Silver Surfers Attack The COMEX!

Greetings to all counterfeiters of Planet Zion, time to watch your paper burn, your little paper idols in the Banking Temples are all going to be obliterated! Paper notes always return to the their intrinsic value of Zero, but the Silver Surfers have arrived to speed up the process.

Massive withdrawal of Silver from COMEX vaults totalling 1,589,251 oz, and only a fraction of that deposited – 6507 oz. Brinks trucks must have been busy yesterday. These are astronomical numbers for 1 day, when this happens you know there is a fire raging in the bowels of the Banking Temples! What little Silver you have left is being drained at an increasingly alarming rate in what is traditionally the slowest time of the year for Silver deliveries. If the Bankers think they are in pain now, just wait, it will get worse, much, much worse.

All heil Lucina Regina! Bringer of Light – Saturnia – JUNO MONETA – her name means “money”, you fools! You counterfeiters with your false weights, your capstone is now visible!

“And It was a warning to all living, no less than 4 grams per denarius, shall be the Roman standard for trade – A standard weight;  a measure of wheat for a denarius, and a measure of barley for a denarius, and for the oil and the wine”   Revelation 6:6  –  Lucina Regina.

2 responses to “Silver Surfers Attack The COMEX!

  • Andrew

    Excellent job, kamerad Delenda.

    We must extinguish the Jewish method of weighing currency. Currency must be according to our labor.

    Production over consumption.


  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the noble elements store Energy, there is no difference between stored Labour, Energy and Wealth, there is no distinction between reserves or funds of this wealth. Labour or work itself is orderly motion against an opposing force, for work to be done in any system the motion must be uniform, doing work results in the uniform motion of atoms at a molecular level in the surrounding. Stored wealth like work and labour must overcome entropy, it must overcome the opposing forces that break it down into disorder, entropy is disorder, doing work essentially opposes entropy, overcomes disorder.

    So the way to measure labour is with a standardized weight, which can also be used to store the labour as energy to be returned to the one who overcame the entropy with his work against an opposing force. This can be in any form that represents an exchange of energy, currency, it could be bananas or hay or a shovel or a bar of silver or copper or anything that can be wighed to certify value!

    The exchange of paper with digits scribbled on them for Labour is Fraud! It is theft, counterfeiting. How the world came to accept such an obvious blatant theft is an utter debacle.

    Clearly our forefathers were aware of the obvious fraud but decided to go along with it for their personal immediate gain of debt vouchers that could be accrued to later generations, they could essentially sell future generations into slavery, so that is what they did, for the most part, I guess they thought along with the Jews that it would be impossible for the future slaves that got sold down the river to ever find out what happened. But they are going to find out now…

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