothing, gold is worth the same as beach sand, bankers can manipulate the price with their fiat , they do this with sea shells and sticks and sand, just like gold and platinum, therefore we need a social contract – a system of exchange, an exchange of contracts, a written contract arrangement for exchange that the government can manage, a government of the people. The social contract will be based on the productivity of the swarming masses of goyim, we will tally up what they produce and then distribute fairly and equally in good faith, this is a system based on credit, credit in good faith for all the workers who produce. Enhanced PRODUCTIVITY is what make us great, this is how a nation grows by producing more and more material items, this is what human value is, it is a continuous growth of production. etc, etc, etc”

You will see this general Marxist stream of thought running throughout SSigrune’s website. Besides autism and being naturally Bolshevik, SSigrune display Conservatism, Empiricism, Herder Mentality, Humanism, Liberalism, Naturalism, Secularism, and Useful Idiocy!

12 responses to “Process of Weeding Out Bolsheviks!

  • rockstar

    I must say, I disagree with this article. This is what I dont understand about pro-capitalists, why do you think the federal reserve is “communist”? It is actually CAPITALIST! Its privately owned for crying out loud! Hitler was the greatest socialist who ever lived, its just that he was a certain brand of socialist. he was a YELLOW SOCIALIST. There are many different brands of socialism. Hitler and Mussolini were yellow socialists. so SSigrune has a fine website in my opinion.

    • delendaestziobot

      Capitalism and Communism are a false dichotomy, see Glossary. You have a long way to go yet if you are still trapped in that dialectic. Adolf Hitler was not a “Yellöw Socialist”, again your views are clearly alligned with SSigrune, so you should comment there and not here, I have drawn a line in the sand so you have picked your side.

      • rockstar

        I havent “picked a side”, im just trying to say that both capitalism and communism are bad. But I always scoff at people who take the side of capitalism when they have to choose sides. Hitler was indeed a socialist. Marxism is only one of many types of socialism, as Joseph Goebbels put it in the nazi sozi Q&A: “marxism is the exact opposite of socialism”.

  • delendaestziobot

    rockstar, see Rhetoric for Propagandists and my dozen essays on Silver, then see my latest comments on the main website. I cannot debate non sequitur. And what is with the name – rockstar?

    • rockstar

      im being perfectly logical. its you who is refusing to look at the facts, first of all I will explain what yellow socialism (this is a very vague description, so please feel free to look it up for yourself)
      : basically under yellow socialism the workers become part of the capitalist system, we saw this in nazi germany and fascist italy when hitler and mussolini required each bussiness with 20 or more employees to have a “council of trust”. thanks to these councils of trust the workers ran the enterprise along with the corporate managers. so they were put on equal footing with one another. Hitler wanted a classles state, and this aspect of yellow socialism agrees with that. yellow socialism also advocates an autocratic state, that would be there to intervene wherever necessary. we saw this in nazi germany and fascist italy, the state had the right to confiscate property without compensation. another aspect of yellow socialism that happened in nazi germany and fascist italy was profit sharing, bussinesses were organised into large syndicates. so how can you deny all this? if its not socialism, then what is it?
      I will look at those other articles as well, but I doubt they will be able to prove me otherwise.
      I have been using the nick name rockstar for a while now, the very first time I used it was as a cheat code for the video game spec ops, and ever since then it just kind of stuck.

  • delendaestziobot

    If anybody still has not worked out what a Reichsmark is, then you should be asking questions so that I help you to understand, what I am explaining here has not been made public before, ever. So just keep on studying what I have said until the penny drops, hopefully. But if anybody has any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

  • delendaestziobot

    Still having trouble working out what a Riechsmark is? I see. Rockstar you should really just admit that you are a Bolshevik, SSigrune have now admitted it, it would be better if you just made your non sequitor meaningless babel comments over there. I am sure the SSigrune team will agree with your “classless autocratic yellow socialist” Marxist fantasy.

    Aryan: “The Third Reich had a silver based currency standard”

    Rockstar Bolshevik: ” You are a Capitalist, Hitler wanted a classless state, he was a yellow socialist!”

    See how it does not follow the reality of my factual statement, the Bolshevik or someone suffering from Autism cannot grasp the reality that is presented so it invents a fantasy to oppose it and believes that this fantasy must be right because it cannot comprehend reality.

    • rockstar

      youre right, ill just go to that website. I cannot debate someone who is not familliar with basic socialist theory. you just resort to screaming “marxist!” instead of refuting my points. you remind me of the Mcarthy era in the USA. by the way the reichmark was backed by labour, not silver or gold. anyway bye.

  • Pandarýa

    Excuse me for just butting into your discussion, but fiat currency aside, aren’t you just getting caught in semantics? National Socialism did have many elemenets from what Spengler would have called true socialism.

  • EruptingLight

    Great article, Delendae.

    I may not know much about economics, since that’s not really an interest of mine, but your articles are always intriguing.

    @rockstar: “Hitler was the greatest socialist who ever lived, its just that he was a certain brand of socialist. he was a YELLOW SOCIALIST. There are many different brands of socialism. Hitler and Mussolini were yellow socialists.”

    If that’s not Bolshevist-talk I don’t know what a Bolshevist is. National Socialism will always remain as National Socialism, due to its unique esoteric nature, and can never be reconciled with yellow socialism or Mussolini’s fascism, especially when talking about economics. Yellow socialism, fascism, capitalism, etc., all centre around the production, trading and sharing of materials that aids your sense of indulgence, ergo: they are all useless in the eyes of a National Socialist.

    Also, Hitler never fought for a classless society, but a class cooperative society, where every class would be like, if we may use a metaphor, a certain part of a car. For example: the middle classes acting as the engine, the lower classes as the wheels, the upper classes as the steering wheel, and the car itself would be the Nation. All parts rely upon each other to bring the car forward, and the only focus of the parts would be to actually get the car rolling, rather than that the wheels complaining over the steering wheel that keeps the car going around in circles.

    Another quote from the Nazi-Sozi, since it has been brought up, that fits well into this article and previous ones is:

    “But papers in and of themselves are worthless – they don’t roll on railway tracks, they don’t yield any coal, don’t produce any bread or goods and don’t create or maintain value.”


  • aufihrhelden

    ‘ALL currency is fiat currency, including gold and silver.’ quotes the Bolshevik.
    Strange then that all the (fraudulent) authoritative decrees that the Jews make never include people being able to make a claim on any actual gold or silver whatsoever. They state that it makes no difference in public but in private you will never receive anything of value for your work.

    Upon any Final Victory, the Jews and their Helpers ought to be set to work down the mines digging for gold and silver ; the Aryans would keep the weight and the Jews and their Helpers would receive worthless bits of paper. Both sides would be happy, the Aryans wirth the real measure of weight and the Marxists with the bits of paper because they say they don’t mind …

    The most revealing and therefore important words that The Foe uses in the essay above are, ‘that the government can manage’ and they don’t mean a government of the people, they mean, as usual, something that’s Jew controlled, a government that controls the people. You see, it’s actually not really about ‘fiat’ or even money, it’s all about POWER and CONTROL, fiat decress and money are the MEANS they use to gain that power and control because they feel that they may not be able to use outright force in an blatantly overt manner.

    The Third Reich had MINTS to produce the means of exchange to facilitate transactions to serve the people, see the contrast.

    In modern society some clowns use ‘Bitcoin’ which is, no doubt, practice for having a chip embedded into their arm and that’s no fair means of exchange, I assure you of that.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    How does one manage infinite growth on a finite planet? Infinite growth sans concern for all other things is capitalist/ Marxist garbage. We need controlled and guided working people who are aiming for something other than “growth”. There is nothing noble or glorious in growth for its own sake. This is the thinking that is destroying all that is good and green.
    People see the words National Socialism and translate that through the semitic Marxist lens. NS means something beyond their puny economics. It is about something they can never understand for they only look at something externally never peering in to its deepest meaning. National Socialism is a Magickal quest!

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