The Occidental Animal Farm.

“The birds did not understand Snowball’s long words, but they excepted his explanation, and all the humbler animals set to work to learn the new maxim by heart. FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAD, was inscribed on the end of the wall of the barn, above the Seven Commandments and in bigger letters. When they had once got it by heart the sheep developed a great liking for this maxim, and often as they lay in the field they would all start bleating ‘Four legs good, two legs bad!’, and keep it up for hours on end, never growing tired of it.”  –  Animal Farm

This is the maxim The Occidental Observer has written on its barn wall – ‘Pro-White good, No-White bad’…Which is a maxim compatible with the Talmudic version – ‘Pro-Jew good, No-Jew bad’. Both advocating a type of crude racial in-group communism with a genesis in Old Testament and Talmudic doctrine, doctrines that spawned the ludicrous and absurd theories of Social Darwinians. Not taking into account that most Whites are traitors!

In contrast the maxim on Race taught by the NSDAP to Hitler Youth in 1938 for education on Virtues was the ideological opposite: “Race means being able to think in a certain way”, add to that the fact the Germans considered themselves a mixed Race, having received the contributions of several racial souls of the divided Germanic peoples: “We cannot hold it against anyone if he carries a variety of racial lines, for the German soul does as well, and created out of it the immeasurable riches which it possesses above all other nations. The greatness of our Reich grew out of this soul.” and furthermore, “The unity of the noble and the noble body is the goal to which we strive. BUT WE DESPISE THOSE WHOSE NOBLE BODY CARRIES AN IGNOBLE SOUL” What is important is the GERMAN Soul, not the national borders! Germanic peoples have spread out all over the world. White Nationalism does not consider this fact, it has not previously considered that the true founders of all civilization and nations has been the German, and according to Third Reich doctrine this corresponds directly to the Aryan.

The Third Reich based Race on many traits, but pigmentation of the skin was not highest of them, rather courage, loyalty, honour, will, discipline and duty, honesty and love of beauty and order, and there is nothing ethnocentric about these traits of the human; they may be found to varying degrees across many falsely imposed borders. But highest of all in the German! Could one deny traits such as courage to the Italians? Or discipline to the Japanese? If we correspond this to the corporate sponsored “migrations” of peoples today, we see that they have no courage, loyalty, honour, will, discipline, duty, nor love of beauty and order, they are the flotsam and jetsam riding on the currents of base materialist Corporatism !

You can trace the false Racist nationalist movements hand in hand with the Israelitish Christian Identity movement to modern political Zionist movements beginning in 19th Century Europe, an era where Darwinian racial theory dominated the social sciences with several leading figures being Jewish racial Zionists motivated by FEAR, and PARANOIA, fear that Members of Judaism would lose “their biological uniqueness as a result of pressures for intermarriage and assimilation.” At that time the Racist Zionist held sway – the necessity of preserving “Jewish racial purity” had the prominent place. White Nationalism and those advocating “White” as a replacement for “Jew” have adopted this attitude, with academic anthropology in the West a predominately Jewish intellectual movement rooted in Secular Darwinism. Darwinism is a social engineering tool to make a subordinate subject believe that his/her “SELECTION” for success in a pyramid political system is based on his/her predestination for superior performance due to environmental and purely material inheritance – that this alone is what is “NATURAL”. In the official ideology of Zionism, ‘Chosen by God’ is synonymous with ‘Chosen by Nature’. In this way the end can be made to justify the means and all virtues are eliminated. Non-virtuous, ignoble principles of ‘favoured races’ and ‘chosen people’ are codified in Jewish Law as outlined in the Talmud, it is these crude and primitive principles that White Nationalists have unfortunately imitated with their own versions. The Aryan has always been an ideal to strive for, and not something based on pre-existing traditions. In this we should always strive to emulate the Third Reich and not Zionism. The true Fatherland being Germany and not “Jerusalem” in Israel, and based on the Aryan-Germanic Ideal of the Third Reich and National Socialism and not various “White Nationalists” factions. Today Social Darwinism has been replaced with Corporatism, and all peoples are considered to be “human resources”, and most of these human resources are now redundant! The refugee crises is no more than an accounting calculation on the books of International “Global” Corporations, designed by them for it adds to the debt burdens of Corporate states. For example if a foreign people are injected artificially into another people, then this will create friction and crime and disorder, this in turn means that the “government” will borrow more money (debt) to fix the associated problems – i.e. the refugee crisis creates more debt…

In concluding I have only one thing to say to The Occidental Observer, and that is; ‘I have no “Racial Identity” in Darwinian terms, or Old Testament terms, or Talmudic terms, on in Corporate terms, I only perceive the first dawning of a new Race, an ideal Race, an Aryan Race.’

8 responses to “The Occidental Animal Farm.

  • oregoncoug

    The high moral excellence of this essay is a joy to behold. The evil against which everyone should struggle is the nihilist monism of Judaism and our supreme value must be noble freedom against the uniform monetary equality of the ghetto. Maximum noble freedom implies maximum functional inequality so that the more different racial elements there are in Arya the better and therefore the distinct types of physical beauty of each race should be developed to their maximum distinctness. Aryan beauty does not itself have a skin color and the desire for uniform whiteness reflects a Talmudic prejudice for egalitarian sameness with an implied unhealthy desire to trade humans as interchangeable wage slaves on a uniform global commercial market. Variety in types of human beauty impedes the leveling needs of Neo-Liberal Marxist global capital.

    The more physically Caucasian the Caucasians, the more physically Negro the Negroes and so forth, the better. And, of course, these ideals of good breeding are still very much a work in progress towards a distant perfection. In general greater physical beauty implies greater strength and health so all humans should aim to breed as nobly as possible, primarily for spiritual and linguistic nobility, but secondarily for bodily noble beauty and vigor as well. But in Arya there can never be just one absolute towards which everyone should conform. That would be Judaism and it has long since been tried and found wanting.

    The more functional inequality there is between humans the more freedom and moral equality there will be for all. In Arya the irreplacable unique nobility of each serves the greater nobility of all and in that freedom the noble individual can truly belong to the noble collective.

  • Miecz Elizesjki

    Well said, Kamerad. TOO’s (and Gentiles’) Talmudism is bound to topple… or topple them.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Every word you speak Kamerad are words I absolutely agree with. Our race is expressed not in pigmentation but in the fire that ignites our being. White Nationalism is a great tool to be used by the enemy in his great goal of disservice to the world and it’s peoples. White is not a race but a color to be Aryan is to go beyond the external appearances of a thing and to
    look into the inner workings.

  • delendaestziobot

    We are Ig-Nazi’s, and not White Nationalists. The chances to save the White Race ended in 2012. And so ended humanity as well. Nationalism was already dead. “Four legs good, two legs bad.” That is how I see it these days, if its walking on two legs, I dont care what degree of skin pigmentation it has, I dont trust it, it got two legs, it bad.

  • Ella

    Why did the chances end in 2012?

  • delendaestziobot

    Because the Esoteric Nazis and I were following a plan that came to its conclusion on the 12-12-12 as 12 is the number of completion, 3 times, for God is 3, twice times 6, so 6-6-6 the number of man, struck twice. On that date we overcame a great conspiracy, that was played out in divisions of numbers, of gods divided, in planetary, astrological zodiac cosmic time. A combat in fact in many dimensions against the Great Robot and its robotic hordes. And we obtained Victory on that day at the transition of Ages, but it was an earthless Victory, we won in the stars and beyond, because only the stars saw, the “White Race” did not see, neither did they figure in the equations and calculations or in the actual combat.
    We told the world,and the world did not listen, that our Weltanschauung was Cosmo-Visionary, it was Paganism and Esoteric Kristianity combined, and that the earth-bound events were just a mere reflection of the astrological situations, the movements of the great Drama in the Heavens, the celestrial Castles in the sky were moving and we in time with them. The fulfillment of the cosmic archetypes was predetermined, and while we aligned ourselves with the cosmic archetypes, to achieve our victory, the White Race saw nothing and did nothing.
    We acted in solidarity and alone with the Resurrection of the Heroes and with the total fulfillment of the Archetypal Number of liberated Viras, the Einherier who transfigure Nature with Magic Idealism, so the Hitlerian Initiate no longer is part of the “White Race” but entering into the Race of Immortals, the “Sons of Hitler”, a New Race, as we have said. Esoteric Hitlerism means the entry in to the realms of the Gods.

  • delendaestziobot

    I just updated this post. Makes for interesting reading, on the digital confession device….

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