Rebuttal: ‘On violence as a tactic’

In response to Occidental Observer article by Kevin MacDonald:

“A correspondent concerned about the connotations of some of the commentary on this site sent the following – with which I agree. Some patriots, especially the young, become frustrated and angry and want to take direct action. That is understandable because we are facing a life-and-death threat to our national existence and our political class is demonstrably failing to show leadership; indeed, major elements are leading the attack on the American people. But it is both morally wrong and tactically counterproductive to advocate or practice violence.” – The Occidental Observer

We are in a “life-and death threat to our national existence” and yet according to Kevin MacDonald we should not feel frustrated or angry, no hatred? Neither should we take any direct action? When as admitted our enemies and our own treasonous leadership is directly attacking us! And what does MacDonald mean, “violence”? Violence means ‘strong force in action’, from Latin violentus – strength, might. So MacDonald says that strong force in action, might is counterproductive and morally wrong? According to who? It could only be the enemy who would suggest such folly! What to say to this?

 “Therefore armed struggle is considered profitable, and armed struggle is considered dangerous.” – Sun Tzu

The armed struggle is a necessity of a Nation, historically it is integral, not only to the development but the maintenance of a Nation, what is a Nation? A people with a common origin and past. This armed and physical struggle is integral not just to a Nation but to all peoples of the earth. The use of Might and Power and the ability to physically overcome those that attempt to physically overcome you, that attempt to kill or harm you, or even threaten to do so, it is a tenet of Nature itself to use physical might and power, directly. And it is certainly the duty of those who call themselves a “Nation” to use the violence of armed struggle and conflict to meet those enemies that seek to destroy you. There is nothing morally wrong or counterproductive about that fact of Nature, it is counterproductive and a moral sin against your own sovereignty and that of your People to rule out the use of violence in the form of might and power and strength as a means of securing not only your sovereignty, but your very existence.

“The rule of law is critical for the maintenance of civilization. In many ways, it IS civilization. We might not like some of those laws but unless we limit our protest to legal means, we contribute to the slide to barbarity that has done so much harm.” – The Occidental Observer

No, the rule of law is not critical for the maintenance of civilization, Man is,  and it is his consciousness collectively that IS the Law, the law is Justice in action, direct action, that’s what Law is, it’s the actions of the People’s justice according to their own conscience. There is no law written or otherwise that nullifies this, if so then it is the law of the enemy, an alien law, that seeks to prevent a People from exercising their own Justice according to their human conscience, there is no law above the man’s conscience, it is this that a people agree to and enforce as their Law.

A written law or an oral law is a guideline for justice and duty, a decree from past experience, and as it is transferred historically as part of law and recognized in all true nations, and peoples and folk; militant armed struggle and the use of might and power is a decree from history!  How it is directed is for the present conscience to decide either collectively or individually. If people do not have the sense or the courage to draw on all the might and power that the universe has given them, that providence will allow, then they are not my People, they are not my Folk, the physical struggle against oppressors is a mark of nobility and it is a mark of my Folk, to call down holy hatred and intense fury for the direct enforcement of righteous Justice on the oppressors of this Earth is the duty of all noble Peoples of the Earth. The law is not above man, Man IS Law.

“Let us look one another in the face. we are Hyperboreans – we know well enough how much out of the way we live. ‘Neither by land nor by sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans.’ Beyond the North, beyond the ice, beyond death – our life, our happiness…We discovered happiness, we know the road, we have found the exit out of the whole labyrinth. Who else has found it? – Modern man you say? – ‘I know not which way to turn; I am everything that knows not which way to turn’ – sighs modern man…It was from this modernity that we were ill – from lazy peace, from cowardly compromise, from the whole virtuous uncleanliness of modern Yes and No. This tolerance and larguer of heart which ‘forgives’ everything because it ‘Understands’ everything is sirocco to us. Better to live among the ice than among modern virtues and other south winds!…We were brave enough, we spared neither ourselves nor others: but for long we did not know where to apply courage. We became gloomy, we were fatalists. Our fatality – was the plenitude, the tension, the blocking-up of our forces. We thirsted for lightning and action, of all things we kept ourselves from the happiness of weaklings, from ‘resignation’…There was a thunderstorm in our air, the nature which we are grew dark – for we had no road. Formula of our happiness: a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal…” – Friedrich Nietzsche

 Are you a Hyperborean, an Aryan, do you thirst for lightning and action? Are you one of our Folk? Then join us! Or go back to the Occidental Observer, and observe your fatality, and lazy peace and cowardly compromise!


The Warrior Departs

Sieg Heil!

10 responses to “Rebuttal: ‘On violence as a tactic’

  • E. Turner

    Violence will be unavoidable and in fact necessary when we finally get down to brass tacks and have “The Big One”. At least more than a few of the people posting at TOO realize this.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Good post, Kamerad.

    I also think that a certain quote from Savitiri Devi can be used on MacDonald and TOO:

    “The keynote of human history is not less and less violence; it is less and less honesty about violence.”

  • oregoncoug

    Eloquent, Kamerad!

    In the words of Lucifer:

    “Think not that I am come to bring peace to the earth. I am come not to bring peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

    “He who is not with me is against me; and he who gathereth not with me shall be scattered.” (Luke 11:23)

    “There shall not be left in Zion one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down.” (Matthew 24:2)

    “Fear not them who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear them who are able to destroy both body and soul in the Land of Shadows.” (Matthew 10:28)

    “I will destroy this construction, and no one will be able to rebuild it again.” (Words of Jesus – Purpose)

    “I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I watch over it until it blazes up.” (Words of Jesus – World)

    “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” (Words of Jesus – Light)

    “Thy life shalt arise to thee at evening yet brighter than the noonday sun; though enshrouded in great darkness, thou shalt rise as Lucifer, the Bright and Morning Star.” (Job 11:17)

    Know that Lucifer’s talk about forgiveness only concerns personal enemies. As for the enemies of our Folk and its God, Lucifer’s whirling sword is the Holy Swastika of Arya.


  • delendaestziobot

    “Know that Lucifer’s talk about forgiveness only concerns personal enemies” – Oregoncoug

    Absolutely komerad! The true Sermon on the Mount addresses the divisions artificially created within a Folk.

    Nice translation of Job 11:17, that’s a deep one!

    “And I Lucifer say unto their Lord; ‘What are these wounds in my hands?’ And their Lord answered, ‘You were wounded by those that called you ‘friend’, they are My shepherds.’
    Then I Lucifer say; ‘Awake, O sword against the shepherds, and against those who called me ‘friend’, for I AM LORD of all powers: smite the Shepherds, scatter the sheep, even the little ones!’ – 13:6-7 Zechariah

  • Miecz Elizejski

    About the Devi quote:
    I am not sure what book it’s from. I got it from the Main Site’s article on violence.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the essay : “The rule of law is critical for the maintenance of civilization. In many ways, it IS civilization. We might not like some of those laws but unless we limit our protest to legal means, we contribute to the slide to barbarity that has done so much harm.” – The Occidental Observer”


    So, what exactly does he mean by ‘the rule of law’ ? Once a certain degree of separation occurs regarding the implementation of lawful process between the people of a nation (ideally a nation based on the ‘Blood and Soil’ concept) and the so-called ‘lawmakers’ of that nation, then it more or less gives free rein for Yahweh The Jew to call anything and everything ‘the law’ and then you are asking for trouble as it, of course, enables them to write ‘the laws’ according to their own insidious agenda.

    Now, the two main concepts of the law for a true society should be a) Common Law based on whether any loss or harm has occured, whether it be physical or monetary and b) has there been a breach of a written contract which was agreed between two parties, ie a valid, bilateral agreement. These two concepts would form the basis of the law and they would be the guide for the people, it is important to stress the word ‘guide’ here ….
    But once the Jew infiltrates the ‘legal systems’, you end up with all kiinds of so-called ‘laws’ (which are actually nothing more than unlawfully, unilaterally imposed acts and statutes such as the tax code, parking fines, smoking fines and a million others).
    Hence you arrive at the ludicrous belief that unilateral profiteering is ‘critical for the maintenance of civilisation’ ?! As opposed to the natural values of noble people in their behaviour towards one another !!
    No doubt that those with a certain agenda would like everyone to believe that ‘the rule of law is civilisation’ because, therefore, once you have control of the law (through the subversive Jew ‘legal’ profession) you can then gain control of civilisation, then once you have gained control of civilisation then you can start to destroy civilisation …

    He quotes, ‘We might not like some of those laws ….’ – this is a common tactic which is used to try and stop people thinking and questioning things, they use the ‘you are immature for making such sweeping statements’ tactic, they are saying that ‘grown-up mature people’ accept the fact that they might not like everything (despite everything being ‘evil’ in nature) – and in the end all you’ve got are a nation of zombies who have had everything ‘legally’ taken from them.
    The fact is that in a nation of pure, noble people everyone would ‘like the laws’ because the laws would be there to serve these pure, noble people therefore the pure, noble people would ‘like the laws’ !!

    He quotes, ‘unless we limit our protest to legal means’ …. – so the people that are being robbed and pillaged and raped are ‘allowed’ to ‘protest’ but only in accordance with the ‘legality’ of those who are doing the robbing, the pillaging and the raping ?! This is actually cowardice on the part of the oppressor !

    He talks of the ‘slide to barbarity that has done so much harm’ … – if he is trying to equate qualities such as courage, nobility and a sense of righteousness with ‘barbarity’ then give me BARBARITY !! Give me barbarity in place of insidious so-called ‘laws’.
    In actual fact there is no group of people on this earth as barbarous as The Jews, indeed, the ‘legal system’ is just one of the methods they use to dress up this barbarity. In a suit and tie. And that’s where the ‘harm’ comes from.

    The Jews and Their Helpers, ultimately, fear violence being used against them, that is the thing they fear the most as the Truth of their evil becoming widely known is only of any use if they are then either removed or isolated and that requires the use of force whether people like it or not.

    What side are people on, come The Final Battle ?

    From the essay : ‘If people do not have the sense or the courage to draw on all the might and power that the universe has given them, that providence will allow, then they are not my People, they are not my Folk, the physical struggle against oppressors is a mark of nobility and it is a mark of my Folk, to call down holy hatred and intense fury for the direct enforcement of righteous Justice on the oppressors of this Earth is the duty of all noble Peoples of the Earth. The law is not above man, Man IS Law.’


    These words should resonate with all true believers of any true world to come – All Heil The Holy Warriors Of The Waffen SS !

    It’s also quite revealing that places such as Britain and America are full of people who say that they are fighting ‘the bankers’ or ‘the system’ or ‘the elite’ and so on but then they state that they don’t advocate violence ! Do they expect the forces of darkness to just vanish into thin air ? Is that in a nursery ryhme that they have read ? These are also the same kind of people who will mention every kind of secret society in the world as being behind all the wrongdoing in the world (they never use the word ‘evil’ because in fluffy, white rabbit land, nobody is ever ‘evil’) but they NEVER mention the Jews. Which, of course, makes you question what their motives are in the first place.

    Heil Hitler And All The Holy Warriors !!

  • delendaestziobot

    The Law is whatever the Aryan wants it to be, the dead letter of law is nothing.

    America has more guns than people yet they are the most enslaved people on earth, the problem is that America does not understand what Arms are…

    An Arm is a limb extending from the shoulder of a man to the tips of his fingers, it is infinitely more powerful than mere guns and bullets…


  • aufihrhelden

    ‘Poverty springs from a number of sources, the more important of which are controllable. So does special privilege. I think it is entirely feasible to abolish both poverty and special privilege – and there can be no question but that there abolition is desirable. Both are unnatural but it is work, not law, to which we must look for results.’
    – Henry Ford

  • aufihrhelden

    Holy Men of Hatred ! Heroes of Power and Might !

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