The Drowning Pack-Ass!

Imagine the national republic states of Zion as a long vertical Congo line, each one holding onto the leg of the one above, all submerged under water except for the American Federal Reserve, which is the head of the entire world Zionist national republic system, that head alone is only just above the waves of the violent waters on a sea of debt. But all other states of Zion are underwater and drowning, each one is stomping on the head of the one below, hoping to release the weight that drags the whole Congo line down to the bottom. Each nation-state is entirely reliant, to varying degrees, on the one above and ultimately the American Fed at the top, they must hold on to the leg above them, for in their dependent state, the closer to the top and the Federal Reserve the closer they are to life – they desperately need to cling on to prolong what is left of their life. The end is a foregone conclusion, they will drown, it is just a matter of how long they will continue; those at the bottom of this Congo Line – the end rungs of this drowning ‘Jacob’s ladder’, are going to be the first to drown. It only takes one strong swift kick to the head of the drowning state-man below and a little weight is released, and the more chance there is of raising closer to the source of oxygen that occupies the top rung – The American Federal Reserve. All attempts at prolonging the drowning experiences are futile, death for the state-man is inevitable, there is only one rung at the top, there can be only one grand Fiat pinnacle and that is the Federal Reserve, all others in the vertical Congo Line are ultimately reliant on the US Dollar as their life source. China now occupies the second rung after climbing over Japan and now receives more of the US Dollars, guaranteeing survival for a little longer. Egypt and Libya are somewhere near the bottom and they’re really struggling to get oxygen, and so are flailing and kicking wildly like a drowning man holding on to his last breath; desperately clinging on with all their might to ‘Jacob’s Dollar Ladder’, but being so close to the bottom the other drowning state-men would like nothing better but for them to just give up and sink to the bottom of the Sea of Debt.

The only way is down

 Let me give another analogy for this phenomena. In the 15th and 16th Centuries in Geneva, the ‘sack unit’ was used for assessing taxes on travelling merchants by the state authority at the time. Taxes payable for goods in transit, not by weight of the sack but by the number of sacks that the asses would carry, so the system was declared a purely numerical measurement rather than assessment by weight. Goods were carried in pairs of sacks slung across a pack-ass, the less sacks the less tax. The State-Men, the drowning men – the national republic states are like pack-asses carrying goods for the US Federal Reserve. The merchants in charge of the pack-asses are like the politicians and heads of states of the various nations. Just like the system of  measurement via sack units, the US Dollar is open to abuse, it’s a flawed system obviously. The sack unit was abused because the travelling merchant would stuff his sacks full of heavy goods, because he would pay the same tax for a full sack, as a half empty sack. It made sense to the merchant to stuff all his sacks with as much of his trade goods as possible, in order to pay less tax; weight thus became a non-issue to the merchant, all that mattered was the number of sacks!

But the measurement by weight is an eternal law, it still factors whether the State or the man or the merchant, or the ass likes it or not, there is a balancing mechanism of the universe, the laws of conservation still apply; ultimately preserving the standard weight. After all, as the Geneva merchants found out when they overburdened their pack-asses; that they were inclined to fall down alpine ravines and topple off cliffs, or collapse from fatigue, or just stand there and refuse to go any further no matter how hard the whip was applied. The damaging results of fallen beasts of burden, and merchants with their wears strewn over the ground while thieves watching intently from  the nearby woods was enough to make sure that the Merchants eventually realized that it was better for them to measure by a standard weight, instead of relying on the idiotic numerical tax measurements of the governing authority.

The Universe has its own in-built mechanisms, there is an eternal balance, for example; the total energy output is equal to the amount of heat supplied. Therefore Energy can neither be created or destroyed, the total sum of mass and energy is always conserved. Energy is the ability to do work or bring about transformation, energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transformed, the total amount of Energy in the Universe is constant, this is the law of conservation.*

When the US Federal Reserve creates “money” and purchases energy and work, it is a false weight, it acts as a tax, it drains energy out of any system and returns nothing. Therefore the Universe eventually reverses and re-balances the energy debt, it must, as it enforces its eternal law of conservation. And for this reason the US Dollar has no future, only a slow death, a steady devaluation, this applies to all that is attached to the US Dollar. The Universe has a Fiat to you know, its called WEIGHT! It’s that thing you feel gradually as you age, and as you begin to realize that all work is just uniform upwards motion overcoming a downward force which is measured as weight.

Eventually you will measure by weight, it is only a matter of time.


Sometimes there is only one way for humans to realise this, and that is to make them dig, when they dig, they will soon come to the same conclusion, it is inevitable. One generation may escape such consequence, but that holds no final determination, the fact is that over time, weight is what measures value of work imput; as work is uniform motion overcoming an opposing force. One generation may pass on this duty, but it only increases the burden on the next. And so the enticement to pass on the duty is always present, the next generation will always have to work harder if the previous generation reneges on its responsibility to work.

“Whatever rests will rust”   – Adolf Hitler


*  Total energy output is equal to the amount of heat supplied. Therefore energy can neither be created or destroyed, the total sum of mass and energy is always conserved. U=Q-W (the change in the internal energy of a system equals the heat added to the system minus the work performed by biological or machine process. – First Law of Thermodynamics.

2 responses to “The Drowning Pack-Ass!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Interesting is that this Jewish money model can be almost perfectly transposed back to the herder archetype – both are just different forms of exploitation and manipulation. The Aryan model in both monetary and mythical archetype stands for actual work.

    Kamerad, are you familiar with author Antony C. Sutton? He wrote about corruption and was accurate to a large degree, but he didn’t see the Judaic culprit. One of the books he even wrote was about defending gold, “The War on Gold” and this idea is what anti-statist Ron Paul in the US is all about. Others, too like this model, using gold, but they are both ignorant (we can assume) that gold has long since been plundered by Zion.

    However, Sutton might be a good “alternate” info source for you to correct and show that a key thing that he was missing was pointing to the Jew.

  • delendaestziobot

    Antony C Sutton was a fairly accurate academic, but he was obviously no National Socialist and did not understand the Third Reich.

    The jew system that was offered to the greedy slave masses was a simple fraud, and they call this fraud “banking” or “money”, all it is, is that actual labour or work, or property, or goods, or children or future descendants are swapped for something that has no value, some digits printed on a piece of rectangular paper, the only way to get rid of them is to convince somone that is obviously as stupid as you to accept them as you did. If a man agrees to accept something that is worthless and pointless and totally useless in exchange for his goods and labour than he is a foolish idiot.

    So the old fair ground “money magic machine” that itinerant gypsies and jews would peddle to unsuspecting drunken idiots a hundred and fifty years ago has actually become the controller of our lives, LOL! We were born into the system, because our idiot forebears sold us down the river for a few worthless notes! so I guess it not so much our fault, I mean blind Freddy can see what a cheap scam it is, you dont need to a Nikola Tesla to work it out, so our forebears knew what they were doing, they just thought that they wouldn’t be around to see it, so who gives a shit!

    Basically if someone offers to make payment in invented numerical digits printed on paper, they should be hung by the nearest tree, which is what they used to do the gypsies and jews when they tried their ‘bills of exchange’ scam, now we are so degenerately pathetic, brainwashed and weak that they can shove it down our throats to the cows come home and nobody would dare sound a peep of objection.

    Eustace Mullins talking about magical money machines:

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