Occidental Observer – Which Way Western Jew?

This is the fundamental question that The Occidental Observer (TOO) is concerned with – Which Way Western Jew? I guess when Kevin MacDonald states ‘White Identity’ he indirectly means ‘Western Jews,’ as the entire orientation of TOO is concerned with the trials and tribulations of Jews and to a lessor extent their Gentile supporters, from a modern Western secular perspective. Not surprisingly there is a market for the armchair critics from fiat funded American Academia, so Kevin MacDonald need not feel alone in his observing and reporting, there are many other fellows just like him, ready to contribute with more offers of criticism and reformation proposals for Zionist interests.

Of course Kevin MacDonald is a Zionist, he has stated so, his main criticism of Zionism is that it is not Zionist enough! Taken from his academic perspective as a Darwinian evolutionist, Zionism is the perfectly natural state of all being – everyone should be a Zionist and may the best Zionist win – survival of the most Zionist! I will delve into the utter debacle and farce of Darwinian evolution some more another time, it almost looks antiquated in the 21st Century, a relic of a bygone era – Darwinian Evolutionary Theory, does anybody still believe in that illogical hocus pocus? Kevin MacDonald is a bit of a relic from a bygone era as well, perhaps that is why he felt the need to recruit some younger talent, like Dr Lasha Darkmoon, LOL! You know you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when you have to get contributions from a Jewish lesbian who writes bad poetry for an occupation. A leftist Ziobot, that will fit in well with TOO, compare Trotsky to Soros, a match made in Tel Aviv isn’t it? or perhaps the University of California? Dr Lasha Darkmoon with Dr Kevin MacDonald, what a team! What observations, as if we need any more observing, benign observations from both left and right of journalistic Zion, the sum total of jewish Media enterprise – report on the consequences of world Zionist control, good or bad, left or right, report from behind your Zionist controlled desk, in your Zionist Correct University, in your Zionist Correct country, in your Zionist Correct publication funded by your Federal Reserve paper debt vouchers printed in Zion, and report on your observations of the consequences of Zionism!!!  Which Way Western Jew?

As TOO grapples with the inevitability of its intellectual bankruptcy and relevance, Kevin and Lasha and fellows will seek help, because TOO at the end of the day is not so relevent to Zionists, authentic radical right Zionists, that is like George Soros, or even conservative useful idiots from the ranks of conservative America, especially academia, they will even struggle to find TOO relevent anymore, let alone your leftist Trotskyites like Gilad Atzmon or Henry Makow. Kevin MacDonald is not even relevent to Zionism, even as a useful idiot! So he will ask for help, more debt vouchers of course to be donated, you always know a false anti-Zionist when they ask for a donation of the very thing that supports all of planet Zion – central bankers paper usury debt vouchers! As if that will help, its like trying to cure an alcoholic with a case of fine whisky! And then Kevin sends his hopeful judaic reform essays to Jeff Rense for some help, as if that will help his falling reputation, the Jeff Rense Variety Show! You can find Kevin McDonald’s articles at Rense.com along with; ‘Case of the rabid dog at the animal shelter’, ‘Huge mothership over Lima, Peru’, and ‘Starbucks unveils new nameless logo’, just make sure you buy some magic bean survival seeds and another water filter while you are there…Which Way Western Jew?

8 responses to “Occidental Observer – Which Way Western Jew?

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad delendaestziobot,

    Your following words are extraordinarily penetrating:

    “So he will ask for help, more debt vouchers of course to be donated, you always know a false anti-Zionist when they ask for a donation of the very thing that supports all of planet Zion – central bankers paper usury debt vouchers! As if that will help, its like trying to cure an alcoholic with a case of fine whisky!”

    True Aryan academics would simply want food, shelter and modest where-with-all in order to be free to serve the Ideal of Arya. It would be a most wise rule that those judaic debt vouchers should not even cross their palms. The warrior-farmers of Arya will provide the law and order in which to be free citizens. What has planet Zion and its death-dealing consumerism to do with that? In your brief insight we have the seed of all our Aryan economics.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Yes, that passage is very striking. I used the term “paradigm prisoner” in my last post to describe such behavior. MacDonald certainly qualifies – claiming to work against Zion, yet using (therefore condoning) its methods.

  • Andrew

    Excellent, kamerad delenda. (is it okay if I abridged your name?)

    I’ve found a potential article on the Occidental Observer.

    Part II is rather good to start at, and they, of course, equate National Socialism to fascism and to the right. National Socialism kills the idea of left or right, but I’d say if we had to scale the economics, it’d be left (not far left though).
    I suggest reading this essay: http://centurean2.wordpress.com/2009/11/21/national-socialism-a-left-wing-movement/

    However, Strasser had a quote saying that Nationalism is taken from the right and Socialism from left, and he would be more left than Hitler would be, so even he may agree it is neither left or right.


    • delendaestziobot

      kamerad Andrew,

      By National Socialism we mean –

      1) Aryan political theory in which a non-democratic state controls demographics to facilitate the folk purpose, in a political context.

      2) Aryan economic theory based on the belief that production is valuable only as a means and only in quantity sufficient to facilitate the folk purpose, in a economic sense.

      The “Left” and “Right” are designed to facilitate ‘progress through the process of conflict’, so the division is first created and then the resolution of opposites is conducted by a third party a third pillar which remains invisible to the two divided sides.

      Aryanism follows on from the work of Adolf Hitler and the German NS folk by exposing this fasle paradigm, revealing the invisible third party, identifying them thus destroying their method of control.

      by using these definitions we can take away the Foes powers over resolution of opposites, over their progress through conflict, revealing their true nature, their false system, we do not enter into their theater on the left or the right, as both are the same, and that is what we are oppossed to, we are opposed to their methods of control over their false left and right dichotomy.

      Sieg Heil!

      • Andrew

        Yes, NS is anti-left and anti-right. However, the economic system can be scaled left to an extent, if I had to scale it. However, as Strasser said, “We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from left socialism without internationalism.” So this just shows that NS destroys the spectrum and is quite unique.

        For Folk and Arya!
        Sieg Heil!!

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes kamerad, NS destroys the left/right paradigm. In economics the Capitalist system is based on a Jewish controlled Central Bank that issues a false weight as payment and thus turns to a debt immediately, and the Communist system is based on a Jewish controlled Central Bank that issues a false weight as payment and thus turns to a debt immediately. The debt is the result of theft, theft of labour and resources, the theft can be sped up by the use of taxation, inflation and interest payments. Its the old Jewish Usury system, that is what both left and right economics is, Adam Smith called the Central Bank – ‘the invisible hand’, at least Karl Marx admitted that there was no invisible hand, it was just a Central Bank with a fiat paper counterfeit weight note.

    So I think Strasser comment is not so relevant in light of that.

    All we need to say is NS is anti Jewish Central Banking using counterfeit weights to steal! Now they can call it “left” or “right” to the cows come home, that’s a shell game.

    There are reasons why we must return to the Aryan economic system of measure by standardized weight alone, and not a Jew scribbling on a note at a bench, call it ‘Capitalism or Communism or Democracy or Republic or Socialism’, whatever, all it is Jews at the bench counterfeiting, and that is what controls the world right now! And that is what we are against. And Aryanism inherits this economic duty to fight against this false weight system from German National Socialism and Adolf Hitler.


  • Andrew

    Yes, I agree with you. What Strasser is saying is that we are taking everything and making a radical decision which cannot be measured. Big issue with Communism is the taxation and poor issuing of wage. It cannot bring about wealth because it just takes it all and then eventually needs to make more fiat money which just proves uselessness and dilutes purchasing power. Communism and Capitalism decrease purchasing power and production always.

    We’re neither left or right, of course. The Nationalism that we uphold has been stolen and corrupted by Patriotic Capitalists and the Socialism which we want has been bastardized by Jewish marxists.

    “We are nationalists because as Germans, we love Germany. Because we love Germany, we want to preserve it and fight against those who would destroy it. If a Communist shouts “Down with nationalism!”, he means the hypocritical bourgeois patriotism that sees the economy only as a system of slavery. If we make clear to the man of the left that nationalism and capitalism, that is the affirmation of the Fatherland and the misuse of its resources, have nothing to do with each other, indeed that they go together like fire and water, then even as a socialist he will come to affirm the nation, which he will want to conquer.” -Joseph Goebbels

    Heil Hitler.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Jeff Rense. Bwahahahahahaaa! I’m glad people like him exist in this kingdom of death. So I can have a good hard laugh. I’m always perplexed as how people think such people as a valid source of info??? Look at him. He has a modern woman’s type haircut a fake tan with a weird moustache. A long lost Village Person. “The Snakeoil Salesmen” would be his part.

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