I would like to make some further comments regarding ‘Uniformity’. Why is it important for Aryanism as a movement to be coordinated and uniform? Well, because we believe in coordinated uniform movement; consisting of a sameness, regularity, evenness, consistent in structure, in character, in form, throughout all things we  must conform to a standard; absent of variation and diversity.

In Uniformity of appearance, of language and terminology, members should aim to look the same, and speak the same words, their understanding of words should be the same, so there is no misunderstanding between them. They must have a similar appearance, at this stage that is in our colour scheme, our avatars, our symbols, banners, etc, this is an important beginning. The Aryanism Glossary is designed to help us communicate effectively, so we can understand each other, we must agree to the a set standard of word definitions to improve the uniformity of our langauge, we want to speak the same language, this is an ongoing process, with new words being added and discussed as we move forward.

Moving forward brings us to uniformity in motion and direction, members must try to move in time at the same rate, like marching soldiers do, they march at the same speed, to a regular beat and they head in the same direction, just like a marching unit of soldiers in hostile unknown territory, members of the unit have different roles, they are not herd of cattle, members perform different functions, some will have a general leadership role, some will scout ahead of the main marching troop, reporting back with information regarding the future, the land ahead, what to expect. You will notice that the enemy tries very hard to disable scouts, so they will not be able to report back truthful and factual information to the main troops, if they cannot get rid of the scouts they will send their own scouts to deliver false information, think of it as the old-fashioned ‘changing the sign posts’, the enemy is always trying to disorientate you by giving you false information about what to expect in the future.

A marching troop unit will also have a rear guard, just as the scouts survey whats ahead, the rear guard surveys what is behind, to think about philosophically – our enemy believes, and rightly so, if it can control the past it can control the future, if you do not know where you have been, how do you know where to go? In this current world of shadows and illusions, the enemy seeks to plant false memories in our minds, they call this ‘publication’, basically fabricating stories of your past and their past, philosophically the rear guard must protect the main troops from these false memories, from the lies and fabrications and stories of the past, the rear guard makes sure the main troops know where they have been, make sure they remember why they set out in the first place and from where they came, the rear guard also alerts for any dangers creeping up unexpectedly from behind, and prevents members of the main troop from falling behind.

The main unit of troops as well are also prepared to take on another role, they may be required to scout ahead, or take up the rear guard, or fill a leadership role, this means the overall unit is flexible, interchangeable, parts are easily replaced should one be lost, and just like in a real life troop of soldiers, the main troops concentrate on keeping the movement regular, they march to a consistent beat, when they move they all move, when they stop, they all stop – uniformity of motion. It is really all about creating a rhythm, with rhythm there will be order in time, this goes for individual movement and timing as much as for the entire unit, each member seeks to be regular, even and consistent in everything he/she does, you must be rhythmic.

We live in such a transient age, and this is by design, that is why it is critical to establish a uniform common standard that is understood by all, and stick to it! We need Uniformity, there is NO diversity in unity, the enemy is always promoting the fakery of unity consists of diversity; that there is no common character, and everything always changes, fashions, fashions and fads, switching and changing, confusion reigns, nothing persists, no endurance, no lasting common value, no lasting true experience, no ultimate aim, no meaningful shared goal, everybody trapped in their own little personalized cell wondering how they can decorate the walls, make the walls even resemble their personalized internal imaginings. One must spring that lock.

Why do we say Unity Through Nobility? Noble = gno-bilis, well-known; those renowned by the highest quality light – must unite!

Here we can see what not to do, this is a Goyim movement; diversified, all personalized decorations, it is decor, that’s all it is, you might as well carry a sign saying “Born To Fail!” Goyim on the move and nothing but a noisy disorganized mob just waiting to herded.

The Goyim Riot.

And this is an Aryan movement:

Unity in Motion.

See the difference? 

Hail Victory!

6 responses to “Uniformity

  • Miecz Elizejski

    The photo of the students is a pretty good example of people as a “nation” – all appear to be individuals due to the way they dress. However, ask them a questions about important issues and world affairs and their incredible lack of individualism will come rolling of their own tongues.

    No coincidence that the so called, “chosen people” try to instill motivation in their subjects by appeal to personal vanity.

  • delendaestziobot

    Sad part is the Goyim are actually demanding they be indoctrinated by ZOG more than what they already are. Fact is the ZOG cannot find the resources to indoctrinate them any more than what they are, and their Goys are crying and dressing up in clown suits and throwing tantrums.

    What is described as “student riots” these days is a goyish temper tantrum, they want more Goy Biscuits! All protests in the post-modern world of Zion are the Goyim demanding that their chains be tightened, and their Goy Biscuit rations increased, that is all it is…

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad delendaestziobot,

    I remember ’68 well. These student riots look like the END of that era and good riddance. Their Old Order is dying in spite of their desperate pleas for more and the only possible education future generations will be getting will be whatever we decide to provide them. Only our noble romantic classical education (combining propaganda and classrooms) can achieve an effective warrior collective with maximum uniform military discipline and maximum hierarchic variety of strong individuals. You’re right on target in writing that militarist nobility has nothing to do with “diversity” or decor. We will have to build a New Order of education to create the powerful Unity in Motion you envision. It’s not about discussion and self-expression but about the formation of a noble Warrior Elite that will annihilate the Old Order with the spiritual technology of the Fourth Reich.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yea, in more Classical times, what are known as ‘Churches’ today were places of learning, where a philosopher or teacher would give a lectures, the seats were available for any member of the public, any payment to the teacher was a donation at your discretion, it was not unregulated, because of the Guilds were all involved in vocational training and the City States and Nobles and Religious and Philosophical and Military communities often had their own teachers.

    So as the International Zionist Order has been fatally wounded, and the Nation slave States are falling apart and unable to carry their own mass, small independent city states, will develop once again in the years and decades to come, and a part of this will be a little State of Arya where a noble warrior elite will form which will proceed to completely annihilate any trace of the Old Order and crush it forever.


  • oregoncoug

    This time of year the humble seeds of our future small independent city state of Arya remind me of innocent Lucifer with his Aryan family and friends in Bethlehem those many years ago.

    Merry Lucifer Christmas


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