JP Morgan Chase – Stark Raving Naked!

  This going to be one the greatest financial disasters in all economic history, JP Morgan’s inevitable destruction is going to blast a whole so large in the Federal Reserve citadel of Zion, that $’s will hyper inflate Weimar style into infinity! The resulting stock market crash will make the South Sea Crash of 1720 look like a girl scouts picnic! The Learned Elders are getting confused, they call for a Gold Standard, and Silver demand increases, so they suppress the Silver $ price, and Silver demand increases, so they raise the $ price and still Silver demand increases! And of course this time there is nothing they can do about it. It was different when the Hunt Brothers got uppity with their Silver hoarding, so the Elders of Zion just bankrupted them and continued on their merry way to Ziogasmic Utopia, where all things are valued by their fiat digits that they come up with forever and ever! No this time it’s different, firstly because there are no government Reserves that the Elders can simply “privatize” and then use, they have already done that, all gone now, so its dig as fast as possible, but clearly not fast enough.

Now let me explain; JP Morgan Chase, is apparently the largest holder of Silver Bullion in the world, they are the Custodians of the electronic Silver Fund – SLV. Reported to have 100’s of millions of Silver Bullion stored safely in the vaults of JP Morgan. Now at the very same time JP Morgan holds in the silver futures market the largest amount of “Naked silver short positions”. A “naked short” is a contract where the seller of a material item, in this case – Silver, has to borrow Silver, in order to sell it at a discount price in the hope that it will buy it back again at an even lower price than what it sold it for, and then return the borrowed silver to the true owner who lent it out, plus a small commission, lease rate, insurance and transport costs! It’s absolutely absurd! It makes no sense whatsoever and anybody that tells you otherwise is talking through their hat. And it is utterly absurd to even imagine that anybody who holds an asset class in a material would seek to devalue it by borrowing someone else’s material asset and selling for less than their own asset, in the hope that it will go down even more so that they can then buy it back again, and return it to its former owner  – devalued! Less the insurance, less the transport and security costs, less accounting and commission fees, and less the storage fees! In what is a naturally rising market with increasing demand…It is not possible to be that stupid with 100’s of millions of ounces of physical Silver, which world industry is constantly fighting to secure for their own future. It is inconceivable that “Naked Short Selling” is performed for financial gain and profit, to conduct naked short selling in the Silver market when you are supposedly the No. 1 holder of that metal would be financial suicide, you might as well just drink two bottles of fine whisky and then gas yourself in you Mercedes Benz, because you would be busted broke within days!

But this is exactly what the Elders would want you to believe, that JP Morgan Chase, the largest bullion dealer with the most Silver Bullion in Reserves, stored safely in their own vaults, is actually borrowing hundreds of millions of ounces of refined Silver from other owners, who they are nobody knows, but with a naked short, you must borrow the material that you do not have, otherwise it cannot be a naked short, you would be just shorting your own asset by selling it for cheaper than what it is worth, which would devalue your asset, in the hope to buy it back again at an even cheaper $ price, only to sell it again in order to devalue it again, and every time you do this you must pay, transport costs, and security, and insurance, and accounting and sales commission and, etc, etc. This is not the way one can conduct a profitable business. So this cannot work, unless, unless JP Morgan Chase is truly naked short, and in fact have no Silver at all, even though they claim to, they cannot, if they did then they couldn’t be truly naked short on the Silver futures markets. The only reason why one would naked short sell Silver is if you did not have the physical asset material you were selling, instead you had nothing at all, and it was all just a paper fraud and shuffling papers round and greasing palms all the way to merry Ziogasmic $ Utopia holding hands with Ben Bernanke and Co, skipping through the poppy fields to the Emerald City! If you had no Silver, and you had forward sold a billion ounces or two, then you really would be stark raving naked as the day you were born.

 JP Morgan has certified only 30,844 ounces for delivery as held by the COMEX. 1 Silver futures contract is 5000 ounces, so JP Morgan could fill an entire 6 contracts! That is it! Yet JP Morgan has already sold some 12 million ounces of paper silver contracts into the futures market this year! It comes as no surprise that the U.S. Government may now be finding out that there is a very big problem.


On August 12th I announced that the Silver Bullets were coming, and then Silver V2 Rockets, and then the Silver Man Cometh in December – Silver then moved rapidly from $28 to where it is today just above $40! I also explained how Silver would lead Gold which it now does easily, and how attention would shift from Gold to Silver, and that this was a perfectly natural process because Silver is now more rare than Gold. The Gold bugs had to be used as a Trojan Horse, as soon as the Gold bugs got their public attention because of the Learned Elders of Zion’s intention to declare a Gold Standard once again, as soon as they built the media platform necessary to get mass public attention, the Silver bullets were released and the Silver rockets straight from the Golden Trojan Horse’s belly! And JP Morgan took a direct hit, now it just a matter of waiting for their ship to sink, and when it does its going to drag the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government and the New York Stock Exchange down with it!

Heil Hitler!

Heil Lucifer!


12 responses to “JP Morgan Chase – Stark Raving Naked!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Nice, another great economics article, Kamerad.

    I also had this idea about economic stagantion, which you are probably able to write a good piece about.

    The term “economic stagnation” is often used to refer to the Brezhnev era in the USSR and this is a favorite story of capitalists to say that “see, socialism (and statist policies by default) are inherently bad, while ‘Merica is great ‘cuz of the Free Market! Praise the Lord.”

    Ironically, we seem to be having a capitalist stagnation now since it is not socialism that is bad, or even capitalism (in of itself) but the processes that either encourages and that’s the hording of money (in addition to basing themselves on lies). When money doesn’t flow, the economy stagnates, processes aren’t fueled, people don’t buy, therefore they don’t produced, etc…

    So… both Marxism and Capitalism (especially the kind Ms. Rand loved) are both Jewish fester pots. The solution would be NS which, above all, values work and productivity, over materialism. Also, NS materialist policy and money is not based on lies in addition to being a less dominating force in the economic mindset.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, both Capitalism and Marxism are economic systems based on a Central Bank that creates fiat numerical printed notes out of thin air. Now that is not “money”, a Dollar or a Franc or a Mark or a Peso etc, are all Silver minted coins which recieve a numerical imprint that defines the purity and weight of the coin, money is essentially a tool by which one can weigh goods efficiently. This is the greatest secret in the world at the moment so I will be writing much more about it to reveal all Banking secrets, which are very simple, it is just the illusion that is complicated. Today’s monetary system which is a false weight has been erected over the last 5 centuries gradually, and what the Banking Jews are relying on is that nobody understands this very basic truth – money is a measure by weight!

      Economic stagnation or Depression can be easily created by a controlling Central Bank that is protected by military and political force, simply by decreasing the velocity of paper notes loaned into the captive monopolized market, which it just prints, or today more likely just a data entry on a computer, there is nothing to it, its the easiest procedure one could possibly do. Likewise economic activity and “growth” can be just as easily activated by a Central Bank by increasing the velocity of fiat notes/digital digits in the same system. Or they could just change the denominations up or down. And it is all just a confidence trick, and of course when enough people get tired of getting screwed by this false system, they lose confidence in the paper/digital Central Banking fiat and that leads to devaluation of the Central Banking fiat, this is then called by them as a bluff – “Inflation”, its really just the flow of confidence out of the fiat, this leads to the devaluation of the paper fiat until finally it is measured by the weight of its paper content, which is all it was ever worth, in the digital form the digits would just dissappear and turn 000000000 – because they have no value only what people believe they are worth. And this system is maintained as long as possible by Central Bankers by the use of physical force and propaganda and intimidation and virtually anything they can think up to keep it going.

  • Friedrich Paul Berg

    The Jewish-American world empire is collapsing. Good Riddance!

  • "Tuco"

    An interesting story on the Hunt Brother’s and their Silver hoard. There was a certain Jew in New Jersey known as the “Silver King” who at one time in the 70’s cornered the market in buying Silver Certificate’s was a broker for the Hunt’s when he convinced them to let him handle their silver account. Needless to say, he traded their account for himself for a day, made a cool Million for no outlay of his own cash. He was set adrift when the Hunt’s learned of this, as no one at that time had got the best of the Hunt’s (Lamar).
    The “Silver King” himself was deposed by the Swiss Cartel when he became a force in the Silver Futures market, trading Hundred of Million’s a year. Big Money back then……

  • aufihrhelden

    From the article : It was different when the Hunt Brothers got uppity with their Silver hoarding, so the Elders of Zion just bankrupted them …

    The above is an example of what I perhaps hate the most about these creatures and it really, really grates. As they don’t possess the intellectual capacity to win the games they play (even though they make all the rules) whenever it comes down to (or starts to look like it might come down to) an intellectual battle they just change the rules or declare force majeure or murder the opposition or cry out ‘anti-semitic’ and so on ….

    It’s like a game of chess – player A has most of his pieces on the board and is closing in and player B only has his king and a few pawns but player B tips the board up sending the pieces flying everywhere, pulls out a gun and shoots player A and then just declares victory. Brilliant.

    Aren’t ‘God’s Chosen People’ clever ?

  • aufihrhelden

    Imagine you own a vintage car and you agree to sell that vintage car to someone so you take their money and tell them that you will store their vintage car for them in a secure garage. However, you then decide to sell that same car to someone else, you take their money also and also tell them that the car is safely stored for them in a garage. You repeat the process over and over. If discovered you would go to prison (unless you were one of ‘God’s Chosen’).

    Imagine, however, if you were one of ‘God’s Chosen’ and if vintage cars were historically used as money, then you would constantly repeat this process in order to keep the ‘price’ of vintage cars down so people would deem the ‘low price’ of vintage cars as being a sign of their ‘low value’ in terms of the paper fraudulent fiat ; you would also kill anyone who demanded return of their vintage cars or anyone who tried to reinstall a system of using vintage cars as money.

    It would not be the fact that you did not own any vintage cars that mattered as long as you continued the killings …

  • aufihrhelden

    Today I had a conversation with an absolute cretin who claimed that he has a system for beating the casinos at roulette ! He said that when he wins he takes the winnings and puts the chips in his pocket and then doesn’t touch them for the rest of the night, therefore claiming that his system is behavioural and that the behavioural part is independent of the mathematics ! When I pointed out that, for a roulette table with 18 black, 18 red and one green, the chance of winning is 48.6% (for red or black, obviously, and to the nearest decimal point) and that the chance of losing is, obviously, 51.4% and that, therefore, everybody loses in the long term because it is a game of chance and that the mathematics are in favour of the casino operator and that anybody who plays roulette is a mug, he actually stated that he’s been playing roulette for thirty-odd years and that I may know about mathematics but I know nothing about roulette !! I am not joking. American roulette tables have two green slots, presumably because Americans are even more stupid than other people. I imagine that the primary qualification required for the girls that operate the tables (apart from having a nice figure) is the skill in trying to keep a straight face.

    You see, the cretins at JP Morgan need the masses to be as stupid as they are so they are able to take advantage of infinite zeros of naked shorting of precious metals but the cretin Jamie Dimon, who I doubt could even find the ‘zero’ key on a keyboard, has got himself into such a mess that he has to make up a lie about having cancer.

  • aufihrhelden

    .. so you’ve got this ridiculous situation where two groups of equally stupid people (the Zionists and The Masses) could have their mutual paradise in just a click of the fingers because the stupid Zionists want to rule the world and the stupid Masses want to be the slaves but neither side realises the other’s wishes so they all end up playing the long game …

    On the surface of this earth, truth is meaningless …

    • delendaestziobot

      Everything on this Earth deserves extinction, and we are here to prove that so, have not the mighty of the world been judged as false? Is not Truth than a Spirit not of this world? It has happened exactly as I said it would, America is now only capable of making short SCHLOCK films, and this is only to entertain the masses while the logistics for transfer of titles is worked out. America and Britain have been cleaned out of all their assets, the masses are not figured in this equation, they simply pass from one Lord to another Lord. And they will never know who they are.

  • aufihrhelden

    Mein Kampf, Der Ring des Nibelungen, Hermitage Helm Corpus, Sylvia Stolz, Savitri Devi all prove (and therefore have the ultimate right to judge) that the ‘mighty’ of the world (it is important to stress that their ‘might’ comes not from the intellect but from the willing complicity of the masses) are false.

    Essentially speaking, of course, everything on this earth since 1945 is part of Zion and therefore truth is not of this world, it is only manifest in a few individuals. Therefore, if there is a battle for this world, it must be carried out via force and violence because, in a world where truth makes no difference people’s natures never change.

    People aren’t concerned about the injustices of Bromberg or Dresden, they just want their latest ice-bucket challenge.

    Are the laser weapons of Neuschwabenland trained on London and Jew York ?

    The ‘transfer of titles’ you talk of, I imagine, is, to a large part, the transfer of precious metals from West to East, in the guise that they are both ‘different sides’ but both, ultimately, are under the control of the patriarch families whose servants are World Jewry.

    How suggestive it is that neither the corporations of China or Russia never ever mention ‘Daly vs First National Bank of Montgomery’ (a court case of immense importance which reveals the fraud of all fiat ‘currency’). This is because these corporations want the fraud for themselves or, more accurately, the fraud is being transferred from West to East.

    But, actually, the joke’s on the controllers because they don’t possess the wit to realise that the masses don’t give a **** and, even if they knew, would wave them right through anyway. It’s like a child who takes sweets from a jar thinking that the adults don’t know but, in reality, the adults are looking from behind a curtain laughing and saying to each other, ‘ … ahh, let him think that his little game is working’.

    The game never works, has never worked and will never work but that doesn’t matter because everyone’s at home watching television …

    On one side is the patriarchal families, the Jews and the masses and on the other side is the Truth.

  • aufihrhelden

    Almost down to $15 !! But surely, Zion, is not $1 better than $15 …. ?? … better still, why not take it to zero and proclaim that silver does not exist ?!

  • aufihrhelden

    See how many in the ‘alternative media’ talk about a so-called ‘default’ at the criminal COMEX or the criminal LBMA or whatever criminal body they like to mention.

    Firstly, they only comprehend the term ‘default’ in any narrow, specific sense whereas, in reality, the whole so-called financial system is a giant default that is to say, a giant fraud. A man has a meal in a restaurant and pays with a credit card, X of fraud is created and the restaurant owner cannot redeem a thing because if he demanded something tangible for the provision of the meal, he would be turned away or murdered or threatened with murder …

    If a ‘country’ (although there are no countries now in the real sense of the word) decided to hold a ‘vote’ on whether to ask for its own gold back (even assuming half genuine motives for doing so) Zion would just rig the vote and kill people.

    Any person who advocates the ownership of physical precious metals without due qualification is naïve at best.

    It is one of those most common situations in this world where someone is a lot better off being a stupid insider or just stupid ; that is to say, one of the cretins at JP Morgan sits in his office all day trading infinite amounts of electronic digits back and forth and the masses sit at home watching television saying, ‘What good are useless bits of metal ?’.

    Only once in history as there been a True Revolution.

    Remember, the 99.99999999999% always win, the Jews don’t realise that everyone supports them …

    In short, the location of all the physical gold and silver in the world is utterly irrelevant regarding the so-called price because the so-called price is set by computer (they couldn’t cope with any kind of ‘free’ market and regarding possible use out of the Zionist system because this is never allowed*.

    * Pending a qualification of the use of the super laser-weapons upon Zion.

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