Zion’s Stooge.

Winston Churchill was voted number 1 in “100 Greatest Briton’s” in 2002 as broadcast on the BBC, is this Zionist Stooge – Churchill, indeed the greatest man Britain has ever produced? He is apparently, as voted by the British themselves, supposedly he embodies everything that is British, he is what it means to be an “Anglo-Saxon” and the pinnacle of British life. He is, according to the British what all British people should admire in man, and aspire to.

To me Winston Churchill is the morbid end of the illegitimate – “divine right of kings”, representative of the un-elect, and in the slow decomposition of generations of lugubrious “Royals”, the concentrate of generations of racial poisons. Their docile pets, middle class bourgeois, are merely a dilution of the much smaller elite but no less insipid, but both their essential views and political philosophy is Marxist, the ideas encapsulated in Marxism have been present for thousands of years, it is just that Karl Marx effectively described these ideas in a modernist sense. Marxism believes that a certain group, namely the Jewish racial group should dominate, or has the “divine right” to dominate all other beings on Earth. The Western Bourgeois also believe this, but the divine right bestowed to a dominant is interchangeable, for them it can be individual, or class based, or race, or kingly blood-line, or they may just accept the Biblical chosen people, whatever version, their nature is Marxist, they accept and adopt the general principles of Marxism. Vladimir Lenin stated that 90% of Communism and Marxism is just a Central Bank, that has the sole right to issue debt on the backs of a national people! England set up such a Central Bank long before Russia did. Winston Churchill like his father before him was the Chancellor of the Exchequer; which is basically the manager of the debt which is placed on the subjects of a nation by the Central Bank which is privately owned, without their knowledge.

The supreme commander of the Allies, the greatest Briton, if you fought on the side of the Allies, i.e. the International Banking families, then Churchill was your commander-in-chief. Winston Churchill came from a long line of famous Britons, John Churchill was instrumental and selling out all of the English Isles to Jewish banking interests in 1694. It would be fair to say that Winston did not know how to tie his own shoelaces, all his life Winston had man-servants who would dress and undress him, and bath him and sleep with him, he was homosexual like most of his dismal class of British “elites”. For several generations the Churchill’s were nothing but filthy, rotten, disgusting, degenerate parasites, clustering on the weeping puss pimples of the Central Banking establishment of Britain, and Winston was the greatest of them all. He had one goal in life and that was to fulfill his duty as a Zionist stooge, and who does that better than the flower of the English upper-crust, it is fitting that Winston Churchill; the son a of syphilis infected alcoholic lay-about aristocrat, a spoilt dandy and drunken sodomite should be selected as “Briton’s greatest”. And what did Winston achieve, other than drinking a sea of brandy and sodomizing young boys; well he announced to the working classes of Britain and the Commonwealth, whom he despised, that they would fight the Germans because the American-Jewish cabal of international banking was upset over Adolf Hitler’s success in transforming Germany into a peaceful and prosperous Nation free from their rapacious Central Banking designs. The British Empire which at the time consisted on 40 million square kilometres, allied with their Russian Communist/Central Banking brothers, and their American Communist/Central banking brothers embracing territories of more than 25 million square kilometers, combined 65 million square kilometres, controlled solely by the Central Banking might of the planet – Zionist World Jewry. It was Winston’s job to reject all offers of peace by her European neighbour Germany, whose land totalled less than 600,000 square kilometres, and as in WWI sue for war, with no less than the total destruction of Germany.

Sick and degenerate to the point of not being able to carry your own weight!

It was Winston’s job to declare war on Germany, on behalf of those who wishing to remain anonymous – the Jewish International Banking families that ruled England, and Russia, and America. And seeming that they had a complete monopoly on “money creation” at the time via the fraudulent practice of Central Banking, Winston was clever enough to work out from whom the “money” came from, and that this fiat fabricated counterfiet”money” was what kept him, as it had done for generations for his family, in the manner in which they were accustomed to, it was this old morbid system, that Churchill served because it had served him. And it served him what he required; lavish houses, man-servants, expensive alcohols and other drugs, cigars and young male prostitutes, etc, etc.

When one sees Winston Churchill for who he really is, one can only make the conclusion that he is insane, he is not someone who can understand reason, he is unreasonable, not only is he a drunken sodomite incapable of even pulling on his own pants in the morning, he is categorically insane. Hermann Goering wrote letters to Churchill urging him to see reason, to spare both his own people and the Germans and everybody else from this madness of senseless slaughter that befell all of Europe. Goering, and other Generals and Hitler himself could not comprehend how a man could simply enjoy the spectacle of wanton destruction and bloody murder as Churchill did, Churchill just wanted the war to continue, and the more bloody madness in the war the better, the German leaders could not understand as much as they tried to make sense of the fact that the English leaders were willing and able to send not just the German people but all Peoples back into hellish slavery and oppression, if they were not just killed outright! They wanted it, desired it, they received their own identification for privilege, and title and reward from their Masters, if they carried out this disgusting treachery.

You just waste your own time trying to explain human sense to a man like Winston Churchill, there is no reason to be found in the disordered thoughts of a psychopath.

The face of madness.

During the first few months of Churchill’s bombing raids against Germany, Hitler could not understand why, the bombers were attacking only in the middle of the night, when they could not see any military targets, but that was the entire point of the early bombing raids of England – indiscriminate carnage! The more reckless and wanton the better, the English bombers would fly in, and the Germans would start lighting up the military targets, hoping that the English bombers would drop the bombs on them, as they themselves would have done, but no, the English bombers would just indiscriminately drop their loads of bombs in a haphazard manner over the German towns and cities hoping to hit as many civilian targets as they possibly could. Some 20 million + German civilians died in this cruel unjust manner. We are even reminded constantly of this, because the English and the rest of the Allies boast endlessly about it to this day, as if it is their greatest achievement, well, with Churchill as their greatest man, it may seem like that to them, that these low degenerate acts of senseless slaughter, as it was, to them is their greatest achievement, but to their Masters it was a ritual of blood and fire sacrifices, and I am not sure who is the worse in regards to their consistent depravity. I mean who is crazier; the madman or the madman that follows him?

A drug-crazed childish Churchill meets his maker Big Banker Bernard Baruch

Allied leader and drunken sodomite Winston Churchill greets his adoring fans


The 3 Stooges

13 responses to “Zion’s Stooge.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Talk about brutal criticism! LoL… though for all the praise that this man has recieved, he has yet to get what he really deserves. Churchill also directly approved the Dresden Mass Murder and in 1951 was RE-ELECTED as PM… so much for democracy!

  • aufihrhelden

    Today the Jews, the Zionists, the coward soldiers and the people of Britain (it matters not what role each of them play) stand to pay their respects to the likes of Winston Churchill, Jimmy Saville and Edward Heath as well as all the Ziobot soldiers who have fought for the world dictatorship throughout the years.

  • delendaestziobot

    And the Ziobots all sleep in the poppy fields. Good night little democratic Ziobotnic fools. All-Lies soldiers are cowards, the All-Lied poltroons will recieve their judgement for their cowardly crimes. I would like to stuff their plastic poppy flowers down their throats until they choke. Fucking opium profiteers, fucking cowards!

  • delendaestziobot

    “When men have lost their natural instincts and ignore the obligations imposed on them by nature, then there is no hope that nature will correct the loss that has been caused, until recognition of the lost instincts has been restored. Then the task of bringing back what has been lost will have to be accomplished. But there is serious danger that those who have once become blind in this respect will continue more and more to break down racial barriers and finally lose the last remnants of what is best in them. What then remains is nothing but a uniform mish-mash, which seems to be the dream of our fine Utopians. But that mish-mash would soon banish all ideals from the world. Certainly a great herd could thus be formed. One can breed a herd of animals; but from a mixture of this kind men such as have created and founded civilization would not be produced. The mission of humanity might then be considered at an end…Those who do not wish that the earth should fall into such a condition must realize that it is the task of the German state in particular to see to it that the process of Bastardization (mongelization) is brought to a stop.” – Adolf Hitler. Mein Kampf.

    When I was young I called everyone a bastard, because that is what they were, bastards.

  • aufihrhelden

    The above quotation by The Fuhrer demonstrates why today, to the masses, truth is meaningless.

  • ironage

    In true demiurgic fashion; the fashion of mimicry, the judaized ziobots celebrate their war criminality on November 10th; the day after our holy date of November 9th, in memory of the righteous nobility of our honourable martyr’s. The unthinking idiots symbolize their dishonourable jewish worship of crime with the poppy, because it encapsulates their mental/spiritual sedation. Zionism: The hidden opiate of the robot masses. SH/88.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, there is a great Mimesis, there is a Black Shadow of the White Gods. In Zion all is Mimetic, the Ziobot is a Mimic, like the Master Demiurge it imitates and copies everything, including itself. And of course to prove our point we can just look at how the unthinking idiotic masses ape after Hollywood and actors, the mime-artists who are held up as the worshipful great figureheads of Zion, where all is Mimicry.


      • ironage

        Those trapped within the malign exhalation of the lord of darkness are doomed to an existence of perpetually reflecting the broken mentality and degeneracy of the animal-man. Those of us reaching out with astral arms, beyond time, striving for hyperborea, exist in this ‘when’ only to oppose this demiurgic explosion, and the rotten fruit of subhumanity it bears.

        As the pilgrim of great yearning so wisely said:

        “The ultimate heroes of this time must be grateful to the Fuhrer, because He upheld
        so great a war, so enormous a combat, such heroic sacrifice, in the fulfillment of an
        Eternal Symbol, making possible for new generations to give themselves to Him
        and in Him to meet a Destiny, a salvation, an Ideal, a Myth of Redemption.”

  • delendaestziobot

    “And the rotten fruit of sub-humanity it bears”
    There is no lower than humanity, therefore there is no sub-humanity.
    So the Pilgrim says….Heil the Fuhrer!

  • aufihrhelden

    The Great Advantage of The Zionist is that it can hide itself within the other five hundred million or so …

  • aufihrhelden

    The British ‘People’ love their slavery so much that they have Zion’s Stooge on their new ‘plastic’ (Mark Of The Beast) fiat vouchers. Just look at that Imbecile Mark Carney.


  • Hosner

    Winston Churchill, esquire, he had not a face but some sort of a substitute for a face: a veiny arse, a filthy bedrecked Arschloch, a fat faggot’s arse with tiny pinkish broken veins like maggots, crawling over his pale british bottom. Throw in a pair of rotting brandy eyes, a malodoured abyss for a mouth – that’s Winston Churchill right there, that’s the true face of England: cursed in time to come and the time that was.

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