Carmel hills in Northern parts of the military State of Israel are ablaze, so far 30 square km of forests and wildlife have been consumed, 42 Israelis dead, thousands evacuated, properties destroyed; “feels worse than a war.”

It’s about time that nature’s weapons be deployed, they are far more effective. The military State of Israel responded in typical fashion “Help, Help, send us more money!”.

Fire is one of the most destructive weapons. Throughout history Fire has been used as a weapon to amazing effect by many military commanders, fire is so easily produced, its instant and it’s cheap! Combustion process comprises of a fuel, heat and Oxygen, all three are plentiful, the Earth’s atmosphere contains 21% Oxygen, if it was a few % lower, fires would not be able to sustain themselves naturally on Earth, and a few % higher and the fires would burn continuously! The result of wild-fire that threatens and damages human life, health, property or environment is called conflagration. Conflagration has been very successfully used as a means of sabotage and purposeful destruction. How does fire achieve this, how does fire act on other substances and elements? Human flesh for example when exposed to fire burns and the physical sensation associated with this is ‘hot’, this ‘hot’ sensation is felt because fire has the ability to cut open flesh, like a sharp piercing, pricking and cutting, the fire particles are perfectly designed to lacerate soft flesh, the sharpness of the angles of the fire particles, their speed of movement and their smallness, their triangular shape actually tear apart the formation of flesh, and the human feels this as a painful sensation, the pain one would feel if their entire arm was burning would be like millions of tiny stings and lacerations penetrating the soft flesh with hard sharp edges, like miniature teeth of chain-saws burying themselves into your body at random angles. The result is conflagration of human flesh, burns, if the fire keeps on burning, the little chainsaw teeth particles of fire will eventually consume all flesh, and leave nothing but a small pile of ash.

What is so effective about Fire as a weapon is that its ignition requirement and combustion catalyst Oxygen covers the entire Earth, it is odourless, tasteless, colourless, it’s undetectable basically, free, and everywhere, it gives no warning.

From an Israeli eye-witness:

“Anyone who’s ever seen a firestorm will know. They could not survive it, they had no protection, they just fell to the road and burned alive”

Military State of Israel glows in the nightsky.

7 responses to “ISRAEL BURNS!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Maybe now they’ll know what Dresden went through.

    Actually, in their arrogance they probably won’t even think it.

  • delendaestziobot

    All we need is a hot dry northerly wind to sweep in, keep the pretty flames glowing.

  • aufihrhelden

    A forest fire in the Montgo national park in Denia, Spain has devastated almost 40 hectares of land. An examination of the area where the fire began revealed that accelerant chemicals were used to start the fire deliberately, officers said …

    … In 2012 an Israeli backpacker was arrested for starting a forest fire in the Holy Land of Chile but this was reported by the world media, of course, as the backpacker being made a ‘scapegoat’ through the use of ‘old anti-Semitic prejudices’.

    Now, given the hatred and envy of The Jews of all nature and of anything of beauty ……

    • delendaestziobot

      I was there in Patagonia where the Israeli backpacker deliberately burnt down Torres del Paine, the only positive I could think of was that at least Serrano did not have to witness it, it was horrific what they did. The Israelis do this constantly everywhere, holocausts for Jehovah, now they use chemical fire accelerants to cause the fires.

  • aufihrhelden

    One wonders whether the Bradford City Football Club fire of 1985 was deliberately caused by chemical accelerants by the Zionist British security services, indeed all of the events during that decade relating to football ‘hooliganism’ and so on.

    Problem, reaction, solution – cause disasters, use their media to inflame the hype and then impose all kinds of rules in order to effeminise the game, turn the game (and other sports) into corporate controlled ‘entertainment’, transfer these measures into other areas of society (ie video cameras, ID cards) and so on. Also, what do the clubs require to build all the new stands and the rest of it ? DEBT !! That’s just an added bonus …

    • delendaestziobot

      Yep, that’s about how it goes. They just burn it down, because it is cheap to start fires, and then get the goyim to rebuild it again, using debt of course. They also claim on the fire insurance policies. The Battle of Britain was all about claiming insurance policies, and rebuilding with debt. And those nasty invisible U Boats also made a great many shipping magnates alot of money. Also a good way to eliminate the competition, just blame it on the invisible German U Boats out in the vast expanses of the Atlantic.

  • aufihrhelden

    Another ‘problem, reaction, solution’ example of Zionist behaviour related to fire could well be :

    Problem – Zion hates nature and nature exists such as the pine forests of Spain …

    Reaction – … burn them down deliberately …

    Solution – … pine forests must be ‘managed’ (trees cut down) in order to ‘prevent’ such fires. A bonus solution could be to attempt to arrange ‘accidents’ for those trying to put the fires out.

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