The Silver Man Cometh.


Silver is the best conductor of electricity, that is why it is called “currency.” Every computer, server, monitor, cell phone and light switch, laser, satellite, high-tech weaponry and equipment, robotics, etc,  must have silver for operation. Silver is the best reflector of light and chemical reactions significantly increase when Silver is present. Plastics cannot even be produced efficiently without 700 tonnes of Silver used per year in the manufacturing process of all Plastics, Mirrors and Glass coatings. Batteries are now manufactured with Silver alloys. Silver is need for electrical circuit boards, solar cells, membrane switches, heating appliances and adhesives! Silver is increasing used in many areas of pharmaceuticals, Silver Sulfadiazine is what is used to treat burns victims. Silver Catheters eliminate bacteria, Silver kills bacteria straight out! Silver even purifies water, and cures the common cold!

What I am talking about is the most vital industrial and technological material currently known to man, and it is vanishing, and will soon completely disappear, the 21st Century is entirely dependent on a metal that is vanishing before our very eyes. I have mentioned before that Silver is now more rare than Gold, as much as 5 times rarer, the Billions of ounces used up in industry and now buried in land fills, can not be recovered without significant effort, as Silver is used in minute quantities, recovery is extremely difficult. At the same time the paper money fraud of World Jewry is being completely exposed for the pathetic scam that it is, re-moneterization of Silver has already begun, Billionaires are now realizing they have no way to protect their ill paper fiat, from true Silver money.

The Gold-bugs were used by the Silver-bugs as a Trojan Horse, Gold was purchased by insiders in large volume in the early 2000’s after Gordon Brown sold off England’s Gold Reserves, crashing the price of Gold, they were basically giving it away, but they had to, it was Silver they needed to halt, the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s and Soros’ and all the rest of the tribe then concentrated on naked shorting the Silver market into the Trillions through their commercial Banks and finance companies, Bear Stearns was the first casualty, taken out by a well-timed covert Silver raid, JP Morgan Chase was then ordered by the Fed to clean up the damage and take over the escalating Silver short positions on the COMEX and LBMA, most of the Fed’s 700 Billion Dollar bailout package paid for by the American public went into defending the Silver contracted short positions, Now it was JP Morgan that was stuck with paper contracts worth a  billion ounces but with no chance of a buy back or physical delivery, not one single ounce of Silver in the vault! The Fed had no choice, it had to sacrifice JP Morgan as well to defend its own fiat scam, it was like chosing to amputate your own right leg to save your whole body! But it only gives the Fed a little more time in which to bleed to death…

Recently 1 Billion counterfeit silver ounces in paper contract form were traded in one day on the COMEX and LBMA, in reality it was the largest trading volume for any material in history of civilization, 1 BILLION OUNCES IN ONE DAY exchanged computer screens, and there was not a single ounce of real Silver to back the trades, all JP Morgan produced was counterfeit Silver contracts in the form of digital blips on a computer screen – “derivatives!”

But the real Silver has all been taken by the hundreds of thousands of little Silver bugs, and the vaults are now empty:

The beauty and elegance of the plan to destroy the Fiat Banking system of Planet Zion was in its simplicity, anybody can understand it;

See now they turn on each other, sacrificing and cannibalizing their own, there is nothing else they can do. It’s like the a bunch of stranded pirates on a deserted island resorting to cannibalism to save their own skin. LOL. The International Bankers are caught with their pants down and so are all the Governments that they keep as pets. Even The Golden Hoard cannot save them now, it will be as a golden ball and chain.

It is not Gold that is money, IT’S SILVER!!!! ARGENTUM JUNO.

ARYANISM:  Unity Through Nobility

6 responses to “The Silver Man Cometh.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    The cannabalization reference at the end is particularly revealing of the servants of gold… in LOTR, the orcs – servants to Sauron’s GOLD ring – have cannabalistic tendancies. While Galadriel’s Elven Ring is – surprise surprise – SILVER.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the Elves are wise and use Silver, the Dwarves used to prize Silver above all, ‘silver mithril’, this is what saves Frodo. The Dwarves then dug to deep when they switched to Gold, Tolkien is talking about how Silver is found evenly throughout the upper layers of the Earth and Gold is found in deep veins lower down, in ‘mother loades’. The nature of Gold is to be controlled by the mother load or the Ring of Power – Golden Hoard of Jewry.

    Galadriel’s ring is Silver and her Mirror that Frodo looks into is a Silver mirror, which is a Silver basin filled with water that allows you to see the past the present and the future.

    It’s like the Wizard of Oz, in the book Dorothy’s slippers are Silver, in the movie they are Ruby to throw the Gentiles off the path, you follow the gold brick road to the green fiat illusion, and the only way to return to reality is to use the Silver slippers.

    Sieg Hail!


    Who is Tom Bombidil? I have never worked him out, he is more powerful than anyone.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Tom Bombidil appears briefly in the book version of “The Fellowship of the Ring.” The weird thing about him is that he doesn’t seem to be neither man nor hobbit and the power of the Ring doesn’t affect. He is also able to see the Ring Wearer when they’re invisible to others. Tolkien imagined Bombadil separately from the rest of LOTR, but the character was included in Middle Earth mythos from the earliest drafts. However, Tolkien doesn’t offer any concise explanation as to why the character is the way he is. Tolkien even said something like: “a mythology will always have mystery to it, even to the one who thought it up.”

    The film versions cut Bombadil out since he is too much of a side episode and inconsistent with the way others react to the Ring. So having him in for just a moment wouldn’t stick to the core plot. The Film medium is strictly about core plot. However, miniseries and full length television series (especiallly the latter) often go off the main plot while still sticking to the core plot’s themes. A good example of this is in ThunderCats when the main characters meet the Unicorns – that episode has no trace of Mumm-Ra and the Mutants, but it does develop the characters and stick true to the themes. In a film, even one running at 3-4 hours, a scene or sequence like that would feel out of place.

    Interesting is that in the book version, Faramir seems to be unaffected by the Ring while in the movie he almost falls for its trickery. He was too big of a character to cut out, so they altered him to first fall for it, but then realize what must be done. Oddly this was done to SLOW the plot and delay Frodo entering Mordor, which actually happens in the second book, but they structured the movies to have that be in the third. The last chapter of the book “The Two Towers” is when Frodo is captured in Cirith Ungol and Sam builds up the courage to go and save him.

    Though overall, I’d say that Tom Bombadil is sort of an example of the Old Aryan today… he lived nobly, but when the time comes for the Great Kampf, his heart is with the Aryans, but he himself is too old to fight or anything.

  • delendaestziobot

    Thanks Miecz, it’s a good explaination!

  • frairaum

    Delendaestziobot, I suggest to use instead of the word silver, the word argentum for the future.

    “From Proto-Indo-European *h₂erǵn̥t-, n-stem form of *h₂erǵ- (“white”). Cognates include Old Irish argat (“silver”), Welsh arian (“silver”), Ancient Greek ἀργός (árgos, “shining white, bright, glistening”) and ἄργυρος (árguros, “silver”), and Sanskrit अर्जुन (árjuna, “white, clear”) and रजत (rajatá, “silver”).”

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