Zionist Correct Speak

Referring to this ZC article in the UK Guardian where Germany’s interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich claims that Islam as a religion “does not belong” in Germany.

Germany's new ZC interior minister

Hans-Peter Friedrich was very recently appointed as Germany’s new interior minister, and this is his first media foray in that position, so it gives us a good insight indeed into the tactics of the Foe. This is what is on their minds, because it’s the first thing that comes to their minds and it is exactly how they want to present, remember ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. So what is Hans-Peter Friedrich’s first impression, what is he presenting as?

 In his first press conference as minister, Friedrich said that Muslims should be allowed to live in modern Germany, but he added: “To say that Islam belongs in Germany is not a fact supported by history”

Of course he was immediately criticized by another minister, who went on to state the exact opposite, which is in keeping with the Zionist Correct agenda, which is outlined in the protocols of Zion, an agenda which aims to put forward two or more equally faulty and aimless arguments, oppose them and claim that both are equally true, and then endlessly repeat the useless debate ad nauseum, backward and forward and until both sides nor anybody else gives a damn either way!

The comments were made in context of a reporters prompting over an alleged shooting at Frankfurt airport where two US servicemen were reportedly killed and another two injured. German authorities have pinned the crime on a young muslim immigrant from Kosovo, and their motive which they have attached to the alleged “suspect” is “Islamist terrorism”. The federal judge sent the immigrant boy to jail on two counts of murder and three of attempted murder, “pending further investigation”.

Right, so that means there was not a complete investigation, but the alleged suspect has been found guilty of all counts indefinitely and sent to jail without a fair trail. And it just so happens at the exact time that the new interior minister is selected, and he just so happens to voice his anti-Muslim sentiments, in his first media conference, as if right on cue.

Again here is the scripted ZC line from the new German interior minister on his first day in office: “To say that Islam belongs in Germany is not a fact supported by history” – Hans-Peter Friedrich

Firstly, who said so? Well it was German President Christian Wulff, who said Islam now “belongs to Germany” because of the 4 million Muslims who live there. This comment was made several months previously. So one can see this same ball being hit from side to side, like a tennis ball, and all the little plebs just watching the same ball go from side to side, backwards and forwards, for and against, yea and nay, for and against, pro and con, over and over it goes, and on and on, and it all is meaningless time-wasting, because all the Foe want to do is buy some more time for himself, more time the better, as long as all the populations are caught ball watching all staring wide-eyed like little does in the headlights, nothing will change, which is exactly what the Foe wants. He wants to keep on doing exactly what he is doing, and the more people are caught “ball watching” the better. To use another sporting analogy; you know in football when you are ball watching instead of seeing what else is going on, and your opposition player runs around behind you, and you get “blindsided” because you were caught “ball-watching” and the next thing you know there is the ball in the back of the net and it’s your fault, because you were not watching all you should have been, you were just BALL – WATCHING!

What the Foe wants with its ZC ball is for all the plebs – goy and gentile alike to take one side or the other, either agree with Islam “belongs in Germany” or disagree that Islam “belongs in Germany”, they have set up the game; they own field, the stadium, the lights and the cameras, they own the pampered players, but they want you to spend your time as either for or against the useless, aimless, meaningless, futile, limited, stunted, confined and confused argument they have set up, they have set up the game and they don’t want you to play, they want you to shout from the sidelines until your blue in the face and then go home. And the reason why they want this is because it is a complete and utter waste of time and energy for you, and also the staged controversy is intended to make the powerless goy and gentile plebs of the democratic Zionist State Corporation feel as if they have the power to control future events and decide on future direction simply by their emotional opinions to futile arguments and meaningless conjecture and debate.

“When a pulse quickens these hands will lead the opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgement and easily yields to suggestion. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us. In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party they will, in fact, follow the flag which we hang out for them.”   –   12:12 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

“follow the flag which we have hung out for them.” Like a football fan, they want you to cheer or boo for one flag or another, both of which are false flags hung out by Zion, both sides are in simulated opposition to each other. And in this case that I am discussing Zion’s playing ball that they will be using is “Does Islam belong in Germany?”

Well, does Buddhism belong in Germany? Does Hinduism? Does Judaism? I mean Islam is a Abrahamic religion, and so is Judaism and so is Christianity which is a Messianic form of the Abrahamic religion which is splintered again into a thousand competing and opposing doctrines, just like Judaism and Islam is! So let us consider the words of Adolf Hitler on this matter:

“I have no hesitation in saying that in those men who seek today to embroil the patriotic (National Socialist) movement in religious quarrels I see worse enemies of my country than the international communists…For it is in the interests of the Jews today that the energies of the patriotic (National Socialist) movement should be squandered in a religious debate and conflict…While we were exhausting ourselves in religious wars the others were acquiring their share of the world.”   –   Mein Kampf

And in context Hitler means that the conflicts between religious denominations will only continue as they have in the past to cause strife, quarrels, division, and waste vital energy if they are brought into the National Socialist movement. And that this religious conflict only ever benefits the Jews. Now, at that time Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists only had to face two religious denominations – Protestantism and Catholicism, whereas today unfortunately, the problem is a hundred times worse, and there exists literally hundreds of different religious bodies and doctrines, and this of course only benefits world Zion. The National Socialists attempted to bring together both Christian Protestants and Catholics and atheist Marxists and convert them to National Socialism, as ultimately National Socialism was a new religion in itself. This is the same with Aryanism today, it is a new religion preaching the development of a new man and a new folk as something altogether different from what has come before, just like the German National Socialists were radically different to all that had come before, therefore we, as Aryans and inheritors of National Socialism and the Third Reich we must also be radically different to all that has come before. Therefore the religious conflicts of the past and present, in their myriad of multi-form, have no place in the future direction of Aryanism.

Heil Hitler!

9 responses to “Zionist Correct Speak

  • oregoncoug

    Fateful words and therefore dangerous words: “a new religion preaching the development of a new man and a new folk as something altogether different from what has come before…”

    This is the core motivation of Augustan Rome, the Franciscan mystics, the American Revolution, the Napoleonic Legend, Wagner, the Comte de Gobineau, Lord Tennyson, Stewart Houston Chamberlain and then Esoteric Hitlerism. It is the dream of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the luminaries of the Renaissance.

    And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth are dead, and the sea is no more. (Revelation 21:1)

    And Lucifer said: Behold I make all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

    We should understand that all the religious conflicts of the recent past and present are simply expressions of triumphant Marxist Judaism. Contemporary religions are no more independent from judaic domination than the nation states. The existing religions and nations are all nothing more than dead men’s bones perhaps to be reborn at the life-giving touch of Aryanism – if we Aryanists wish it. Everything now awaits the Kultmysterium of Arya which will be the descent of the Spirit of Adolf Hitler down onto this destroyed world of Yahweh. Only then, when the Aryan Light-bearers have driven their swords through the Heart of Evil in Jerusalem, will the Dark Age of Kaliyuga come to its end.

    Kamerad Delenda, do we have the courage to begin where the Third Reich left off and worship Lucifer anew in the universal vegetarian State Cult of Imperial Rome?


  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad OC, Adolf Hitler is the first of the New Race of Man, so for the Spirit of the New Man to be re-ignited from the Bale-Fire, we cannot be of this existing world of static binds, but we must metamorphosize by the neo-expressions of our minds. This essentially is what the Third Reich was, the beginning of the ascent of a new mankind, a new race with an entirely new way of living, a folk that sought to free themselves from all that came before, and within this they found the true sense of Freedom and Sovereignty, it was in overcoming all that had come before.

    For men to seek a new beginning, they must out-grow their present one and make it redundant, I would imagine that that process, that metamorphosis would be the Kultmysterium of Arya, the overcoming of the past by the New Race, who bring the return of the light-bearing Aryans. It feels as if Adolf Hitler is our racial archetype, the Genesis of the New Race who will conquer the Judaic Order of Planet Zion once and for all. So where are we now as a folk in relevance to the life of the Fuhrer? perhaps wandering the streets of Vienna as an outcast, learning all we can learn, plotting and planning, struggling to find out true destiny amid the noise and confusion of the common Judenstaat.


  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delenda,

    Your words here are truly brave. Few have the noble courage to see how radically corrupted our existing Bolshevik Judenstaadt-world has actually become. In my opinion we Aryanists should have a sober universal Wagnerian world-view braced by the wise cold skepticism of Nietzsche in which Aryanism is the harmony of Truthful Warrior Germanism and Compassionate Universal Romanism with EVERYTHING oriented towards THE FUTURE, not the past. We should always be oriented towards the east and the Esoteric Hitlerist Holy Dawnlight of Lucifer Christ, the Morning Star of Luciferos. This break of day is the Eternal Dawn, the forever new, the Aryan FUTURE embodied in the Spirit of Adolf Hitler, He who is also the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Within our State Kultmysterium of Arya the Divine Metamorphosis of the Aryan Blood occurs, the Spirit of Adolf Hitler comes down into us and we are magically empowered to wage war against and defeat the judaic forces of Yahweh and their BS Gentile slaves. Our Blessed Aryan Dead then live in us and we ARE the Aryan Dead of the Holy Roman Empire whose only true life still remains hidden away in the future Golden Age of Arya.

    May it be!


  • delendaestziobot

    Yea, excellent words, OC, where do you see as the most likely place for the spiritual rise of the Aryan Dead? I believe there must be a Geo-Genesis, I have thought it may be Russia and the Baltics that are the first to rise, which would re-ignite the holy land of Germany, and the process is long and slow for the time being, the few quiet but steady Aryans of Russia and the Baltics may now be influencing the political minds of China and Iran and South America adding pressure to them that they abandon the US Dollar Empire while they still can. The nation-states of the Judenstaadt might get the sense that they have over-reached and are now vunerable, the Earthquake/Tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan has changed much, the US Dollar Empire has just had it’s right arm hacked off!

    The Blessed Aryan Dead will rise!


  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delenda,

    Kaos covers the world and our Aryan Geo-Genisis is gathering amid the ruins. I imagine the place will be Arya or Imperium Europa centered in Europe but including the Americas and Oceania. The means will be the Germanist Rune Wisdom of the SS focused by the Romanist Kultmysterium of the Reich into an Aryanist Knighthood modeled on the Montsalvat of Wagnerianism. The Knighthood must concern itself with nothing but the military arts and religion as befits a true noble race. When their only love is the true love of Aryan racial purity, then the Geo-Genesis will occur. Basically when truthful Germanism and universal Romanism are forged together into the cold compassion of Aryanism, the Aryan Folk will be born in Holy Europa. At present the most intense locatons are in Russia and Chile and, more broadly, in the Slavic Lands whose spiritual center is Vienna and Berlin and in Nordicist Latin America headed by NS Madrid and Rome.

    As for the Far East and Islam, they should provide back up for Arya but only Arya has the spiritual strength to deal with the Juden and Western decadence. I think they are too evil for Islam or Neo-Confucianism to deal with effectively. It’s our “karma” and ours to deal with as our Holy Swastika involves crucifixion and that is too much to expect other less hardened Folks to go through. Only we Western Aryans are born for the Holy War against the Juden and their Gentile slaves. And only our Folk will have the privilege to enter into the Golden Age of Arya because we alone will have paid the price and earned the Ultimate Aryan Victory.


  • aufihrhelden

    A Zionist spends his time failing to carry out ‘duties’ which a retarded child would not struggle with and then, at the end of each day, it sits there satisfied with what it has ‘achieved’ whilst never ever realising that it is being laughed at by those that know whilst the rest don’t care !

    The scorpion carries two frogs to their death on the pretence of carrying them to the other side of the river in safety. The first frog laughs whilst the second frog shrugs its shoulders yet the scorpion still feels the need to glance around furtively to try and ensure that no other frogs are watching !!!

    All the stupid scorpion need do is ask !!!!!!!

    Yet it still knocks out newspapers !!!!!!!!

  • aufihrhelden

    Look at the BASTARD in the red tie shaking his head :

    • M:G

      The so called “person” in the red tie is typical physical manifestation of the putrid imbecilic scum of zion. Jörg Haider seems to be the only person stating and revealing the truth, in fact he is the only true being alive in the studio, the rest of the creatures sitting around the table are parrots and dead robotic appendages of the demiurge, spilling idiocy and untruth out of their mouth, they are not considered to be individuals and persons in the sense of the word.

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